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"There should be no uniform at school"
There should be no uniform at school
Kelly G Hess
Robes loosely flowing, hair as free

Such sweet neglect more takes me

Than all the adulteries of art

They strike mine eyes, but not my heart

Respected teachers and my dear fellow students!

Today the topic that has been given to me is that there should be no uniform in school. I would like to speak in its favor.

Imagine for a moment that there are two gardens. In one garden only one color and one kind of flowers are growing, while in the other different kinds of multicolored flowers are growing. Which will attract and fascinate your eyes? Certainly the second one in which versatile and multicolored flowers are displayed. Same is the case of uniform in schools.

I don't think that uniform has got anything to do with the quality and standard of education. Many great scholars, artists, scientists, philosophers and mathematicians have been born in the past. Uniforms played no role in their achievements.

Uniformity always creates boredom as Cooper said:

Variety is the very spice of life

That gives it all its flavor

We can't eat one kind of food everyday. History is witness that the followers of Moses refused to take the monotonous type of food called 'Mann-O-Salva' although it was delivered directly from the Heavens. In the same way we become sick of wearing the same poor uniform every morning for almost as many as twelve years.

Dear audience!

It is quite unnatural that all the students are wearing the dress of one color and one kind, without caring whether they like that dress or not. We start hating the color that we are compelled to wear for such a long time. If the students are allowed to go to school dressed according to their own choice, certainly it would have a positive impact on their education. They would go to school more willingly and more excitedly...

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"There should be no uniform at school." May 24, 2018
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