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"What is Hacking and what Knowledge is needed to be a Hacker"
What is Hacking and what Knowledge is needed to be a Hacker
Melissa T. Littlefield
Hacking is the act of penetrating a closed computer system for the knowledge and information that is contained within. Through the study of technology and computers a hacker can open his mind and expand his knowledge. Hacking is intended to free information and expand minds, not to be destructive nor for material gain. Although there is always some debate because of how the term hacker has been both glorified and undermined by common media, but most will say that those who destroy data, hack for money or with illegal intent should be referred to as crackers, not hackers.
Everyone has to start somewhere, and since hacking will continue to grow and transform as technology progresses, there will always be newcomers. Due to the increased media publicity about hackers, the underground, and the Internet, the flood of beginners has increased incredibly. But, there is no simple answer to this question. The best way to start, and continue, building your knowledge base is to read up on material that interests you. Try locating everything you can, on and offline, about hacking, computers, programming, cellular phones, whatever interests you. Then read it, study it, and understand it.

Reading is the key to learning your new craft, and there are tons of text files available that will get you started on your attack into the world of hacking and the computer underground. Simply read everything you can get your hands on. Learn about the Internet and the various services available through it (such as WWW, FTP, IRC, Telnet, etc.). You must try to learn on your own. Don't go clicking the first email link you see and then asking every question you can think of. Hacking is about learning and finding out things for yourself, you will not be spoon fed information, you must go out...

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"What is Hacking and what Knowledge is needed to be a Hacker." Aug 18, 2018
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essay on What is Hacking and what Knowledge is needed to be a Hacker
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Hello!!! I need an essay on What is Hacking and what Knowledge is needed to be a Hacker
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