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"use of nanomaterials"
use of nanomaterials
Sean Wilson
Technology Innovation

Would you ever think that one day super computing devices will be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or watching a piece of plastic recovering itself after a cut though it? Well, in the world of nanotechnology, this dream is within reach. Nanotechnology is advancing at an incredible rate and is paving the way for technology advancement in the future. Nanotechnology is nothing new. It has been around in the minds of scientists for decades, and is most easily described as the science of using atoms and molecules as the building blocks for electronics and mechanical devices. The vision of manipulating individual atoms as building blocks was first introduced into the minds of others by a man named Richard Feynman. His vision later turned into the passion of his student, Eric Drexler, who is one of the pioneers in the field of nanotechnology. Drexler was the first documented scientist to suggest that devices and materials could someday be fabricated to atomic specifications.

With the ability to construct mechanisms at an atomic scale, possibilities are endless and some scientists have begun discovering new ways to solve old problems that have plagued cultures for decades. The public might not have noticed, but nanotechnology has been in the technology field for quite a while. Mechanisms such as constructing diamonds on an atomic level and manufacturing cubic zirconium were developed with nanotechnology. Artificial insemination, which uses ¡§micro-needles¡¨ to inject sperm into an ovum) is another current form of implementing nanotechnology.

These types of innovations are becoming more advanced and more beneficial in our daily lives. Nanotechnology is yielding innovations and developments in all disciplines of science and engineering, especially in the field of computing and electronics devices. It is quite possible that nanotechnology could lead us to a cure for cancer...

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"use of nanomaterials." Jun 21, 2018
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essay on use of nanomaterials
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