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"western civ"
western civ
Sheryl Hogges
Two traditions that epitomized the beginning of Western Civilization were that of the Greco-Roman state and the ideology of Christianity. These traditions were the cornerstone for values and beliefs that epitomized early civilizations. Their conceptual representatives elucidated the ideals and beliefs of these associations to the modern world through writings and other works. Pericles, Marcus Cicero, and St. Paul are but a few of these individuals who gave a glimpse into the aforementioned associations through their writings and works, which presented their personal conception of the ideal Greek, Roman, or Christian citizen. The formation of their ideal citizens were based upon the attributes they possessed that were for the betterment of their community, the manner in which these citizens related to their community, and the rewards these citizens hoped for as just reward for their excellence. Pericles, Marcus Cicero, and St. Paul were connected in their representations based on two facts. First, every one of these men envisioned an ideal citizen, which showed their active participation in their society. Secondly their conceptions were all structured around the same qualities. Although Pericles, Marcus Cicero, and St. Paul were connected based on their formation of an ideal citizen and the way in which this citizen was structured ideals in the same method there was also the presence of differences. Their individual conceptions were different based upon the current environment in which they lived. These environments were products of past events and circumstances, which can offer an explanation into the motive for the ideal citizen, created by these individuals, in relation to the current environment. Pericles and Cicero both believed that duty of a citizen was active participation in the state. This belief was seen as an acceptable way of life for Greeks and Romans because of the eternal preservation and glory one...

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"western civ." Aug 20, 2018
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essay on western civ
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