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"Training - Laying Down The Right Memory"
Training - Laying Down The Right Memory
Janet Valerio
Trainers Tip (Research)

Laying Down The Right Memory?

Have you ever had this happen to you? One of your learners leaves the workshop, starts to implement some of their new discoveries into the workplace and someone says to them, "you don't do it like that". They promptly reply "Yes you do, David told us it was how we do it on the course last week". The truth is, you never said anything of the sort. So why is this person trying to get us into trouble. Well they're not. They really do believe that what they are doing is exactly what you said. It's the same reason why, when several people witness an incident, the police immediately separate the witnesses and ask for their statements in isolation - to stop 'cross contamination' of witness accounts ie of one person thinking they saw something just because someone else said they had seen it.

Research from the world of neuroscience tells us that memories and experiences are not stored in a single location of the brain (we used to think of memories as being like little video clips held in a single specific area in the brain and we just needed to trigger the 'play button' to recall everything). The reality is that each part of an experience is laid-down in a different part of the brain - the visual aspect in the visual area (Occipital lobe), motor skills in one or more of the motor control areas in the frontal and parietal lobes etc. When we want to recall an experience (memory), the brain recalls all it's component parts from each storage area and re-constructs the whole memory. Scientists suggest that it is best to think of memory as a process rather than a specific location in the brain.

Back to our original situation -...

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