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In his first visit to Baghdad as head of the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance, Garner was expected to visit a power-generating plant, a water treatment plant and Yarmuk Hospital on the city's west side. "What better day in your life can you have than to be able to help somebody else, to help other people, and that is what we intend to do," Garner told reporters at Baghdad airport after arriving from Kuwait. Garner will head Iraq's civil administration while a new government is established. His initial visit to Baghdad is to last at least four days. The Bush administrations' preparations for postwar Iraq have come under fire from both sides of the congressional aisle as growing fears for the future are being expressed inside Iraq. The United States has not adequately prepared for postwar reconstruction, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Sunday. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Indiana, interviewed on NBC's "Meet the Press," also predicted that democracy in Iraq is at least five years away. "They started very late," Republican Sen. Richard Lugar told NBC's Meet the Press. "The military strategy, tactics and execution have been brilliant. But we needed to be doing something similar (in the reconstruction phase)."(Full story) Sen. Joe Lieberman, a Democratic presidential candidate, also praised the U.S. military performance in Iraq but urged the United States to accelerate its postwar reconstruction efforts. "We've got to work hard to win the peace" in Iraq and transform the nation's political structure into a "representative, democratic government," Lieberman told CBS's "Face the Nation" television show. "Obviously, we don't want this to turn into a theocracy." (Full story) Garner and his team face a daunting task which ranges from restoring power and water to establishing the rule of law in the war-shattered country. On Sunday, U.S. Marines pulled out of Baghdad, leaving it in...
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Las Vegas: Sin City or Family Resorts? To most people, Las Vegas is synonymous with gambling and glitter; a slightly, pleasingly sinful fairyland for adults where they can watch the most entertaining performers and biggest names in show business in between bouts and playing games of chance that everyone knows favor the house. Locals call Las Vegas "Fun City" or "The Entertainment Capital of the World". All I know is that this place is a place of lights and really big signs Just about everyone knows the desert gaming Mecca for lustier, grubbier pursuits that have earned it a worldwide reputation as "Sin City". Las Vegas is really about gambling, and the offshoot business attracted by the 24/7 preoccupation with gaming like loan sharking, prostitution, pawnshops, and those wonderful tiny little marriage chapels. Gamblers, at least non-professionals, tend to be impulsive people who are obsessed with chance and do things on the spur of the moment. Other Cities may talk of local heroes like former Presidents, generals, baseball players, or ice skating queens. In Las Vegas, hall-of-famers whose names are passed around blackjack tables, roulette wheels and keno parlors are more likely to be like pokers greatest Amarillo Slim, Tom McEvoy, or Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, former sports gamblers. Las Vegas didn't really begin coming into it's own, as a modern day international tourist center and gaming until a good looking, vicious hoodlum who grew up in Brooklyn named Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. He was co-founder of Murder, Incorporated, and came to Las Vegas planning to build huge casinos. Siegel was the mob's glamour boy, who could charm Hollywood beauties with one look. His scams brought him nowhere but dead. Since Siegel's time, Las Vegas has made many gangsters, gamblers, entertainers and cunning entrepreneurs incredibly powerful and rich. People like Ted Binion started out there and...
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added: 10/30/2011
The Asian economic crisis which began in July 1997 has led to many discussions regarding its genesis (e.g., Asian Development Outlook, 1998; Fischer, 1998). A frequently mentioned cause of the crisis is the lack of transparency in Asia. Rather than arms-length transactions between independent parties, many commercial negotiations in the region are believed to be tinted with and tainted by political and other vested interests (Asian Development Outlook, 1998; The Straits Times, 1998). Indeed, allegations of nepotism, corruption, crony capitalism, and collusion may have contributed to the downfall of Asian governments in Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Besides strengthening their banking and financial sectors to address the crisis, Asian economies have been urged to do business in a cleaner and more ethical manner with better corporate governance (The Straits Times, 1998). Towards this end, present and potential businesspeople and executives in Asia must be favorably predisposed towards a high level of corporate ethics and social responsibility (CESR et al., 1996). This poses a major challenge to the extent that even businesses in the West have been criticized for their limited adoption of CESR (Robin and Reidenbach, 1987). Accentuating the difficulty is the fact that this commitment depends on the cultural, institutional, and organizational environments under which managers operate as well as their personal characteristics (Ferrell and Gresham, 1985; Hunt and Vitell, 1986; Stajkovic and Luthans, 1997). Despite the increasing research attention paid towards CESR in the West, its theorizing and empirical analysis in Asia is limited. A notable exception was McDonald and Pak (1996) who found that neutralization and self interest were the most significant factors considered by business managers in Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Canada in resolving ethical business dilemmas. Instead, researchers have tended to focus their efforts on how foreign enterprises can adapt to Asian business practices (e.g., Tung,...
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The Y2K Scare: How will you protect your savings? Paper # 5 – Final Paper Thesis: The United States banking system will be ready and able to protect your money in their banks at the millennium, and there is no need to panic and remove your money from the system. Audience: My audience is the regular John Doe who has some money in a savings account or checking account at their local bank, and is worried that the "Y2K" bug might bite them on the butt and take all their money. They don't play the stock market, and they aren't extremely wealthy. They are just your average lower to middle class American. OUTLINE I. Introduction A. The Y2K Crisis B. Thesis II. What is Y2K? A. Explanation of the Y2K crisis B. Why people fear the "Y2K bug" III. The US Banking system A. How it works B. Y2K Safeguards C. Y2K Preparedness IV. Your money A. Why it's already safe B. How to protect it C. What to do if you have more concerns V. Conclusion A. The US banking system will be safe 1. explain why B. Proven safeguards for you and your money 1. go over them C. Restate Thesis The Y2K Scare: How will you protect your savings? In 1997, financial institutions, national utilities, telecommunications companies, and the US government all realized that their computers might not recognize the year 2000 as 2000, but instead see it as 1900. This would cause a computer problem that would possibly shut down all power grids, mess up the phone lines, and cause banks and other financial institutions to lose all records of their deposits. The main worry people have is their financial security; how will there bank fare in the months ahead? I feel that everything will be fixed and our financial system will stride right through Y2K without a hitch. The United States banking system will be ready and able to protect your money in...
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"The truth isn't the truth until people believe you, and they can't believe you if they don't know what you're saying, and they can't know what you're saying if they don't listen to you, and they won't listen to you if you're not interesting, and you wo William Bernbach was a US advertising executive and copywriter. He trademarked subtle, low-pressure advertising in the agency he founded, Doyle Dane Bernbach, Inc., and is known among the advertising and marketing world for his clever quotes. ( Using some of the thoughts of Mr. Bernbach and the Team, you will see that Apple and Kia are good examples of three basic truths: 1. Creative marketing and advertising involves making products interesting by "being imaginative, original, and fresh" and gets the attention of consumers! 2. Great advertising does NOT ensure brand success 3. Gaining market share should not always be a primary goal in launching an ad campaign, and a low product rating doesn't always mean failure in this area. "Properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten." -- William Bernbach Apple is a good example of creative marketing and advertising – they use tactics that give their computers a personality – which is an original and very interesting way to sell personal computers and related products. Regarding the role Apple ads play in demonstrating "the personality" of their products, the members of The Team seem to each have similar ideas, but different ways to express the thoughts…not unlike the personalities of Apple and their ads! For instance, Micah's favorite new Apple commercial stars Vern Troyer (Mini-Me from Austin Powers movies) and Yao Ming (Basketball player for the Houston Rockets) – both men, famous for their size, were used to advertise the new big (17") and small (12") "Powerbook" (which, incidently, are the largest, and most compact full-sized laptops, respectively)....
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englishEnglish coursework I am going to talk about how relationships in the short stories have been portrayed and see the interesting methods in which the writer presents the relationships. Also to discuss the writers concerns, attitudes and feelings of the main characters. Introduction Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit by Silvia Plath .This story is in first person narrative it is about young girl you looks back to her childhood and it is now thirteen years later and certain incidents remain clear to her. She begins to tell us about her passion for flying and superman. "My flying dreams" and "superman started invading my dreams". This shows the innocence of the narrator's childhood. The war is present and her uncle frank is staying with family while waiting to go to war. The narrator is invited to Paula Brown's birthday party, the narrator seem s to like Paula's new snowsuit. The day the narrator watches the Japanese war film which has a great impact on her. The next day Paula falls into an oil puddle and her snowsuit gets ruined. The narrator is blamed for this and everyone including her uncle and children turn on her. Flight by Doris Lessing. This is a story about an old man who lives with his granddaughter (Alice) and daughter (Lucy). The story is in third person narrative but mainly from the grandfathers prospective. The grandfather has a passion for pigeons "Pretty, pretty, pretty; he said" he likes the pigeons a lot. He is upset of the fact that his granddaughter is going to marry he feels she is too young and wants to hold on to her. "can't we keep her for a bit longer" by the tone of the sentence it seems like the grandfather has been through this before. The granddaughter and the boyfriend buy the...
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Periodicals found today on news stands differ greatly from those of the late nineteenth century. While periodicals of the nineteenth century such as "The Girl's Own Paper" focus on self-improvement in terms of living up to societies expectations, today's magazines tend to focus on the individuals self-improvement. Although "The Girl's Own Paper" highlights ways in which the young reader can improve one's self intellectually, the intended outcome is for the young girl to learn how to be a good future wife and an overall proper lady in society. While it appears that modern magazines such as "Cosmo Girl" promote superficial standards of society, the magazine provides a message of self improvement for the individuals sole benefit and not for an intended group of people like that of the nineteenth century periodicals. The intended purpose for each magazine is to improve one's self, however each periodical differs in terms of benefiting one's self rather than society. In the nineteenth century periodical "The Girl's Own Paper", the emphasis was on the impending outcome of proper ladies of society. Articles found in the periodical centre around domestic preparation such as cooking, sewing and child rearing. These aspects are a clear indication of the underlining patriarchal interest of the times. The underlining message to young girls is to be the best future wife to the man who will choose to marry them. Marriage and later motherhood are presented as the ambition and fulfilment of every 'normal' girl. However girls were often dissuaded from initiating any contact with the opposite sex be it for platonic or romantic purposes. "It is ironic that although girls had to secure a husband they were not expected or encouraged to take any positive steps to initiate or maintain a relationship. (Tinkler pg. 137) This contrasts greatly from the modern magazines of...
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"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through…" – David Bowie "Go and open the door", go and take the initiative, go into the unknown. It is an exploration of the possibilities that lie beyond the unknown, it's an adventure. In the movie, "The Matrix" Morpheus – who consequently in Ancient Greek is known as the god of dreams – said to Neo, "I can only show you the door, but you're the one who's going to have to walk through it" this is the statement that tells the traveler, in this case – Neo, that the choice is theirs and theirs alone. He has to be the one to initiate the change in himself, to believe in himself, to walk into the unknown and to explore what lies beyond it. There is a Zen Buddhist saying that goes: "Every journey begins with a single step" To think that you know what lies beyond the door is to be arrogant. A success is only a success if initiative is taken. A failure is success without the initiative taken. This repeated command takes on an empathic tone that implores its readers to take a change, "grab the bull by its horns" or in this case, grab the doorknob and turn it. By opening the door, each protagonist in the movie "The Breakfast Club" chose to change, to enter a new state of being. It has been said time and time again, "Actions speak louder than words, and a picture paints a thousand words" Well, if all of this can be taken into account, then the action of each protagonist in the movie, their sharing of their personal effects (wallets and purses) and Claire's make over...
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Then and Now: Women of Yesterday and Today As we look into the past at the women of yesterday's time, we can see the struggles that took place to bring forth the rights of the women of today. There were many key players as far as women are concerned in the arena of rights and equalities. Alice Walkers' poem, Women, sheds a little light on the everyday struggles that a woman of her time went through. The women of today still share the same attributes of those women of yesterday. The only difference between the women of today and then is the change in time frame. Society will forever give obstacles for women to overcome, but the goals and ambitions of women will not change as long as the heart and soul of a woman is as it is. Walker first talks of the women of her time being "Husky of voice-stout of step". This implies that if a woman didn't speak up and take charge then the world would walk all over her. She had to be strong of voice as well as presence. The woman of today can apply the same principle. With jobs these days requiring more skill and a more of a take charge attitude, women of today are faced with the same, if not greater, situations where they must voice their opinions and grab the attention of the listener, the boss, and the public or be forced to fall by the wayside. Next Walker tells of how women "Starched white Shirts". What Walker was alluding to was the fact that on top of being bold and strong, women were required to also fulfill their womanly duties in the home. They had the same duties that their mothers had before them and so on. Today, the only thing that...
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Religion & American Culture 11/17/03 The First Amendment: Then and Now In 1791, with the passage of the Bill of Rights, consisting of the first ten amendments, the United States took on a new character unlike any other nation to that day. The Bill of Rights, largely drawn up by James Madison has been the topic of many heated debates almost since its inception, and in fact continues to be a topic of debate to this very day. The amendments to the Constitution did not come into existence without resistance and many, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, felt its changes as necessary for the health of the Union and for the states therein. However, perhaps the ideas behind the amendment when it was first conceived and the amendment as we read it today are no longer congruent. A historical look at the amendment and its perceptions by the people at the time it was written and a look at the amendment as it is used today in the now famous Virginia court case against Judge Roy Moore will perhaps demonstrate how the amendment has changed over time. In 1773, the Quebec Act guaranteed the Catholic clergy in Quebec their "custom dues and rites." Many colonists reacted strongly claiming that this act is tyrannical in that it imposes Catholicism on the general population. All colonial governments demanded religious tests in order to get into office, and many levied religious taxes. Whether they had or had not supported religion, as England had as a State establishment, many were concerned that America was on an English path. In Virginia, after a Declaration of rights was established and had guaranteed religious freedom, a general assessment bill was proposed forcing citizens to pay a religious tax to the church. The bill established Christianity as the religion of...
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