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""When there is no way out""
"When there is no way out"
Jason Cashmere


Carlos Alberto Sobrinho

Everybody desires to live in a world without problems, where people do not need to worry about nothing; and where there are no events that demand big efforts and difficult decisions. But, of course, this is an unreal world.

In the real world history is so many different. Whatever we need to take decisions, easy or not, we probably have to face some complicated circumstances. However, we have to be prepared to lead with these disagreement hours facing them up to an accurate sense of humor.

As a result, sometimes we do not take the best decision but unless we could take an advantage: we do not treat our own health bad. According to many researchers sense of humor is related to good health avoiding depression and other diseases. In addition to this a subject shows us a comparison between men and women concerned with mood and appetite serving as a scientific proof, as follows:

"Canadian researches may have discovered why women are ten times more likely to develop eating disorders than man, and twice as likely to suffer from depression. It seems that women produce the brain chemical serotonin—which is linked to mood and appetite— more slowly than men." (Neri, 1998)

So, the more we act with sense of humor the more we live better. Even though human body provides us with a substance to regulate our mood it is necessary to help it. For instance, world can be seen in different ways, we always have a good side to see; we need derive the best of each unique moment, even if it is good or not. Besides, our attitudes become better whatever we act without distress. Life's experiences give us many different reasons to believe in it. One of them is: we live better...

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""When there is no way out"." Sep 22, 2018
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