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Forty-five years ago, a new kind of evil was brought into this world. Osama bin Laden was born into a rich Saudi Arabian family, and he grew up to become a multimillionaire terrorist. He established at al-Qaeda, which is an Islamic terrorist organization. His actions and those of his followers have changed the world in a very frightening way. On September 11,2001, members of his organization took action against our nation in the most unforgivable way imaginable. Although the events last year were against the United States, they will change the world for years to come. As a nation we have been scared, but we have also risen above it and pulled together. We are considered to be the strongest, most powerful and secure country in the world. But on that fateful day our sense of security was forever tarnished. It is tragic to think that any ignoramus who can learn how to crash a plane into a building could pose a potential threat to the world. Osama bin Laden has implanted fear into the lives of all humankind, no longer do people feel safe getting onto an airplane or going in a restaurant or building that might be bombed or hit by another terrorist attack. If the most powerful country on earth is defenseless against this kind of strike, imagine how easily any small country could crumble and fall at the mercy of a lunatic like Osama. I believe that the United States has the most dominant military force in the world and we are in the process of fighting a war, a war against terror, a war against Osama. We have not officially declared war against anyone, because this issue is so controversial, and we are presently under the leadership of a man that makes us very vulnerable. He must handle...
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added: 01/27/2013
Oscar Schindler Oscar Schindler was a character in the movie "Schindler's List". This is a movie about the holocaust and how Oscar Schindler used is own riches to save one thousand and one hundred Jews. In this movie Oscar Schindler is described as a dynamic character. A dynamic character is a person in a movie that changes dramatically. This is true for Schindler for many reasons. In the movie Schindler is a Nazi party member who looking to make money, or become rich, from the situation that his country is in. He tries to take advantage and earn money by cheating the government and using Jews to work for him. The Jews were given illegal papers to work. That was cheating the government. While Schindler was making lots and lots of money, the Jews were being persecuted and killed. This was very disturbing to Schindler at times, But he tried to ignore it and make his money and become someone known as he came with nothing and left with fortunes. But, over the course of the movie, Schindlers conscience started to change his ways. The more and more he saw how crazy and sick the Nazi was, he started to care for the Jews. So, then he became very sorry for the Jews. He started buying Jews to save them from death. He used every single penny and dime he had to save about 1,100 Jews. This is what you call a dynamic character. The movie Schindler's List had a perfect example of a dynamic character. Oscar was a person who was against the Jews and changed very dramatically to come and save the Jews. Truly, Oscar Schindler was a man who came with nothing and left with fortunes....
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added: 02/05/2012
Our Perception of Age: A Cross-Culturally Examination For some Canadians, old age can be a sad time. Feelings of infirmity combined with oppressive boredom are common. This research paper will attempt to tackle the difficult task of analyzing our culturally bound notion of old age and its consequences for older people as well as the meaning of age cross-culturally. By approaching this subject with a cross-cultural perspective, western people may realize there are alternative ways to regard the elderly as well as alternative ways the elderly can regard themselves. Different countries and their ideologies will be explored in comparison to cultural construction of old age in American and Canadian society. The first section of this paper will address certain positive and negative aspects of current Canadian thought patterns. The second section of this paper will address, discuss, and analyse how countries such as France (positive image of the elderly), Britain (negative image of the elderly), and Japan (positive image of the elderly), how their culturally constructed notions of old age has effected the elderly in their societies. Finally, the conclusion will suggest different or more positive ways to view ourselves, and people that happen to be our elders. In terms of appearance and sexuality, there exists a double standard of aging. address certain positive and negative aspects of current Canadian thought patterns 1 The image of the older woman as an inactive, unhealthy, asexual, and ineffective person has been perpetuated over the years through the transmission of inaccurate information, the media and oppresive attitudes of men and society alike. Regardless of what profession or status a woman holds, she still sees aging as a negative aspect of her life. This stems in large part from the negative reception she receives from the outside world. (Block 1981:12) It is also becoming evident that these negative...
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added: 11/25/2011
In order to understand how law is used to oppress any act of crime and deviance, it is important to first understand the explanations that sociologists have offered for crime and its related concept of deviance. Before even that it is important to know how crime and deviance is defined. Crime is an aspect of social life that affects everyone at some time. To sociologists crime means the breaking of rules that have been made into laws by the rulers or government of a society. Whereas Deviance means behaviour that most or all people disapprove of in the society. Such behaviour will not conform to the society's norms and values. The main issue related to crime and deviance is how do class, gender, ethnicity and social controls within a capitalistic society lead to increase in crime due to the criminal laws and criminal justice system imposed on the lower middle class. "Social conflict theory" is the most important criminology theory that deals directly with this problem. This approaches has been taken from the traditional Marxism, who believes that capitalist societies exists for the benefit of the owners of capital therefore it has divided the poor and the rich. Marxist analysis of crime is defined as crime from the result of the values, which the ruling classes have forced upon society. The law reflect and support these values. Laws require workers' rights or controlling corporate crime, which are seen as less important than those controlling the activities of youth in inner- city areas. Therefore policing and public concerns are centred on particular types of crime. People assume that real criminals are those in the inner- cites. They therefore look for the causes of crime in the differences between the normal (middle class) and deviant individuals (lower class, young, male). The law is seen as...
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added: 01/14/2012
Over the years population problems have haunted countries all over the world. Factors such as mortality and birth rates usually balance out the population situation but there are still other characteristics that need to be accounted for such as fertility, birth control technology, public health medicine, and immigration/urbanization. Every country around the world has its own unique population pattern. Individually the pattern might seem unimportant but collectively all the patterns control the world's population. The means for measuring the population in the Unites States is called a census. A census is the periodic governmental count of the population. The Census Bureau conducts a census every 10 years. The 2000 census shows that the United States population is over 280 million people making it the third largest populated country after China and India. The United States also has the fastest growing population in the world due to our high fertility and immigration. The Census Bureau predicts that the fertility and immigration levels will stay the same and 50 years from now the population would have increased 120 million. If this prediction is true that means the amount of people currently living west of the Mississippi River will be added to the existing population. Currently the population is growing at around 3 million people a year. Fertility is a major factor driving the population in the United States and also is a characteristic that affects both men and women. Although the United States has a fertility rate that is 35% higher than those found in Canada and Europe, everyday more people are being found sterile. Some of these cases are due to consequential early life decisions and others due to medical procedures. Studies show that smoking marijuana and steroid use can often lead to low sperm count or permanent sterilization. Men can also have...
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added: 10/19/2011
Overcoming "Hurdles" Nervousness! The one feeling our bodies never seem to hide. For some people, they have to be faced with a great challenge to experience this. While for others, just standing in front of a class size full of people like myself can be very nerve wrecking. I have a short story to share about a moment in time when I felt this feeling of apprehension the most. A freshman, yes that's what I was. My first home track meet of my high school career. Today was a fairly warm spring day. A great day I might add for my first taste of a real teeth gritting, nerve bending, battle. I was getting ready to do to the 300-meter hurdles, which was up next. Oh, how those hurdles make me nervous. This was my first chance to prove to everyone that I have potential and that I was a winner. The very first opportunity for me to show the other schools that they had some seriously tough competition ahead of them. As I stepped into the blocks in lane 3, I observed the anxious crowd slowly start to quiet down simultaneously. My stomach felt like a jar full of butterflies trying to make their way out. Those silly "What if…?" questions started racing through my mind. I looked up to my right and I saw my fierce opponents setting their blocks. I'm wondering if they're thinking and feeling the same way as I. I felt the wind slightly graze the apple of my cheek, so smooth and gentle. It sends a cold, icy shiver down my spine; I tremble at the feeling. With the wind blowing, the tall, strong, pine trees gave off a sweet scent mixed with the smell of freshly cut grass. I veered to my left and I saw my...
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added: 02/18/2012
Discrimination is present in our culture today. From racism to sexism, hate and superior complexes of certain groups still stand strong. One of them is the discrimination of women. This wart has always been on society skin and still is prevalent today. Although many steps have been taken to give equal rights to women, it is one of great struggle and is very tough to change old views of some of the less convincible people of this society. Sadly the discriminatory subject has been superficial; specifically weight issues. This discriminatory behavior has made this time period we live in today to become an age of eating disorders. These diseases of the mind and body are detrimental both physically and psychologically to the women today. Although most women in America are overweight this is a problem that is eating up our society today. The denial of the presence discriminatory behavior towards overweight women is a fallacy. There are many women everyday in this culture that are ostracized and mistreated because of their physical appearance. Many hate crimes are reported in schools everyday about overweight girls being made fun of and to the point of physical abuse from peers and teachers alike. These events are hidden by school officials who try to cover these stories in this moral elite society. Although many attempts have been made to cover up the dirt in our society there is too much to clean up. Women today in America are getting discriminated more than ever in the workplace, stores, and dating scenes because of how they look to the point that stereotypes have been made about woman who are heavier. They are made out to be lazy and not hard workers. These stereotypes have taken their toll on many women causing health problems and depression. The social...
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added: 10/02/2011
Pablo Picasso was born in the Spanish coastal town, of Malaga on October 25, 1881. His father, Jose Ruiz Blasco, was an art teacher. His mother was Maria Picasso y Lopez. Picasso almost died at birth because of breathing problems. They say his uncle blew cigar smoke in his face and he was able to breathe. Picasso was a genius by the time he was ten years old, which was when he painted his first picture. He painted many paintings and the first of these paintings were focused on bullfighting, because he was exposed to bullfighting at the age of three. Pablo did very poorly in school, especially in math. He would always draw pictures in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. He also had a very short attention span, which they later found out was caused by dyslexia. When Picasso turned 15, he entered the Barcelona's School of Fine Arts, where his father was an art teacher. That is where he really learned to paint. He was accepted to the school by passing an exam that took him one day. The same exam took most students weeks to complete. Soon after entering the school he won a gold medal for his very realistic painting of a doctor, a nun, and a child at a sick woman's bed entitled, "Science and Charity". There was a rumor that one day Pablo's father asked him to finish the pigeons in a picture he was working on. They say Pablo painted them so well that his father put down his paint brush and never painted again. His father realized the talent that his son had. In 1899 Picasso quit his academic studies and joined the circle of young avant-garde artists and writers who gathered at the local tavern. There they worked on all...
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added: 01/07/2012
All Three Mixed Into One The similarities in literature during different time periods are evident in the poems Beowulf and "The Seafarer," and the movie The Thirteenth Warrior. The three however, have different styles of writing. The different styles do not change elements of literature such as atmosphere, tone, and theme. Each of the tales has the same type of story, a man successfully making a name for himself. Beowulf, "The Seafarer," and The Thirteenth Warrior have many things in common, even though each story has a different religion Christianity, Islam, or Paganism. The two poems and the movie are similar in that they all have the same tone and atmosphere. Beowulf, you have your pagan hero who strives to live forever in stories by fighting monsters that his sword cannot pierce. The Thirteenth Warrior uses an outsider to tell the story of a hero who must fight monsters that seem immortal. "The Seafarer" has a narrator who tells of exploits and ways to live using a dark and gloomy touch. The narrator in "The Seafarer" claims the ocean is "an ice-cold sea whirled in sorrow," and that he is "Alone in a world blown clear of love" (Holt 56). The tales use a dark and negative outlook on every event that the protagonists go through. In the end, the protagonists die, but they seem to go to paradise or heaven. Even with some differences, the dark gloomy Pagan Literature comes out in all. Each of the stories portrays something larger than life that we should emulate. In all three, the theme is to overcome something that no ordinary man could do. In the "Seafarer," you have a journey or an ocean to cross. The Thirteenth Warrior uses the strange humanoid "Wendols" that attempt to destroy the small village. Beowulf has Grendel, his...
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added: 10/16/2012
The Influences of Parent and Child Communication It is not always easy to get our point across to a child. It seems that children do not understand, or just don't listen. We tell them something, and five minutes later, we have to repeat it again. Likewise, it is not unusual for our children to get frustrated because they feel that we don't understand what they are trying to tell us. Sometimes children lack the words or skills needed to express themselves effectively. As well, when they are older sometimes they lack the maturity needed to reason or respect the generational differences and therefore, their point may not be well received. As parents we understand that communication is the basic means of teaching and guiding and that all behavior is communication. Without effective parent/child communication, children can not learn. It takes more than a little effort and patient. It takes skill. There are many different reasons for communicating and they may require different strategies or styles, depending on the particular goal at the time. The influences of that communication process could vary from birth to bond. Three of the most apparent are 1) the relationship building process 2) the absent parent and 3) Adolescence or Puberty. As we begin building the relationship, children learn how to communicate by watching their parents. While our children are very young, parents should begin setting the stage for open, effective communication. If parents communicate openly and effectively, chances are that their children will, too. Children then begin to feel that they are heard and understood, which will boost their self esteem. On the other hand, ineffective communication between parent and child can lead them to believe that they are unimportant, unheard or misunderstood. This may cause them to view their parents as unhelpful or untrustworthy. When children feel...
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added: 02/05/2012
The society of our human beings is really a complex system. Then what is the basis, or say, the smallest unit of such an unwieldy system? People will say ¡°family¡± with one voice. Usually family is considered to be the essential element of a society. If we look the word ¡°family¡± into a dictionary, its definition is simply ¡°a group consisting of parents and their children¡±. Then we come to the conclusion that the relationship between parents and children is the most basic one among all the interpersonal relationships that exist in the world. And there is no doubt that it plays an important role in our society. The bond between parents and children is incredibly strong. A main reason is that parents and children are linked because of their ties of blood. This unique tie distinguishes it from any other interpersonal relationships. The love between parents and children is special. It grows for so many years without judgment, without limit. Our parents simply love us beyond all bounds. They love all the things belong to us, not only our strengths and gifts but also our weaknesses and faults. This strong love is from parents¡¯ hearts, there is no interests mixed in it at all. It is such a pure and exquisite emotion that parents will do things for their children that no one else would dream of. They give completely selfless devotion to their children. You could ask a parent if he or she would cut off an arm for a child and without hesitation, even thinking, he or she would answer yes. You could also ask a mother about her rage if someone does her children harm. I think it will be an unusual rage that we who don¡¯t have such experience can imagine. We often see and hear...
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added: 12/03/2011
The decision making process is an important aspect in everyday life, and different perspectives influence decisions people make. Everyday, individuals are faced with decisions that can change the course of their day, their year, or even their life. Even the smallest influence can determine what path a person wants to be on. Daily life is full of choices to make, and usually, these choices can lead to a great conclusion. Different factors influence different selections. For instance, friends or family can influence a person's decision about something. Also, a person can make a certain choice because society looks at it as being the correct judgment to make. These examples are just a few of the many that help shape the interactive environment we all live in. One very important factor that influences decisions everyone makes is friends, and the pressure to conform to the people we are around. As Judith Ortíz Cofer expresses in the story "The One Who Watches," individuals like to act the way their friends do, especially if their friends have leadership qualities (43). In the selection, Doris follows Yolanda and is good friends with her. Yolanda is outgoing, and likes being a leader. However, different influences may conflict with the already existing ones. For example, Doris is driven away from Yolanda because of the fact that she steals. Conflict and instability can cause people to make certain decisions. Just like the story states, "Sometimes you have to run fast to catch love because it's hard to see, even when it's right in front of you." Doris decides to no longer be friends with Yolanda, because she realizes that she doesn't need the negativity of Yolanda's bad habits in her life. Through my own experience, I have realized that choosing the right friends is very important, and may...
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added: 07/23/2011
Paul Revere is one of America's greatest hero's from the American Revolution. He saved many lives in his midnight ride during the Boston massacre. He was an idol to every ones eyes, so he should be honored and put in Madame Tussaud's Was Museum. During 1774 through the spring of 1775 Paul Revere was working for the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety. For his work he was an express rider, so he had to carry news, messages, and copies of resolutions as far away as New York and Philadelphia. On the night of April 18, 1775 he was sent to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock that the British troops were coming for them. So, on his way to warn them he warned every house he went by from Boston to Lexington. He got to the place they were staying at, at about midnight. When he got there William Dawes then joined him. They decided, on their own, to continue to Concord, Massachusetts where all the weapons were hidden. Then the third rider, Dr. Samuel Prescott, joined them. A little after he joined them, before they got to Concord, British troops arrested them. William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott escaped pretty quickly, but Paul didn't escaped. After a while they released him. He had no horse to ride so he had to walk all the way to Lexington. Paul Rivoire (Revere) was born in December of 1734. His parents are Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Rivoire; her maiden name is Hichborn. A while after immigrating to America, Paul changed his last name of Rivoire to Revere. Paul was the second of at least nine children; there could have possibly been 12 children. He was also the oldest surviving son. He went to school at...
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added: 02/15/2012
"Paying my dues" At the age of eight Kile Hanold looked up at his mother at the local Smith's grocery store, and asked "Why I'm I not in commercials or modeling?" Kile Hanold also known as Kile Vandem(that's his stage name) knew what he wanted to do since a young age. He had the drive and passion for the film industry since he can remember. The only problem being that he lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, not exactly the acting capitol of the world. He had a life there, and some tough decisions to make in order to try and fulfill his dream. Kile was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kile was always fascinated by the film industry, and it was an avenue he wanted to explore. Unfortunately he was stuck in New Mexico. He was attending the University of New Mexico; he was one year away from completing his bachelor's degree. He also had a two year old daughter Avery, who was his whole world. Moving to Hollywood to pursue his acting career was not something that he thought could happen or would happen because of the obstacles in his life. Kile had attended a photo shoot with his then girlfriend in April of 2002, and he met a man named Marin Writer. Martin thought that Kile would be great on camera, and he could set him up with some work in Hollywood. He offered to fly out Kile and his girlfriend to Hollywood. Kile was in a tough spot, he wanted to go pursue his dream, but he didn't want to not complete college, and leave his daughter. "After a lot of thought and talking to family members I decided I needed to take this opportunity because it may have never come again." Good friend Heather Cohen said "Leaving...
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added: 01/04/2012
Peer pressure is one of the worst types of pressure because it generates a longing to be like one's friends, which is not always in the best interest of the one being pressured. Different people have certain limitations and when these are tantalized by friends who are most of the time admired by this person, the results can be disastrous. Peer pressure can cause different reactions such as a person trying to prove themselves or one becoming self conscious. Peer pressure has often resulted in a person trying to prove themselves to a specific group or individual. They can try to do things that they think are 'cool' when in actuality they are dangerous or immoral. This is probably one of the major consequences of peer pressure. People are habitually compelled to do dumb things in order to be considered in the 'in' crowd by people that draw amusement from this type of corruption. These miscreants convince their victims to do things that they are actually afraid to do. If a person is mentally strong enough to resist doing ridiculous things the peer pressure can initiate a feeling of self hate, or self consciousness. When peer pressure begins to affect a person too badly, they can lose their sense of self worth and begin to think it doesn't matter whether they live or not. Peer pressure overall is an awful effect of self consciousness. Different people have different limitations and can only be pushed to a certain line before they snap and begin to do extreme things and get a feeling of self hate....
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added: 02/08/2012
A human being has his or her certain traits or personalities. There are several types of personalities, but it is only classified as either positive or a negative personality. Some people are kind, gentle, loving, caring, thoughtful. These are just several of the ones in the positive side. Others are cruel, rude, careless, irresponsible. Now these ones are just a few of the negative side. Through life a person experiences many things in life like how to survive or how to communicate. At the earliest times of life a person learns through his surroundings and then applies that experience through the society. People then say things like, "ah, that boy is really annoying!" or "that daughter of yours is a smart one." The society comments on one's personality. From my experience, one of the most vital points of learning was when I was a young teenager and I must say that friends really do make an impact on my personality. Among all, my peers were the ones who influenced me the most. As early as 5th grade, I have met so many kids at school and made tons of friends. I was always shy and quiet most of the time, but my friends gave me the strength to just go out there and be myself. By then, I was playing with all the kids at my classroom and some on other neighboring classes. After school I'd rather stay a little longer because we were just having so much fun. We'd play basketball for more than an hour or just chat by the court or just hang-out anywhere. My friends would call me at home and then invite for a stroll around a nearby park. Sometimes I get grounded because of spending too much time with my friends causing me to forget...
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added: 12/11/2011
In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, underlying forces play an extremely powerful role throughout the story. These forces turn out to cause many terrible events. Shakespeare hints at the outcome throughout the story and makes the reader hope more and more that Romeo and Juliet can live together. Unfortunately, the fate of Romeo and Juliet isn't a very preferable one. Romeo and Juliet were ultimately the ones responsible for their own deaths. The destinies of these two "star crossed lovers" were set from the start of the story, and almost all events that took place brought Romeo and Juliet closer to their inevitable fates. There were too many coincidences to give the reader any doubt that the characters in the play would live life trouble free. The story of Romeo and Juliet is all about fate and destiny, and these are the biggest underlying forces in the story. The moment Romeo and Juliet met; they were on a path for disaster. From the very beginning it is stated that "from forth the fatal lions of these two foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take there life". That translated into today's English means, because of the traditional opposition of the two groups it just couldn't work out. Its true meaning to the story is that love just couldn't overcome a life long grudge; fate just wouldn't let it happen. Every event that took place brought Romeo and Juliet closer to their inevitable fates. There were just too many coincidences; it was too good to be true right from the start. Romeo and Juliet shared the unfortunate fate that they were from feuding families. The two of them were a perfect match, and were in love at first site, and the odds that one was a Montague and one was a Capulet were incredibly...
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added: 04/30/2011
There is a very wide range of income for individuals and families in California. In our society today, we have 3 types of classifications of people. The wealthiest of people are called the upper class, then there is a middle class which is the average income, and lastly there is the lower class. The lower class is considered to be in poverty. Poverty is a condition in which a person or family does not have the means to satisfy basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Poverty is not determined by what race a person is even though many people in our nation categorize it that way. Poverty exist everywhere in the nation, state, and even in our own town. There are many different factors that contribute to the poverty rates in California, from the increase of the unemployment to the decrease in government income maintenance programs. Even though the government offers many different programs for people in poverty there is still a substantial amount of people not being able to provide for their own families. The government offers social insurance programs such as: Medicare which provides hospital insurance for the elderly and disabled, and unemployment compensation which allows workers that are unemployed for a while to collect thirty-five percent of their lost wages. The government also provides programs that supply food stamps and welfare to the people that qualify for such programs. The government spends about 736 billion of its dollars on these different types of programs. Poverty can be caused by many different situations. For example many single parents in California are in poverty. As you can imagine raising children with two parents is hard enough, so raising a child on your own can be more then a hand full. The average parent spends about 100,000 dollars on one child...
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added: 12/27/2011
I am confident that the work that the Lord has started here will be continued until the day of Jesus Christ! This week has been evident to me of the work of God is the lives of the people around me and also in my own life. It started out as a very hard and trying time. It seemed that everyone around me was falling apart and they thought they had no where to go. I was so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to share with them that the hard things they are going through now are not the end of the world. That Christ can be their all and He wants to be. Seeds were planted this week, and I know that the Lord is going to be faithful to continue working in the lives of these dear people. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the work here. I cannot tell you how very grateful I am to know that you are praying. Even when times seem hard or things are going as I would like the Lord reminds me that He is in control and He is working things out for our best. Four Babies of Rodom # 2 There were four precious babies this week that I was blessed to be with at the time of their birth. On Monday, Cheryl stayed at our apartment so I was able to go with Molly to the Rodom for the day. At the time I enjoyed the one on one training, but because I understand quite a bit of Russian Molly didn't translate nearly as much as she would have had Cheryl been there. But it was good for me to have to listen and concentrate on understanding. This week has turned out...
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added: 02/10/2012
People recognize a difference between children and adults. What events (experiences or ceremonies) make a person an adult? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer. When someone recognizes you as an adult, it probably means that you look like an adult, because appearance and height is the most typical to classify whether you are a child or an adult. Children are usually baby-faced, short, simple, curious, careless, innocent, and naïve. On the other hand, adults are mostly taller, more mature, more attentive, more complicated, and more sophisticated than children. These are the reasons why adults must look after children and children must be taken care because that is the circulation of human of nature. There are different proves or ceremonies when a child becomes an adult. For example, in Hong Kong, everyone after his eighteenth birthday will get a card as his identification; In Korea and in Japan, there is a ceremony celebrating the people who become adults. Things or events such as driving or drinking are only allowed adults to participate since they have enough energy and ability. Also, they have much more experiences than children so that they are dare to try and challenge new things. However, since they are adults, they must need to bear a heavy burden such as looking for good jobs, earning money, and taking care of family. Children are learning things in their grown up process. They learn knowledge and skills directly from adults because they are sophisticated, serious, and common-sensed. Therefore, under the teaching of adults, children start understanding the world gradually and learning sensibilities and human sympathy. They are taught by adults to become much more mature children-adults. It is one of the most important parts for children in a coming of age. Human can be classified significantly into two kinds of people...
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added: 12/09/2011
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