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Thin is in. Many companies, regardless of their products, use unrealistic looking models in their advertisements. They try to make a connection between beauty and their products. It’s done in TV ads, on Magazine covers, and in magazine ads. In the last couple of decades the importance of beauty has become more prevalent in society. As sexier ads became more acceptable the models started to shrink in size. The models now used are on average are 5’8” a size 4 and weigh 120lbs. This is what advertising companies portray as beauty, although really less than 1% of the population is that size. Thin instead of curvy is now seen as beautiful. Models are often viewed as the ideal female body type by both men and women. They use women's insecurities and need to be beautiful to sell their products. This type of advertising sends the message that this is what beautiful people look like, some ads even go as far to suggest that fat is being fat is unacceptable and that message can have detrimental effects on society. Most clothing companies advertising campaigns use super skinny models in their ads. These ads are stereotypical of today’s superficial society. More and more emphasis is being placed on appearance. The advertisers use these models because the clothes look good on them, which then make their clothes look appealing and help them to sell. If an overweight person were to model the same clothes they probably wouldn’t look as good to the reader. This is because society has become obsessed with thinness; which in part is due to these thin models are being held as the standard for beauty. These ads are everywhere; in fact it’s hard to find a magazine that doesn’t contain these ads. The real challenge would be to try to find...
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added: 03/16/2011
Drawing on contemporary geographical examples, critically analyze the extent to which people should care for distant others. David Smith asks the question in his article written in the progress of human geography 'How far should we care?' When this question is first put to anyone they are immediately taken aback. They begin to think who they care for, and how much; where does the caring stop. The first question to ask is what is the meaning of care? '…caring for others as well as caring about them: the focus here is on beneficence as doing good or showing active kindness, rather than on benevolence as merely the desire to do good or charitable feeling' The meaning of 'caring' is defined differently by each individual; it is how we as a person look at things. It is quite clear to me that we would care for our close and loved ones first over others, Marilyn Friedman supports this in her article 'The Practice of partiality' by saying 'Hardly any moral philosopher these days would deny that we are each entitled to favour our loved ones.' This can be down to instinct, whereby like animals we will always look after members of our pack or group above others. Historically caring for others outside your particular gang or tribe would be extremely negative, 'those posing a threat were repulsed.' This action took place very early on in the development of the planet whereby tribes would be competing over land and there was a distinctive lack of communication existing. Communities would work together with everyone helping each other and everyone knowing what the other was doing. This is an excellent example of the early signs of the communitarians, where the focus of the community was not on the individual but as a unit, 'personal identity reinforced...
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added: 08/26/2011
"People's attitudes are determined more by their immediate situation or surroundings than by any internal characteristic." The topic discusses a very common discussion point in our daily lives. Is it the internal characteristics of a person or the situation he finds himself in , the determining factor in his behavior. The fact that the situations a person finds himself in do play a major role in the shaping up of his behavior, cannot be denied out rightly. There are different things that come with a particular situation that a person has to take care of and in some cases going out of his way to comply with a particular situation's requirements. It is possible that while he tries to tackle the situation he might do some actions which might be against the normal rules or values of the society, they can even against his own personal rules but a particular situation might lead him to do what he might not have done in a different environment. We can present several examples from the daily life that can support this argument. The love of a mother for her children is enormous. The fact cannot be denied at all as it is the universal truth. But we can see that in some third world countries like India, Bangladesh there have been some incidents reported where due to feminine and hand to mouth living conditions the mother were forced to sell their children for less than a dollar!!!. Now this is something that you wont attribute to the nature of the particular mother but the first thing that would come to ones mind is that why such a condition has come where the only pure form of love was to be "sold". The addressing of the issue wont need any harsh words for the mother but...
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added: 12/09/2011
Communicating is vital for humans to get along without any problems or hurt feelings. Without communication it's hard for people to understand what's on your mind. This is important so people can know how you're feeling and understand where you are coming from. Communicating is also important in a relationship. Both people have to have understanding and knowledge of each others feelings. Sometime communicating can also get you out of bad situations. Communicating helps people get along better and also helps people to be more comfortable. Over all communicating is important to all of us as humans so we can live in a comfortable and safe environment. If people didn't communicate with others how would they know what you were thinking? If a person didn't tell how they felt then there could be an uncomfortable situation. Also if people dident know how to communicate all the good ideas wouldn't be . If all the inventors were quiet about there ideas where would we be now? We would be in a boring lifeless world. The time when communicating is most important is in a relationship. The two people have to have a closer connection than they do with other people. Without communicating there is no way that this connection can take place. Also when there's an argument, there has to be some way for both people to talk without starting more problems. Most of the time arguments happen because of a miscommunication or misunderstandings. So if you want a relationship to work the it has to be based on communicating. Talking can also get you out of tight situations. If you were accused for something that you didn't do the only way out is by communicating. It always happens, someone does something and you get blamed for it. If you don't say anything then...
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added: 07/28/2011
Preparing for my first job interview was very difficult. I had to be well organized, and I had three days to be ready. The Monday when I got the phone called from the company, I was very surprised. They told me that I had to come to an interview Thursday at 9:00 a.m. So I agreed and decided to begin preparing for the interview. First I began to review every bit of information about the organization and the job being offered to me. Then I went over everything to enable me to talk and answer question with ease about the company and myself. After that I prepared a brief resume showing my work experience, qualifications, and highlighting my accomplishment I have held in the past years. Then I began proofreading my resume carefully for any misspellings and grammar, and I must be sure it was formatted correctly and easy to follow. After that I prepared question to ask during the interview. So I can determine through questioning whether the company will give me the opportunity for the growth and development I seek. When I was finish preparing my resume, I began rehearsing my interview with my friend. So I was able to convey all pertinent information about myself in 15 minutes. Secondly I began looking for a business suit to wear to the interview. It was very difficult trying to look for something to wear, because my clothes weren't really business like. So I had to try on, to see which matches and look appropriate. But since I had time on my hand, I decided to go shopping to buy a business suit to wear. When I arrived at one of the clothes store, there were a variety of options, so I took awhile in there. Then I began trying on, to see...
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added: 11/04/2011
The purpose of the oral contraceptive, also called the birth control pill, is to do just that: control birth. While "on the Pill", women have the freedom to decide when to have children and how many. Previous to the approval of the Pill by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1960, other methods of birth control were used, such as the condom, the diaphragm, and the "rhythm" method. These practices were not completely reliable, and women who were using these methods were still having many children without the intent to do so. The birth control pill changed all that, preventing unwanted pregnancies and regulating the fertility of the women that used it. The oral contraceptive's effects were deeper than just regarding family size. The Pill allowed women to have a sexual freedom that they had never before experienced, and to choose their own path educationally and professionally. The Pill gave women a feeling of rational self interest, something that was fundamental in the feminist and pro-choice movements in America. In the 1920s, a feminist movement emerged. For decades, women had fought for the right to vote, and it was finally granted in 1920. This new found freedom encouraged women to speak out about their rights and beliefs. Margaret Sanger was one of those women, and she challenged the conservative traditions of American society with her views on birth control. She witnessed her mother die at an early age after birthing eleven children, and Sanger believed that it was for this reason that she died. She began to produce pamphlets of information about birth control, and published her views in several magazines, such as The Woman Citizen. In 1914, Sanger challenged the Comstock Law of 1873, which decreed to be an "Act for the Suppression of Trade In, and Circulation of,...
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added: 08/11/2011
"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I'm a woman in it." This famous quote from Marilyn Munro is a true reflection of our world; "a man's world". Media has created perpetual gender stereotypes. Unfortunately these stereotypes are immoral expectations of the people in the modern world. There are three major scenarios being depicted by media. These being, woman are seen as sex objects, woman are made to be inferior, and creating a so-called ideal Barbie-type woman. Each scenario will be discussed. In the case of woman being sex objects it is so common that it seems to be the normality. Most averts display women half naked with seductive expressions on their faces. A good example of this is the Wonderbra advert found in many women magazines. The focus of the picture is of the enhanced breasts. The woman stares at the reader seductively with pouty, red lips. Is this not an invitation to allow the male mind to wonder? This example is one of many more adverts that portray women as sexual objects. Women are continuously portrayed as inferior to the male species. In adverts that show a family situation, the man is always the domineering character. Women are placed below men when it comes to status. Some adverts use parody by having the man cooking or looking after the children yet of course he appears stressed and out of place suggesting that it is not the norm. According to research it is said that in business situations the woman is visually always looking up towards the man, which shows her as inferior. In every monthly issue of popular women magazines there are articles on how to lose weight, improve your sex life, what to wear and look better. The media is creating a stereotypical woman. Media is...
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added: 11/03/2011
Teen suicide is no longer a rare thing; it occurs much more often now. So often that it is now the third leading cause of death for 15-to-24-year-olds, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5-to-14-year-olds. Each year 500,000 teens try killing themselves, 500 succeed. Every hour and forty-five minutes another young person commits suicide. Suicide in the teen years increases because there is greater access to lethal weapons, drugs and alcohol, and motor vehicles. Different genders use different methods; girls tend to overdose on drugs and cut themselves, and boys use firearms or hang themselves more frequently. Teenagers experience a lot in life that causes pain and depression and leads to suicide, strong feelings of stress, confusion, self-doubt, pressure to succeed, and financial uncertainty are just a few. Many symptoms of suicidal feelings are similar to those of depression, but depression and suicidal feelings are treatable mental disorders. There are many suicide warning signs, they are: change in eating and sleeping habits, withdrawal from friends, family and regular activities, violent actions, rebellious behavior, or running away, drug and alcohol use, unusual neglect of personal appearance, marked personality change, persistent boredom, difficulty concentrating, or a decline in the quality of school work, frequent complaints of physical symptoms, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, and not tolerating praise or rewards. A teenager who is planning to commit suicide may also: complain of being a bad person; give verbal hints with statements such as: "I won't be a problem for you much longer," "Nothing matters," and "I won't see you again"; put his or her affairs in order; become suddenly cheerful after a period of depression; and have hallucinations or bizarre thoughts ....
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added: 10/08/2011
"02" WAS FOR YOU, BUT "03" IS FOR ME AND I'M STRESSFREE! "Be careful who you choose to have as friends because sometimes bad habits can rub off," is what mommy preached to me when I was younger and now I see it to be true. I just lost a long-term friendship. As I look back I'm kind of happy that happened. Some say a good friendship is hard to come across, but bad ones aren't missed. When I was younger, my so-called best friend and I had a fight but; somewhere later in life, we were able to look past the fight and became good friends, and so I thought. I'm really not the type of person who does well with friendships. I consider myself a loner, but I'm not lonely. I enjoy my mother being my friend. I no longer see my friends who I grew up with as friend, I consider them as associates! I guess I got older and started seeing the realness in people because that's exactly what happened with Menyatta and I. Yeah, I will admit that the argument the friendship ended over was petty, but it was things building and building and I just got fed up. She was the type of friend that would try to be spiteful in a sneaky way, but now I see her for who and what she is. Everyone's looking at me like I'm the one who did something wrong, when she's the one who put me out of her car and I was supposed to be her best friend. It was getting to the point where my whole family didn't like Menyatta, and before I let one person up roar my whole family the friendship will be cut loose first. She means well in everything she does, but there are...
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added: 01/26/2012
All authors write so they can deliver certain ethical and moral opinions to their audience. In the short story "A Jury of Her Peers", the author Susan Glaspell uses the story to show how women are overlooked many times, when they should not be. In the story, there is a murder and two women and three men go to the crime scene to investigate. While they are at the scene the men, who have the legal positions in the story, overlook most of what the women say. In the end the women find evidence to prove a women guilty of the murder but they do no tell the men, because of the way the men treated them. While Glaspell shows how women are overlooked, at the same time she portrays men in a very negative way. The three men in the story are the sheriff, Mr. Peters, the county attorney, Mr. Henderson, and a man named Mr. Hale. Throughout the story all the men in the story are shown to be unintelligent, uncaring, and overall sexist towards women. All throughout the story the men were depicted as not being very intelligent. Throughout the story the author illustrates them overlooking clues and not paying attention to very much detail in the investigation. A critique of the story titled "Twelve Good Men or Two Good Women", by Mary Bendel-Simso, explains the reason for the men's stupidity as, "While the women can seek Justice for other women, the men in Daugherty 2 charge of the case—by their very nature as men—can seek Justice only for men, and can only impose Law upon women" (Bendel-Simso). This states that the men in the story only looked at the case from a man's point of view and did not really care about what could have happened to cause the...
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added: 02/08/2012
History books mainly write about great men of the past,and how they achieved good or even great things for our world.Yet.,little is known about the great women of the past.It is only since the twentieth century that women are given equal opportunitioes.Despite such social changes,it is still a popular thought that it is men who change the world as we know it,yet many women have done so too.I learned much whilst researching this topic;for instance I did not know that so many women-who ironically are relatively unknown-have achieved great things in areas such as poltics,sport and music.That is why I am going to argue the case that "A women's place is not in the home." We all know about famous male scientists such as the great Einstien,but little is known about female scientists.Many would not know that Dorothy Hodgkin was the first British woman to win the Nobel Prize in 1964,for her work on penicillin and the structure of vitamins.Yet,it is a man,Fleming,we credit with the discovery of penicillin and neglect the role of Mrs Hodgkin in the development of a life-saving drug that is so important in our lives today.Emily Jane Lloyd was the first women to enter the Institute of Chemistry in 1892.Both of theses women acieved great things,but both are relatively unknown. It is also said that most well regarded athletes are male and this is reflected in the rewards paid out:men earn more,women less.Tennis players like Tim Henman and footballers like David Beckham and Ronaldo are known throughout the world-but they are men.Many would rather pay money to spectate at all male football or tennis match than any other all male sports,than pay an equal amount to watch women footballers,for instance.A major breakthrough took place in 1969 when the Women's Football Association was formed to oversee different women's...
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added: 09/27/2011
Ours is an age of complexity, contradiction and challenge. At the beginning of the 21st century, although we have the technology unmatched in human experience, it is said that humanity has made little real progress over the past century. Admittedly, scientific technological advances have produced tremendous improvement in the quality of human life. However, they also have negative consequences as well. Nevertheless, this is not a time for despair but for a global commitment to make possible the technology to add the problem of our age. Admittedly, technology has improved our life dramatically over the past century. With the invention of steam engine in the 19th century, the internal combustion engine in the century just ended, we human beings find ourselves able to exploit on a massive scale energy once locked in coal, oil and gas. At the same time, (dramatic gains in agricultural productivity made possible by) agriculture gained dramatic development by the new technology of water use, fertile and mechanized farming .A large number of people move from farms to cities and factories. The net result is a tremendous elevation of living standard which the world has never seen or even imagined possible. The space travel, miracle drugs, as well as computer technology used in the working place and at home all contribute to our better living standards. On the other hand, (The increasing complexity of technology also led a new kind of catastrophe, as we see how technology has helped to pollute the environment, lead to the wars, add population pressure and fill the world with goods of questionable necessity.)it is also as clear as daylight that technology has detrimental influence on our life. The risk of cancer caused by the environmental pollution, the possibility of large-scale industrial accidents, the ethical problems drawn by the life-prolong technologies, and the...
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added: 02/19/2012
My Whole life is really a blur to me because my dad is in the army and we use to move all the time and really I never got settled. One thing I do remember was the time when something bad happened to me and I will never forget it. It felt like the day was a week. The sun beaming upon me, the smell of a hot summers day, the cheering of the supporters. It was a rounders match. Head to head with our opponents, we was drawing, and it was our last batter. Of course the batter had to be me. It felt like the world was on my shoulders. My team yelling my name, the opposition team sniggering and cat calling, tension was rising, the pressure was on. As I dragged myself to take up position, I wondered to myself "Am I going to do this?, am I going to let my team down?" I repeated it through my brain. From that point my heart started thumping and adrenalin started pumping, As the ball came towards me. It was all in slow motion. I swung my baton and struck the ball with all my might and sent it flying into the sky. I did not stop think, I legged it as fats as I could, taking stride by stride with happiness. On my was round I could hear the team cheering and I was not going to let them down. That was it, My face said it all. We had won! It was the break, and all our faces were lit up. The teacher, Miss Lintner, praised us with delight. We had look forward all day for this match because we had never beaten them before. Our hard work paid off. As we walked to the shop to get some food and...
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added: 01/12/2012
"The "Struggle" of the American Working Class is an ever increasing abyss that if not addressed will send this nation into its destruction. In this nation today we find a government run amok. We have let unregulated capitalism take control of our every right to stand up and make a difference. Those whom have materialized at our expense should be delt with in the most severe way. Not only are they guilty of outright manipulation of our rights set forth in our Constitution, but have made it a habitual habit to take away from the working class and lay up more wealth for themselves. I believe as our forefathers did, that if the government (in supposed representation of the people) is aiding in the destruction of its people and the forward advancement of the peoples agenda, it is the responsibility of every law abiding citizen to stand up and rebel. It is not only the right of the people but there responsibility. Did all those whom died in the Revolutionary War die in vain?? It has been my experience that morals and ethics cancel out state imposed law that transgresses the very constitutional safe guards given to the people to maintain control of a government and prevent it from becoming corrupt. I believe the American Working Class must come together. If there is one binding garmet that holds all of us together regardless of race,creed, and nationality, it is the manipulation of our monetary system. If were ever going to turn this runaway freight train headed for global doom and chastisement, we must look back at there very thing our forefathers stood for. Afterall, they are the ones that should be credited for this nations glory and not its destruction. Should fate have it that America can raise up a leader not biased towards trhe marketplace...
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added: 01/19/2013
For this issue topic, I believe, people's attitudes are determined by both their immediate situation & internal characteristics. We are not born with attitude but we develop it as we mature. Most of our attitude is shaped during formative years. Experience, education and environment, these are three most important factors which play a big role in building our attitude. Some of the greatest buildings have strongest foundation. Just like that the foundation of success is attitude. Our immediate surroundings consist of school, home, media, religious background, work, cultural background, traditions, customs and beliefs, political environment, social environment, etc., and every environment or place has its own culture. Culture in any place always goes top down, never bottom up. We need to step back and look at what kind of environment we have created for ourselves and those around us. In a negative environment, it is tough to expect positive attitude. In positive attitude the marginal performer's output goes up and in a negative environment good performer's output goes down. Experience is also one of the factors that build our attitude. Our behavior changes according to our experiences with people and events in our life. If we good experience form somebody, our behavior towards him become positive and vice versa. One more important point that counts towards people's attitude is Education. I'm talking about both formal and informal education. I talk of education in a broad sense. It makes the role of educator vital. Knowledge strategically applied translates into wisdom and ensuring success. We are drowning in information but starving for knowledge and wisdom. Education ought to teach us not only how to make a living but also how to live. One more reason for my belied is that, having been exposed to a number of training programs such as customer service and selling...
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added: 01/21/2013
Character is the combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group or a thing from another. It is the description of person's attributes,traits or abilities.character of a person is adjuged only by observing keenly his intentions,inner feelings.Character is defined only to a particular person but society comprises of many people with diverse characterstics.Like every person has unique feature simillarly is the character exhibited by him.Hero is also a part of society and he might be admired not for good conduct rather than for different reasons. He might not always be lionized for his moral conduct or good deeds. Hence it is inappropriate to say that character of a hero resembles character of the whole society. Hero in a society is said to be a person noted for special achievements in a particular field, person noted for feats of courage or for nobility especilally one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life for others sake .He might be idolized for his legendary performances in his field but need not be a good charactered, disciplined in his personal life.He might be illcharactered, false behaved in public but might excel in his profession.The best example to justify that character of an individual should not be considered as character of society is the role of former United States president Bill Clinton .He was very good in handling internal and external affairs of the nation.It was his ability as a leader that he was elected twice fot the persidency.However regarding to his personal life or his charcter, he had an illicit and illegal relation with one of his coworkers working along with him.If his character is taken as the attitude of the society, then all the officials are to be accused of having illegal relations with thier staff. Simillarly many Roman emperors eventough...
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added: 01/14/2012
As the saying goes, "The primary purpose of education is not only teach you earn your bread but also to make each mouthful sweeter." In my opinion, a value system and skills for a specific job is not mutually exclusive. In the era of rapid social and technology changes leading to fierce competition, both a value system and job-related skills are imperative for a person not only to survive but also to thrive in a society. Job-related skills are (×¢ÒâÖ÷νһÖÂ)necessary for you to compete for survive, while a value system keep you on the right track of you life under any circumstance and cooperate with others harmoniously. It is by instilling in students a value system, that they can better opportunity to success in their career. Unarguably, job-related skill is necessary in today's job-oriented society. Every year, a large number of students are eager to choose Computer Science, Finance, Law, Medicine and so on as their majors in that these majors will guarantee them a job with a good salary. Also, universities are keen to allocate their resource on these disciplines and teach their students as much as possible the latest development in these field in order to make their graduates as competitive as possible in the job market. However, it is a huge loss if students submerge themselves in the knowledge on the job-related skills at the expense of a value system. Living without a value system is like sailing without a compass. What the primary difference between human and automaton? There is a clear answer(Ò»¶¨ÒªÇ°ÃæÊÇsth), and that is, a value system. A man living without a value system, a standard, a set of idea will incline to psychological displacement and personal dissatisfaction. He is forced in a pigeon and always in the fear of losing himself. What is the true...
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added: 01/10/2012
I agree with the claim that how stable a society is depends on how it reacts to both the extremes of human behaviour,positive and negative. If we go back in time to see how society gradually evolved, we'll see that the very basic reason for the formation of societies was to exercise a controlling influence on human behaviour. Early man began to hunt animals in groups. These groups became the tribes.Each tribe was governed by a set of primitive laws. Perhaps it was forbidden to kill a member of your own tribe. Also positive behaviour was rewarded,in the form of titles etc. These tribes gradually metamorphised into today's societies governed by a much more comprehensive set of laws. There are different types of societies in the world today. On one hand we have the liberal Western societies and on the other we have fundamentalist societies like in Afghanistan. In fundamentalist societies, we often find brutal punishments for crimes. A thief may have his right hand cut off as punishment. These punishments, though inhuman, serve as a very effective deterrent and help to keep in check a society fraught by violence, poverty and illiteracy. That is the reason why such societies continue to exist even today.Rewards for positive extremes often are very rich leading to kingships or chieftainships. Some may argue that the Western societies despite being more humane in punishments and less rewarding in nature also have managed to survive.This argument though seemingly plausible is faulty. Even in Western societies we have capital punishment. But due to their advanced nature, such societies manage to preserve their stability by other means. Punishment has taken the form of economic sanctions threatening livelihoods. Benefits have become more intangible. But the basic premise that bad behaviour should be punished and good rewarded still holds good. Human nature is...
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added: 02/09/2012
There are two types of laws: just and unjust. Every individual in a society has a responsibility to obey just laws and, even more importantly, to disobey and resist unjust laws. The speaker of the issue divides laws in 2 separate kinds. By stating the above, the speaker is questioning the righteousness of laws. Does that mean all the laws formed by government and imposed on citizens are not justified for what they mean? I understand that the law here implies those imposed as social laws for example payment of taxes and police-enforced laws against crime. Anything outside the scope of a governing body can not be stated as a law. First of all, law is enforced by a governing body, those who are elected representatives of the people and were chosen to work for the betterment of our society. Therefore, each law, before it was passed went through series of discussions to justify its validity. For example, most of the states enforce seat-buckle up law which may appear inconvenient but is definitely not unjustified. The safety of the drivers was the foremost concern before this was put into effect. It is not possible for government to enforce unjust laws. They are answerable to their citizens and work as a congress. Any unjust law would only lead to jeopardizing their stability. Furthermore, laws are for the benefit of the people. They are in place to maintain order, a mode of operation, discipline and a convenient procedure to execute day to day tasks. The primary goal for enforcing a procedure as law is to make it mandatory for people to abide by it. If any law is disobeyed, it is perhaps a crime and may lead to punishment. There is a well established notion that for most of the civilians it is the fear...
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added: 10/10/2011
ENGLISH II WHEN THERE IS NO WAY OUT Carlos Alberto Sobrinho Everybody desires to live in a world without problems, where people do not need to worry about nothing; and where there are no events that demand big efforts and difficult decisions. But, of course, this is an unreal world. In the real world history is so many different. Whatever we need to take decisions, easy or not, we probably have to face some complicated circumstances. However, we have to be prepared to lead with these disagreement hours facing them up to an accurate sense of humor. As a result, sometimes we do not take the best decision but unless we could take an advantage: we do not treat our own health bad. According to many researchers sense of humor is related to good health avoiding depression and other diseases. In addition to this a subject shows us a comparison between men and women concerned with mood and appetite serving as a scientific proof, as follows: "Canadian researches may have discovered why women are ten times more likely to develop eating disorders than man, and twice as likely to suffer from depression. It seems that women produce the brain chemical serotonin—which is linked to mood and appetite— more slowly than men." (Neri, 1998) So, the more we act with sense of humor the more we live better. Even though human body provides us with a substance to regulate our mood it is necessary to help it. For instance, world can be seen in different ways, we always have a good side to see; we need derive the best of each unique moment, even if it is good or not. Besides, our attitudes become better whatever we act without distress. Life's experiences give us many different reasons to believe in it. One of them is: we live better...
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added: 11/25/2011
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