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"What is the meaning of life?"
What is the meaning of life?
Angelia Holliday
Describe travel or living experiences in other countries?

I have had the good fortune to travel to many countries around the world. I have gone to India, Russia, Australia, all around Europe twice, Indonesia, china, Japan, South Africa, and many more amazing countries. Because of my travel experiences I have been able to learn and speak six languages fluently, and adapt to many different living experiences.

I have roamed the jungles of India, and slept with the animals in Africa. I have swum with the sharks in Australia, and was eaten by a hungry lizard in Indonesia. I have met with the tribes and mountain people of Nepal, and froze in the land called Russia. I have sweated half my body in Saudi Arabia, and have gone surfing on one of Japan's famous tsunamis. I have skied on the Alps, and snowboarded down New Zealand, but the one memory that will always be embedded in my mind is the HIV ward in Calcutta, India.

"Hum ab yahaan se chalet hein" meaning "we will go to the HIV ward now" spoken by a tiny Sikh woman dressed in a crisp white nurses uniform, complete with a little hat perched on top of her overly styled white hair, I looked down at the nurse, somewhat shocked. I did not know or expect to be permitted into this gruesome reality. When I first entered the room I glanced at the peeling white walls, mold formations prospering in the damp corners, and than I saw thing, but not the people. I saw high metal beds, IV drops, and a rasping respirator impacting me from every angle.

During this brief visit I walked over to a young woman, she was perhaps no older than myself, but her face was startlingly pale, contrasted against the dark skin of her arms....

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"What is the meaning of life?." Aug 18, 2018
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essay on What is the meaning of life?
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