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Since I was a very small child, my family has had a great impact on me. My parents have very good values and they have always tried to instill them in me. From their examples they have always taught me to treat others with kindness and respect. I have many friends and I pride myself on being a good friend to them. I am a very good listener when my friends are "down in the dumps". I feel I have been a help to my friends by offering them advice when they don't seem to make the right choices. My friends feel they can count on me through "thick and thin". Another value my parents have given me is honesty. From the times I have been very small I have never known my parents to be anything but honest. Once when we were in the grocery store the cashier forgot to charge my mom for the laundry detergent and she brought it to the cashier's attention. Last year in math class I recieved a grade higher than I should have on a test. My teacher had made a mistake in grading it to my advantage. I pointed out her mistake and she commended me for my honesty. My father helps people in many ways. One example of this is when he drove my grandmother to Miami, Florida to see her best friend who was very sick. He took off from work and spent his entire vacation on the road just to help my grandmother see her best friend one last time. I can remember many other ways my dad has helped others. It seems like he is doing something for somebody every weekend. Seeing my dad helping others has made me realize my dream of helping children when I become a teacher. I have...
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added: 01/08/2012
Ralph Ellison was an African American author. He is well know for his novel, Invisible Man. In one of his essays Ralph Ellison refers to several famous people who are known for many great accomplishments. These people are Frederick Douglass, Charles Young, Booker T. Washington, Jack Johnson, George Dewey, and Theodore Roosevelt. If Ellison was able to meet these men as a boy he would be influenced by their good characters and look up to them for the vast achievements they are well known for. Frederick Douglass was an enslaved individual who escaped the physical bonds of slavery. His life tells a story which should never be forgotten. It is a story of slavery and discrimination, and a constant struggle for freedom and equality. Douglass dedicated his life searching for freedom, justice and equality. He was devoted by his work as an abolitionist, lecturer, writer, reformer, diplomat and statesman. As an abolitionist, he fought successfully to end the society of slavery. As a reformer, he was for a non-violent struggle for completion of schools, housing, employment and the right to vote. He brought hope and pride to African Americans. As a boy, Ellison would be inspired by Douglass for he was a great man who was dedicated in his work. One other man that would hold and importance to Ellison as a boy would be Charles Young. In the late 1880's he was one of the three African Americans who graduated from the U.S Military Academy. Colonel Charles Young is remembered and honored as a man of courage and motivation. He stands in the history of African-Americans in the U. S. military. He served in an all-black Tenth cavalry and also fought in the Spanish American War. He was also involved in the Mexican military campaign. As an excuse to keep him...
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added: 01/18/2012
Fashion is a bad influence on teenage girls. With the constant bombardment of television, movies, magazines and models, it is almost impossible to be unaffected by the messages they send. Millions of products are created to help women achieve the plastic perfection that is portrayed, and alongside the want of a perfect face and body, is the feeling of having to constantly display fashionable clothing. Fashion is a big part of any teenage girls life, and it cannot be denied that girls today are strongly judged by their appearances and by the clothing that they wear. Very clear distinctions are made between what is 'in' and what is not. Look into any magazine or fashionable clothing outlet to see the evidence of this. And plainly, it is certain that someone seen wearing pulp shoes from three years ago will be talked about and looked down on by their peers. Sad but true, it is undeniable. Fashion is constantly changing and therefore purchasing popular clothing is continually a mission, one that is hard to achieve. Alongside this, trendy clothing is very expensive which simply adds another worry to the appearance-focused mind of the teenage girl. Aside from this, teenage girls are loosing their unique individuality as they strain to conform to keeping to trends and having their peers admire their up to date fashion clothing. At a school mufti day you will be certain to see many identical items of clothing. We can ask – is this because everyone in the school has the same taste in clothes? Or is it simply because this is what's 'in'? Such strong fashion rules are accounting for the loss of individualism in our young people today. Feeling the pressure of having to be fashionable is something that all teenage girls have to live with on a day-to-day basis....
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added: 10/25/2011
# ## ## Tricia Cottrell Mrs. Mahony Comp II September 23, 2003 Obesity and Fast Food Many of Americans are oblivious to their addiction to fast food and the health risks that are involved. Fast food companies make it easy for the general public to skip the old fashioned home cooked meal and go out for an inexpensive, fast, and (for the kids) fun meal. Fast food companies are being blamed for their role in contributing to the growing epidemic of obesity in Americans because of high calorie foods, high fat beverages, and super-sized servings. The fast food community does not realize what they are eating and what health problems can arise from eating fast food. According to Andrew Martin of the Washington Bureau, "Hardee's restaurants recently scrapped almost its entire menu to focus on hefty sandwiches called Thickburgers--including the Double Bacon Cheese Thickburgers, weighing in at two-thirds of a pound and 1,148 calories." ("Obesity" 1) Fast food companies do not warn fast food eaters of the many calories that are in just one hamburger. In a recent lawsuit against Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, and KFC, a 56-year-old New York maintenance worker named Caesar Barber argued that "because of eating fast food five times a week the high fat, grease, and salt he became sick with obesity, high-blood pressure, two heart attacks, and diabetes" ("Food" 1). Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University's Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, says "fast food is in the same league with cigarettes" ("Food" 2). Meaning that once people start eating fast food, it is hard to stop. On the other hand, Walter Olsen, a legal advisor for the fast food company executives, says "Most people are aware that eating double cheeseburgers is not the same as celery" ("Food" 2). Fast food companies blame the eater for not having boundaries when eating their food...
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added: 02/02/2012
How important is diet and exercise? And what can individuals do to prevent serious heath risks linked to being over weight? There physical problems as well as mental. For most Americans it is routine to hit the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant for lunch three or four times a week. Most people do not know how many calories they have consumed in one meal. For example, a super-sized fries approximately thirty to forty French fries, about five hundred calories. Now if you add a big fat cheese burger and a large soda pop, you're looking at an eleven hundred calorie lunch, almost two-thirds of most people's calorie intake for one day, consumed in one meal. Depending on your occupation, and your fitness routine, most of those empty, unused calories will be stored as fat. Being as it may, fast food restaurants are quick, easy and a cheap way to get your fix but, their not the only restaurants to pack there foods full of empty calories and high-fats. "A double Whopper from Burger King has a whopping 1150 calories with 76 coming from fat" (Burger King Brands, inc.) Most commercial/franchise restaurants play the portions game, the platter or buffet. "Restaurant owners believe that costumers go home feeling more satisfied if their guts are aching, because being overfed makes Americans feel they've gotten a real bargain. The owners are convinced that if you eat two of their meals, one in the restaurant and one at midnight in front of the TV, you have them in mind twice a week instead of once" ( Food and Advertising.) It isn't just lack of exercise or activity that is causing the American body to expand. Habits that start at home, most American families eat seven meals a week away from home, and because they eat on the...
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added: 10/09/2011
If you heard the name Father Verplancken you may not know who he is, but the Tarahumara Indians know him as the person who has turned their lives around and saved many from death. Father Verplancken is an entrepreneur who decided to help the Indians rather than give them his charity and leave. He first discovered the Indians when he was in the seminary, but ended up staying for over 40 years. Through his time with the Tarahumara Indians he has become fluent in the Uto-Aztecan language and has taken moving photographs of the Indians that have been published in such renowned magazines as National Geographic. What Father Verplancken has done for the Indians is build a modern full-service hospital that offers free health and dental care. It is the only hospital in its region and holds 75 beds. Last year 4, 381 patients checked in at Clinic of St. Theresa, donations and the staff paid for all costs. A boarding school was also built, with 90 children currently attending on weekdays and returning home to their families on the weekend. Father Verplancken is far from done and still presenting ideas to help the Tarahumara Indians, one of these projects is to provide safe drinking water. The site was launched in order to inform the public of the inhumane conditions the Tarahumara people endure, and for another brilliant idea. A banner was put onto the site that allows us to help the Indians just by clicking on it! You may click on the banner once a day and in return one free minute of hospital care is given to a patient. In 2001 there was 88, 469 visitors that gave the Tarahumara Indians 12, 637.4 free hours! Before Father Verplancken came to El Paso, Texas the Indians were living in small huts...
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added: 09/06/2011
In India, welfare measures like empowerment of women, reservation in Parliament, free education to girl child and a lot of other woman progressive initiative, do not make sense when we look at cases of female foeticide. There are only 933 females for every 1000 males against global figure of 1060 females per 1000 males. Sex ratio is a composite indicator of woman's status in a society. If we analyse state wise sex ratio, it is most disturbing to note that the States like Punjab and Haryana which are among the prosperous states of India, female-male ratio is continuously declining. Female Foeticide, is violation of right a basic human right and guarantee under the constitution In the case of female foeticide, the female children in the wombs of expecting mothers, they are not only denied the right to live but are robbed to their right to be born. The selection of male child over female is enough proof for lack of right to birth to girl child. Social, cultural, financial and psychological reasons are responsible for the prevalence of evil female foeticide in our society. Unfortunately, it became popular for sex determination, leading to sex selective abortions for those who do not want to be burdened with female child. The more easy way was shown by Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 by legalising abortions in certain specific conditions and ultimately became a tool for female sex-selective abortions and led to drastic fall in the female sex ratio to present level. Male child preference is a pivotal factor in female foeticide. The normative preference for the male child emanates from gender typed roles, male inheritance and decadency. In our society people think that male child brings social status for them. All religions have legitimized gender inequalities and accorded an inferior status to women....
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added: 11/17/2011
Introduction Like all of Roald Dahls books, The Witches is a highly entertaining and humorously sarcastic look at many of the fears and realities that children face. As the title indicates, this particular Dahl story is about witches. From this simple understanding we know that the tale is about women, for only women are witches, males are warlocks. With that perspective in mind the following paper examines how one could look at Dahls story from a feminist perspective. The Witches It should be noted, first and foremost, that while can argue many different perspectives in an examination of this story, the perspective being offered is one that indicates Dahls book is a very negative look at feminism and at women in general, providing a somewhat derogatory understanding of who women are. In understanding how Dahls work seems negatively directed at women we first look at the fact that women have, perhaps throughout history, been negatively classed as a witch if they voice their opinions or make a stand of some kind. Good women were called ladies and were never considered witches. And, in all honesty, there is only one good woman in Dahls book. That woman is not just any woman but a grandmother. In this respect we can argue that the grandmother symbolizes the ideal female who is neither pretty nor truly opinionated. She is nurturing for she takes care of her grandson and loves him. That is her life and she is not sexual, pretty, or threatening in any way. She is the ideal female, in the opinion of the stereotypical and ignorant male. We are then left with all the other women in the book, all of whom are angry vicious witches. In the following we gain an introduction into who these women are, and they are far from nurturing and positive: In...
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added: 12/31/2011
Joni Seager's The Penguin Atlas for Women highlights many disturbing and unfathomable facts regarding the status of women throughout the world. With such an overwhelming amount of staggering statistics, it is difficult to determine the best course of action for the United Nations. It is easy to be overwhelmed and eager to make changes when so many women are suffering. However, in order to be most effective, it is important to separate issues and geographic areas by degree of importance. To that end, before attempting to improve the status of women throughout the entire world, the United Nations should concentrate on elevating the status of women to at least "low rank," by focusing on the interrelated common issues surrounding birthrates, literacy, primary school enrolment, and poverty in those countries who are below the "low rank" level. Those who need to be elevated to the status of "low rank" are the most severe cases and are easy to determine. In the Gender Development Index, Seager identifies ten countries where women experience the "most disparity between men and women" (13). In contrast, the United States, Canada, and Australia, are among the countries that are characterized by having the "least disparity between men and women" (13). Therefore, in determining the United Nations agenda, it is necessary to make comparisons for purposes of determining appropriate strategies. "The GDI is based on key development indicators, including life expectancy, education attainment, and income" (13). The ten countries that are below "low rank" are all located in Sub-Saharan Africa. These countries are Guinea-Bissau, Chad, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, and Sierra Leone (13). (Hereafter referred to as "Top 10") There are many issues that need to be addressed within these countries. Again, it is important to set an attainable agenda by addressing the most severe problems...
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added: 12/18/2011
Writing topics and ideas - Read them to scout ahead on what topics seem general or specific enough for your next assignment. Save yourself time and hassle by making sure that your topic has enough information and relevance to be worth writing before you even start. Test and class preparation - Couldn't understand the last chQuick access to a library consisting of over 16,000 articles, biographies, summaries, notes, opinion essays, personal naratives and statements, and other assorted texts. Access to new content as it is submitted and processed Unlimited access to the entire database (nothing is held back, and there is no limit to what you can download.) That means NO PER DOCUMENT or PER PAGE CHARGES. All your downloads are confidential and none of your information will be given to 3rd parties for any reason. Have the option to print your paper or email a paper to yourself You can cancel whenever you wish and there is no limit to how short or long you must be apter assigned? A little behind on your reading? Is there a test tomorrow? Reading essays written about your topic or literary work can greatly improve your overall understanding of the material. Often these essays include descriptions, analysis, and those vital "connections" that are most frequently tested. They can also be a great resource for quotes to use to backup your own arguments in class or test taking situations. Supplementing original texts and books - You can use these works to improve your depth and breadth of knowledge. The more time you spend reading and elaborating on various sources, the better you will be able to recall and perform later. Previewing arguments for or against your essay topic - Read essays by people who agree with you as well as by people who don't. You can make sure to not skim...
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added: 12/13/2011
in life, the hardest thing that presents itself to us is the mystery emotion of love. One which we are not taught how to deal with, a concept which is in actual fact not known to us, yet we still live with it, we still learn from it and everyday we grow to understand it a bit more. Its the one concept, the one intangible thing in life that seems to have so much effect on human beings and their behaviour. Love can make you see through the darkness of life, it acts like a light, a guidance, a way of transmiting the message that there is something waiting for you, something which wants to be grasped, and you don't have to look for it because it will find you. Human beings give so much importance to materialistic things, things which in reality transpire to be completely trivial compared to those dilemas of such untangibvle things such as feelings: hurt, pain, love, hate. We should try not to be so judgemental about topics and take on realistic views instead we should be open minded and try to evaluate what really matters. I have had situations present themselves to me that have seemed impossible to overcome, time and time again love seeemd to fail me and although secretly i wanted to give up having faith in that little concept which seems to make the world go round i found it impossible. Being a sagittarius i have always been optimistic but i don't believe that this virtue goes hand in hand with love because my optimism has yet to satisfy my need of love. Love is a very vast ground of the human sentiments, there are different types of love that co-exist in the world. There is, what i think is the most important love of all because it is...
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added: 10/11/2011
Every man is born in all shapes, sizes, skin colors, and personalities. The perfect man is not necessarily the prince charming who is tall, handsome, and strong. The perfect man is just an illusion of every woman's imagination, which sadly does not exist. Then what is a perfect man? A perfect man is really the man with the right personality for a particular woman. All women are attracted to different types of personalities. When it comes to men, there are several of those types of personalities to choose from. One of the personality types is the study geek. These types of men are constantly using their time to study for their tests, do their homework, or study for fun. They usually maintain most of their quality time indoors, ignoring the fact that there is an outside world. As you take a look around these men's rooms, there are several books stacked on their tables and written paper scattered everywhere. Unless the women of these men are also study geeks, they may have some difficulties in taking time away from them. In that case, if they are both study geeks, they can study together and become study geek lovers. Women may have an advantage for being with a study geek because in the future a study geek may become wealthy and very successful in their careers. Another type of personality is a sports addict. These men are always talking about, watching, playing, or looking at something that has to do with sports. They will know everything about their favorite sports. For example, they will probably know the names of all the players on every team, etc. When watching the game, these men are absolutely glued to the television. They cannot be interrupted; if you tried to talk to them they will simply ignore...
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added: 10/15/2011
This month I still found myself lost and asking questions. This time I had to decide whether or not my time at the Village Cultural Arts Center had been worthwhile. On a usual day at the center, I would assist the children with their homework and art projects. Recently however, the children started particpating in various activities dealing with the Kwanzaa holiday coming up, which was wonderful but limited my time with the students. Tutoring sessions were cut short, and art classes were cancelled. All of a sudden I felt like I wasn't being useful. I was told by the director of the program that the Kwanzaa classes would be over soon, and things would be back to normal, but I guess I wanted to feel needed every second that I was there. I can honestly say that the only thing that kept me at the center was a little girl by the name of Ellanria. ( I mentioned her in my last paper. She was the girl who asked me to be her "fake" Auntie) While she was eating her snack one day, I asked her why she wanted me to be her fake Autie. She told me that her real Aunt (that was living with them) died when their house burned down. She was unable to be rescued from the house and burned to death. She also told me how her and her mom had to struggle so much after losing all of their clothes, money and personal items. She simply said that she loved her auntie, and that she wanted me to be her "fake Auntie because she loved me too. By her saying that, it hit me. The Village isn't about making Natalie feel useful. The Village is all about the children. It made me realize...
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added: 10/30/2011
I need to have my spouse forgive my, because I love him. I have hurt him so badly because of my actions and poor judgement. He has given me everything in the world, including he undenying love for me and constant trust, I have violated that. My best friend in the entire word, the best father a woman could ever want how did nothing to deserve this heartache that I have constantly caused him. I want to change the person that I have become and make this a vision of my past. I will first begin with coming clean of all that I have done to hurt him. As painful and as humiliating as that may sound, I have never wanted to fix something so bad in life. I feel like my insides have been ripped out at the thought of him ever walking out of my life and losing that love forever. I hope that my confessions and words of self conviction is a start to starting over. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it work and I will wait as long as it takes to keep the only true love in my life. I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I will make things work! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him!...
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added: 02/08/2012
FLOOR EVACUATION OFFICERS Each floor within the Town Hall will have a Floor Evacuation Officer whose responsibility it will be to ensure that all members of staff and members of the public are evacuated from the Town Hall as quickly as possible during an emergency. Floor Evacuation Officers should ensure that all staff are familiar with emergency procedures at the Town Hall. 1. When the alarm is sounded the Floor Evacuation Officer is to ensure that all members of staff and public leave the floor in an orderly fashion. 2. If the fire occurs in his/her area, then immediately following the sounding of the alarm, the Floor Evacuation Officer should inform the Fire Control Point (Ext. 3082) of the location and severity of the outbreak and if any persons are engaged in first-aid fire fighting, he/she should then supervise the evacuation of all personnel from the area. (N.B. the alarm is sounded by breaking the glass at the fire alarm point or by the activation of the smoke detectors. 3. When the Floor Evacuation Officers have ensured the floor is evacuated, they should report to the Fire Officer in the foyer and ensure that their floor tally is checked in at the Fire Control Point in the foyer. The Floor Evacuation Officers must not leave the building until this has been done, and should state name and floor for which he/she is responsible. 4. It should be clearly understood by all Floor Evacuation Officers that any outbreak of fire will only be tackled by Fire Teams if there is absolutely no danger to life. 5. The senior canteen person will assume the duty of Canteen Evacuation Officer. On hearing the alarm the Canteen Evacuation Officer should ensure that all staff and visitors evacuate the building. All cooking equipment is to be turned off and in addition...
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added: 01/21/2012
Florence Nightingale is very famous for her work as a nurse during the Crimean War, a hospital reformer and a humanitarian. However, what is less known from this British woman is her love for mathematics, especially statistics. Named after her hometown, Nightingale was born in Villa Colombia in Florence, Italy, on the 12th May 1820, she was raised, by her parents, William Edward Nightingale and his wife Frances. She had an older sister named Panthenope. Florence was raised mostly in Derbyshire, England and received a thorough classical education from her father, she loved her lessons and loved to study. Thanks to her father, Florence became reading classics, Descartes, Aristotle, the Bible and political matters. He also taught her Greek, Latin, French, German and Italian. In 1840, she begged her parents to let her study mathematics instead of "worsted work and practising quadrilles".But Frances, her mother didn't approved it and her father thought that it will be better is she studied subjects more appropriate for a woman. After many arguments, her parents gave her permission to be tutored in math. She studied with Sylvester, who developed the theory of invariants. She was said to be Sylvester's best pupil. They studied arithmetic, geometry and algebra. Florence was interested in social issues, and had the necessity to help. She had the idea of gaining some medical experience, but her family was completely against it. In those times, nursing wasn't a suitable profession for well educated woman, becaus of the lack of training and bad reputation of being ignorant and promiscuous. In 1849 she went abroad to study the European hospital system, and in 1850 she began training in nursing at the Institute of Saint Vincent de Paul in Alexandria, Egypt, which was a hospital run by the Roman Catholic Church In March, 1854, the Crimean War began. Reports soon begin appearing in newspapers about the disgraceful conditions being endured by the sick and bloody British...
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added: 07/28/2011
Florence Nightingale is best known for her radical innovations in nursing care. She was a pioneer in nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods. For most of her life, Florence pushed for reform of the British military health-care system. With that, the nursing profession started gaining the respect it deserved. Besides being a nurse and reformer, Florence Nightingale was a statistician. She would use new techniques of statistical analysis and apply them to her life's work, such as during the Crimean War when she documented the occurrence of preventable deaths in the military. She developed the "polar-area diagram" to dramatize the preventable deaths caused by unsanitary conditions. With her analysis, Florence Nightingale revolutionized the idea that social dilemmas could be objectively measured and subjected to mathematical analysis. She was an innovator in the collection, formulation, and graphical display of statistics. The achievements set forth by Florence Nightingale were amazing considering most Victorian women did not attend universities or pursue professional careers. Her reform efforts occurred in part because she was frustrated with the conditions in England that limited women's life choices to marriage, indolence, or servitude. Her frustration's extended also to the social conditions of most of England's citizens: abject poverty or affluence. Born in Florence, Italy on May 12, 1820, in the Villa Colombia, near Porta Romana, Florence was named after the city she was born in. After her birth, the Nightingale family moved to England and settled down in her fathers inherited estate. Although later, her father William Edward Nightingale had a house built for the family in the village of Lea. The house was called the Lea Hurst and served as the summer home to the Nightingale family for the rest of Florence Nightingale's life. In 1825, the Nightingale family moved to a mansion named Embly Park in the Parish...
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added: 09/17/2011
Food Stamps The government of the United States is equipped with myriad forms of public assistance programs that come in aid to the less fortunate part of the population. The federal state and local governments provide numerous programs designed to help low-income citizens and their families meet nutritional and health needs. The food stamp program is one of many nutrition programs available to the public and the most significant food plan on hand. The Food Stamp Program is the basis of the Federal food assistance programs, and provides crucial support to needy households and to those making the transition from welfare to work programs. It provides low-income households electronic benefits in order for them to increase their food purchasing power. The Food Stamp program was created in 1939 during the Big Depression period and served then for the same purposes it does today. The program became legitimately permanent in 1964. Since then, the program has expanded and developed significant changes contributing its growth and efficiency. The Food Stamp Program is administered from the U.S Department of Agriculture through its Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). State agencies administer the program at state and local levels, including determination of eligibility, allotments, and distribution of benefits. The federal government pays for the amount of the benefit received, while states pay the costs of determining eligibility and distributing the stamps. The Food Stamp Program helped put food on the table for 7.3 million households and 17.2 million individuals each day in Fiscal Year 2000 and provided an average of $1.25 billion a month in benefits. The average monthly benefit was about $73 per person and almost $173 per household. In FY 2001 the appropriation was $20.1 billion in benefits. Eligible households are issued a monthly allotment of food stamps based on the Thrifty Food Plan, a low-cost model...
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added: 09/19/2011
Maybe i'm underestimating the power of torture. Possibly some potential terrorist think as far ahead as if i get caught they will brutally toture me until i speak or until i'm physically unable to withstand anymore brutality and die. a person who is willing to put forth an effort to kill as many people as possible must not have much to live for anyway. Show me some love man. For me, which is the only person i truly know, i would feel i would analyze my actions and see no good reason to be in that way of the little words to get two hundred and fifty words to get my essay for my poem essay due for my by you and we because it is a litle thing called cheating that helps out everyone that increases the overall knowledge of people in this little big world of ours, is this 250 yet damnit? Maybe i'm underestimating the power of torture. Possibly some potential terrorist think as far ahead as if i get caught they will brutally toture me until i speak or until i'm physically unable to withstand anymore brutality and die. a person who is willing to put forth an effort to kill as many people as possible must not have much to live for anyway. Show me some love man. For me, which is the only person i truly know, i would feel i would analyze my actions and see no good reason to be in that way of the little words to get two hundred and fifty words to get my essay for my poem essay due for my by you and we because it is a litle thing called cheating that helps out everyone that increases the overall knowledge of people in this little big world...
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added: 08/07/2011
I am still friends with her. Weird for me because I usually can't stand being friends with someone that long! I aint even gonna say shes a bestfriend cuz she aint shes my damn long lost sister even though i shuda kept her dumb ass lost!! I can call her about in tears over some guy and she will just say the dumbest and when I say dumbest I mean DUMBEST thing someone could ever say and you can't help but laugh. She can make me smile when nobody else can and that's rare to find a friend like that. I can call her crying over some guy and she'll be like what's his number and call and flip on him for me I love her so much for that!! We've been through our fair share of shit and had fights we didn't think we would get through but we did and I know we'll have more but our friendship last and stays strong! I was the first person she smoked weed with probably not good now since the crayz slut is addicted lol I got us our first pack of Newports needless to say the pack was gone by the end of the night. member when we skipped n went to jasons that was hella crazy and breakin into that building and girl u cant 4get shopliftin and community service ya kno u loved it!!! We have great fun together and we'll hae lots more. This is my cuzin and we have been down since 5th grade (i've known her since then) she's prolly tha coolest person in the whole world u wud love her if u met her!! we have had sum fun times 2gether and lots of great memorys she was with me the 1st time i got my...
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added: 02/07/2012
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