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What is an ally? Well certainly not France, or Russia, or China, or Germany! Over the years the United States grew ties with these countries and they claim to be our allies; however, with the United State's recent conflict with Iraq, these countries will not support the United State's decision to go to war. These countries do have good reasons, but there must be more to it. Germany and France will not back the United State's because they believe the issue can be solved in a peaceful manner. PLEASE!! They can take that peaceful manner stuff and stick it where the sun don't shine. It is very simple, they are afraid! They do not want to back the United State's because they do not have what it takes to stand up for the freedom of their country. For example, the France had to have help when they went to war with Germany because they could not defend themselves successfully. Germany also believes that going to war would undermine the credibility of the NATO alliance. Give me a break. NATO doesn't want to help the United States; they are trying to establish themselves from the U.S. Yes, NATO is growing stronger everyday and has many countries wanting to join up, but NATO is doing only one thing, and that is growing separate from the United States. Another reason for France and Germany not backing the United States is the oil issue. These countries may seem like they just want to solve the problem to avoid war, but the real reason is oil. France and Germany both have oil contracts with Iraq, and if the United States goes in and takes over Iraq, then France and Germany would not get as much oil. They are nothing but money hungry savages. And all of the third-world...
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added: 11/15/2011
Article V in the U.S. Constitution discusses what is needed bring about an amendment to the constitution. According to Article V, two thirds of both houses or two thirds of the states have to be in agreement to call a convention for the amendment of the constitution. This process could lead to some problems such as blocking the will of the majority of the people. One solution that has been suggested is to amend the constitution to a vote of the people. Some problems with this are that people sometimes are not really informed, they are guided by greed, and not all states will be represented equally. By letting the people vote on constitution amendments there will be many problems that come up. One of them is that most people are not really politically informed. Even if they are politically active they might not necessarily know what the amendment is about. They could easily be misled by advertisements or the thoughts of other people so when they make their decision to vote, it will not be very legitimate. The fact that people can choose the constitutional amendments can also be pretty scary. If that was the case the constitution right now would have a lot of little unintelligent amendments. For example if people were to look at state constitutions they would find that there are rules such as no smoking underwater, no riding mules on Sunday, etc. These amendments to state constitutions are there because the people were the ones that voted for them. When the people voted they probably thought they were making the right decision but now that they look back at it they realize how dumb it really was. Another problem is that people are guided by greed and self interest. With this in mind people might not really...
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added: 12/31/2011
The US is undoubtedly the greatest country in the world, but it still faces many tribulations. There is a flood of illegal immigrants pouring into the country. The liberal media bias has been distorting the news for years. All the while our Christian morals and values have been vanishing. These are three major problems facing our country today. There are currently 9,000,000 illegal aliens living in the country 1. We are paying for this problem through increased taxes and diminished job opportunities for legal residents. For every 100 illegal aliens who find jobs in the US, 65 American workers are displaced 2. Each year more than a million illegal aliens will enter the US. Most of them are unskilled and uneducated. Many have medical problems such as tuberculosis and other diseases that are not typical in this country. These people are not only costing us money and jobs, they are also impacting our society. Every year, more than 72,000 illegals are arrested for drug offenses 2. More than 25% of all federal inmates are aliens. Witness the fact that one of the lead suspects in the Washington DC sniper shootings is an illegal alien. These numbers show the terrible social cost to our society. Those who come to this country illegally must hide in the shadows. It is difficult for them to assume a normal and open role helping our county to grow, and acquire the cultural values of those who are here legally. Add to this a liberal media bias and the problems grow worse. It seems that most network news and major newspapers are always putting America down. They refuse to present the news in a balanced manner. This results in a country divided at a time when all Americans should support our president. The media is so hungry for news...
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added: 09/04/2011
- Ideology, which is contrary to hierarchism of the Confucian society in which most of the Chinese are born and raised, the United States is said to be founded on a basis of individualism and opportunity for all. Americans share a common sense for rights granted to them in the Constitution. It is not that a government was formed to bring justice but rather the people of America have the rights in the first place and set forth the Constitution to institutionalize these rights. This is where America is framed under the role of having a limited government. To what extent is our government limited. A politically acceptable political thought would never afford to challenge the check-and balance doctrine. It is in this sense that the American people unite together. The term United is simp- The ideology of liberalism took hold in the United States and created an umbrella like consensus. In the mid forties Liberalism began its course in America due to the allied victory in World War II. After the war the major growth of corporation interests began accelerating our nations current economic status. Without much interaction from the third world policy makers had the luxury to expand on corporate America and promote the idea of full employment. Controlling fifty percent of the worlds resources made this task almost imperative to the American eye. - Liberalism can broadly be broken down as a whole into three sections, the left, the center, and the right. The left would consist of parties such as the Social Democrats or the Green Party. The left would view our society as a nation who must fight the current corporate America. The idea of individualism and a more free democratic socialist society is a main focus point for the general left side of Liberalism....
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added: 12/29/2011
For as long as mankind has existed, there has been a desire for a defined set of basic rights. Men are born with certain rights, which no power may take away from them. When these rights are infringed upon, action must be taken to ensure that this does not occur again. This is the basic reason the American government gives for using force to overthrow the Iraqi government. While this is a very good cause to fight for, American and British forces are also violating rights of innocent Iraqi citizens, as well as their American citizens in many different ways. These actions show the hypocrisy that exists in the American government. They are choosing whose rights to protect, and whose can be overlooked for a greater good. The bombing campaign currently taking place in Iraq has had very tragic consequences on civilians in the country. American forces have "used cluster bombs that have no real aim point and that kill and wound innocent civilians for years to come" . Cluster bombs are similar to land mines in relation to the amount of danger they present to the public. When they are released over residential parts of Iraq, the weapon "rains down deadly bomblets on an area the size of a football field with six bombs falling in every 1,000 square feet" . This is very different than the satellite guided precision bombs the American government is so quick to brag about. Many of the bomblets, which come out of the cluster bomb, land on the ground without detonating, until something or someone inadvertently comes into contact with it. There are hundreds of these bombs lying around Iraq, some in heavily populated locations. In the past, many children have picked up these bombs; unaware of the danger they present. America continues to...
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added: 01/30/2012
The September 11 terrorist attacks were the worst acts of terrorism ever carried out against the United States. On this day, terrorists in two hijacked jets flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, another into the Pentagon Building, and a fourth in a field in Somerset County, PA. There were an estimated 3,000 people killed. United States officials concluded that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist organization had been behind these attacks. After these attacks, President George W. Bush declared a war on terrorism in order to prevent any future attacks. However, in order to reach a "victory" in this war, Americans must sacrifice, to a certain degree, some of their freedom and privacy. In 1798, as the United States prepared for a war with France, Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Alien Act authorized the president to imprison citizens of enemy countries. The Sedition Act was used to fine or imprison people who wrote, published, or said anything against the government. After the Republicans won in the election of 1800, the laws weren't enforced anymore. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government became even more concerned about suspected spies within the United States. In 1942, over 100,000 Japanese Americans were moved to internment camps. It wasn't until after the war, in 1945, that they were released. During the Vietnam War, protests against the war and the military draft were numerous, and often violent. Because of this, the government began using law enforcement to restrain protests. In some cases, the government tapped people's phones without warrants. In times of crisis, government policies have often emphasized security at the expense of liberty. In most cases, however, the policies have been scaled back or ended as soon as the crisis ended or passed. Since the...
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added: 12/02/2011
Persuasive Essay Can a Cultural Revolution take place in the US, one of the most powerful countries in the would? The Revolution had a great effect on China, origin of the eastern civilization. During the Cultural Revolution in China, the economy stopped growing, the development of China nearly stopped and the Chinese teenagers did not get enough education. We don't know what would happen in the future, but a revolution is not easy to take place in the United States because in the US, there is democracy and because the people in the US are more educated and wealthy. Compare the people in China before 1966, people in the US are more free and active, and tend to do things by themselves. The United States is a democracy with a republican form of government. Democracy, however, is absent in China. Through huge propaganda campaigns, the Communists in China made Mao Zedong a popular hero. The Communists controlled the government. (Ahmad 352) But in the US, the people elect their president. This shows that the people do not think the President is a God and always follow what he says. In China, Chairman Mao controlled what people read, what people heard and what things people learned in school. (Jiang 265) On the contrary, the presidents of the United States don't have such an influence. This means that the government is not fully controlled by the President. Because of democracy, anybody can oppose what the President says and what he does. So democracy makes a Cultural Revolution not likely to happen in the US. A second reason why the US will not have a cultural revolution is that people in the US have more education and are not as poor as the Chinese before 1966. China was weakened by centuries of corrupt government and foreign...
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added: 11/24/2011
The American democracy is one of the most peaceful kinds of government in the world although it is a long way from utopia. The democracy in which we live has many strengths and weaknesses. Neither strengths or weaknesses out weigh one another, but it is necessary to have both due to the varying definitions. A democracy is a government that is run by the people. The politicians that we elect to run our government are human and they are susceptible to mistakes based on their own strengths and weaknesses. The strengths and weaknesses they possess are reflected into our government but at least "we the people" elect them and they are not chosen for us. We live in a representative democracy that means "we the people" are given the right to elect those who represent our beliefs and values. The political campaigns of the politicians allows us the freedom of who to elect by selling us their views on how they feel our government should function. Many of the campaigns seem to dispute the candidate running against the other(s) but it normally ties into what they believe is wrong. Sometimes a candidate's campaign will run according to one of the candidates mistakes that they have made in office or in life. The candidate may then promise they would never make a mistake of that sort. The campaigns now days tend to be more on the negative side but negativity sells in this country. While positive campaigns reflect more on the positive goals of the campaignee it would cost more to promote than negative campaigns. The negativity tends to stick in our minds more than the positive. It is kind of like a relationship, you tend to remember the bad more than the good. The same applies to campaigning. When some of us...
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added: 01/06/2012
Today, there are many dreams and traditions that Americas hold. Some of them can be reached, some cannot. Some Americans dream of riches, some dream of curing diseases. Most of their dreams are from the heart. People dream of having a family, with healthy kids. The American dream is really simple to me. It's having a family, house, job, and one or more cars. Today in society, people have different perspectives on what the "American Dream" is. People worry more about how the economy is doing than how their families are doing. Maybe somebody dreams about being a big sports star, or getting rich quick. Maybe somebody dreams about singing for a living, and making an enormous amount of money. Another common "American Dream" is that you could win millions off the lottery, or gambling. Cities like Los Vegas have been made just for gambling, for people who think that they can get rich quick. Some American's lose a lot of money and end up being hurt by that dream. Some lose all their money, their houses, and a lot of possessions from gambling. Each one of us many Americans may as well have different perspectives on the "American Dream", seeing as we are all different. Another part of the "American Dream" would be tradition. Like Christmas, for example. People all over the world celebrate this; it's even a national holiday. But not everybody is Christian, or believes in Jesus. People dream of seeing their friends and family on these occasions. Maybe that is somebody's American Dream, just seeing their friends and family on holidays. Possibly somebody's could think of the "American Dream" as America is the "Land of opportunity", so they would get a good job and things in America. More about what the "American dream" means to me....
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added: 12/01/2011
E.L. Doctorow's novel "Ragtime" is a discussion on turn of the century American society, government, and ideals. Throughout the novel, Doctorow discusses the intertwining relationships between a number of characters, each coming from various places within society. The Jewish, immigrant, socialist Tateh and his young daughter, the middle-class family of mother, father, mother's younger brother, and the little boy, Coalhouse Porter the social misfit who is a economically rising black man, each of these characters represent a portion of society and the problems both externally and internally afflicting American social consciousness at the time. Interdispersed between these main character stories is the placement of actual historical events and people. Doctorow places well-known events and people to give credence to his discussion of democratic values and liberalist deficiencies in American society. Throughout the novel Dokorow examines the intertwining relationships between members of varying echelons of American society. Roger Smith's article Multiple Traditions in America concerns the liberal democratic ideals of American life, accompanied with a capitalistic economy foster in theory the possibility for a man below his means to aspire and reach a social standing above his usual place in society. Combining Smith's discussions and Doctorow's stories creates a stunning portrait of the pitfalls of American. Smith points to Toqueville's Democracy in America, which displays the egalitarian and opportunistic tone to settling America. "The vast stretches of land inhabited by wandering tribes who had not thought of exploiting the soil enabled European immigrants to spread out and make their fortune—as opposed to nations where most lands formed parts of large hereditary estates." Though he points to the Europeans solely in his analysis, this was mainly due to the fact that immigrants at the time were predominantly, if not completely, European in origin. Toqueville goes on to argue that thought the majority of...
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added: 09/06/2011
White House The page is organized very well with quick access to what you would be looking for. There are all up to date events and stories on the front page which is a good thing so you know exactly what is going on with the white house and so on. There are many links to almost anything you really want to know about the white house from the history to the different offices to major speeches and so on. Overall I liked the page and thought that it was put together very well and easy to access information. There is nothing on the web site that I disliked or thought that they could add. Federal Bureau of Investigation On the front of the page when opened is the top story to the date. On this page there are links to other parts that you can find information on such things as federal employment to the most wanted people. There is not a lot of information on this page, it appears to me to be designed as pretty general. This page was not impressive to me at all and seemed like it didn't have a lot of content to it. I didn't get a lot out of it and believe that there should be more to it and more links to other information about it. I also believe that they should have a better opening page that is more attractive and attention getters, there is just a lot of writing and a lot of people with look at that and think it is to much to read what you don't even really know what it is. They need more short and to the point attractions on the page. Drug Enforcement Agencies This page has opens with stories and news but is not up to date, the last...
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added: 11/26/2011
Thesis – Although New England and the Chesapeake region were settled largely by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. Document A – As the first governor of the Puritan area, John Winthrop gave his speech that said they needed a reform in England by working together as a community and making other peoples conditions their own. Document B – The ship's list of emigrants that were bound for New England were all from English decent and most people traveled as family's including servants and maids. Document C – The ship's list of emigrants that were bound for Virginia were mainly men that were indentured servants. Also they were mainly between the ages of 14 – 50 so there was a lot of age diversity. Document D – The Articles of Agreement was a document that set out some ground rules in New England to give everyone an equal and fair shot to start off their new life. This was important because everyone got an equal share of the land so no one had a monopoly. Document E – The Wage and Price Regulations was important in the Connecticut area because there were a few monopolies created for certain goods and the wage and price regulation helped people to not be overcharged for goods. The document also said it would be a sin of oppression to do so. Document F – During the journey to Virginia many people ran out of the basic commodities. The main one was food. People fasted to save their food, but many died. The reason for this lack of food was because of the expectations of the new land and the way the people were treated on the ship. Many men were looking for gold and Captain John Smith supplied the ship with commodities for this purpose. People tried to over through Captain John Smith, but he found out...
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added: 01/23/2012
Muhammad Ali Philosophy 100 Final Essay American Media and the Middle East Our views of world conflicts such as war are influenced by the part of the world in which we live. When exploring media coverage of discord, it is important to think about where the author is from and how it has influenced the way he/she has portrayed disharmony. Reports on a world conflict can express extremely different views depending on the social values and understandings of the writers. One must read articles that address the issue of war with cultural relativism by taking into account the local values and historical experiences of the writer. By neglecting this approach, a reader may be persuaded to believe biased and often untrue facts. When researching the war in the Middle East, for example, I found that different countries presented the fighting in different ways. A U.S. newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, presents the conflict in a biased manner and blames the Palestinians for the fighting because we are allies with the Israelis. On the other hand the Dawn, a Pakistani paper, presents the same issues but gives a more accurate and sympathetic view of the Palestinians' situation. Reflecting on these differences, I realized that culture and national interests shape newspapers' presentations of war. As an informed reader, it is important to know that I am often given a biased presentation of the facts surrounding a conflict and with this in mind I have changed the way I view reports on war presented by the media. In order to be culturally relativistic when reading about the history of the conflict in the Middle East, one must understand that while anger and a desire for land play a role in the fighting these are not the main causes of this conflict. It is necessary to look beyond these...
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added: 09/16/2011
Democracy Americas role for the next century will be to stay economically stable. That will be no problem unless something disastrous will happen like another Stock Market crash or Nuclear Holocaust. America in the future also needs to increase peace to every nation in the world. America needs to get rid of all poverty and increase education. To stay economically stable, America needs to keep trade relations and keep wars out of our future. We need to keep the national dept. low and keep all Americans income as high as possible. Another way to be economically stable is to keep American businesses on top of the national competition, mainly in electronics' considering it is the electronic age now as well as the future. If we can keep the businesses on top of every international competition then we will keep our economy going. If the Stock Market crashes then we will have to tighten the buckle and get back on track. If there is a Nuclear War then we will have to recover and go on with the way things were. The next century for America holds many nbew opportunitys for peace. America has always played a role as peace makers and always looking for what is right. To increase our space explorations we need to make a joint effor with other countries to make a super space station and hig tech explorations. If we do not increase our peace offerings to placees like Russia and Japan then we will nerver e as high tech as we could be. America has always been known for its low poverty levels, but we still have homeless and uneducated citizens who need help. In the America of the 30th Century we need to help every citizen to make it in the world. Wheather it is...
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added: 12/08/2011
Globalization has become one of the most important political and social dilemmas facing our world today. As people struggle to protect their identity, big businesses are creating a new culture for us. Through marketing, we are told how we should look, act and feel. For the most part we eat it up, without even thinking about it. In her book No Logo, Naomi Klein attempts to explore the unsettling practices behind big business and the marketing based culture that has been designed for us. Klein assembles an impressive overview that explores the rise in power and wealth of multi-national corporations and the repercussions of their actions. The popularity of her text has helped raise awareness towards the ethics of some of the biggest companies in the world. Klein has broken her arguments into four sections. The first of which, No Space, examines the omnipresence of the corporate image in today's society. The second, No Choice, explores the homogenizing of companies and their products and how the consumer is affected. The third section, No Jobs, looks at trends in the labor market, job security and the threat of globalization. The last section, aptly titled, No Logo, deals with activism and the necessary measures being taken against corporate rule. In No Space, Klein investigates the bombardment of advertising we are facing in today's world. Advertisers have conquered the last of our untouchable space through advertising in schools and universities, nowhere seems sacred anymore. Companies had tried for years to advertise and sell their products in these spaces, knowing that these public institutions were flooded with the most appealing consumer groups, youth. Finally after years of budget cuts schools had no choice, and could no longer refuse the funding that these major companies offered. Klein argues that the marketing presence in schools goes beyond mere advertising. "Having...
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added: 01/03/2012
A conversion of our governmental system to an Athenian model would be not only foolish but potentially dangerous to the future of our country as well. It has been suggested that the representative form of government was chosen because of the logistical problems of counting votes in an era with no computers or FedEx. However, in doing research and listening to the biographies of several men present at the Philadelphia convention, it seems clear that the decision was reached with great thought and wisdom. One advantage of electing an individual to represent a large group of people (and hence several socio-economic groups) is that the representative is beholden to the entire body. Because the representative depends upon the approval of a majority for his continuation in office it is difficult for him/her to favor one faction to the detriment of the others without risk of losing his position. In this way equilibrium is attained in which no group completely dominates another and no minority voice is unheard. It is a credit to the wisdom of the founders that they were able to devise a system which not only accounts for the selfish nature of a man but uses that ambition to its favor! In contrast, within a democracy the individual owes allegiance only to his own self-interests and beliefs. While many of us purport ourselves to be persons of integrity and fully aware of our civic responsibilities, we seldom hold such lofty opinions of our neighbors. In a country where the poor and middle-class far outnumber the wealthy who would protect the rights of the upper-class? Who would protect the rights of Jews and Muslims to worship in their Synagogues and Mosques? At a time when factions change with the tides, how can the rights of any minority be protected from the...
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added: 12/31/2011
Introduction The United States federal government is ultimately responsible for the annual budget allotted to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for space exploration and research. Conflicts arise when a decision must be made between economics and research development. Engineers do not want to see their important research ideas and projects fall victim to cutbacks, but it is also an engineer's responsibility to consider cost effectiveness and economics in the decisions that they make every day. Over the past fifty years, the space program has been a topic of controversy. Society cannot decide what our position in space should be. Is outer space the "Next Frontier"? Some people believe that exploration is simply a waste of time and money. They argue that NASA has not progressed with the same fury of the 1960's when man landed on the Moon during the Apollo missions. The Space Race is long over, and therefore they believe that the space program in the United States has lost its driving force. Problem Statement In the mid-1990's the federal government approached NASA with regards to downsizing their budget. The space program was asked to find another source of funding, or else some of their projects would have to be eliminated all together. Naturally, the scientists and engineers at NASA wanted to avoid that possibility at all costs. One option strongly considered dealt with private industry. Already, such companies as Rockwell and Lockheed Martin were contracted by NASA to perform intermediary functions and construction of materials and systems for different spacecraft and other payload [1]. It was suggested that NASA should turn over full control of these projects to those companies. This would reduce NASA's federal expenditure and promote private industry at the same time. Taken one step further, opinion states that the space program as a whole should be turned...
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added: 02/17/2012
It has been seen repeatedly throughout history that an effective method for weakening people, making them vulnerable to tyrannical takeover is by disarming them. In several countries tyranny was made possible simply by denying their people the right to bear arms. Fortunately our government is built on a democracy, where the citizens decide who will govern. Our democracy is 200 years strong with the constitution as its backbone. It is unrealistic to think that a country with over 300 million people whom treasure most its pro-capitalistic values would ever allow their blood and sweat to be taken away-with or without guns. Some people understandably argue that without guns we would be at the mercy of our military should a dictator decide to rise. For the citizens of this country to fall under control of a dictator, the dictator would have to gain the favor of the majority of the military and its leaders. What makes this country great is that the military is comprised of citizens who have vowed to protect the value system that makes us the most powerful country in the world. The military is comprised of people of all different ages, religions, races, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds. No one dictator could ever come to power simply because the one thing that binds the men and women together who protect this country is their desire to preserve the value system that was outlined 200 years ago by our constitution. Those in favor of upholding the second amendment and the interpretation that every law abiding citizen has the right to bear arms is not without reason. People have argued that to implement gun control is a violation of our constitutional rights. Though should our current gun control laws be enforced, this is not the only amendment that would be abridged to...
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added: 08/21/2011
Throughout the last several years, the belief for the need of executing criminals of serious crimes has increased in the United States. The largest complaint to the implementation of the death penalty is the publics' fear of future uncovered evidence that would prove the innocence of the accused criminal. However the majority feel the death penalty is a sound resource due to the unlikelyhood of this possible mistaken identity. The benefits far outweigh the rare possibility of a wrongfully accused criminal being acquitted. The unquestionable benefits to utilize this, speak for themselves with the distributed sentence of the death penalty amongst all races, the reason of conviction to warrant the death penalty, and the dramatic cost to you, the taxpayer. By the beginning of the 21st Century, the death penalty is overseen by most nations as an inhuman and cruel punishment. "106 nations, as well as 30 countries have abolished it, since 1990."(001) Yet, the death penalty continues to be used in other nations. The United States, China, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia are the most active in the world for prisoner execution. In Saudi Arabia, you as a tourist can move about common market places with out fear of violence. It is commonly practiced that anyone caught stealing red handed will be taken to the town or village square, Bent over a chopping block, and executed on the spot. This is conducted in public sight with as many spectators around to view as possible. There, crime is not tolerated in any shape or form. For 2003 in the United States we have "38" states that have the death penalty. (002) We currently have nearly "3,600"(003) prisoners with pending executions across the U.S. Of these 48% are White, 1470, 40% Black, 1246, 8% Hispanic 233, and 2%, 62 of...
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added: 11/20/2011
The democratic quality of a political system is brought about through elections. Every modern state needs a representative body of the people. Therefore are elections for every democratic political system of fundamental significance. There are almost as many electoral systems as countries in which elections are hold – but every system can be divided into one of the two main electoral systems. The purpose of this essay is to describe these main electoral systems, the majority vote system and the system of proportional representation briefly and to demonstrate that both have their advantages and disadvantages. But we want to point out that the system of proportional representation may be considered as the more democratic one. In the majority vote system (or first past the post system) the candidate who can secure a majority of votes gets the seat in the parliament. The votes for the inferior candidate are not taken into account. The country is divided into constituencies. Every constituency sends only one candidate – the one with the majority of votes – into the parliament. One advantage of the first-past-the-post system is that this system avoids a splintering of the parties; those parties which cannot secure a majority are ruled out. This electoral system also supports a stable government because it leads to a two-party-system. Another advantage of the majority vote system is that it fosters a change of government. Even small changes of votes can cause big changes in the seats in the parliament. Due to the division into constituencies exists a close connection between the voter and the candidate. The voter votes more for the person than for the party. Further more, the voter decides with his vote directly about government and opposition. So there is no danger that the parties have to negotiate endlessly about a possible...
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added: 12/14/2011
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