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How do you discipline your children when they come home with a tattoo that you specifically told them not to get? What about when you catch them smoking? Or when they refuse to do their homework? What about when they lie to you right to your face? Or when they beat up on their little brother? Every parent has been through at least one situation in which discipline is involved. The style a parent chooses to discipline his or her child may vary, but it is a very important part of parenting. Experts have proven that too much discipline or not enough discipline can have a negative affect on children later in their life. However, just the right amount of discipline and a lot of love can help your child lead a very healthy life. Which style of parenting do you prefer? Authoritarian parents, according to parenting expert Ron Huxley, are "high on limits and low on love." These parents rely on very strict rules. They tend to be very commanding. Authoritarian parents believe that discipline is very important and expect their children to follow their orders immediately. They are able to make quick decisions. However, the decisions they make are most of the time made without getting all the facts and asking for input from their children. In fact, they rarely ever ask for their child's opinion about anything and do not have a very close relationship with them. They hardly ever show affection and are not aware of their needs. While children of authoritarian parents are well behaved, they show signs of unhappiness and low self-esteem. Research from the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension has shown that children brought up by authoritarian parents are more likely to give up or rebel later in their life. They usually rebel in their...
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added: 12/23/2011
Often in my life, I, as you, have crossed paths with all types of people. Have you ever wondered or pondered the thought of people? Do you, or have you ever remembered a person that you can recollect, and you had a certain interest with this person? And with this person, have you ever wondered why you two clicked when you met? This was because both of you related in certain levels. There are three types of people in this world. This means that there are three forms everyone is constructed in identity. You must devote true consideration to these three forms of people. For the information about to be disclosed to you, if applied correctly, could assist you in getting inside the person, and guiding them mentally. You must always remember, people will let you do this, if they feel a common interest, that you might display with them, or what is better known as rapport. Interviewing is an Art. Not many people can do this, and he/she has to continue to practice their skills. However, some people are naturally gifted in speaking and can communicate and socialize with all levels and/or echelons in life. For me, I had to learn this through studying and constantly applying my communication skills with practice. Discussing how to apply yourself through "Zonning", or using a common term as a "Zone Out", will be discussed later. Firstly, there are your people, who see things. These people are often identified by using the basic form of the English language. They frequently express themselves by addressing such things as, do you see what I am talking about, do you see where I am coming from, do you get the picture? These people for the most part are you COE's, in Art's, work in Architecture, and things of...
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added: 12/01/2011
Hello my name is Ugo Buoncompagni. I was born in Bologna, Italy on the seventh of January 1502. I studied jurisprudence at the University of Bologna where I graduated at an early age as doctor of canon and of civil law. I later taught jurisprudence at the same university. In 1539 I went to Rome by the request of Cardinal Parizzio. Pope Paul III appointed me to be the judge of the Capitol, and papal abbreviator. In 1545 Paul III sent me to the council of Trent as one of his jurists. The council was held for two main reasons: to determine the doctrines of the Church and to respond to the controversial and unorthodox opinion of the Protestants. When I returned to Rome I held a few different offices in the Roman Curia under Julius III, who appointed me prolegate of the Campagna in 1555. In 1558 I was appointed Bishop of Viesti. Before this time I wasn't even ordained a priest. The next year I was sent back to the Council of Trent as Pope Pius IV's confidential deputy for the rest of the council, which ended in 1566. When I got back the same pope made me the Cardinal Priest of San Sisto. In 1564 I was sent to Spain to investigate the suspected heresy of Archbishop Bartolomé Carranza of Toledo. While I was there I was appointed secretary of papal Briefs. After Pius V was elected I returned to my office in Rome. When Pius V died I was elected pope and if you haven't already guessed it I'm Pope Gregory XIII. When I was young and still living in Bologna I had a son who was born of an unmarried woman. His name was Giacomo. Even after I became a priest I was still worldly-minded. However...
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added: 11/07/2011
Unforgettable my Grandma Everyone might have a great grandma like me and she is the person that I will never forget her. She was born in 1910, a town called Falam, the Southern part of Burma. She is working as a nurse at Falam Hospital and everyone is happy that they can have a nurse like her in their town. She retired from her job by the age of 75. She told me that she is really happy to work with those who really need help and never complain about her job. She is very generous and kindness person. She is very popular among the people in her village. She is married at the age of 25 and had two kids. One is my mum and the other is my Uncle, Richard who was alcoholic. She raised them very well. She spent a lot of money to their education needs, even though she have to struggle for living expense, she never complaint about her work. My grand ma tried her best to help him out from his struggle with alcohol. He is really smart to study but alcohol spoils his life. He passed away his 3rd year of medicine school and left his family behind. She felt so sorry for him but she can't do much more. She is always concern about her kids at their young age. Even she has a lot of thing to do in her job, she never dismiss to do to take care of her child. I was living with her since I was a child. She was raised by her parent with old traditional style. So, she raised me under her old traditional style. She is my grandma but she is like my mom. I feel so warmly with her and I want to stay with her always....
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added: 11/12/2011
Due to recent discussions in my religion class I have been able to reflect more upon the issues of unwanted children and the affects of many different situations. My personal reaction to the problems of unwanted children in our society in the light of the need to treat everyone as created in God's image is that we simply need to realize how devastating the lack of love to children can be. It is a life altering challenge that children, in most cases, don't overcome for a long time if even at all. For situations where abortion is at stake, the parents involved need to be assured that no matter what, the baby is worth giving birth to because in no way is it the baby's fault. After the parents have consented to giving birth, hopefully, they should then take into consideration of the different possibilities they have. For instance, one method is adoption. It is the best route to go because the parents would be solving two problems at once. First of all and most importantly, the baby would be in an environment where they would be willingly loved no questions asked. Secondly, the parents who are obviously not ready for a baby or who have maybe made a bad judgement by engaging in pre-marital sex, they can rest assure that the for the baby's sake as well as their own the baby won't be harmed, or abused. I am still in the dark about a lot of the problems at hand with unwanted children because I have never been associated with anyone who has been so severely scarred for life due to the of the lack of love they've received. I'm sure that my views would differ immensely if I personally have been affected by a situation, but I can say...
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added: 11/05/2011
What effect does the violence in video games have on the users? So what effect does videogame violence have on children or older users, We have PlayStations2, Nintendo Gamecubes, Xbox's, PCs, and more. All of these mediums offer people of all ages, including children, access to interactive violent experiences such as driving around a detailed simulated world and be free to run over or to get out and beat a civilian with a bat. From the media's favorite example "Grand theft auto" which the above example comes from, video game violence is showing to be more common than ever. The biggest concern when it comes to video games of this nature is if having them available to younger audiences will lead to real-life problems. More specifically, can and does video game violence increase aggression in young children. There has been much debate on this subject, largely between researchers against the media's availability and possible influence and the game players who feel the connection simply doesn't exist. But the idea that video violence can increase aggression is easily supported through the experiences of many young gamers. A group of my friends who are dedicated gamers, around 17 years of age and each shared stories about aggressive events resulting from game play experiences. One of my friends said once he remembers of playing a game witch was very difficult and after a long period of trying the frustration got to him so he picked up the control and threw it across the room and turned the thing off. Another example includes my friend constantly loosing to another friend and as a result he got aggressive at the other person and not the game itself. These experiences reflect how violence in games reflects across violence in real life. What percentage of violence is accredited to video...
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added: 12/26/2011
Vin Diesel- Media Coursework For my English coursework I have been asked to look at an article by David Eimer on Vin- Diesel and analyse whether or not the article is being critical towards him. Here are my conclusions: With the article is a very attractive picture of Vin- Diesel. He looks a very cool slick guy, with his stylish sunglasses and his smooth shaven head. I think the image alone immediately attracts the younger generation in particular as the cool, heroic, fearless role model. From looking at the caption I would suspect the article is to promote him, his stunts, his looks, however I find it to be rather deceiving. As it could be a very sarcastic way of showing his image. Especially being in the newspaper "The Sunday Times", I as a viewer may not believe everything I read, as newspaper articles are not always reliable for information. I am not there, I am being told information that's to say whether it is true or not at the moment it's Vin- Diesel Verses the media. Especially the fact that this is a written article. Things come across differently in the flesh. Body language, face expressions, tone in voice, perhaps not this article but articles can be very unreliable. Newspapers sometimes twist information to make them sound negative: things he says or the way he says them. However I do think the lay out of the article is good, text is laid out round the image. The article is I think is aimed at teenagers, however, the article may change their initial thoughts of him. I think that the tone of the author is quite sarcastic and critical and doesn't really make Diesel out the hero he may be. For instance the reporter says, "He certainly looks the part with his bulging biceps and sunglasses…He sounds...
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added: 09/29/2011
Media violence does not cause children to be violent. If a child is angry, violent movies, television shows, and negative lyrics in music merely add fuel to an already burning fire. A violent world contributes to violent children, but it is not the cause. That is not to say that television, movies, music, and video games do not hold a tremendous power to influence. They do, and in that respect, they can share the blame, but we must not forget the deeper cause of violent children, which is an increasing lack of nurturing adult involvement. It is also true that while guns facilitate the act of killing, guns do not create the mindset for the action. A recent article in The Washington Post, Lawrence Douglas sarcastically shares his experiences and opinions about the popular violent movie "The Matrix." Douglas first relates how watching the movie seemed to be like watching a dramatization of the killings that occurred at Columbine High School. Douglas continues to say that the killings were caused by the harmful and violent images of movies like "The Matrix" (Douglas). However, this assumption of causation is not viable. Like Douglas, many people agree that the violent images portrayed by the media causes violent behaviors in our society, but it is not the only cause. Aggressive kids who turn into aggressive adults like aggressive media but this is only a correlation not proof of causation (Siano). Without question, media violence contributes to the breakdown of inhibitions. The repetition of killing seen on television and in movies, desensitizes our youth, and increases the likelihood that someone will gravitate towards a gun to settle a conflict. However, the person has to have a pre-disposition to kill. The issue at hand, which cannot be over-emphasized enough, is that people are raising children to have...
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added: 10/01/2011
Topic: Video games lead to violence Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that video games lead to violence. Thematic statement: Introduction: On April 20, 1999 two teenagers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into their school in Columbine Colorado and began a one-hour long killing spree, which caused 13 deaths of students and teachers and 28 wounded. Then they took their own lives. The two boys did not have any previous history of violence but they were both fanatics of killing-oriented video games. The game they played, Doom, was a game licensed by the U.S. military to train soldiers to effectively kill. The violence in these video games was a huge factor in teaching this kids how to shoot people in real life. Video game violence can and has led people to committing acts of violence against other children and adults. I. statement of problem A. description of problem 1. signs, symptoms, effects a. More than ¾ of games rated "E" for "Everyone" contained violent content. Half of these contained violent content that was significant to the plot. examples 2. The problem of video violence began in 1990's when the game Mortal Kombat came out. The goal of the game was to kill any opponent you faced. a. The market realized quickly that violence was going to dominate the markets. b. stated that 89% of all the top-selling video games contain violent content, half of it being serious in nature. Transition B. This is a very important problem because it is taking innocent lives and causing unnecessary problems that could easily be avoided. 1. Extent of problem a. factual info. Or statistics b. expert testimony 2. As you can see everyone is affected by this problem, even the ones who are not playing the violent video games. a. Statistics b. Examples Although this is a major problem, it can be solved. C. If we don't solve this problem more and more...
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added: 02/13/2012
From folklore to fairy tales there is the use of violent action to convey a specific message to the readers because violence never occurs without having a point to be made. Violent scenes often are the most gruesome and horrific yet they can contribute to the entire meaning of a work. Violence in a story always has a hidden purpose, and is there to enhance the inner meaning of the story while offering an extremely graphic visual to its readers. In Dante's The Inferno and Satre's No Exit, there are numerous accounts of violent imagery expressed through precise diction and symbolism that captivate the reader to experience "hell" through the eyes of the authors. Each direct physical setting of the circles of hell in the Inferno show a unique atmosphere in which there is a parallel between the sins committed on earth and the punishment. The similarity between sin and punishment of each circle of hell maximizes the level of gruesome violence. This can be easily seen in the third circle of hell, the gluttons are punished by being forced to live in a garbage dump, in an environment they never could survive while actually living. They live half buried in a snowy hell as Cerebus, the three-headed dog, eagerly rips and tears their bodies to pieces. Another instance of violence is clearly seen in circle seven: round one where Violence Against One's Neighbors are immersed into a bloody river while Centaurs are waiting on the sides with arrows. Also, in all the circles of hell minus limbo there is constant reference to the wailing and fiendish noise of hell this adds to the realistic imagery of this terrifying underworld. It is this descriptive diction in the numerous cantos that allow the reader to truly experience "hell" to it's fullest. The scenes...
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added: 03/04/2012
People Magazine Vivre Sa Vie Let's Rate It: Vivre Sa Vie, a film coming just two short years after Godard's highly regarded Breathless, is a stark and moving cinematic work which shows, in 12 chapters, how the life of Nana spirals tragically downward from her days of Paris window shopping to street prostitution. The film, which includes an interesting blend of intimate close-ups, gangster shootouts, and French existentialist ideas, captures all the important elements and informal liberties of the French New Wave. Godard's knack for innovation in form and style in Vivre Sa Vie is as mind-blowing as it was over four decades ago. Anna Karina, in the role of Nana, lends natural style and lulling beauty to the film. Overall Rating: A; Run and grab a copy from your local video store. Be sure to grab a handkerchief, too! A must-see!! In-depth Review: Vivre Sa Vie, or My Life to Live, is a story told in twelve chapters. The movie is filmed in the midst of Parisian civilian life -the Paris streets, cafes, and hotel rooms- and functions as both a portrait of "the city of love" and a documentation of prostitution and gangster violence in the early 1960's. Nana (Karina), the film's protagonist (and Godard's wife) is a young, pretty Parisian girl whose recent divorce leaves her lonely and financially troubled. After being evicted from her apartment, Nana strives desperately to make ends meet. Slowly, she is driven towards a life of prostitution in the Paris streets where she meets pimp Raoul (Rebbot). Raoul helps Nana learn all the tricks of the trade. However, when Nana falls in love and tries to escape her lowly work, Raoul is simply not ready to let her get away. Exploring both French prostitution and French existentialism, Vivre Sa Vie rises above some of those weepy-eyed chick flicks....
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added: 10/07/2011
It is my contention that Euthanasia should be available to those who are of a sound mind at the time of their decision, who suffer from a severe terminal illness. For the long-term patient, whose prognosis for their quality of life is poor and they cant live their life to it's fullest and the quantity of life has been shortened, they should be given the opportunity to exercise euthanasia. People who are suffering from the ill effects of medication that previously eased pain, and have lost the normal everyday functioning of their body such as eating, walking etc - should be able to exercise their free will and carry out their beliefs and choose euthanasia over a life of pain and suffering. This to me is simply existing, not living life to the fullest. The first reason for voluntary euthanasia being widely available to people is because of the right to live or die. I feel strongly and believe that every individual should have the right to decide about his or her own life and death. The definition of voluntary euthanasia refers to when the person who dies has requested to be allowed to die. Supporters of euthanasia suggest that the individual should have the right to decide when this is so. People have the right to die with dignity and lucidity. Imagine if you were terminally ill and hopelessly incapable of just being able to do the normal things in life like eating. The second reason for voluntary euthanasia is because it is unfair and cruel to refuse any terminally ill patient the right to die with dignity. Euthanasia is ending the life of someone who is hopelessly sick or injured in order to save them from suffering. If euthanasia is carried out then why not let the individual die with dignity? Furthermore,...
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added: 10/20/2011
A volunteer organization provides special services to a select group of individuals, usually at minimal or no cost to the individual. There are several volunteer and service organizations that require the use of a foreign language. A few of the many are the Peace Corps, The Flying Doctors, World Teach, and VISTA. All of these services are located in various parts of the world, particularly Spanish speaking countries. These organizations are very dependent on the fluency of foreign languages; otherwise they would not be able to aid in the development of a better society. The Peace Corps was officially established on March 1, 1961. A large part of being a Peace Corps Volunteer is responding to the needs of the community. Education Volunteers work with local teachers to help develop educational materials that are relevant to the community, making what is learned in the classroom more easily understood and more easily applied. Without the knowledge of a foreign language, this would be difficult to achieve. They teach subjects like health awareness and environmental protection as they relate to the needs of the people. If a village needs a school or a library, Volunteers often help make it happen, from constructing the building to finding books for people to read. Not only do they need to be able speak the language, but they must also understand the language. Los Medicos Voladores (The Flying Doctors) is a diverse group of medical professionals and volunteers dedicated to improving the health and well being of the people of Mexico by providing free health care and education to rural villages. Many of the professions in this organization include optometrist, dentists, physicians, pilots, general volunteers and most importantly, the Spanish interpreters. Because the not all of the volunteers know Spanish sufficiently, the interpreters serve an important purpose. The...
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added: 12/25/2011
The America in which Kurt Vonnegut finds himself is a country of broken promises. His ancestors emigrated to America to escape poverty, encouraged by the hope of a new way of life, epitomized by the American Dream. This is the dominant philosophy in American society, that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything that you want to. Vonnegut's novels express a dissatisfaction with this view, a desire for a more realistic and useful approach to life. What Vonnegut likes to point out is an intrinsic fault in the structure of America. This country is almost entirely composed of immigrants, from a vast cross section of culture. But rather than drawing on all these different cultures, they have been mangled and distorted to form the America of today. The various cultures have been left behind, in favor of a new identity, a strong part of which is the American Dream. Success in America is supposed to be dependent on hard work. Success for characters in Vonnegut's novel's is more likely to come about from what he terms 'dumb luck' and life is ruled by more random principles. He sees a country where the desires and needs of people have been taken over by those of business and government; what he desires is a return to the basic needs of people. Vonneguts books each have a unique feature of them dealing around the same problems. Through his books Vonnegut has created a unique relationship between the created image of humanity, people in general and Divinity, a divine power of God. Vonnegut also portrays family life as he experienced it through out his childhood while still including humanity and divinity. Humanity is seen as a machine moving incontrollably forward, driven by several factors (such as greed for money and wealth, ambition, sex)....
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added: 01/26/2012
Walt Disney had many things to be admired for. He was a man who loved his family and work. Disney demanded the best from himself and everyone around him. It is hard to just talk about one thing that I admire most about Walt Disney because I respect everything that he did in his career, so I would have to say I admire his work ethic, determination, and loyalty to animation. I admire how he never looked past his dream to become an artist and he visions to what they could become. The one thing that would be on the top of my list is the he never fell into a routine making the same animation over again and again. Walt had to overcome some obstacles before becoming one the most known people in the world. He had businesses fail, and people quit on him, but he never let down his guard. In episode 3 of "The Walt Disney Family Museum" they talk about how Walt's first company, Laugh-O- Gram films was short lived, about a year. It would have been very easy to Disney to pick up another job and give up on his vision of animation. With barely enough money to feed himself and having to declare bankruptcy took what little money he had and bought a ticket to California to pursue his dream out there. Not being the most educated man with business he convinced his brother Roy to join him to take over the financial part of their new business. I think this was a very good thing for Walt to do; his imagination could be set free while Roy looked after the money end. Walt always pushed his ideas, which is one of the reasons I find him to be a great man. He never fell into...
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added: 02/15/2012
It was the middle of the night when I first heard the alarm. I woke up to my mother's Shouting at us to get our gas masks and run down to the shelter. My heart started Pounding as if it was going to burst out of my chest. I grabbed my mask Quickly and headed, still in my pajamas, downstairs. I was only twelve when the war in the Persian Gulf began. Growing up in Israel, I did not Fully understand the difficult situation our country was handling. I studied at school the Short and brave history of Israel, but it was only later on that I could truly comprehend it. In 1923 Palestine was divided into 2 areas by the British – 25% of the land was to be The Jewish homeland and administratively run by the Palestinian Jews. The remaining 75%, called Trans- Jordan would be the Arab-Palestinian homeland. Arab Palestinians began a systematic effort to drive out the Jews from the area west of The Jordan River, with continuous attacks on Jewish settlements. The British, who once protected the Jews and Arabs from each other, soon became weary Of the situation, and by 1947 left it to the United Nations to decide the fate of the region. The UN passed resolution 181 partitioning the land west of the Jordan River into A Jewish Palestinian state and an Arab Palestinian state. The Jews accepted the resolution And the Arabs rejected it, claiming all of Palestine. On May 14, 1948 the Palestinians Jews celebrated for the fist time as Israelis, but on the Following day, seven neighboring Arab enemies: Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen invaded the new state. In what became known as"Israel's War of Independence", the newly formed, poorly Equipped Israel Defense Forces (IDF) repulsed the invaders in fierce intermittent Fighting, causing the loss of over 6000 Israeli lives. As the war came to an end, Israel...
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added: 12/31/2011
War on Iraq Is war evil when it comes to protecting our own safety and freedom? Certain people take patriotism for granted, or just plainly regard it as though they do not care. War is there to protect our freedom. Thus, we sleep better at night not worrying about ourselves, our loved ones, and what happens around us. The local news reported that the United States converted about 60% of the Iraqi cities. The other 40% is the cities that are still fighting. It is not a total victory yet. I support the United States for going into the war and there are many reasons why I support it. By going into the war, the United States provides the Iraqi people aid, such as: food, medication, water, construction of medical institutes, and shelter. I think the war would be beneficiary for the Iraqi people because it would help them get rid of a tyrant. In the past history, when Hitler or Stalin was removed from power, a great weight was lifted off from their countries' shoulder. The main point is that, the United States is going into the war for the oil, getting rid of tyrants, and making the world a better place to live and free from tyranny. I support the United States for going into war because even if we do lose men and women fighting for our country, we know they died for a cause, which is fighting for their country. Also, if the United States wins the war between Iraq, we would still be the most powerful country, even more powerful because of the oil we will be gaining. We all know that if a country has a lot of oil, then it has economic advantages. Most of the cities that are presently captured were mostly glad the...
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added: 01/12/2012
The narrative of The War of the World's is quite dramatic. There is always plenty of action and the surroundings are always being described. When reading the book one would find that it was written in 1898, over one hundred years ago. The technology from that day was very different in comparison to what we have today. Yet H.G. Wells manages to generate ideas of things, which have never been seen in today's advancing technological world. Orson Welles had the novel written into play form. He acted it out on the radio and it scared many people. His play was not exactly like the novel because he made it seem real. Many people were panicked because he made it seem so real. In H.G. Wells' work the story starts off with Ogilvy (a survivor) telling us that human affairs had been watched keenly and closely by intelligence's greater than man's does. Ogilvy was a key character in which he had spotted the Martian coming into Woking, which was the setting from which the aliens landed. However, soon they had progressed from here and moved to many different places across the United Kingdom including the nation capital, London. This story does not tell us much about the terrestrial side of it all though. That seems to be left out of the story. One might think that because it was written in 1898 when communications were really very basic. He didn't develop the ideas but Brucke page 2 concentrated his efforts on the Martian's technology. The Martian's technology was well ahead of the time. The people were not scared at first but were later. While the book just caused interest the broadcast caused live spread panic. Though the program began with the announcement that it was a story based on novel and this announcement was reiterated...
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added: 12/03/2011
Over the past two years I have been a substitute cook for many restaurants and catering services which has given me valuable experience and enjoyment in the work field. I started working part-time at Saltwater Cowboys, a local bar and grill, the summer after my sophomore year. At the time I wasn't satisfied with what I was doing with my free time. All I knew was that I loved cooking and needed a job. Working as a cook has changed my life drastically from what it used to be. I would show up to work excited about learning new methods of cooking and interesting techniques. Working as a chef is very meaningful to me because I am trying to pursue a career as a sports athlete personal chef. Saltwater Cowboys has given me the experience and necessary information that I needed to determine whether or not I would actually like being a cook for people other than myself. While the catering business is a little different from being a regular chef at a restaurant, it has also provided me with essential skills in cooking as well as preparation and planning. Since I had a time limit to prepare a variety of foods, I had to use my time wisely and efficiently. Mathematics is used a lot in the catering business with the estimation of how much of a product will be used. Both catering and cooking as a chef have prepared me to make the right decisions about what I want to pursue a career in and have given me valuable experience in the real world. Not many places have beautiful sunny heather all year round. Because of this environment that I grew up in I have became the person I am today. Whether it is playing football at the park...
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added: 10/15/2011
Ways to stay young! Are there ways to prevent aging? Can we rely on ourselves to maintain a long and healthy life, without feeling old? People are born with an energy for living that fades with age. Aging and getting old is a process of life that we can not put a stop on it but we can reduce the speed of aging in several ways. Aging is optional and controllable for most motivated people; we can manage our own aging process and prevent aging. The first and the most important factor to delay aging is to improve our quality of life and to make smart lifestyle choices. We have to change our bad eating habit and do more exercise. We should work on our bodies to keep it in good and healthy shape. By saying that I do not mean to be over concern about weight loss or try to be a model. A little excess weight can actually be healthy. We should control our healthy weight and prevent obesity. It is surprising to see how old a 60 years old obese man looks comparing to a 60 years old normal weight man. Exercise is a factor that increases the metabolism of our body and keeps the body in healthy shape. It is never late to start exercising. After making smart lifestyle choices, we should also control our emotional life. Being very emotional can hurt us and it is a factor of getting old. Don't be so sensitive towards anything. Things happen regardless if we care or not. Caring too much for something creates stress and anxiety, which are the factors of increasing aging process. The less we are sensitive, the later we get old. I knew a family in our neighborhood, whose wife is around 65 and the husband is around...
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added: 07/07/2011
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