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Early 20th Century Nazi Germany ‡ Hitler 13th of August, 1937, Entry #13. Dear Diary, According to Hitler; "The young must be chiselled away. I want young men and women that can suffer pain. A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp's steel." We, the Youth of the Thousand year Reich, are the building blocks of future society. All of Germany must revolve around the Nazis, and we must all be devoted to the Fuhrer. Everything has changed since Hitler came to power; school, exercise, and life in general. As I am 13 years of age, I now belong to The Jungvolk, or in English, the Young Folk. I have already been through The Pimpfen, or in English, The Little Fellows, and I still have ahead of me The Hitlerjugend, or in English, the Hitler Youth – HJ. My sister, who is now 15 years of age, is in the League of German Girls. She passed through the Jungmadel, or the Young Girls of Germany, amid the ages 10 and 14, but she had to toil hard for it. If you want to pass to the next stage, you had to be nearly faultless. You had to be very athletic and physically adept, you had to be good looking and you also had to completely, totally and utterly dedicate yourself to the Fuhrer and his ideals. So we young people have a very hard time of it. I talked to my father the other night, to try to get him to help me understand what is happening to our country. My father doesn't have a very high opinion of the Fuhrer, but he likes to keep it quiet or otherwise he says we might get a visit from the Gestapo, the German secret police....
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added: 10/27/2012
History books mainly write about great men of the past,and how they achieved good or even great things for our world.Yet.,little is known about the great women of the past.It is only since the twentieth century that women are given equal opportunitioes.Despite such social changes,it is still a popular thought that it is men who change the world as we know it,yet many women have done so too.I learned much whilst researching this topic;for instance I did not know that so many women-who ironically are relatively unknown-have achieved great things in areas such as poltics,sport and music.That is why I am going to argue the case that "A women's place is not in the home." We all know about famous male scientists such as the great Einstien,but little is known about female scientists.Many would not know that Dorothy Hodgkin was the first British woman to win the Nobel Prize in 1964,for her work on penicillin and the structure of vitamins.Yet,it is a man,Fleming,we credit with the discovery of penicillin and neglect the role of Mrs Hodgkin in the development of a life-saving drug that is so important in our lives today.Emily Jane Lloyd was the first women to enter the Institute of Chemistry in 1892.Both of theses women acieved great things,but both are relatively unknown. It is also said that most well regarded athletes are male and this is reflected in the rewards paid out:men earn more,women less.Tennis players like Tim Henman and footballers like David Beckham and Ronaldo are known throughout the world-but they are men.Many would rather pay money to spectate at all male football or tennis match than any other all male sports,than pay an equal amount to watch women footballers,for instance.A major breakthrough took place in 1969 when the Women's Football Association was formed to oversee different women's...
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added: 09/27/2011
A continual topic of discussion among Americans, including our law makers, is the emotional and easily misunderstood subject of guns and children. It goes beyond the primary right to bear arms and the many questions that arise from that basic constitutional guarantee. Reality itself already dictates the need to inform the gun owning public about the methods of excluding children from access to guns. It is also necessary to help produce the implementation of those methods. Guns and children are mingled together either virtually or physically and our children are exposed to firearms today in almost all aspects of society. The desensitization that occurs due to the unrealistic portrayals of firearms in the entertainment industry alone contributes to the always tragic results of firearm related accidents. It is known that more teenage boys in America die from gunfire than from automobiles. Part of this debate is the question regarding parents and other gun owners being criminally responsible for the actions of children using un-safely stored guns. As citizens, there will always be those who choose to have a gun in their home for protection or for any lawful reason, but these citizens should also face severe consequences for not preventing access to their guns. All gun owners must take personal responsibility to effectively prevent any one, and especially children, from having unsupervised access to the guns in their possession. To everyone that owns a firearm, the proven safety methods of unloading, locking and storing guns properly should be as natural and as easy as buckling a safety belt. Most crucially though, it is parents who own firearms that should always take the precaution to unload, lock and store the guns properly. An additional, time proven method of accident prevention is to lock and store ammunition separately. It is also very important to hide all keys after locking and storing both firearms and ammunition in a secure place where children can't find...
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added: 02/12/2012
Power can take many different forms and meanings in life. Often times, people have more power than could be imagined. Going against such people can result in them showing what they are truly capable of, whether it be hurting someone directly or manipulating others against him or her; it is dangerous to underestimate those who felt they have been wronged. In Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, a great example of this is displayed. The character of Abigail Williams holds more power than anyone else in the village, regardless of the fact she holds no place in political office or the court. The first instance of Abigail's power shows up at the end of act two, when she is heavily questioned about the activities in the woods. She starts out by answering the questions, but soon reveals that she will not go down alone. When Abigail is asked if she called the devil, she responds by saying, "I never called him! Tituba, Tituba…". By saying this she has brought Parris's servant into the equation and Tituba is now the focus of attention. Abby continues to say how Tituba asked her to drink blood and make a pact with the Devil. Everyone takes her word and questions Tituba more and more to get the answers they want to hear. Finally, she admits that she has seen the Devil, but does not want anything to do with him, because she knows he is evil. After this, Abby adds the final blow by saying, "I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus". By doing this she has convinced everyone that she has no evil in her and that she loves God. This was a smart move on her part, because in those times if a person were to admit that...
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added: 01/15/2012
Nursing And Health Assignment Two Government White Paper – Our Healthier Nation Key Area – Accidents Tutor – Karen Clarke By Natalie Merga Introduction In this assignment I will be discussing the Governments aims in regards to reducing injury and death from accidents as proposed in the white paper ' Our Healthier Nation'. Accidents are responsible for over 10,000 deaths a year, they are the single greatest threat to children and young people. Those that come from a poorer background are at an increased risk of dying from an accident and the elderly are more likely to die or become disabled as a result of a fall. Accidents such as those that happen on our roads or in our home can be prevented. Deaths from fires or drowning can be reduced. The governments proposals for reducing death and injury are based on prevention through advice and education made possible by coordinating with local councils, schools, primary health care team and the public. Their targets are to reduce deaths from accidents by at least a fifth and reduce injury from accidents by at least a tenth, which would save a total of 12,000 lives by 2010. Road Accidents One of the Governments main aims is to reduce road traffic accidents in children and young adults aged 16 to 24. The road is a very dangerous place. Approximately 3,500 people are killed and 40,000 injured on our roads every year. The majority of these being children and young adults. The Government has set targets to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by road accidents by 40%, to reduce death or injury to children on roads by 50% and to reduce slight injuries by 10%. These targets are outlined in the government's road safety strategy, which was published in March 2000. The strategy sets out an 'Extensive programme of measures designed to make the roads safer...
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added: 10/07/2011
Is Gun Control Really an Important Issue? When the Harris Poll asked an opened question, only one percent thought gun control was important, although that one percent is the two most important issues for the government to address since guns are associated with crime/violence. How many people die from firearms, and what are the age ranges? In 1994, among children ages 1-4 years, homicide was the fourth leading cause of death, among children ages 5-14 years of age; homicide was the third leading cause of death. Of all firearm related deaths, 55 percent were reported as homicides; 20 percent were reported as suicides; 22 percent, as unintentional; and 3 percent, as intention undetermined. Rates for the U.S. were compared with rates based on twenty-five other countries were, 57 million for the U.S. (majority 15 and under) and 104 million for the other 25 countries. What kind of firearms is causing the deaths or injuries? Forty-eight percent of the deaths were from handguns; 22 percent were from shotguns; 17 percent were from refils; 16 percent could not be traced to a specific type of gun, and 1 percent was from an air rifle. Guns in the home. Investigators have also found that keeping a firearm in the home is associated with a risk of homicide. When Kellermann did a research on "gun control", with one of his comparison he compared how many people had dogs in their homes to how many people had guns in their home. The studies showed that out of three hundred-five matched pairs 94 people had dogs in their homes and 174 people had guns in their homes.(one hundred thirty-five handguns, fifty shotguns, forty-five rifles) One hundred-five of these people keep these fire arms unlocked and, ninety-three of these people kept their guns loaded. Kellermann and his colleagues found no protective benefit of gun...
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added: 01/28/2012
"All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world's most persistent social problems. "In a modern society, there are many complex questions, this passage's suggestion is a good advice, but it is not practical. First, depending the student to solve the world's most persistence social problems is impractical. The student's purpose in a university is to learn some basic knowledge and have some preparation for their future work, and the university's duty is to teach them such knowledge and the basic living ability. we can not say the student do not want to have such research, but they are just lack of such ability. Nevertheless maybe there are some very excellent students or the graduate students can do such research, but it is incommensurate with the spend for building a large global university. Second, the idea that just one large global university can solve all persistent social problem is ridiculous. It is not a easy work to build a university, they need a large square of field, build many teaching buildings and the student's dormitories. And they also need recruit many famous teachers and attract students to study in their school. All these will cost a lot of money, any beneficial research will happen in several years later. It is better to spend this money to establish many social problem research centers in many existed different universities, We can invite many famous scholars from different countries as long as give the best research condition. The result will be better than establish another university, we can save a lot of money too. Third, the government's role is important in solving any persistence social problem. In many countries, we need the government's corporation to treat the social problem. such...
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added: 03/16/2011
Inthe present age the various societies of world despite the manifold advancement in science and technology are being persistently plagued by the serious social problems. The idea of setting up a global university can be a very helpful in solving the serious social problems like Illiteracy ,Poverty and aparthied,sexual abuse,drug addiction.Cooperation amongst various countries is defenitely required to solve these problems.Recent mutual agreement amongst the countries of the world against the terrorism has defenitely improved the condition and reduced the incidence of terrorist attacks.Such mutual cooperation can also be brought about in solving the issues like child labour. But the major drawback in such a setup can be the it can be a good stage for solving the problem common to the countries but certain problems are there which other societies are not even aware of like dowry system in southwestern asia to which most of the western countries are ignorant .Then why would they like to bear the expenditure for solving these problems which are exclusive to particular nations.So estabilishing such a university calls for rasing above the personal greeds of nations and looking at the problems as challenges against humanity. The nature of problems for each nation depends on the cultural history of the society and thus needs to be dealt in the similar context.This university can be an ideal place for cross cultural communication and thus creating awareness and respect for other cultures and hence looking at the positive aspects of other cultures and utilizing their methodology for tackling the problems.With the fast modernisation of the societies and the western culture rapidly replacing the traditional cultural values of developing countries like India.The socialists can be aware of the reprecurssions of the exceesive modernisation in advance and can get ready to deal with the future situation and avaoiding to be taken...
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added: 11/19/2011
All nations should help support the development of a global university designed to engage students in the process of solving the world's most persistent social problems The term 'global' signifies something substantial for the entire world. The need of a global body is uttermost important to solve social problems. The social problems need not be global for their general world significance, but for the threat they pose. The point of view of the speaker can be agreed with since the persistent social problems have to be solved. We have many social problems such as poverty, population growth, racial discrimination, child labour, prostitution, AIDS, illiteracy etc. These problems have to be controlled. One way of solving these problems as the speaker says is by the development of a global university which can mould the student's mind to help for a general cause. For the global university to prosper, not only the developed nations but also the underdeveloped and developing nations should participate. Proper selection of the students is the most important criteria, since these students symbolize their respective nations. There should be no prejudices among the mind of students. Students should come to this global university with an open heart and desire to learn. Unless the desire is not present, this cannot help the cause. The students from developing nations shouldn't dominate or bully their counterparts from developing nations. There shouldn't be a sense of superiority among the students. There should a proper dialogue among the students so that they come to know the various existing problems. These dialogues may help the students unite towards solving persistent social problems. Population control is one of the most important social problems. Population growth undoubtedly has a definite on social relations and society's historical development. Unfortunately, this issue has been examined insufficiently. When scrutinizing population growth today or...
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added: 10/16/2011
It has been known that the progress of a country is much achieved on the development of its natural resources. As we are moving on to the 21st century, industrial resources are important assets to a nation’s advancement, and engineers and technologists mostly accomplish these developmental executions. Since the Philippines has been improving with science and technology, the activities of our civil engineers have played important roles. To start on, what is this profession all about? Civil Engineers are public servant in a way because they ensure people’s safety. They should be competent, mass oriented and environmentally concerned. It’s a profession that is not visible but their roles take part in our day-to-day activities. Examples- the clean water that comes out of faucet, you drive on the road designed by civil engineers, the bridge we crossed, the power from electric circuit as we switch on the television- there is an engineer behind it. It is a must that in building anything, you need a civil engineer to be responsible for the project and also the execution of it. A civil engineer can also work in public companies related to his field. It is quite large the number of areas that you can work. You can work with the public transportation system, also the water supply, the public projects of sewer, public projects for popular habitation and public areas. Civil engineering structures are incomparable because of its unique configuration such as extensive bridges, urbane dams, and magnificent buildings. As an engineering student, it is well known that these structures built are not possible to neither recover its errors nor improve the design. It is a one-time shot that can no longer be modified unlike other professions that could have pre-testing of the prototype. Being a civil engineer is not an easy task compare...
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added: 03/16/2011
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