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"You Booze, You Cruise, You Lose"
You Booze, You Cruise, You Lose
So only one drink can't hurt at all. Right? Wrong. That one drink of alcohol and the decision you make to get in a car and drive, can lead you to killing someone, your own death, jail, financial loss, and much more. The most frequently committed violent crime in our nation is driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug (DUI). There are two choices that you make when you drink and drive: to drink (or use other drugs) and then to drive afterwards. Drinking and driving, among young adults, can lead to major damages, socially, financially, health-wise and statistically. Many people wonder why young adults like us, drink and drive, when they know it's illegal. There are three main factors to why young adults drink. The most major and common reason is peer influence. This includes unwanted pressure more generally and involves a social expectation that certain kinds of events involve drinking (Simpson). Secondly, there are socially-based reasons ­ these are more common, and relate to the ways alcohol and drinking are used to facilitate social relations. Some examples of these are developing trust with friends and exploring sexual relationships. Alcohol is seen to serve both relaxing and bonding functions within the peer group, as well as providing an excuse for bad behavior. The third reason depends on the person individually. For example, drinking alcohol helps with changing moods, coping with stress and feeling happy. (Institute of Alcohol Studies) What are the results of drinking and driving? Besides the most common reasons like accidents and death, there are two results. The first result is more of the punishment. You have four convictions if you are caught with a DUI. The 1st conviction is minimum fine of $300 and a mandatory 48 consecutive hours in jail. The 2nd...

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essay on You Booze, You Cruise, You Lose
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