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"what is argument"
what is argument
Tricia F. Doyle
What is Argument?

Everyday thousands of different people across the world encounter various conflicts, confrontations, and disputes. Every single individual situation is different from the other. All these people have one thing in common, and that is the use of argument to resolve the situation. From lawyers disputing a case, to kids disagreeing about a soccer game, we all have used argument at sometime or another. Unfortunately a lot of the time argument is misused. People use it to take advantage of others, or to hurt people. In order to explain or define argument one must first ask, just what is argument?

Argument, as defined by Ziegelmueller and Kay, has two dimensions-inquiry and advocacy. First you must inquire proper beliefs and actions, everyone has their own set of morals and beliefs they hold on to. The advocacy aspect of argument is how you use communication and debate to explain and justify what you believe to others. Language and communication is vital. Without the ability to communicate your ideas and thoughts to others, argument would not be possible. Another important ingredient of argument is the concept of critical thinking. A critical thinker has the ability to not only apply their own knowledge, but also critique, and learn from others.

When answering the question of what is argument, the question of where is argument arises. Wayne Brockriede provides answers in his essay, "Where is Argument". He simply states that it is among people, and by people, in changing forms potentially everywhere. He explains that argument will be found where people decide to view an activity as argument. Without the perception of argument by people, argument will cease to exist. Just as important as where argument can be found is the different types of perspective. In a type of follow-up article Professor Joseph Wenzel breaks down...

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