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""the war with germany was the only reason for the fall of the romanov dynasty""
"the war with germany was the only reason for the fall of the romanov dynasty"
Sheryl Hogges
Not one event can be said to cause a revolution, and many factors will accumulate to create the event of revolution. It cannot be accurately stated that the war with Germany was the only reason for revolution, and the destruction of the Romanov dynasty. World War I greatly affected on Russia's economy, industry, agriculture, and transport, and in turn inflamed the populous and their opinion of their tsar, Nicholas II, plunged, however, the effects of war made the tsarism vulnerable.

In 1913, Russian tsarism had survived three hundred years. Before 1917, and the abdication of Nicholas II, Russian tsarism was "virtually indestructible", as Pipes interpreted from Russian and foreign press at the time, "for had not tsarism weathered all onslaughts and all crises, and emerged from them intact?" Pipes accuracy is questionable, as public outcry against the tsar was apparent, if only in the presence of political groups calling for the end of the monarchy.

The rapid growth associated with industrialisation created a dense concentration of working-class proletariat, with poor living conditions, close to the ruling centre of the empire. Because of this dense geographic concentration, the newly created and despondent proletariat possessed a great political strength, affiliating themselves with many radical and violent political parties, from the Socialist Revolutionary Party to the Liberal Constitutional-Democratic party. These parties were pushing for change and were backed by the popular discontent in both cities and regional areas.

Tsar Nicholas refused to make use of the duma for political reform, the fourth Duma (1912-1916) being the most conservative, yet in November 1916, it gave Nicholas clear warning of impending revolution, if there remained no changes in the Russian regime. Nicholas refused to include the new emerging middle class Russia into the political system, which remained without the fundamental changes needed to secure the new and evolving...

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""the war with germany was the only reason for the fall of the romanov dynasty"." Aug 15, 2018
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