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"treatment of endometriosis"
treatment of endometriosis
Joel Chibota
Endometriosis is a disorder that not many people know about; however, it is the most common disorders of woman during childbearing years all over the world. This disorder is commonly misdiagnosed and the pain disregarded as being part of womanhood. Woman wouldn't have to go through so much pain and suffering if doctors, nurses, and they were more informed about it and especially how to treat it. There are ways to treat endometriosis and its symptoms, and to know about the options would be very helpful. There are many good resources about endometriosis on the web, in magazines articles, scientific journals, and even drug information pamphlets.

The drug Lupron Depot has a pamphlet, provided by the TAP Pharmaceuticals Company, about how it treats endometriosis. Endometriosis responds to the hormones, especially estrogen, during the menstrual cycle. The drug Lupron Depot suppresses these hormones, producing a false menopause. Then the endometriosis will decrease and the symptoms will go away.

There are several websites about endometriosis. This website was very informative about the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. It had more information about different treatments of endometriosis then the Lupron Depot pamphlet. The Lupron Depot pamphlet focused only on the use of this drug to treat endometriosis, but the website gave information about laparoscopies to remove the endometriosis, about other drug therapies like birth control, and alternative treatments like diet changes.

The article "Endometriosis," from Woman's Day magazine, gave a very brief description of endometriosis and how it's treated. However, unlike any of the other sources, this article mentions some of the new methods that may come out to detect endometriosis like Mir's, blood tests, and genetic testing. The first step to treating it is to find it early enough that it hasn't developed, but the average woman who has it isn't diagnosed until it...

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essay on treatment of endometriosis
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