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"Tom Sawyer Analitical"
Tom Sawyer Analitical
Anthony Pacella
Tom Sawyer- An Analytical Essay

There is much debate these days on whether the boyhood masterpiece, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, should be allowed in libraries, and whether it is appropriate for modern audiences to read. Although the language that Twain uses in his novel is politically incorrect, this book is still acceptable for modern audiences to read, and this is largely because if Mark Twain did not use this language, the portrayal of late nineteenth century rural life would not have been as vivid and true as it is. In this book, racial slurs, such as nigger, and Injun', are used quite often, and the people who use the word are very nonchalant about it. Also, many people find it unacceptable for modern audiences to read this book because it contains objectionable material, such as smoking, beatings, and running away.

For example, when Tom covers for Becky when she rips the schoolmasters anatomy book, Tom receives many "floggings."

Inspired by the splendor of his own act, he took without an outcry the most merciless

flaying that even Mr. Dobbins had ever administered…1

This quote makes the situation seem like it is an admirable thing to be beaten, and that it is all right for the schoolmaster to beat Thomas Sawyer. We must remember that Mark Twain's genre was regionalism. When he wrote, he took extreme caution to stay true to the area, culture, customs, and dialect, including vocabulary, and ideas on how children should be raised. Instead, this quote is a good learning topic for children. It is a good example of how schooling has changed, and how children were punished in the nineteenth century. Also, it provides a good comparison for audiences to use to compare and contrast on how the way children are punished in the classroom and out has developed over...

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