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"Ways of Reading"
Ways of Reading
Tamara Moore
Overall I found that the introduction to Ways of Reading drove at the point that a reader must take a more active approach while reading. Instead of passively accepting an author's words, one must work with them by piecing together the concepts that they would like to take away from the reading. In this sense, two people can take away completely different experiences from the same book. Bartholomae and Petrosky further go on to explain that a reader has two responsibilities to the author while they read, to expand on the ideas that the author expresses and also to challenge them. I thought all of these ideas make up the main point of the introduction, that the reader has the ability to work with the author's ideas on a more personal level.


Through most of high school I read through the books I was assigned without much thought. While reading, I took little consideration of what was going on; I never looked for common themes or symbols. I found all this unnecessary, considering I did not know the essay question I had to expand upon until after I finished. This way, I figured I did not have to waste my time thinking about any aspects of the book that I wouldn't be graded on. Then my senior year, my English teacher began to challenge our class to bring our essays to a personal level. At first I was completely confused, I was so accustomed to the standard five-paragraph thesis paper that I did not even know how to use the word "I" in written form. Yet soon enough, I began to read the assigned books differently. By the time I finished, I was able to look at the book as a whole and find a theme that I could relate to...

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essay on Ways of Reading
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