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"Why College Athletes Should Get Paid"
Why College Athletes Should Get Paid
The payment of college athletes has been one of the major discussions in the recent times. Many people feel the athletes should be paid since the colleges they play for make millions of dollars from these sporting activities. Others have defended the act of not paying the players since they have already received a scholarship, which they consider to be payment enough for these students. The question is really, is the scholarship enough to remunerate the players considering the colleges make much more money from these games? It seemingly is not enough for the students to only get scholarships; they also need to get some other forms of payments which will allow them to live in a much more comfortable life. The aim of this paper is to come up with some arguments backed by figures which will enable us to prove why the students need to be paid (Zimbalist, 2006).
Most of the students who get these scholarships to go to the college are usually students who come from families which are poor or cannot afford the expensive tuition fee required. Tuition fee is not the only expense one has in college, considering money is still used in many other faces of the education system. The students need money for other uses apart from being able to get into the college itself. There are many other expenses which involve educational activities, such as projects which the student has to undertake.

For these students not to get anything extra from the college’s means that after getting into the college, the rest is left to them. For families which cannot afford to take their children to the college without the scholarships, then the money needed by the students for upkeep is still a very hard task.

One of the main arguments put forward to...

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