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Everyone uses different defense mechanisms to help them get through frustrating experiences. There are three major types of defensive mechanisms that I use most frequently: rationalization, verbal aggression, and displacement. I often rationalize a situation before getting mad, that is, I often try to consider all courses of actions and choose one that will lead to my desired end result. Is it really worth it, or what is there to gain? Consequently, I often avoid a confrontation or bad a situation by taking to time to think before I speak. This avoidance of conflict helps me keep my stress level to a minimum at the same time it prevents be from speaking out sometimes. I began doing this as a child looking for ways to avoid arguing with my stepfather. He, like others I know, always enjoys a good argument. He is very talented in finding the shortcomings of others. As a boy I can remember arguments starting over a spot I missed while vacuuming the living room. But, only after repeated arguments, did I learn that it was not worth the aggravation to defend myself at all times. Because there are so many individuals like my stepfather that take pleasure in aggravating others for their personal enjoyment, is why I seek the rational answer to the problem. Instead of being drawn into the argument, I rationalize the situation and either try to ignore the problem or just walk away. I also have the tendency to be verbally aggressive when I feel angry or frustrated. Although I try to think before I speak during an argument, I often find myself so frustrated, I cannot verbally express myself and make sense at the same time. So, I usually end up exploding with verbal gibberish, bringing up non-related issues into the conversation. I...
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added: 03/16/2011
I must have been about 10 or 11 years old when my mother got the news she was going to be a FIRST TIME GRANDMOTHER. My brother, Robert and his girlfriend, Kristen, had just found out they were expecting a baby. Big Deal, I thought. What was all the commotion about, just a baby, all they do is whine, and cry, need to be fed, need to be changed, and constantly looked after. My mother went through all the normal grandmother stages, going absolutely crazy buying everything in sight that had to do with babies. My father however, took a little bit longer to kick into the whole "grandpa groove", but as soon as it kicked in my father took my (then 15 yr. old) sister, Marlena to J.C. Penny's , handed her his credit card, and said "Here you go, whatever you think the baby needs, you buy it". Needless to say Kayla was completely spoiled, as any first grandchild would be. I just sat back in amazement and thought, "All this "hubbub" over a baby?" Well the months passed and my brother and his girlfriend ended up moving in with my mom, my step dad and me. I couldn't believe how big Kristen had gotten. I didn't know babies got that big. As she got further and further along in her pregnancy, I kind of stayed away. I didn't want anything to do with that whole baby mess. Well the day came when little Miss Kayla Lee DiGregorio was born. I wasn't there. None of our family was, but, of course my brother got it all on tape for us. When I got home from school my mom sat me down to watch my niece's birth. At this young age only one word sprung into my mind. ADOPTION!!!!! I...
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added: 03/16/2011
The morning comes, and I know there is a long day ahead of me. School is the first duty I attend to which helps to develop my brain and to prepare me for the future. The other activity that I attend to daily, which allows me a break from the mental strains of school and learning, is that of personal self improvement through physical toils of weight lifting and exercise. One develops one’s brain through school and study, but the brain is just one organ in the body. The gym and the resources it offers allow me to develop a stronger, healthier, and all-around better body which, in turn, helps me to get more satisfaction out of life. I look forward to my daily trip to the gym. I have disciplined myself to follow a weekly routine of muscle group weight training and cardiovascular exercise. I dedicate myself to this daily activity and rarely miss a workout day. The direct result I gain from this activity is that of bigger, stronger muscles and a healthier body, which is a great benefit for the physical and social world in which I inhabit. People often judge others on physical appearance as the preliminary factor of assessment; my activities give me an edge in such social judgments situations. Ever since I started working-out, I have felt better while going about my daily activities: I do not get winded while walking, I’m able to lift objects with greater ease, and I sleep better at night. Yet, I find that the indirect results of my commitment to form a better body are often more important than the direct results. After I leave the gym for the day, I have in my thought process, a sense of self accomplishment. I feel better because my body is functioning closer...
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added: 03/16/2011
Sometimes I find myself in my father's closet. My head amongst pillows and mismatched socks, I lay back looking at the blank wall. Shirts, jeans and shoes create a woven mound of clutter. It is the clutter that makes my house so comfortable. It may seem clean every now and then, but the truth is hidden in the many drawers, closets and cabinets. My father's closet is the cornerstone of our household clutter. Most of the stray objects are not his. When dinner parties or guests are scheduled, a frantic panic sets in. All lost belongings, old boxes, dirty socks and shoes all end up in a tremendous heap in my father's closet. His closet if filled with old posters, blankets sheets and knick knacks- you name it. So when I am looking for something or I am bored, I go to his closet. My parents, through out my childhood, have taken slides for every trip, hike and excursion we went on. I'm not sure why they don't do it any more- perhaps it was part of a documentation of sorts- their lives as parents- a motion from flower child hippies to responsible, educated adults. We have thousands of slides all over- some 500 or so are organized, my mother paid me to do this one year. I sat down for hours labeling and dividing slides by the years- I didn't get too far, but I guess some organization is better than none. My mom is always too busy to do such trivial things as simple organization with her time. I often wonder how a chemist could be accurate and precise yet be so unorganized at the same time. She spends endless time in front of her computer analyzing data and making models. Besides on her work, most of my...
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added: 11/04/2011
It has been a long journey to my present career. It wasn't until about five years ago when I decided to get serious about my professional life. I return to back to school and also started to educate myself in the Information Technology industry. I decided to jump into the world of Microsoft, to be more specific networking. My first goal was to get certified by Microsoft. I enrolled in a Microsoft Certified System Engineer program at New Horizon Computer Learning Center. It took me about a year to become fully certified, but regardless I accomplished my first goal. I have continued on and not only am I certified in Microsoft NT 4.0 I am also certified in Windows 2000 and A-plus Certified. My second goal was to return to college and receive my Associates in Arts degree. After about 5 years of going on and off to school I have finally accomplished this goal. I have taken this goal a step further; I am now enrolled at the University of Phoenix and am going to attain my Bachelors degree in Information Technology. I have always been involved in the high tech industry. I spent ten years of my life working on consumer electronics while employed by Circuit City. Then spent about a year and a half working for a small Taiwanese Company, in which, I was the Technical Manager. A friend who was working for a large corporation, PacifiCare Health Systems, gave me a call to let me know that PacifiCare was hiring PC/Network support engineers, and if I was interested he would give my resume to the hiring manager. I decided to give it a try and I was hired. After about two and half years PacifiCare decided to outsource their entire IT organization. IBM presented their organization and was granted...
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added: 11/03/2011
I'm a budding scientist and I think one of the distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. I'm Cynthia Gershome from India. I have been working in one of India's reputed Research and Development organisations, Dr. Reddy's Research Foundation for the past two years. For the betterment of my academic credentials and to gain an in-depth understanding of Pharmacological sciences, I intend to pursue a PhD degree. My objective for graduate studies in Pharmacological sciences is to prepare myself for a career in research. During these two years at Dr.Reddy's research foundation, I found my work experience and laboratory training to be extremely rewarding. My learning curve has been boosted tremendously during my stint here. A broad spectrum of responsibilities have been assigned to me, some of which have been of research experience, includes screening out new chemical entities (NCEs) in both in vivo and invitro conditions. Our lab is involved in the in-depth studies concerning the actions of PPAR ligands at the cellular and sub-cellular levels. I was involved in standardizing protocols in the lab and executing experiments in primary hepatocyte culture and cancer cell lines like HepG2, HCT and other cell lines like 3T3L1, L6, THP-1 cell lines. Apart from this I have also been exposed to a fair amount of work in cell biology including immunoprecipitation, glucose uptake studies, enzyme assays like COX, CAT assay. Apart from this I have experience in animal handling and have screened NCE's in various animal models such as db/db, ob/ob, Zucker fa/fa rats, ob-SAM, SAM, C57BL6 mice. Working at this level in an industrial milieu has convinced me to pursue my research as a viable career. Among the several outcomes of our research endeavors has been a poster presented at the 62nd scientific session of American Diabetes Association meeting held at San...
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added: 10/27/2011
I am proud to say that in both sides of my family writing in Spanish is a gift. Several of my relatives were able to excel in the field. What is important to know about these people is that in one form or another they made a difference in the world. Alfonso Iberri wrote a couple of books of poetry. He also wrote a very famous saga on the port city of Guaymas called El Viejo Guaymas. Writing in a time of difficulty and destitution Alfonso Iberri was able to write poems about love and romance while also writing about nature and life. One of his books was published in 1919. In most recent account, my grand aunt wrote three books also on poetry. One of the books received a couple of prizes through out Mexico. Some of the poems in the book have symbolic meanings in my home. In the book Amapa by Carmen Maldonado some of the poems are told in my relatives' weddings before the bride goes in to the chapel. Other writers in my family include the historian Alfonso Taracena. Even though I do not know much about this man I can tell he was good at his job. He wrote one of the most recognized books in Mexican history called La Verdadera Revolucion Mexicana. The well-known Mexican journalist wrote an article when my great granduncle passed away. In addition to the authors that I have mentioned several other of my great grandparents have been newspaper editors. To conclude I can proudly say that good writers flourish in my families' heritage. There are great writers in my family but also hard workers. My father's side of the family carries with them a great legacy of hard workers. Through hard work several of my relatives have been able...
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added: 03/16/2011
Each week while doing the supermarket shopping with my mother, I tend to start watching the other shoppers around me and analyze what kind of supermarket shopper they are. I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of shoppers: the slow-careful shoppers, the average shoppers, and the hurried shoppers. I find at least one of these types in each aisle always in my way. No matter who it is, he will avoid everyone in his own special way. The first and most aggravating is the slow-careful shopper. Elderly people tend to be the slow shoppers. They usually cut out coupons and also have a coupon card so they can get the best deals possible when doing their heavy shopping for the week. They typically come out in the early morning right when the stores open. Many have a "shopping list" pad on their refrigerator that they keep adding to so when they're ready to come shopping, their list is complete. The list may be in the order of the aisles of the market. Usually the careful shopper comes on the same time and day of each week. He wants to get there early for the best spot near the door and the freshest deli meat around. These shoppers are very laid back; they take their time and go up and down each aisle as if no one else is in the store. They will stand for hours reading the back of the labels and pondering on whether to try a new recipe with applesauce instead of butter for the Christmas cookies they are going to make. When getting in line to check out, they look through all of the magazines and candy. They frequently get hooked into buying a tabloid or perhaps one other magazine. They slow-careful shopper...
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added: 08/29/2011
TIt is very important to have a person you can always rely on. I want my wife to be this person. She would be tightly connected with my life. I want to wake up by her tender kiss. The first thing I would see would be her smiling face. She would make a breakfast for us. We would call each other from time to time during all day. In the evening I want to have dinner with her, cooked by her, and fall asleep holding my arms around her. In this case I want to find an ideal woman. Is it possible nowadays? I do not think so, but a girl should have at least next qualities to become my wife. First of all, my future wife should be my best friend. I want to share all my troubles, sorrows and dreams with her. She would never let me down and I could always rely on her. Secondly, I want my wife to be my partner. Everything would be common for us: our children, our house, our money, and duties. And we would have to make important decisions together. They should be sensible and reasonable. Also, we should trust each other. Next, I want to have a good mother for my future children. She should be warm-hearted, gentle, understanding, and sometimes strict with them because a mother plays more important role in brining up children than a man does. I wish my children were worthy members of modern society. Then, my wife should be an elegant and a good-looking woman. I want her to have smartness and beauty combined. Nowadays it is quite difficult to find a girl who is smart and beautiful at the same time but I will do my best to find her. Moreover, I want her to be neither a "business...
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added: 03/16/2011
The most interesting class I have taken is art. I enjoy this class purely because of the freedom of choices one can make. The teacher, nor the work, are pressuring. The atmosphere of the classroom is extremely friendly and relaxing. Art class relieves the stress of the more rigorous courses I attend. There is an incredible variety of medias to chose from and one can develop a sense of independence. I enjoy this class particularly because I understand the subject of art. Art class gives a person the opportunity to explore within the realm of one's imagination. There does not seem to be a barrier for the ideas one wishes to create. The class is filled with pleasures because there is no stress nor worries. Art also helps one go through logical stages of development. Firstly, one makes a rough sketch of the final project and imagines different styles in which it could be done. Secondly, the actual thought process and the creating of the project develops. And lastly, the project is complete and ready for interpretation and viewing. I greatly believe that one is able to express through pictures and images when the can not explain in words. The inner thoughts of a person come directly through the canvas. The beauty of art is that it can be interpreted in many different ways by the viewer. I adore this subject because of the freedom of expression and the unlimited interpretation. I have learned a great deal being an art student. I have matured and gained independence while listening to criticism as well. The critcism only helps one expand their thoughts and acknowlegde other's style of thinking. I enjoy this class also because of the relaxed environment, a contrast to the rest of the academic classes. The freedom of choice is wonderfully appealing...
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added: 03/16/2011
Josh Green, 5L A Country of Green, Gold and a Forgotten Black. "Dreaming place ... you can't change it, no matter who you are. No matter you rich man, no matter you king. You can't change it." It struck me the other day, as I was walking into the dark abyss of yet another school lesson, that I was missing something. And it was, with a certain degree of sentimentality, that I thought of my childhood in, and my subsequent yearly visits to, Australia; the 'New World', a progeny of Captain Cook's passion of exploration, a 'world' steeped in bloody, juvenile, discomposing, (yet oh so rich) history. A 'world' colonised by the rejects of society; those tending more towards criminal than scholarly aptitudes. A 'world' known for its dry, flat, hot, inhospitable climate, yet comparatively also its gargantuan variation and number of unusual animals, deadly plants, and inspiring marine life. Indeed, it is a nation labelled as 'the most deadly in the world', where after escaping spiders in your shoes, snakes in your garage, scorpions on your doorstep, you can still, whilst having a swim on one of Australia's world-renowned beaches, be attacked by poisonous seashells which, believe me, actually go for you. If you escape those nasties, there is still always the chance of being chomped by a croc, swallowed by a shark, or indeed being drawn out to sea by a deadly ocean current, known as a 'rip'. Despite Australia's inhospitable climate, geography and local inhabitants, I shall never forget the land of my birth. Everyone who goes to Australia comes back a new person, having scrambled out of their self-centred world of naivety and self-consciousness. There is something about the country, the people, the immensity of the place, that gives a distinct sense of individuality, a sense of loneliness, a sense of being just a...
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added: 10/27/2011
My name is Amar and my country of origin is India. My parents, my brother and I moved to USA in June of 1998, and have been staying in Fort Worth ever since. My father was a pathologist and his own lab in India but here he works in a lab at Medical Plaza Hospital. My mother works at Braum's Dairy Shop that is located less than a quarter of a mile from our apartment. I work at the same place. My mother and I work there because one we do not have two cars so we have to work nearby and two so that I can help my parents by taking care of my needs. I also have a brother that is a year younger to me. I have completed two years of volunteer service at Medical Plaza Hospital. The first year, I was assigned to work at the MRI and the storage. In MRI, I used to file all the paper work and prepare applications for the new coming patients. In storage, I was supposed to deliver goods needed by the different departments of the hospital. For the second year, I was given a choice as to where I wanted to work. I chose the Emergency room thinking that I would get to learn something new. My jobs were to stock up and prepare the rooms for incoming patients. Some of my extracurricular activities include playing chess, soccer and cricket. I am the president and the vice-president of the chess club at my school. When I first came from India, my brother and I, had nothing to do during lunch because we did not know anybody. So we started playing chess, and soon some other students started playing with us. Then I was the one who asked my speech teacher...
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added: 02/14/2012
Ahhh... To be a child. What a wonderful thought. For you, the memory of childhood is probably clouded with the early school years, fights in the sandbox, and the inevitable, mother-distributed apple-juice boxes. If that is the case, I am sorry. Childhood for me, was so far above and beyond all that. What do I mean? Well I will tell you... So if you are comfortable, we shall begin. Until about ten or eleven years ago my family bred in the woods out on Irish road in Dundee. My family, that being the family of the Pope's, was, as you know, home-schooled. But it bears mention, that in the era of which I speak, the term "home-schooled" had an entirely different meaning than the negative connotation it has donned in recent years; during the schooling hours, my mom could be found behind the shed. Always. In her left hand, she held a cup of coffee, from her mouth dangled a cigarette, in her right hand or shoulder she cupped the phone, and her piercing "phone-talk laugh" could be heard shattering the atmosphere without notice or warning. At random intervals of time, probably ranging from about thirty-seven to forty-three minutes, she would yell inside the house "Go measure something!". And that was it. That was home-schooling. Now take note, that I mentioned this was only the case during schooling hours, those being until noon or noon-thirty on any day that we were still inside that late. On any other day, I, my two older brothers and older sister practiced the basics. Surviving, disappearing, and of course, taking life. We had a perfect system. We each new our part in the scheme of things. Tom, at nine years older than me, was the powerhouse. He was six foot tall at twelve, and weighed one-hundred-eighty pounds without an...
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added: 10/09/2012
I am a heavy drug user. The drug I use is PCP (Phencyclidine). The type of drug is a Hallucinogen. I got the drug from Nile a.k.a. Robert Black. Nile is a man who sells drugs to support his family. He is only 23 years of age. I met Nile 4 months ago at the corner liquor store. PCP is a synthetic drug (chemically unrelated to LSD or mescaline); PCP is a white crystalline powder, readily soluble in water or alcohol. On the street PCP is usually called "angel dust" or "angel hair". Nile sometimes refers to PCP as "mist" or "hog". I call PCP "flying saucers or maybe "rocket fuel". "Supergrass" and "killer weed" are two other street names for PCP. First, when I met Nile, prices were pretty high. I usually get 50 tablets, which will last me about a month. That would cost me$100.00. Each tablet is $2.00. Since Nile and I have formed a bond over the last few months for 50 tablets would only cost me $75.00. The prices for a casual user are 25 tablets for $25.00. That's pretty good. I get the money to pay for the drug from my mom. When she goes to sleep at night, I go into her purse and get whatever she has left in her wallet. When I take PCP I feel relaxed and the world is moving very cool and slow. I also do PCP because my friends do it. Since taking the drug, I have no more time for my family. Especially my little brother. He loves to hang out with me. But sense I started using PCP it seems I have no more time for my little brother. Well late Friday afternoon on January 25,2003 while I was driving home the police stopped me for...
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added: 02/15/2012
Cry Of A People: The Jewish Soul, Journey Of The American Jew I attended a concert at the El Camino College Marsee Auditorium on Saturday, November 3, 2001, by Daniel Heifetz. A yellow shell cover surrounded the stage, which had five music stands 3(three) on the left and 2(two) on the right and piano on center stage. Daniel Heifetz, violin front center stage and the Classical Band: with special guest Carmen Balthrop, soprano. The Classical Band consisted of 2(two) violinist, Janice Martin and Tao-Chang Yu, and one viola player Myron Makris on the left, one pianist Micah Yui center, one bass; Christopher Chlumsky, and one cello, Lukasz Szyrner on the right. The program's title was Cry of a People: The Jewish Soul, Journey of the American Jew; it consisted of 11(eleven) compositions. All of the compositions were about Jews and their struggle to overcome the Hitler Era. First, was Brocca (Blessing) Daniel Heifetz got solo; accompanied by the Classical Band. It was written during the 20th century. The piece reminded me of Egyptian music. Their was imitation and a homophonic texture. It sounded wonderful. In the second half of the program and my most favorite was "Songs from the Holocaust, arranged by Meria Warshaver . There were three mini pieces "Close Your Little Eyes", "Kaddish", and "Never Say"; which were actually written by victims. The special guest Carmen Balthrop, soprano, Daniel Heifetz, violin and Micah Yui, Panio performed this piece. I liked the composition because it was original. The texture was polyphonic, and the meter was duple. In all, the concert was a great experience for me. I enjoyed every last composition especially the last piece of the evening; "Summertime". The music was soothing to the ear. I wouldn't mind attending another concert with Daniel Heifetz and The Classical Band performing....
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added: 11/03/2011
They're getting a divorce... What do you think of when you hear about a single mother raising her three kids? Usually, people think of a deadbeat mom, and low life, rebellious kids. However, in my mother's case, you see an independent woman, who is confident in her kids and in her job. My mother isn't the kind of parent that you would see in the newspaper for killing she was desperate for money or love, or too depressed from a divorce to care for us. Living in my house as a youngster was rough. The holidays were the worst. My parent fought about everything, from the Christmas tree, to the turkey on Thanksgiving. Nothing was ever "normal" in my home. The day my parents got divorced was probably the best day in my mother's life. It was most likely because she wanted to make my brother's life and mine easier. Because we would no longer have to hear the screaming and yelling at three AM about the house not being clean. My mother was a happier person when she wasn't fighting with my father. And the house was a lot quieter. I'm sure my mother had been thinking about divorcing my father for sometime. But, why hadn't she done it when all hell broke loose? Or when all the fighting had started? That question still burns in my brain. I know things would have been worse if they had stayed together. My mother and my father were completely wrong for each other. My mother was all about organization and my father was just a big mess. As for us kids, we turned out pretty well. Even though some of my childhood years were hard, the rest of those times were golden. My brothers and I got along with each other very well. When my...
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added: 02/13/2012
Can you imagine what it will be like when the vast majority of the taxes we pay, will be spent on one, and only one sector of our community? The elderly. It is estimated that by the year 2010, nearly one third of all Australian's will be unable to contribute to our economy due to old age. This means, that in order to cope with this growing burden on our society, mass changes need to occur to the countries infrastructure. These changes need to be made not only socially, but economically and politically as well, so the growing trend in our demography does not hamper the growth and development of our nation. In this oral I will be outlining some of the key concerns of the issue, such as, what are the rights of the elderly? and what can we do to stem this ageing trend in our community? This will be done in an attempt to answer, how do we look after Australia's ageing population? Firstly, what rights do the elderly members of our community have? After years of contributing to the countries tax system, the aged are surely entitled to something. Currently this in the form of a pension. The elderly receive a small sum of money, which is granted by the government on a fortnightly basis. However, in the near future, with the sheer volume of people that will eligible for this service, the government will no longer have the funding to continue these handouts. Therefore social security may well become a thing of the past, and then the need for a new system will be paramount. Government initiatives such as the superannuation scheme, a program in which people are required to save a certain percentage of money of every dollar they make, may replace the current system...
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added: 02/18/2012
Jane Tompkins Essay A personal experience seems like such a simple concept to many. In actuality, it is complex, compound, and can be described as development through life. A personal experience is only a first hand account through the eyes, and emotions of only one person and their journey. I have a story to tell that has taken a colossal role in developing the person that I have become in my social life, family life, and also my academic ventures. Through reading the essay "Indians" : Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History which was written by Jane Tompkins I was able to relate much of her views and ideals to my own particular life. In Tompkins essay she tells her readers the story of a research project. Through the research that was conducted by Tompkins she shares with her readers how personal experience is not only action in the world, but it also has the ability to act as an intellectual experience that is undertaken by individuals. Each experience whether it is through a book that was read, a story that was told, a person that you met, or even new concepts or ideas that one has learned can all have a small piece in developing how somebody is to think or act towards their view in the world in which they live in. I completely agree with the ideas behind the essay written by Tompkins. In my own life I can see how my family life, the people that I have encountered, and experiences I have undertaken have shaped the person that I have become today. I grew up in a family that was extremely religious in the Catholic faith and have very conservative view points when it comes to how people should live their lives. The view points are so...
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added: 01/15/2012
When people are young and in love, I do not think they fully realize the work that must be done to make a marriage last. It is said "a marriage may be 'made in heaven,' but the maintenance must be done on earth". Couples must constantly be thinking about their mate and that what they do always influences the marriage, in one way or another. I for one, did not really understand what it took to keep a marriage going. Marriages must be cultivated and worked at, just like a garden, to keep them fruitful and lasting. When I was nineteen, I got married for the first time. I was, or so I thought, totally in love with my new husband of twenty-one. I moved from San Jose, California to Detroit, Michigan, to be with him as he was from there. I had no experience in cooking or cleaning as my mother took care of those things while I was growing up. When I got married it was such a shock to realize how much work went into those things. It was so bad that I did not even know how to boil water. My poor husband also did not fully realize that I had absolutely no experience in the kitchen or in the house. The first time I tried to cook, it was a disaster. I remember I cooked tacos, rice, and beans. Everything was burnt or under-cooked. I did not even know how to mop a floor or clean a bathroom. Those first few months were such an adjustment for us both. My husband also had some adjustments to deal with. He had been living at home, just as I had, and had been able to spend all of his paycheck on himself. He had no one to answer for...
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added: 10/25/2011
In today's society, there are many people who take for granted the opportunities that are available to them. My childhood has taught me not to take any of life's blessings for granted. My friends consider me a very materialistic person. They think this because I like to have nice things like clothes, cars, etc. There were many things I experienced as a child that have shaped me into the person I am today. Since I was a child my parents have been the paycheck to paycheck type. They always struggled to make ends meet; sometimes those ends never met. Still today, I can remember quite a few times when my mother and father did not have enough money for food. The only thing we had to eat was pickles and pinto beans. My mother had to use towels because they could not afford to buy diapers. As the years pasted by, my parent's financial status continued to get worse. I can remember my parents being so stressed from harassing phone calls from collection agencies. What were my parents to do? They had to support five children on the small amount of money my father made. My father graduated from high school, but never had the opportunity to attend college. My parents knew that my father needed to find a better paying job. He tried to apply everywhere he could, but had no luck. The only choice he had was to get a second job, and he did just that. My father worked two jobs for six years and never complained. Finally, after years of struggling, my father had an opportunity that changed our lives forever. The experiences I had when I was a child made me the person I am today. In a way I thank God my life was the way it was....
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added: 02/10/2012
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