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Science is like a diamond which surpasses all the myths in the world. It is because of the science that we are what we are today. Imagine the days when the nomadic people hunt for the living. They were only for survival. Now is the world full of science and technology. It is definately a boon to the mankind. Today man can land on the moon which was a distant dream of the past. The space craft used is like the space vehicle used in the mytholoigal story of Ramayana where in the Ravana takes sita away to his kingdom. The growth of the human being has increased and the death rate has been decreased because of the medical technology. You can prevent a disease, cure a disease even predict that a disease will hit you. All this is possible only with the help of science. Definately it is a boon.The worl today where we are living is changing so fast in all dimensions because of the science.travelling has become so much easy from one place to other. Aeroplanes have made this happen. We can travel from one place to other in a few hours.Today we can send mails to anywhere in the world in a few seconds. At the same time we must use this knowledge of science for good purposes. In the field of agriculture we can plough the fields in no time. Newly developed hig yield crops have been made which gives good yield.We can prevent the crops from getting damaged because of the insects. With the increased production of the crops the poverty and hunger can be reduced.The world of entertainment has come which reduces the tention and stress at work....
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added: 01/26/2012
NATURAL DISASTERS The following is an activity that teachers can use with their students during a unit of study on natural disasters. It has been adapted from an activity that I found in the idea bank on the Sofweb website. The reason I chose this activity is because it successfully integrates the science and technology KLA's. I also chose it because it can be modified and utilised in a variety of ways to suit a range of purposes. For example: Activity could be performed individually, in pairs or in small groups. It could be performed in class time or set as a homework activity assuming all children have Internet and computer access. It could be used as an assessment task for the science and technology KLA's. It could be simplified or extended depending on time available. The basic idea and format could be used for other topics. It could be modified to suit various levels. The assessment rubric could be modified to suit other KLA's. TOPIC Natural Disasters CSF LEVEL 4 (years 5 & 6) CLASS/NATURE OF GROUP Approximately 25 students Students work individually AIM To increase students knowledge about natural disasters and their causes. To develop new skills in technology using PowerPoint and Paint. To explore a new way of presenting information. OUTCOMES Science – Earth and space sciences 4.1 Relate the occurrence of natural events to atmospheric changes and movements of the Earth's crust and mantle. (Science CSFII, 2000) Technology – Information 4.2 Develop preferred solutions to information problems experienced by various audiences, using a range of information technology skills, processes and equipment. (Technology CSFII, 2000) OBJECTIVES Following the introduction of a unit of work on natural disasters, students will be required to research a disaster on their own choice then document the sequence of the disaster using computer programs such a Microsoft PowerPoint and Paint. REQUIREMENTS Access to and familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint and a...
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added: 09/26/2011
The Sun is the central object of the solar systems and the largest as it contains 99.9% of the total mass of the solar system. It outweighs everything else in the solar system combined by a factor of one thousand. (The Comic Perspective) The Sun is the closest star to the earth. The strong gravitational pull of the Sun holds the Earth and the other planets within the solar system in orbit. The light and heat from the sun affects all of the objects in the solar systems and even allows life to exist on Earth. The Sun is just massive compared to the other planets in the solar systems. The radius is about 109 times as large as Earths radius. ( 2003) If the Sun were hollow, a million Earth would fit inside of it. Despite this massive size, the Sun has a lower density than Earth. The average density is only a quarter of the average density of Earth. The Sun produces a ton of light. It looks small when looking at it from Earth and that is because it is so far away. The average distance from the Earth to the Sun is 93 million miles. Light from the Sun takes about 8 minutes to reach Earth. This light is still strong because the Sun is much closer to Earth than any other star and this keeps us from seeing any other stars during the day. Earth would not have any life on it without the Sun because it provides heat and light. This is what warms out days and lights up our skies. This heat and light is what green plants live and grow and turn to food. Animals eat these plants for nourishment and human eats vegetables and things that grow in the Earth due to the...
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added: 01/13/2012
Bronowski makes generations in the course of "The Nature of Scientific Reasoning". Among these generalization is: "No scientific theory is a collection of fact" (Paragraph 7); "All science is the search for unity in hidden likeness" (Paragraph 8); and "It grows from comparison" (Paragraph 12). A scientific theory can either be true or false or false. When it is true that means that some evidence based on experiments or observations, such as the rising of the sun from the East. When a scientific theory is proven to be true it is classified as fact. Matter for instance was regarded as valid and made up out of atoms. The Epicureans came to this conclusion two-thousand years ago. But not until two centuries ago that John Dalton was the first to see the structure of matter as seen today. John Delton used Chemistry with respect to the ancient theory together came to the conclusion that matter is linked and formed from different kinds of atoms. "All science is the search for unity in hidden likenesses" is another generalization made by Bronowski. Searching for unity in the science world is more than a determination that scientists have, but also s desire to prove that unity is at the core of all matter. Take for instance the Japanese physicist Hideki Yukawa who noted that "Waves of lights can sometimes behave as if they were separate pellets". He also noted that the forces that hold the nucleus of an atom might be constituted of solid pellets as well. His conclusion from this study is to prove that likeness in matter exists which leads to unity. Once this pattern or comparison habits of objects develops it becomes somehow easier to predict the results and come to some sort of relative conclusions. For instance, Newton observed the apple falling...
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added: 12/14/2011
GENE THERAPY Gene therapy is used to treat diseases. It comes from advances in genetics, molecular biology, clinical medicine and human genomics. Gene therapy is when you add a gene into a cell. Then the virus has to be modified to have a non-harmful virus-derived vector. This vector is a type of vehicle that can be used to carry a gene to cure the disease. Gene therapy requires the use of tools. The tools need to have a capacity to cross the cell membrane and sometimes even the cell nucleus to deliver a gene to cure the disease. Viruses have been evolving for hundreds of years but we think of them as something harmful. It has taken time for us to modify them so that not all of them are harmful. These good viruses are used in gene therapy, because they have the ability to enter cells. Some of these viruses are: Adenoviruses, picornaviruses, parvovirus, oncoretroviruses, and even lent viruses, such as HIV. But these viruses haven't got the same capacity, for example, Adenoviruses and picornaviruses don't integrate, this makes them bad candidates for the long-term expression of a gene (which is needed for gene therapy of life-threatening genetic disease), and parvovirus are too small to package a large gene. Oncoretroviruses and lent viruses are both dangerous viruses. Another problem is the dosage of vector, too much of this can derive to an immunological problem and causes death. For more than 10 years, scientists have been working to find gene therapies for diseases such as cancer, arthritis, vascular disease and genetic disorders. But no one has discovered any methods for them yet....
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added: 12/31/2011
I feel scientific "objectivity" supports the oppression of women. Western science presents itself, its methods and its findings as the only way of getting at the "truth". (Study Guide) "The vertical relationship between researcher and research objects, in view from above, must be replaced by the view from below." (Ecofeminism) This passage from, Ecofeminism represents to me the relationship between researcher and the researched, as well as societies perceived relationship between man and women. Society puts men up an a pedestal to research women. This is what causes the objectification of women and their bodies. Science is what has created the ideal body image and the way a women should look inside and out. If we ignore the health hygiene issues of a women's menstrual cycle, then why is it that there are so many different types of personal hygiene products available to "hide" that time of the month. This monthly process our bodies go through is what creates human beings, yet from a very young age girls are taught to hide this process as if it is something dirty and undesirable. May be this is taught because many years ago the researcher (a man) decided that he did not like the effects of a women's cycle and that it should be hidden. "The land is vulnerable like my own flesh" (Sisters of the Earth) Just as us humans use the earth and all it's attributes to fulfill our needs and desires, man uses women in the same way. "The mechanistic worldview saw the natural world as a non-living machine that could be broken down into parts for study and use". ( Discussion) The following statement is true for women as well. Women are often broken down into parts and valued based on particular attributes of their bodies. The ideal beauty...
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added: 08/10/2011
Understanding adult learning techniques and motivational influences behind them have become a fairly new and important area of study. When evaluating how adults learn best we must look at what the driving forces are behind learning. This is especially true when comparing children's and teen's inspirations to those of adults. Adults have different goals and needs for learning than adolescents. One unique aspect of adult learning settings that is different than those of adolescents are most likely that grades are not necessarily a motivating factor for learning. There are other critical elemtents that serve as motivators for adults. According to Malcom Knowles these sources of motivation include: Social relationships, external expectations, social welfare, personal advancement, escape/stimulation, and cognitive interest. These resources are very important for self-directed learners to become competent enough to survive in adult learning. Learning is a lifelong process and in the following paper I will discuss the motivations, skills, and characteristics of an adult learner when grades do not serve as the primary motivating factor. Adult learning became widely promoted by Malcom Knowles in his years of study. He was a theorist who focused on the importance of the individual in adult educational settings. Knowles attributed several characteristics to adult learners: Adults are autonomous and self-directed, adults have life experiences and knowledge, adults are goal-oriented, adults are relevancy-oriented, adults are practical, and adults need respect. This shows that there may be a number of reasons why adults may want to learn, as long as there is still a sense of choice that may be made. Learning is "a process in which individuals take the initiative, with or without the help of others," to diagnose their learning needs, formulate learning goals, identify resources for learning, select and implement learning strategies, and evaluate learning outcomes (Knowles 1975). Compared to children and teens, adults also cope with many more barriers that must be balanced in order for learning to take place. Some of the barriers...
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added: 12/14/2011
Resolving the conflict of Reliability vs. Accuracy in the 16 PF test Introduction: For psychologists, one of the more popular theories espoused is the trait approach to personality, or "the idea that people have consistent personality characteristics that can be measured and studied" (Kalat, 2002, 512). However there are several problems that arise. First, there are significant cross-cultural differences, so one set of personality traits for one culture may differ considerably for another. The next problem would concern the creation of a test that could accurately measure these traits. While psychologists have for the most part addressed these issues, I will focus on the latter of the two. There has been a number of multiple personality tests put to use such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), the Rorschach Inkblots and others. In our class we were instructed to take the 16 PF personality test in which we would judge for ourselves how accurate the test was based on our own personal experiences. In judging the usefulness of this test we took into consideration its reliability and validity. For a test to be reliable it must be able to accurately reflect consistent results for various people that can be agreed upon by researchers and therapists alike. Reliability in turn relates to validity. To be valid a test must be dependable producing data that can be used to detect a mental illness or otherwise certain personality dimensions within psychologically healthy individuals. Furthermore personality tests must be standardized, having data capable of being "interpreted in a prescribed fashion" (Kalat, 2002, 528). These standards are based on a comparison of a large number of people who have taken the test, one group with a particular disorder and another group who consist of the normal range. These allow researchers to...
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added: 11/08/2011
What is a semiconductor and what is the basis of this classification? A semiconductor is a material that intermediates between a conductor and an insulator. Electrical conduction represents the ability of a material to conduct electric charges. Some materials are very good at it and are called conductors; the materials that are hopeless at it are called insulators. Semiconductors (aka semi-insulators) are not very good at it. But under certain conditions, they can almost be a conductor. What are the electron shells in an atom? Electrons 'revolve' around the nucleus but they do not have the same orbit. The organization of electrons within an atom is actually a very difficult problem, which is solved by a discipline called quantum physics. Electrons occupy orbits that are called energy levels. The first orbit closest to the nucleus in the K-shell (or shell 1); the second orbit, further away is the L-shell (or shell 2); the third shell is the M-shell (or shell 3), etc. However each level can only carry a maximum no. Of electron which is 2 n^2 (n is the level no.) What is the distribution of electrons in the Silicon atom? Silicon (Si) atomic no. Are 14: · 2 electrons go into the level 1 · 8 electrons go into the level 2 · 4 electrons go into the level 3 How are the 'energy levels' and electron shells in an atom related? What are 'orbitals'? Orbitals are finer subdivisions of the energy levels. Where are the lowest energy states for electrons found? Energy dictates how the energy levels arrange themselves in the atom. The lowest energy states are the most stable. They are also closer to the nucleus. What are the valence electrons and why are they so important? If we look at how the electrons fill the orbitals, we notice that the elements that belong to the same column of the periodic table (e.g. sulfur and...
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added: 10/18/2011
Prelab 7: 1. (a) A D flip-flop using 5 NAND gates (b) A D flip-flop using 4 NAND gates (c) Using Pspice he following outputs are obtained for both the D flip-flops constructed in a and b. Figure a: Output for D flip-flop with 5 NAND gates Figure b: Output for D flip-flop with 4 NAND gates By comparison of the outputs of the D flip-flops constructed in a and b using 5 and 4 NAND gates we can see they operate the same way. 2. (a) The logic diagram of the circuit: A (t+1) = x'(t)y(t) + x(t)A(t) B (t+1) = x'(t)B(t) + x(t)A(t) z=B(t) 2. (b) The state table: A(t) B(t) x y A(t+1) B(t+1) z 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PARALLEL & SERIAL DATA: There are two methods of transmitting digital data. These methods are parallel and serial transmissions. In parallel data transmission, all bits of the binary data are transmitted simultaneously. For example, to transmit an 8-bit binary number in parallel from one unit to another, eight transmission lines are required. Each bit requires its own separate data path. All bits of a word are transmitted at the same time. This method of transmission can move a significant amount of data in a given period of time. Its disadvantage is the large number of interconnecting cables between the...
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added: 10/19/2011
The origin of mankind is a question that has challenged historians for centuries. Although most recent histories are carefully documented, the bulk of the story of humanity, prehistory, remains largely unknown. In his book The Seven Daughters of Eve, Professor Bryan Sykes attempts to explore the mysterious field of human evolution and connect the modern population to their distant ancestors. The artifact he uses to bridge the present to the past is mitochondrial DNA, "the traveler from an antique land who lives within us all." (Sykes, 2001, p.1). Being a short strand of genetic material in the mitochondria, this DNA (mtDNA) has far fewer nucleotide bases and a higher rate of mutation compared with the chromosomes in the nucleus . The fact that mtDNA is inherited maternally without recombination makes it valuable to anthropology as it preserves information about ancestry . Through his research experience with mtDNA in the study of the Iceman, the prehistoric Europeans and various other subjects, Sykes reaches the conclusion that all modern Europeans descended from seven women, "the seven daughters of Eve". Through careful experiments and scientific research, mtDNA is able to provide a convincing outline of human evolution in the last million years. However, it is by no means the perfect solution. The general theory Sykes constructed, that modern humans were derived from one or a few ancient females that diverged and spread to the continents, is consistent with a number of pieces of archeological and biological evidence. However, when the details are examined, the claim that all modern Europeans descend from seven individuals is not completely credible. In addition, the presence of ambiguous clusters of gene networks seems to defy the argument that mitochondrial DNA is inherited exclusively from females. Two distinct models have been proposed to explain the origin of modern man . The...
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added: 09/20/2011
When I was in the eighth grade, my friends and I loved to do certain things that might be labeled "bad" but at the time of things, they were actually quite fun. One thing that we loved to do in the summer time was go swimming. My friend, Leo, had a membership at a local pool and we always went there to swim. We would have a blast just sitting around and talking or playing games in the pool. One night when we were hanging out, a few friends made the suggestion that we should go swimming. My initial thought was that nobody had a pool and all of the public pools were closed. Dan and John then suggested that we sneak into the public pool and go for a "quick dip." At first, everyone had qualms about jumping over a fence and entering a pool when it was closed, but slowly Dan and John convinced Ryan that we should do it. Then all three of them convinced Vijay that we should go swimming. Pretty soon I was the only person in the group that was still not convinced and even though I knew that it was wrong, I went along with my friends, as to not be left out and to have some fun. We jumped the fence and went swimming for about an hour until the police came and we should have got into trouble, but we were young and the police took pity on us and just yelled at us. I could have got into trouble with the law as well as my parents all because I went conformed with my group of friends. Even to this day, I distinctly remember my chance of telling my group of friends that I didn't want to go, but I didn't...
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added: 02/12/2012
ANGLICARE As the name suggests this particular organization stemmed out of the eagerness to provide care to needy Australians possessed by Anglican Christians in Australia and other nations. Since 1875, over 140 years ago, Anglicans have shown this by working to offer care for needy and neglected citizens of Australia under the title Anglican home missions society. The Anglican Church had smaller caring agencies among this group and most of them had a meeting together in 1983 at Gibulla in south Sydney. They talked about the work they were doing, they decided that the agencies had become slightly more politically minded of late and that this could be used to provoke the governments of Australia and the welfare agencies to more actively address the welfare and poverty issues. The conference discovered that although caring for the needy communities, the homeless and so on, the first and primary reason for this work was to be more like Jesus Christ and do his work in the world, these ideas are summed up and stated in the national Anglican welfare conference manifesto-"the church's welfare work is an expression of Christ's love in the world." In 1988, given the regular meetings of the various caring agencies it was decided to form a large group known as NACON (the National Anglican Caring Organization Network.) In September 1997, 60 agencies within NACON joined together to form stronger, more tightly structured organization within Victorian legislation. Anglicare is born, which would now replace NACON. The name anglicare was already being used in western Australia since the 1970's, but now the national group has adopted it. The combination of all these diverse agencies allowed anglicare to join together and offer all forms of care such as: aged care, indigenous care, and care for the wider community under the one name and...
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added: 10/21/2011
i think sex is the best thing in the world i wish all i could do all day is have sex. i think we should all be able to have sex all day, dont you agree. people take too much time duing other things when they should be having sex all day & night long. i wish i were the president of the unied states, i would make a law that prohibits people from working long hours during the week. we need to take more time for sex. sex is the best thing since sliced bread dont you agree? we should also come together as a peolpe and vote se3x as americas past time. not baseball, who wants to play baseball when you could have sex all day and night long. my second reason for thinking this way is that women love sex too much not to do it all day long. i wish i could change the society pictures having an orgasm. i think all black peolpe should come together and vote sex as the number one thing to do in our homes. we should raise all peole to respect sex and everything it has to offer. people dont realize what they are missing out on. the finer things in life come at a price, and oral sex, or plutonic sex are all great things to do while keeping the devils mind idle. i think i will teach my kids to have sex for a living, it will make them a better person....
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added: 02/15/2012
The cause of homosexual behaviors has long been a controversial topic debated by scientists, psychologists, and many others among the general population. The Newsweek article Born or Bred discusses many possible causes of homosexuality. According to the research done in 1991 by neuroscientist Simon LeVay, the area of the brain that controls sexual activity called the hypothalamus, was less than half the size in homosexual males compared to heterosexual males. This result tells us that homosexuals might not have gotten a chance to choose their sexuality because they were simply born into it. But there are loopholes in this research because Levay's subjects were all cadavers, therefore he could not dispute nor verify Kenneth Klivington's argument that, "the brain influences behavior, behavior shapes experience, experience affects the organization of the brain, and so forth." Klivington seemed to think that there are environmental factors to be considered when dealing with the causes of homosexuality. He believes that sexual orientation has certain affects on brain structure as he points out, "the brain's neural networks reconfigure themselves in responses to certain experiences." Psychologist Michael Bailey and psychiatrist Richard Pillard conducted a research involving the study of homosexuals among twins. The result of their research concludes that genetic factors take on a big part of a person's sexual orientation. This can lift the burden of self-blame from homosexuals because they are no longer the blame for their own sexuality. The three major theories that are used in an attempt to explain the causes of homosexuality are biological, psychoanalytical, and learning theories. Biological theories include factors such as genetic, prenatal, brain, and hormonal imbalance. Of the four, only research on genetic and brain factor seems to have real evidence to support the biological aspect of homosexuality, while the other two have inconsistent findings. The psychoanalytical...
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added: 01/16/2012
Syphilis Etiology--Spirochete Treponema Pallidum Type of organism--Bacteria Specific symptoms--Characterized by a small lesion, called a chancre the secondary stage, a generalized rash appears. Painless ulcers develop in the mouth, and broad, wartlike lesions, may appear in the genital area. Headache, fever, and enlarged lymph glands are sometimes observed. Specific modes of transmission-- the exchange of body fluids such as sexual contact, kissing and oral sex. Infection from contaminated objects is rare because drying quickly kills the bacteria but has been known to happen. A fetus carried by a woman with syphilis may contract the disease, which is called congenital syphilis. Effects-In most cases the effect are temporary but if left untreated can be permanent. Medication--Benzathine Penicillin Is STD curable—Yes Ways to prevent the specific STD--Don't have sex, two people only having sexual relations with each other, condoms. Specific description of who needs to be treated if one sexual partner is found to have the STD--The person found to have syphilis and anybody that had contact (see modes of transmission above) with the person. Gonorrhea Etiology-- Neisseria gonorrhoeae Type of organism—Bacteria Specific symptoms--Gonorrhea is often symptom less, and men are more likely to develop symptoms than women are. When present, symptoms include burning urination and penile or vaginal discharge. Specific modes of transmission-- the exchange of body fluids such as sexual contact, kissing and oral sex. Infection from contaminated objects is rare because drying quickly kills the bacteria but has been known to happen. A fetus carried by a woman with syphilis may contract the disease. Effects--In most cases the effect are temporary but if left untreated will be permanent. Medication--Gonorrhea is treatable with several antibiotics but has become resistant to many of these drugs in the past several decades. Is STD curable--Yes Ways to prevent the specific STD--Don't have sex, two people only having sexual relations with each other, condoms. Specific description of who needs to be treated if...
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added: 01/27/2012
Sinopec, or China Petrochemical Corporation, is the major shareholder of four chemical subsidiaries including Jilian Chemical Industrial Company, Yizlang Chemical Fibre Company, Tiayin Bohai Chemical Company and Shanglai Petrochemical Company. Shanghai is one of the largest petrochemical companies in China, which produces four divisions of products containing 66 different types of products. The divisions are petroleum products, intermediate petrochemicals, synthetic resins and plastic products, synthetic fiber raw materials and synthetic fibers. Currently Shanghai has 66 sets of main production plants, which includes oil-refining, petrochemical processing, manufacturing of synthetic fibers and plastics. Shanghai gained two thirds of their plant and patented technology from Germany, Japan, Italy, and United States. In 1993, Shanghai Petrochemical Company (further referred to as Shanghai) was the first company "that organized under the PRC laws to make a global equity offering," (case number 9703 the Shanghai Petrochemical Company, LTD) and have shares listed on 3 stock exchanges, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, and the New York Stock Exchange. Shanghai's shares of stock consist of two classes, the A-Class, which is owned by the state or legal persons, and the H-Class that is traded on the stock exchange in Hong Kong. As of March 2003, Shanghai had a total of 299,989 shareholders of which 3,333 H-Class and 296,656 A-Class providing direct financing of $520 million USD. In 1995, Shanghai's Board of Directors created an internal five-year plan in hopes of improving production processes and reduces waste. So they sought to create a joint venture with other companies. Shanghai and US Phillips Petroleum International Company created an agreement forming Golden-Phillips Petrochemical Company Limited. Both companies will benefit from this venture. Phillips will gain access to the growing Chinese market and Shanghai will gain technology and capital from Phillips. Since Shanghai has become the first company to enter the stock...
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added: 11/20/2011
Shark fining; little is known about this controversial issue. We see sharks in movies, Horror flicks where everyone dies from shark attacks, and News broadcasts of shark attacks and fatalities. With all this propaganda, who cares if they fin them for food, right? Fining: the practice of removing the fins of a shark and dumping its carcass back into the ocean is a wasteful and unsportsmanlike practice that could lead to over fishing of shark resources. That is one of the points that are the sense of the Congress taken from the 106th congress 1st session. Is this any better than what early frontiersmen did? Skinning the buffalo and just leaving the skinned carcass to rot and be wasted? Hundreds of millions of sharks are killed each year only for their fins. Not using the rest of the shark carcass to it's fullest potential is unsportsmanlike and wasteful. Shark fin soup, shark fin stew, these are delicacies. They are not a necessity to live and yet the demand is high. They are eaten primarily for the taste of the dish. Must we wait till they become and endangered species before we do something about it? The green sea turtles were killed for their shells and flesh nearly to extinction before we even started to try to stop the killing. Foods like this are not necessarily bad, but we must do it in moderation. Don't have another green sea turtle event. If there is something good, do you use it up till it's all gone? Once it's gone no one will be able to use that good thing again. In this case it's shark fining. Will we fin them until there is no more? Future generations will neither see the sharks nor taste dishes like this again. Maybe if we use more of the...
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added: 11/25/2012
Before we began the initial beach walk, our instructor related some valuable facts about Ship Island. In 1969, Camille, a level five hurricane, swept through the island breaking it in two. This occurrence split the island in exactly the right spot, making the East Island lush with trees and shrubs, and Ship Island a place for students like us to enjoy a day at the beach. During the beach walk, the first thing one notices is the vast difference in sand color. It changes from a deep black to a typical white sandy beach. This unusual feature of Ship Island is due to the production of coal near the Appalachian Mountains, which pollutes the sand and travels all the way to Mississippi! The sand, fine in texture, is fondly called "salt and pepper" sand by our instructor. At some parts on the approximately 100 foot wide beach, the sand slopes downward into the ocean, but on others, there is a distinct break where one has to take an actual step down to get to the water. One of the things we observed on the Gulf Coast beach was a dead sea turtle that was a Logger, which means its an aggressive sea turtle…though not so aggressive anymore since its dead. Also, many perfectly circular ghost crab holes were seen throughout the beach. These are said to have white/golden legs. We learned that the muddy areas located away from the Gulf were actually a mixture of sand and bird feces (yum). The guide picked up a thin striped hermit crab inside of an oyster drill shell. Another favorite shell of hermit crabs is a snail shell. We also found a Conch shell, but these cannot be removed from the island because they belong to an endangered species. The guide pointed out the head...
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added: 01/18/2012
Should animal dissection be permitted to continue in elementary, middle, and high schools that already use it? No way! I am totally against it! You can ban it in elementary, middle, and high schools because you really don't need it and some students won't even have a field related with this for their careers. The dissection activity should be open to those who have chosen to pursue a career that requires the knowledge of animal anatomy. People who have planned to pursue a career that requires the in-depth knowledge of animal anatomy are veterinarians, biologists, zoologists, and the like. But they chose their fields in college, so that's the appropriate place to have dissection for those who choose a field regarding it. All living things have rights—respect life. You want to show teenagers and children growing up to be respectful towards living things and have good moral ethics. But killing and mutilating animals is no way to show respect for the other living beings that we share this planet with. This would be teaching students wrongly about other living things at a time when they are developing their own moral ethics. Each discarded animal represents not only a life lost, but also a less enlightened time when people were not so aware of the issues involving cruelty and environmental destruction. Dissection was introduced in the 1920s as a way of studying anatomy, biology, physiology, and the theory of evolution. But we are now more advanced—we have better techniques of learning and we do not need to kill in the name of education. That was a primitive thing people did, but now we don't have to do it because we have technology and a much better understanding of the matters involving life in our planet. Back then, they didn't know any better. Now...
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added: 12/04/2011
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