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I. Introduction: A. Attention Getter: By a show of hands, how many people in this classroom are under the age of 21? As you look around the classroom, you will see that many of you are under this age. Now think to yourself, even though you are under the age of 21, does it mean that no one in this classroom has ever tried alcohol? According to Prof. Rosenberg from the Psychological Bulletin 1993, alcohol is the most serious problem facing teenagers. B. Link to Audience: We are all students at college and most likely gone to one party with alcohol. C. Speaker Credibility: Being a college student and under the age of 21, I have researched this topic of underage drinking because I thought this issue would be extremely beneficial to all of us since we are in college & will most likely be going through experiences involving alcohol. D. Thesis Sentence: Today I'm here to convince you to think twice about picking up that next bottle of alcohol. E. Preview of Speech: First, I will to talk about why teenagers should not have alcohol. Next, I'll discuss why teens are not responsible enough to drink and lastly I'll explain how alcohol is not good for your health. Transition: Let's begin by talking about why teenagers should not have alcohol. I. Main Point #1 A. Underage drinking is illegal in all 50 states. 1. The tolerance that police have to a teenager drinking and driving is absolutely zero. 2. Most parents who find out that their child has been drinking are not pleased with it. 3. Underage drinking is a crime. It is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable with a maximum sentence of 6 months incapacitation and a $1000.00 fine. B. Not only is underage drinking against the law, but...
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Speeches are written to amuse and persuade the audience and eventually lead them to agree with the speaker's views. Pericles is an example of an orator, who spoke about his funeral oration. An oration is a persuasive speech intended to inspire and incite people to action. It is often called the art of persuasion. Carefully planned, an oration has certain recognizable parts such as the opening, the narration of facts, the definition of terms to be explained, the intention, evidence addressing the arguments for or against the proposition, a contradiction of the opposing arguments, and the conclusion summarizing the arguments. In order for Pericles to go about these parts, he must use the three rhetorical devices: pathos, ethos, and logos to help the audience support his views more easily. Rhetorical devices are the art of oratory, speaking, or writing effectively. The first type of rhetorical device in which Pericles uses is pathos. Pathos persuades the listeners with the orator's emotions and feelings about the social issue. Pericles uses pathos in both the opening and closing scene. Pericles begins his speech by saying the total opposite of what the audience expects. He allows the audience to know how he feels about his glory of being an Athenian. For example, Pericles says "I will speak first of our ancestors, for it is right and seemly that now, when we are lamenting the dead, a tribute should be paid to their memory" (Thucydides 374) The closing scene summarizes the arguments and stirs up the audience. He mentions glory in a woman, which shows his personal feelings to persuade the audience one last time. The second type of rhetorical device that Pericles uses is ethos. Ethos is a bit different because it discusses the morals and issues that the Athenians came across. Pericles uses ethos in...
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After the recent terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States government has been in a difficult position of relaying information to the United States citizens to ensure their security and attempting to maintain in good relationships with other nations. In the months preceding Colin Powell's February 5, 2003 address to the United Nations the communications between the United States, its citizens, and other nations had become even more essential due to the ongoing war on terrorism and the threat of war in Iraq became increasingly probable. Although war was a possible solution to the problem with Iraq (What problem? State the problem), it was not a unanimously agreed upon position either in or outside of the United States. In fact, there was very strong opposition to the proposition among both the citizens and the officials of both the U.S. and other countries. As Colin Powell, a well-respected former soldier and general of the U.S. army and the current Secretary of State, spoke to the United Nations Security Council on February 5, 2003, he could not forget the emotion that was felt on that dreadful day in September, nor could he forget that the United States was not alone in their desire to disarm Iraq; rather, it was a situation that involved all the countries of the United Nations although no other country was so fiercely impacted as the United States by the al-Qaida terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. In order to make an effective case for war against Iraq, Powell uses the structure of his speech to provide facts and to present a line of reasoning that the council and citizens can follow while also appealing to the emotional level of his audiences. The language he chose to frame this speech also had considerable impact on the message he wanted to convey to the United Nations. By using various...
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Bibliography: Information for the Using Motivated Sequence The Motivated Sequence Design is used in a persuasive speech urging the audience to some form of action. It follows a problem-solution design. Don't let this fool you into thinking you can only use this when there is a problem to be solved. This design can also be used as a persuasive form of selling. Think of all the junk mail you receive, more than likely the advertisers are using the motivated sequence to sell the product. They are trying to establish a need for you to buy or use their product, and showing you how you can benefit from the product and urging action on your part. The first step in the motivated sequence is to establish attention in the introduction. You are trying to get the audience interested in what you will be talking about in the speech. The second step is the need step that is established in the body of the speech. Here you will demonstrate to the audience why your topic or product is important to them. Thus, it's the same as in the Informative Speech of showing why your topic is important to your audience. However, note that this step is the first step in the body of a persuasive speech, unlike the informative speech where it is in the introduction. The third step is satisfaction. Also in the body of the speech, here you will demonstrate to the audience how they will be satisfied with your product or solution. The fourth step in the sequence is visualization. You ask the audience to visualize the success of your solution/product, or the consequences of not taking the action you request of them. The fourth step is in the body of the speech also. The fifth and final step of the sequence is a call to action....
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The Power of Metaphors Two scores ago, in the heart of the United State's capital, a gathering formed near the feet of the author of the Emancipation Proclamation. Just as Lincoln did in his time, another man was raised during the time of the early sixties to lead the civil rights movement. The speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was less than seventeen hundred words, however, the truths that were said, the feelings that were provoked and the power of Dr. King's voice will forever resonate through out all generations of time to come. In his powerful speech, Dr. King used descriptive metaphors to help convey the needed changes and goals for America in those early stages of the equal rights movement. The crowd that gathered that humid august day all became a part of history. Large majority of the gathering were African-Americans, however there were people of other ethnic backgrounds present that day, for the message given by Dr. King was for all people united in brotherhood and sisterhood. Dr. King addressed this diversified group in a manner that all would be able to understand coming from different backgrounds. His choice in using descriptive metaphors and analogies gave way to a persuasive speech to help further the needed changes in the United States. Dr. King's use of metaphors proved to be a useful tool to speak to this large group. Several biblical references were made to relate the struggle of equal rights using such words and phrases as "exalted" and "the cup of bitterness". The people listening to Dr. King were God fearing people that held such beliefs sacred, which ultimately helped relate the message of Dr. King to this group. This proved to be very effective to ignite feelings of the necessity of being treated equal as we are...
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added: 12/14/2011
ABSTRACT As today's society reaches to more and more technological advances, people have become increasingly dependent upon visual proof for credibility. Today, the art of persuasive public speaking is known for its visual presentation through appearance. Aspects such as voice, body language, and physicality contribute to the outward appearance that all speeches posses. Therefore, the speaker's capability to effectively persuade an audience lies in the ability to establish a strong and credible ethos. Research was conducted through numerous public speaking books, personal interviews with leading speakers, and a public speaking forum to prove appearance's dominating role in persuasive public speeches. I have competed for five years in the National Forensic League high school public speaking organization. Throughout my experiences, I have had the opportunity to write and perform numerous orations, as well as travel to compete nationally. Speaking in front of people is my talent; it's my passion. I've learned that when aiming to persuade, the influence of your audience lies in the presentation of the speaker. Everything from dress selection, to the octave level of voice, to the way a person uses their hands, all contribute to the fluidity of a speaker's competency. This essay is a reflection of my experience for successful public speaking. I INTRODUCTION TO ETHOS Public speaking has persuaded people since the early centuries. Persuasive public speaking has evolved into an art, and what sets speakers apart in their ability to persuade is not always the fluidity of their ideas, but rather the manner in which they present themselves. If appearance entails "an outward aspect," and appearance holds as the first feature an audience notices in a presentation, then much more than content is taken into consideration (American Heritage College Dictionary, 1997). Therefore, the speaker must be aware of appearance when aiming to deliver a persuasive speech. Such...
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The Five Syllables of Despair What do SpongeBob Squarepants, Joey Tribbiani, my theatre teacher, high school students, and many parents have in common? No, it's not that they all have Golgi bodies and retinas. Let me give you a hint. They put off 'till tomorrow what they should do today... get my drift? About right now, Joey is late for an audition, Spongebob is writing an essay due in five minutes, my theatre teacher is dilly dallying on who to cast for the upcoming show, high school students are too tired to do anything and parents are putting off their morning meetings until the afternoon! And do you know what causes all this chaos? Just five syllables: PROCRASTINATION. From the 'I'll do it later' excuse to the 'Aw man, I can't believe I put this until the last minute!' worrying, procrastination is ruining our lives! We have all procrastinated in our lifetime whether it may be delaying to take the dog out or finishing a major school project like writing a persuasive speech that includes antithesis, ethos, pathos, logos, similes, metaphors, anecdotes, and other things that I haven't mentioned that are hopefully in this speech. I know I did not procrastinate on this speech about procrastination because that would be just wrong. But what about you guys, the sleep deprived high school students? Do you usually put off things until the last minute? This issue is becoming a bad habit and Ted Fishman, writer in the USA Today, states that, 'Procrastination is now a topic right up there with race, class and the salaries of university presidents.' It's affecting high school students in negative ways such as sleep deprivation, laziness, and even depression. Distractions are one of the leading causes of procrastination. Let's say your dream job is to be...
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Batman Imagine you're 5, and you come home from school. You throw your stuff down, grab the TV remote, sit down, and turn the TV on. You watch the screen go from black to color as you wait anxiously for your cartoon. Then you see a bat. Not any bat, but Batman, cruising around in his bat mobile, and you think "Wow, how cool!" And finally, when your parents take you to Toys' R' Us, you look around for Batman, past the Barbie's, past Spider-Man, past x-m…there it is, the Bat Mobile, the BAT MOBILE with the action figure and the bad guy. You buy it and come home, now you're the new king of the court, new toy, and the slickest one too. That's how I felt when I got my Bat mobile, the best toy ever. Now why is it the best? Because it's the awesome, most coolest car ever, faster than any Hot Wheel. And I was the only one in my court to have all three new Batman vehicles. Now you can say hot wheels is better because of the selection or say it's faster. But hot wheels aren't super heroes, and to me, Batman was my idol. Also, Batman's car wasn't just a normal car; it had secret weapons, a computer built on, and all kinds of good stuff. And I didn't really get into Hot Wheels when I was a little kid, Batman was always better. Why do I like Batman? Because it's the best cartoon ever, a superhero with a sidekick with action and things exploding, it's awesome! I liked it so much, Batman was everywhere in my room, toys, movies, bed sheets, posters, and comics. I loved Batman! You could easily say X-Men were better because they're all super heroes and have special powers. But...
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What you have just seen is a clip from "BLT: Genesis", which is a documentary on the film "Better Luck Tomorrow". After viewing this clip, let me ask you something... what comes to mind when you think of Asians in movies? After reading the results from a survey I conducted, many think of martial artists, exotic women, delivery boys, computer science geeks, nail parlors, laundry mats, and broken English. Director Justin Lin's new movie, "Better Luck Tomorrow", shatters these misconceptions and is on the verge of making history. Today, I am going to attempt to persuade you into viewing and supporting the film "Better Luck Tomorrow". I feel that I am a credible source because I recently attended a MAASU (Midwest Asian American Student Union) conference in which one of the actors, Roger Fan, came to speak to us. He showed us "BLT: Genesis" and spoke about the film. The audience, including myself, attained further information through the MAASU brochure and the "Better Luck Tomorrow" website. I will speak about three aspects of the movie: How BLT differs from other films, obstacles it has had to overcome, and reasons to why you should see and support the film. BLT differs from other films in many ways. First off, it's a predominantly all Asian American cast. Rebecca Louie, author of "Hoping for a little bit of 'Luck', found that according the 2000 census, Asian Americans make up 4.2% of the U.S. population, but a Screen Actors Guild study from the same year also indicated that only 1.7% of all lead roles cast went to Asian/Pacific Islanders. Now, you may have seen films that show Asians or Asian Americans starring as the main characters, but another main difference between BLT and other films is that the main characters do not play stereotypical roles. Parry...
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Find Free Essays on Persuasive Speech on Stereotypes ... paper you need to register for free here. If you are already a member then login here. Category: Speeches. Word Count: 616. ... Persuasive Speech on Stereotypes. ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages Find Free Essays on persuasive speech ... to view the entire paper you need to register for free here. If you are already a member then login here. Category: People. Word Count: 767. ... persuasive speech. ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ] Persuasive Speeches ... finding good persuasive speech topics or persuasive speech ideas. Anyone who has looked will also know how impossible it is to find free persuasive speeches. ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages Free Essay on Persuasive speech on stereotyping ... paper you need to register for free here. If you are already a member then login here. Category: Speeches. Word Count: 616. ... Persuasive speech on stereotyping. ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ] Informative Speech persuasive speech topics, free informative ... ... sphere. persuasive speech topics, free informative speeches. Within ... speaking. persuasive speech topics, free informative speeches. Her ... - 5k - Cached - Similar pages Get Free Essays Category: Speeches ... Essay Swap Online Essays Student Essays Beauty and Beasts College Drunk Fest College Hot or Not Term Paper Blues Web Hosting, Free Essays on ... PERSUASIVE SPEECH. ... - 25k - Cached - Similar pages Get Free Essays Category: Speeches ... not for profit organization. 908. Nothing is free in life. 909. Nowadays, the quality of education is very low. ... 958. PERSUASIVE SPEECH. 959. Persuasive Speech. ... - 27k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ] Free Term Papers on Speeches ... Free Essays on Speeches letter P 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L...
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