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"Should the government allow scientists to study the causes of human mental disease by using embryonic material or cloning procedures in their research? Why or why not." Until the government creates laws restricting the use of embryonic material or cloning procedures for research, then I believe the government has no other choice but TO allow their use in research. The government creates the laws and the government enforces the laws. It is up to them. Now, if the question is SHOULD the government make laws restricting the use of embryonic material/ cloning procedures in research, then that is an entirely different matter. I have to agree with this statement made by Dr. David Prentice, a professor of life sciences at Indiana State University and a founder of Do No Harm, The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics. "The root of the debate really comes down to the ethical question of what's the moral status of a human embryo," he said. "Is it a person or is it a piece of property? And obviously we have no consensus on that in this country and I think that means we should not use taxpayer funds to fund this type of research." What it comes down to, really, is who is entitled to actually define the status of the embryo. My opinion, being Christian, is that unless God takes a keen interest in this debate then it will never be answered. However, God did bless us with a conscience and soul for use in the meantime. Until then, every man will be responsible for his actions. If the true essence of the research is benevolent and beneficial to mankind, I have to imagine it will be done regardless. I simply hope the government makes some restrictions regarding the usage of the material, the procedures in which it is...
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added: 12/10/2011
T. Rex and the Crater of Doom Walter Alvarez, a geologist, did an amazing job at playing detective in the book T. rex and the Crater of Doom. Though even more amazing is how he was able to convey his account, complete with his inevitable setbacks and occasional victories, in a captivating, suspenseful story. This was a good mystery where the crime was almost perfectly concealed and was full of misleading evidence for the detectives to sort through. Most remarkable and significant was his ability to swallow his pride, a rare attribute among scientists, in order to infer with other detectives from different scientific disciplines. This meticulous detective work helped prove the theory of a global mass extinction from an extraterrestrial and eventually uncovered Chicxulub, the K-T impact crater, almost 10 years after the controversy of its existence surfaced into scientific journals. For 65 million years, the story of the dinosaurs has been frozen in time at the small layer of clay called the "K-T boundary." It was in the early 1970's, when studying this layer of clay, that Walter Alvarez began making discoveries within the clay strata. One discovery found within the K-T boundary was several types of ejecta deposits. Among the deposits were an abundant source of spherules, tektites and other unusual fragments. Walter thought that they may have been created under the immense heat of an impacting meteor and then flung under the shock of the impact. A metamorphic rock created under such an environment could be the crucial evidence of an impact, if the right tool could be found- radiometric age dating. At the time, it was already well known that the dinosaurs died out about 65 millions ago, but the process of dating the new metamorphic rocks unique to the K-T boundary would bring about new confirmation...
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added: 02/06/2012
Cascadia Subduction Zone Quake (aka "The Big One") Having been a resident of the Northwest for my entire life, I have been quite sheltered from the real threat that earthquakes present. After all, large earthquakes only happen in places like California or Japan, not in the Northwest right? Despite the fact that I now know this to be an incorrect statement; this was my impression before discussing the topic with my brother. He suggested that I research the "Big" earthquake that was due to hit off the west coast of Canada. After doing some research on the subject I was astonished to find that the scientific community is in relative agreement that a large earthquake will strike the Northwest coast at the Cascadia subduction zone; one that could possibly be the most devastating earthquake in recent history. Here on the west coast we are on a plate edge, but we are also on what is called a subduction zone. A subduction zone is where two plates pass each other by one plate sliding below another. In rare instances the subducting plates can become locked and pressure continually builds on the locked plates until eventually the stress is too great and the plate snaps back into place. The end result of which is a massive earthquake capable of destroying thousands of lives. Much of the Northwest coasts infrastructure is not prepared for a quake of this magnitude, especially older buildings such as schools. Preparation for this potentially catastrophic event should be of the utmost importance to all residents in the Northwest. This particular subduction zone is called the Cascadia subduction zone. For the past 300 years these two plates have been stuck onto each other. The pressure caused by the movement of the plates has caused the North American plate to bow. Every year...
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added: 11/13/2011
The technique of paper making was intoduced into Japan from China during the early seventh century. When the Japanese began making paper, it improved, because it was made sturdy and soft and it didn't rip when it was handled. The name of the paper was washi, and that unique type of paper inspired many forms of cultural creativity, among them origami. The date of the origination of origami is unknown. However, a record was kept of the letters and wrapping paper that were first folded. During the rise of the samurai society, the art of paper folding for practical and formal purposes rose as well. An example of the way origami was once used can still be seen in the noshi, a decoration of folded red and white paper attached to a gift. Origami that is made to look like a crane or boat, for instance, is retorted as origami for entertainment. However, They may have been used in the past for the purpose of taking the people's mind off of their illnesses. They began to be made sometime around the beginning of the Edo period which shared the time of an age in which mass-produced, low-priced paper came to be widely used among the people. During the Genroku era, origami of the crane and many varieties of boats used as designs on clothing became fashionable, and they were also replicated abundantly in Ukiyoe prints. Origami became wide-spread and used more during this time. About a hundred years later, books and such were published that were devoted exclusively to origami, which created a differeniated and mature form of origami. They were not only a form of children's amusement, but because they were also intended for adults, many of these origami were difficult to make and incorporated many complicated steps. The technique of creating paper was...
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added: 01/21/2012
To this question one can answer either 'yes' or 'no' and be correct with both conclusions as I will explain in this essay. It is all a matter of time. To the peasant, the servant and even the aristocracy of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, not only did the scientific revolution have little or no practical effect on their lives, most of them never even knew what it was or that it was happening. However, today in the twenty-first century not only are we aware that the scientific revolution took place at that time it is also obvious that our daily lives would be completely different had the scientific revolution not taken place. In view of the above we need to look at both eras to assess both answers and also to establish exactly what was the scientific revolution. The shift in the western mind from the medieval to the modern world was underpinned by the growth of science. Around the sixteenth, seventeenth and the eighteenth century, changes in the fields of Biology (looking at physiology and anatomy) and astronomy, which was mainly concerned with the issue of the solar system, began to occur. To begin with, these different factors became more and more established independently but then in the early eighteenth century they began to merge as one to create the Scientific Revolution, as these findings were spread to society. Some historians feel that the Scientific Revolution can be mainly described as the changing of man's view of what the Universe is and how it works. The Scientific Revolution occurred largely due to 'imaginative' philosophers such as Copernicus, Galileo and Newton. Before such philosophers as these the generally accepted astronomical system was that the Earth was at the centre of the Universe and that spheres holding 'fixed stars' (i.e. the moon, Jupiter...
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added: 11/05/2011
. MAN ..ENVIRONMENT ...POLLUTION Y. PRASANNA KUMAR Department of Chemistry, College of Engineering, GITAM, Visakhapatnam ¡V 530 045 Andhra Pradesh, India. Man is everywhere surrounded by a world of non-living materials and forces and a world of living forms that of plants and animals ¡V called the Biosphere. These two together constitute the natural environment. At the beginning somehow or other, man could make adaptations to it. Gradually there were sociological, cultural, scientific and technological developments and the natural environment got polluted and slowly started becoming detrimental and unfavorable for human health. Man is now trying to get acclimatized to these unfavorable conditions, which are a very slow process. Before the environment becomes fully unsuitable for human existence, the environment has to be modified and pollution controlled. Modification of the environment and controlling or preventing pollution means assuring necessary favorable contacts and minimizing the unfavorable. Its problems are manifold and to their solution bring in the resources of many of the fundamental branches of science. Hence the approach should be on a multidisciplinary basis for its solution. At the very foundation of this lie the Biological sciences, especially physiology and bacteriology. The Biologists and Medical Practitioners are to find out the living causatives of deceases in the biosphere, their behavior and find out preventive measures in addition to supplying information to Engineers, Technologists and Basic Scientists for its control. Living agents do not only pollute the environment but also by non-living matter, for which information is needed from Basic Sciences. Now the Engineering principles and Techniques based upon biological and scientific data are employed in the specialized field of control of the environment with those modifications and protective and preventive measures that have been found desirable for providing optimum conditions for health and well-being. So then it becomes obligatory for inclusion of environmental education in all...
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added: 12/23/2011
ABSTRACT Environmental impact is clearly evident in Australia. By using the concept of an ecosystem, the term environment is defined as being composed of six interconnected areas. Although Aboriginals modified their landscape, particularly through their use of fire, the impacts they made did not substantially damage the environment. In contrast, the white settlers quite deliberately set out to tame, civilze, and exploit the land. The native flora was affected by clearing, grazing, and introduction of foreign plants. Likewise, the fauna has had serious competition from introduced animals. Over half of Australia's wetlands have been destroyed in various ways, and our seas also fail to escape human impact. The land itself suffers from erosion, salinity, and desertification, as well as considerable change in the terrain. Industrial centres and the nation's cars affect the atmosphere. Each of these issues are closely inter-related. The seriousness of the impacts of 207 years of white settlement make it clear that the supporting ideologies are no longer sustainable. INTRODUCTION "In the last one hundred years man has reshaped the earth more than he did in all the preceding generations, and today he changes land, sea and sky more rapidly and radically than he ever did in the past. The sheer scale of our present impact on the environment confronts us ..."1 Indeed it does! And here in Australia no less than elsewhere. In fact David Attenborough estimates that eighty percent of Australia has been damaged since white settlement.2 What have been the actions and ideologies behind the environmental impacts? What have the impacts been? Can the Australian environment continue to sustain the impacts? In answering the first question Aboriginal and white environmental ideologies are discussed; to illustrate the different land management approaches; to provide a baseline for the state of the environment before settlement; and to understand why the settlers interacted...
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added: 01/09/2012
"A Chip Off the Old Cell" The actual process of cloning is nothing new. It began in the 1970s with the cloning of frogs. Scientists have cloned plants and animals for years since then. Recently, there have been continuing controversies regarding the process of human cloning, and whether or not our society has a use for it. On July 5,1996, scientist Ian Wilmut (after 277 attempts), created first born cloned mammal which was a healthy lamb by the name of "Dolly". A process called somatic nuclear cell transfer accomplished this task. For example, a cell is first taken from a donor female, then an unfertilized egg is taken from a second female, DNA from the cell is removed and transferred to the egg which is implanted into a surrogate mother, and finally the resulting baby is genetically identical to the original donor(The Human Cloning Process). Since this extraordinarily scientific breakthrough occurred there have been many reactions. March of 1997, President Clinton issued a moratorium banning the use of federal funds for human cloning for the following five years, giving the National Bioethics Board significant time to assess the risks of cloning and study ethical and social impacts. September of that same year, 64,000 biologists and physicians signed a voluntary 5-year moratorium on human cloning. January 1998, nineteen European nations sign a ban, and the FDA announces its authority to regulate human cloning (The Human Cloning Process). The controversy is still ongoing, but has made some progress within the recent years. People who are against human cloning state many logical concerns of its effectiveness and need in our society. The fear of the unknown takes a toll on the human psyche particularly on this issue. Lewis Thomas (1913-1993), a physician and scientist, states that his reasons for opposing human cloning is because "there...
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added: 06/27/2011
Biology Coursework Problem A cook wishes to prepare chips for a meal the following day. How does the cook keep the chips so that they will stay fresh. Experiment 1 Background Potatoes have selectively permeable membranes (cell membranes ) that lets water move from cell to cell by osmosis Plan I am investigating what you should keep chips in to keep them fresh. I will try to keep the chips the same weight and I will put them in the same amount of liquid solution. Hypothesis I think the chips should be kept in pure water because if kept in salty water all the water would leave the potato so it would just be salt in it so it would rot. Apparatus Potato, corer, balance, scalpel, boiling tubes, water, salt solution, tile. Method 6 chips of potato were cut about the same size and weight , 3 were put in to boiling tubes full of water and 3 were put into a boiling tube of 1 molar salt solution. They were left for a few days. Results: liquid Beginning weight End weight % change Salt solution 5.6g 6.01g +43% water 5.6g 5.4g -28% Experiment 2 Hypothesis Because of experiment 1's results, we decided to try solutions between water and 1 molar salt solution. We decided to have 3 test tubes of 2.5 ml water to 7.5 ml 1 molar salt solution and 3 test tubes of 7.5 ml water to 7.5 ml 1 molar salt solution Method We did the same as in experiment 1 but put the potato in the solutions talked about in the hypothesis. Results: start weight Ml of water Ml of salt sol End weight % change 2.10g 2.5 ml 7.5 ml 1.6g - 4.2 2.10g 2.5 ml 7.5 ml 1.7g - 3.7 2.10g 2.5 ml 7.5 ml 1.8g - 3.0 2.40g 7.5 ml 2.5 ml 1.8g - 4.2 2.80g 7.5 ml 2.5 ml 2.2g - 3.0 2.60g 7.5 ml 2.5 ml 1.8g - 6.2 Conclusion Doing the...
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added: 02/15/2012
Dr Wade Hampton 5 October 2001 Euthanasia This was billed as euthanasia a South African Perspective but it is more of a personal perspective as a Christian whose mind is directed by Christ, as a Doctor who has had over the years to face these issues and as a person committed to see South Africa prosper and be blessed. When we deal with life decisions we enter an area of mystery and when we deal in particular with end of life decisions we are in a place where we see through a glass darkly and so there is room for humility and for grace. It is easy to become dogmatic and lose sight of the real human dilemmas and the pain that these situations create so when we look at these issues we need to tread softly because in a real sense we are walking on someone's grave. ? Rotweiler and vet These situations are often too heavy for us to bear and it is possible to look for easy solutions and that which might be considered reasonable for a sick dog is now being suggested for humans. Euthanasia in its literal translation means the good death, which is something we can all seek to be part of. But its meaning has been narrowed down to mean the premature termination of life Under the banner of Death with Dignity many lives are terminated before that death can be defined as good and the challenge we face as we attempt to turn back the tide of the euthanasia movement is to provide a death that is truly with dignity and good without the premature termination of that life. We need to provide the hope and the vision to make every death truly good. So what are the central questions that we need to answer before we can deal with...
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added: 11/23/2011
Nine months later Bobinot came home from Friedheimer's store in an absolute rage. While he was down at the store he ran into Alcee, and Alcee told him about the encounter he had with his wife a while back during the big storm. He told him everything that had happened and how it made him realize that he wanted his wife back. This pissed Bobinot off and sent him into an immediate rage. He began beating Alcee until Mr. Friedheimer came and pulled him off Alcee. By this time it was to late Bobinot had already busted Alcee's nose and broke his arm. After Bobinot calmed down a little he began yelling at Alcee, "I hope my wife likes you now, cause I don't think your wife is gonna like you to much!" Bobinot rushed home to confront his wife about the situation. When he walked in the door he began yelling vigorously for his wife. She came out from the kitchen asking "Bobinot what's wrong , you need to calm down?" Bobinot replied "I ain't calmin down for shit until I get some damn answers! What went on between you and Alcee that night he was over here during the storm?" "Why nothing Bobinot, why do you ask?" exclaimed Calixta. "I just come from Friedheimer's store where I ran into Alcee and he was apologizing for some stuff he done with you the night of the storm; and now he's all bloodied up!" Said Bobinot. "Well is he alright?" asked Calixt, "Who Cares about him, is what he told me true Calixta?" asked Bobinot. "Well it depends on what he told you but yes stuff happened that night!" After Bobinot heard this he went right over to Alcee's house so he could talk to his wife and tell her what had...
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added: 12/24/2011
Autobiographical memory is not as reliable and accurate as most people think. In fact, autobiographical memory can be fallible, incomplete and susceptible to external factors. The paradigm, however, is that people are most likely to trust themselves and their own memories more than anything else and will generally stick to their own story, even in the face of contrary evidence. Autobiographical memories are specific, long-lasting and generally carry a great deal of personal significance. Memory for events is the largest component of autobiographical memory and is comprised of three separate but related domains, (1) memory for specific events that have happened to you, (2) memory for general events, which gives you a broad sequence of actions in an event, and (3) a generic summary of your life, which enables you to answer basic questions someone might ask about you to get to know you better. Accessing this information is generally accomplished by entering the event memory at the general-event level, although the information is at the specific-event level. Over the past several years, there has been an increase in the number of cases of adults undergoing psychotherapy claiming to have recovered long-repressed memories of sexual abuse at the hands of parents or other family members. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to determine whether and in what sense these types of individual memories are true or false. The extreme emotional stress of both the patients and their families highlights the importance memory plays in our lives, regardless of accuracy. One category of autobiographical memory, known as flashbulb memory, is exceptionally vivid. Flashbulb memory is the memory for a situation in which a person first learned of a very surprising and emotionally arousing event. This typically involves memories of events of national or international significance, such as the assassination of President Kennedy or Dr. Martin...
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added: 12/16/2011
Reactions in a Bag Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to miss several chemicals in a plastic bag, observe evidence of a reaction, then try to determine which chemicals are responsible for the changes. Materials: • Calcium Chloride • Silicon Dioxide • Bromthymol blue solution • Zipper-close bag • 10 mL graduated cylinder • Sodium hydrogen carbonate • Plastic spoons Class Procedure: 1. Examine each of the materials provided. 2. Blindfold one of the lab partners. This student should hold the bag during step 3. 3. Place one spoonful of each of the solids and 10 mL of the liquid in the zip-lock bag. Quickly zip the bag shut. Observe any evidence that a reaction takes place. Include the observations by both lab partners. 4. Devise an experiment to determine which combination of chemicals is responsible for each of the changes that occur. In other words, which material(s) could be left out and still have each change occur? You may use laboratory glassware for your experiment, but you must have your experimental design approved by the teacher before you start. Results: We observed many reactions in this experiment, such as the mixture of chemicals became warm and hot. It also gave off gas causing the bag to expand. It bubbled, turned yellow, foamed and fizzed. Group Procedure: 1. Take one spoonful of calcium chloride and put it in the plastic bag and pour 10mL of the blue solution, Bromthymol blue, and label the bag accordingly. 2. Do the same for each chemical and record observations. 3. Combine Calcium Chloride and Silicon dioxide and pour one spoonful of each in the bag and pour 10mL of the blue solution in it and record observations. 4. Do the same for the combination of Calcium Chloride and Sodium Hydrogen carbonate. Observe results. 5. Then do the Silicon Dioxide and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate in a different bag, add 10mL the blue solution and observe results. Our...
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added: 01/05/2012
Before reading this paper you should ask yourself one question. Should the Bush Administration drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? To answer that questions quite simply, the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game says no. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is in the northeast corner of Alaska between the Beaufort Sea, and the Brooks Mountains. The 19.6 million acre protected refuge is a very important part of many animals in Alaska. It provides birthing, mating, and resting grounds for 100's of species of animals. There are 160 bird species alone that use the refuge as breeding and nesting grounds. It is the most important denning area for U.S. polar bears, while the Porcupine caribou herd, the 2nd largest caribou herd with 130,000 head, use the refuge as their calving grounds. The Bush Administration is looking into drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to help with the United States dependence on foreign oil for energy. However the White House is overlooking that they will be doing America more harm than good if they do explore for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Many organizations have done research on the effects if drilling and the results are very negative. National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) stated that, "Prudhoe Bay -- a gargantuan oil complex that has turned 1,000 square miles of fragile tundra into a sprawling industrial zone containing 1,500 miles of roads and pipelines, 1,400 producing wells and three jetports." All of this combined a few barrels of oil but nothing that will ever make a dent in our dependence upon foreign oil. However more importantly it has caused 60 giant contaminated waste sites. These sites leak very often and disperse lead, acids, pesticides, diesel fuels, and various solvents in to the ground, and the nearby water...
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added: 09/12/2011
Type of Services Offered The famous "Twelve Steps" of AA express the philosophy and recovery process of this international association. Offering hope of recovery from alcoholism is an essential feature of Alcoholics Anonymous. Such hope is provided by example and supportive interrelationships with other members of this self-help fellowship. Each person is expected to become involved with the Twelve Steps of AA, an ongoing process that "twelve-steppers" refer to as "working the Program…" The word "alcohol" appears only in the first step. This one reference underscores AA's belief that the main work in recovery is a restructuring of the alcoholic's life. The Twelve Traditions of AA are the operational principles of the fellowship and express the importance and significance of the group in relationship to its members, nonmembers, and society in general. Group Size This group looks pretty big. There were about 50 people. Agency Purpose Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the most successful approaches in recovery from alcoholism. AA is a fellowship of problem drinkers who want help in maintaining sobriety. The agency's purpose is to help alcoholics to quit drinking. When they gather together, they help each other to quit drinking. They share their experiences with each other and they learn through their experiences. When they hear different stories on how bad alcohol can make you look, then they understand that there is no purpose for using alcohol. What the agency does is that they let everybody gather together and share their own experiences. Source of Clients Source of clients can be from court orders, doctor referrals, counseling or just being tired of self abuse. Cost of Clients This program is completely free and available to everybody. How is Program Funded? It's a self-supported organization which works through donations. Program Methodology This program is developed on these twelve steps 1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol-that our lives had become unmanageable. 2. Came to...
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added: 01/16/2012
Critical Thinking: Review of a research article Somatic complaints and psychopathology in children and adolescents: stomach aches, musculoskeletal pains, and headaches. Background research The article is focusing on the correlation between somatic complaints and the possibility of mental distress. It began by looking at the prevalence of certain complaints amongst children. They site a variety of different authors to state how often children suffer from headaches, limb pain and stomach aches. It also gives the important detail that Medical causes of stomach aches are identified in only 5% to 10% of all cases (Apley and Naish, 1958; Boyle, 1997; Stickler and Murphy, 1979). It continues by separating each of the discomforts into the three categories and delve deeper into the implications for each. It states that children with stomach pain have a greater occurrence of anxiety and depressive symptoms. (Astrada et al., 1981) It even went on to say that even the small percentage that has a medical diagnosis still have higher incidence certain anxiety and depression (Garber et al., 1990). Headaches, limb pain, and combination complaints have similar data. They found a difference in the results of boys and girls so they did separate them when doing the study. They found that there were more headaches and stomach aches with anxiety and depression in girls and conduct disorder in boys. (Egger et al., 1998) Methods Using the Great Smokey Mountain Study (Costello, 1996) they selected a group based on a predetermined cutoff behavioral score, then did a random 1-of-10 sampling. They did 4 waves of studies and they analyzed children age 9-16. (Egger, et al. 1999). They then did a series of interviews with the child and their primary care-taker to established a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Assessment (CAPA) which results in a DSM diagnoses. (Egger et al. 1999) With the use of a computer they...
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added: 10/20/2011
Impetigo Although frequent in children, impetigo can occur in people of any age. Impetigo is a skin infection that is generally caused by one of two bacteria: Groups A streptococcus or staphylococcus aureus. Impetigo is most common in young children and is also contagious. A child is more probable to develop impetigo if his or her skin has already been irritated or injured by other skin problems. It can affect any skin on the body, but it is most common around the nose and mouth. It forms round, crusted, oozing spots that grow larger day by day, and can also occur as small blisters containing pus-like material that may break to from a honey-colored crust. The rash will appear anywhere from four to ten days after the infection. When the infection is crusting or oozing it is contagious. It is usually caused by someone who as impetigo or boils, but it usually sprouts out of the blue with no apparent reason and no source. Some precautions need to be taken to help everyone else from getting infected. The infected should avoid close contact with people, there should be some separate towels for the infected because it can, but is less likely, to spread from clothing, and they should without doubt see a doctor. Usually antibiotics taken in by the mouth can clear up the impetigo within four to five days, and in these days the child should not be in school. The infection can also be helped with an antibiotic ointment, like polypro. The crusts should be disinterested before the ointment and there should also be a clean cloth with some white vinegar and some lukewarm water swiped over the infected area before the ointment. Impetigo is usually caused by a direct source, but not always; so when your children get...
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added: 01/12/2012
"Abuse" and Cochlear Implants In the movie, Sound and Fury, one is introduced to Heather, a young deaf girl trapped between a rivaling interfamily tension, where in her grandparents reason that her parents are concurring with a type of physical abuse by denying their daughter a cochlear implant; a device which would allow Heather the potential to hear. The parents of Heather, being deaf themselves, are by no means abusive when they made their decision to decline Heather of receiving a cochlear implant. Abuse is the physical and mental harm that is inflicted upon a person. In this situation, this understanding of abuse does not apply in that the decision Heather's parents made a decision which was thoughtfully crafted, weighed out and considered so that their daughter would be sheltered from any harm that would result. One cannot be quick to label Heather's parents as being "abusive" until the logic behind the decision is compiled and analyzed. The decision of Heather's parents was based upon medical research of Cochlear Implants, the need to maintain the deaf culture within the family and the experiences they have been exposed because of being deaf. The National Institute of Deafness and other Communication Disorders defines a Cochlear Implant as "a small, complex electronic device that is surgically implanted within the skin situated behind the ear that can help to provide a sense of sound to a person profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing (NIDCD)." Although this sounds like a Cochlear Implant can be a miracle worker, Heather's parents found that a Cochlear Implant may not be effective for everyone. The implant is most effective when implanted at youth before language develops or immediately after having a hearing loss of which a person had exposure to language (Zak). Heather, still being young did have the possibility...
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added: 01/30/2012
SPH 3U: Acceleration of Free-Falling Corey McCormick Masses 09/14/03 Purpose: What effect does the mass of a free-falling object have on the object¡¦s acceleration? Independent/Dependent Variables: The independent variable in this lab is the free-falling object¡¦s mass, while the dependent variable is the free-falling object¡¦s acceleration. Hypothesis: If the mass of the free-falling object is doubled then the acceleration will be the same because everything falls at the same speed no matter its mass. A free-falling object can be defined as an object whose acceleration depends solely on the ¡§acceleration of gravity¡¨, which is measures at 9.8 m/s/s [downwards]. Materials: „h Ticker Timer „h x2 - Ticker Tape (~20 cm long) „h x2 - A piece of scotch tape „h 100g mass „h 200g mass „h School bag „h A table Procedure: 1. The ticker timer was plugged into an outlet on the wall. 2. One of the pieces of ticker tape was inserted into the ticker timer (shinny side up). 3. The 100g mass was taped to the end of the ticker tape with one of the pieces of the scotch tape. 4. The ticker timer set up was then placed near the edge of the table. 5. The school bag was placed under table (directly below the edge of the table where the ticker timer set up was placed). (The school bag was used simply to stop the mass from hitting the floor when it was dropped from the table). 6. The ticker timer was turned on and set to 60 Hz. „³ The set up looked like this: Top view: Side View: 7. The 100g mass was dropped from the edge of the table allowing the ticker timer to mark the ticker tape every 1/60th of a second showing the objects position every 1/60th of a second. 8. The ticker tape used was labeled ¡§100g mass¡¨. 9. Procedure steps #2 through #8 were repeated using a 200g mass to replace the 100g...
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h of nations is the subject for a different speech by a different speaker. But accounting has a part to play, an important part, because of its role in making markets work effectively. And this is very much the subject for this speech ------------------------------------------------------------- Accounting systems have been used for thousands of years. As businesses grew, people to keep track of costs, profits, and losses invented accounting systems. Modern accounting measures and communicates financial information about an economic entity. This information is used to plan, control ... -------------------------------------------------------------- Accounting is a very popular and important job in our business society. They do a lot more then just prepare ep teh records. In large business, modern accounting machines are used to operate. ------------------------------------------------------------- Accounting Accounting is the recording, classifying, summarizing, and interpreting of financial events and transactions to provide management and other interested parties the information they need to make good decisions. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Today's accounting in China is strikingly different from 30 years ago. In western countries, there appeared to have been relatively little interest in the accounting system used in China before the 1970s (Zhou 1988). The language barrier and differences in culture may have contributed to ... ----------------------------------------financial statements and recording business transactions. Accounting falls in two main category¡¯s public and private. My mother is a very hard working accountant and is the Vice President of ... ----------------------------------------------------------- From the 1920¡¯s the accountancy profession used rigidly4 structured accounting systems that ceased to evolve and adapt over the years of rapid change and Development in the 60 years it took for a noticeable change in practices to ... ----------------------------------------------------------- INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARD The overall objective of an International Accounting Standard is to contribute . They do a lot more then just prepare financial statements and recording business transactions. Accounting falls in two main category¡¯s public and private. My mother is a very hard...
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