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"The Similarities between the pyramids of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mexico"
The Similarities between the pyramids of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Mexico
Leonard Herriman
Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Mexico all have something in common, their unique architecture of their pyramids. Although, they do differ, but they also have some similarities as well, such as the way they were built and the purpose for which the pyramids were built.


In Mesopotamia the pyramid-like structure that had smaller platforms that were built onto larger platforms were called a ziggurat. The ziggurat was the typical style of Mesopotamian temples from Sumerian through Babylonian and Assyrian times. Although ziggurats looked somewhat to some extent like the Egyptian pyramids, they were in fact quite different in ways. The ziggurat had steps on the outside of the structure and a shrine at the top. The basic Mesopotamian building material for a ziggurat was dry mud which was shaped into rectangular bricks made to last a long time. The ziggurats were very important because they served as the center for worship and were also temples where gods and goddesses could descend to earth and where humans could climb their way to heaven. Many of the ziggurats continue to be outstanding features of Mesopotamia.


The pyramids in Egypt were built as monuments to hold the tombs of the pharaohs and to protect the bodies of the pharaohs. The Egyptian pyramids were mostly filled with stones and rubble. Archaeologists have found 46 pyramids so far and believe that there may possibly be more lying beneath the desert sands of Egypt. Egypt's pyramids were the first buildings made by precisely cutting and putting together blocks of stone. The structures of all the pyramids in Egypt were made of small cut limestone blocks, granite and desert clay. It has been discovered by archeologists that the pyramids were built during a king's lifetime because hieroglyphs on the tomb walls have been found showing the names of the individuals who...

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