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"Why students should be required to take a fine arts class."
Why students should be required to take a fine arts class.
Gelinde Cobbs
Jules Verne once imagined men going to the moon, traveling the solar system, exploring the sea in electronic submarines and traveling the world in 80 days. In modern times mankind has gone to the moon and back several times, scientists are exploring space through satellites, submarines have allowed us to explore and understand the once dark and mysterious sea, and any person can literally circle the globe in just 80 hours using commercial air flights. Indeed mankind has made great strides in the past century but none of that would have been possible without the imagination of great writers who inspired men to undertake such ventures. Students should be required to take a fine arts course as it would develop their creative thinking, would help build up their confidence, and would help them do better in courses like science and math.

A fine arts course will help students learn to think creatively and teach them how to express themselves. In the arts students will learn to express themselves and their ideas through art, sculpture, body movements and speech. The arts foster creative thinking as students are encouraged to come up with their own interpretations of emotions, ideas, and events. Students are not just graded on what they can remember and spew back at the teacher but on how well they can develop and express their own ideas.

In the fine arts class students need not have prior knowledge of equations or formulas to understand the complexity of human thought and emotion. This levels the "playing field" for all students and builds up the confidence of students who might have trouble in other classes because they're not good at remembering and computing formulas. It also gives confidence to students who are generally shy as they learn that there are other forms they can...

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"Why students should be required to take a fine arts class.." Jun 24, 2018
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essay on Why students should be required to take a fine arts class.
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