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Plato and Aristotle were great Philosophers whose philosophy made a great impact. Both Philosophers had their own ideas as to the world and how we should live in it. Their philosophies where similar, yet had their own ideas that made them unique. Aristotle was a student of Plato, which in turn was a student of Socrates. Plato (428BC-328 BC) a student of Socrates also know as an idealist, had four basic premises which include the following; that there are two worlds, the super sensible and the sensible, the concept that the soul is immortal, the recollection theory and the participation theory. His ethics include the theory of rational thinking. Plato also wrote several books including The Republic, which is the publishing Plato is most recognized for. Aristotle (384BC-322BC) a student of Plato and a materialist believed that all men by nature desire to know. His metaphysics conclude that there are four causes of change and that matter remains the same and form changes. His philosophy stated that there are two types of change, the unnatural and the natural. His ethics include the notion that man is alive because he seeks happiness and that the soul has two parts, the irrational and the rational. The only writings that exist on his philosophy are based on the notes of his students who attended his school of higher learning. His writings include The Metaphysics, which is one of the most recognized books on his philosophy. The first of Plato's four basic premises is that he believed that there are two worlds. The super sensible world, which contains the forms and ideas (according to Plato-Knowledge never changes) is what your soul is before you are born. The sensible world is where your soul is in after you are born. The second is the idea that the soul...
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Two men work on a ranch in an attempt to fulfill their dreams. In Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, these men are not able to accomplish their goal because of a heartbreaking tragedy. George, who is small and smart, travels everywhere with Lennie, who is huge and has the mind of a child. They continuously struggle to earn a stake for their work, but Lennie keeps on getting them into trouble. George deserves the most sympathy, because he has to shoot Lennie, he won't have Lennie's company anymore, and his dream of owning a farm is now gone. George has to live with the fact that he shoots and kills his best friend, Lennie. This is a very difficult thing for him to do because he has feelings for Lennie. He is forced to make an extremely difficult decision; whether to leave Lennie alone and risk the men finding him and killing him, or shoot him in the back of the head and ensure a short death without much pain. Curley states, "I'm gonna shoot the guts outa that big bastard myself, even if I only got one hand" (98). George has to decide what he thinks is best for Lennie, which might mean death. He reluctantly shoots Lennie in the back of the head despite his affection for him and their friendship. George has to live with the guilt that he is responsible for Lennie's death. George will have to travel around the country without Lennie at his side. Lennie always travels everywhere with him, and they have a great bond of friendship because of this. George states, "When his Aunt Clara died, Lennie just come along with me out workin'" (40). Despite Lennie's annoyance and his habit of unintentionally causing trouble, George enjoys his company and believes he...
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Political Science Sadie Hahn September 21, 2003 Some critics believe that western culture is becoming a global domination. Some critics also believe that the world is beginning to have a universal civilization. By looking at the cultures of many different countries and the views of Aristotle, one can believe that these critics' beliefs are untrue. Modern societies do have a lot in common but most have a lot of differences also. Some societies also view men and women as unequal. Many societies differ in languages and religions. In the United States, women are considered as equal as men. Women are allowed to work, vote, and be independent. Many countries do not allow these privileges to their women. In some countries, women are looked at as servants or slaves. The unequalness of women dates back to the days of Aristotle. Aristotle believed that women's roles were being servants to men. There is not equality in nature for Aristotle. Aristotle wrote in the Politics, "The male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; the male ruler and the female subject. And the same must apply to all mankind." The male is by nature fitter for command than the female. He saw the male as naturally superior, and this was a superiority that could not be equaled by any form of culture or education. He saw female as not only naturally physically weaker but also weaker of soul. This weakness of soul was as important in the nature and capabilities of woman as was physical weakness. Aristotle also believed that women were imperfect men because they lacked the ability to think rationally. Aristotle had a typical view of women. They were objects that were to be the incubators of life and not capable of doing anything other than household chores. Women had to be ruled by...
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Aristotle and Rousseau formulate their accounts of human nature in Book I and the Origins of Inequality respectively. Each account analyzes the development of human nature through quite different teleological methods. These philosophers approach various topics quite differently due to their opposing viewpoints on what state humans are most happy with. Despite their different approaches both Aristotle and Rousseau arrive at equally convincing conclusions. The two distinguish humans from animals as well as describe humans as social beings to a certain extent. Human nature is very different for Aristotle and Rousseau. Both have opposing views in their examinations of what state is most natural for mankind. In book I Aristotle describes that, "The city-state is also prior in nature to the household and to each of us individually, since a whole is necessarily prior to its parts" (1253a15). Aristotle views this city-state as the most evolved and best state for humans. The analogy of the acorn and the oak tree is commonly used in this situation. Neither an acorn nor a sapling is the final product in the growth of an oak tree. Understanding human nature, for Aristotle, is study of the pinnacle of human achievement. To Aristotle the polis is this pinnacle because we strive for something beyond family structure. In other words, Aristotle believes that what is naturally is not chronologically first. Rousseau's teleological analysis of human nature is seemingly in direct conflict with Aristotle's claim that, "Anyone who cannot form a community with others…he is either a beast or a god" (1253a25). Rousseau's account would appear beastly to Aristotle, but Rousseau describes the original state of man as, "nothing is so gentle as man in his primitive state…" (64). We create extensive political systems and feel as if we escape the harms of nature through the system....
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The best example of terrorism in the present day was the attack on the Americans on September 11th when the world trade center was destroyed. It certainly caught the attention of the world and succeeded in its goal. Terrorism is defined as using terror-inspiring methods of governing: is this a productive political strategy? Terrorists usually campaign for their political view to be enforced. By drastic, extreme methods, such as the September 11th attack, terrorists are able to inspire fear and make their views known in effective ways. USA civilians mourned the loss of life on September 11th but they also mourned over their loss of faith in the system that protects them from any attack. This fear was created by terrorism. Action taken by terrorists is made more significant by the inevitable publicity terrorists crave. Gaining the public eye allows terrorists to emphasize the political point they are campaigning about well, which is exactly the desired effect of terrorist attacks. It is evident that terrorism is a successful means of displaying a message because US President George Bush made clear the motive of the suicide bombers on September 11th. He advertised their cause for them. A “war on terrorism” is almost impossible as terrorism is what might be called an abstract concept. Terrorism cannot be demolished through plain hand-to-hand combat, as the USA discovered in the Vietnam War against the communist guerrillas. Terrorism can only be abolished by the causes of terrorism being abolished, making the world a place free of grievances, which is almost impossible to achieve. Certain terrorist movements can be combated by intelligence agencies. However, terrorist operations ensure that their plans will not be known by many people, so it is extremely difficult for the intelligence agencies to find out what they are doing. This method of terrorist organisation is...
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added: 04/29/2011
History has shown that developing countries face many obstacles, one of which is disease. Diseases have had devastating effects on civilizations. The Roman Empire, Great Britain, China, and The United States all have had historical plagues that have killed thousands. The diseases that were so devastating to our past civilizations can now be seen in new civilizations, but in other forms. In the world today, nations like the United States and Great Britain have developed to a level where disease can be fought and prevented. Unfortunately, other nations have yet to develop to such a level. Even with treatment from other nations many nations still cannot afford the treatment needed. But, as millions die in South Africa each year, who is socially responsible or more importantly, who is going to pay for it? The South African government appears to be the reason for much of their problems. The South African government has failed at any attempt to stop their epidemic and has resisted their need for help. Since the South African government has neglected its own people outside measures appear to be needed. This has left the social responsibility to the world. The costs and efforts of this battle are tremendous and will take years along with billions of dollars to fight. In order to take on such a battle nations will need to unite and fight as one. Organizations like the United Nations and World Health Organization have already started this battle. With the support from pharmaceutical companies and their nations, the battle can be won. In doing so, the needs of all the groups must be considered. No burden should be left on the shoulders of any single entity. Pharmaceutical companies appear to be willing to cut the costs of their drugs to a rate that is not beneficial for them,...
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Describe your career aspirations and why you have decided to enter Laurier's MBA program at this time. Upon graduating from university with a degree in mathematics, I embarked upon a career in consulting. I continued my education by enrolling in the Association of Investment Management of Research’s Chartered Financial Analyst program and successfully passed the first of three exams: Level I. While preparing and studying for this exam, I was concurrently gaining some exposure to the Financial Accounting division within my company, Hewitt Associates, and realized that my strength was in finance. I quickly became passionate about the subject and with much introspection, I realized that my true interests lay in the path of finance and accounting. Having a mathematical background, I have always been engaged with numbers and I believe that finance, coupled with accounting, would be an excellent outlet for my creative abilities. One might ask, “But why would you need an MBA?” My response would be that without the education and specialization that comes with a Laurier MBA-CMA, it would be quite difficult to enter my role of choice: Financial Accountant Analyst at Hewitt, which requires a CMA designation and prefers an MBA degree. Furthermore, the leading companies, like Hewitt and Ernst and Young, typically require an MBA and/or a CMA degree for managerial positions like Financial Planning & Analysis manager. Without the specialized financial accounting and management skills that would come with an MBA-CMA, I believe that it would take a long time to make my career move. My research of the school (from the Canadian Business’s most recent survey of Canadian MBA programs and What’s in a MBA? The Complete Guide to MBA and Executive MBA Programs in Canada by Rebecca Carpenter) has indicated that Laurier graduates speak highly of the specialized and integrated nature of the...
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John Stubbs' essay is an examination of the defense which he believes Henry and Catherine use to protect themselves from the discovery of their insignificance and " a world indifferent to their well being..." He asserts that "role-playing" by the two main characters, and several others in the book, is a way to escape the realization of human mortality which is unveiled by war. Stubbs thinks that Hemingway utilized role-playing as a way to "explore the strengths and weaknesses of his two characters." Stubbs says that by placing Henry's ordered life in opposition to Catherine's topsy-turvy one, and then letting each one assume a role which will bring them closer together, Hemingway shows the pair's inability to accept "the hard, gratuitous quality of life." Stubbs begins by showing other examples, notably in In Our Time and The Sun Also Rises, in which Hemingway's characters revert to role-playing in order to escape or retreat from their lives. The ability to create characters who play roles, he says, either to "maintain self-esteem" or to escape, is one Hemingway exploits extraordinarily well in A Farewell to Arms and therefore it "is his richest and most successful handling of human beings trying to come to terms with their vulnerability." As far as Stubbs is concerned, Hemingway is quite blatant in letting us know that role-playing is what is occurring. He tells that the role-playing begins during Henry and Catherine's third encounter, when Catherine directly dictates what is spoken by Henry. After this meeting the two become increasingly comfortable with their roles and easily adopt them whenever the other is nearby. This is apparent also in that they can only successfully play their roles when they are in private and any disturbance causes the "game" to be disrupted. The intrusion of the outside world in any...
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Thin is in. Many companies, regardless of their products, use unrealistic looking models in their advertisements. They try to make a connection between beauty and their products. It’s done in TV ads, on Magazine covers, and in magazine ads. In the last couple of decades the importance of beauty has become more prevalent in society. As sexier ads became more acceptable the models started to shrink in size. The models now used are on average are 5’8” a size 4 and weigh 120lbs. This is what advertising companies portray as beauty, although really less than 1% of the population is that size. Thin instead of curvy is now seen as beautiful. Models are often viewed as the ideal female body type by both men and women. They use women's insecurities and need to be beautiful to sell their products. This type of advertising sends the message that this is what beautiful people look like, some ads even go as far to suggest that fat is being fat is unacceptable and that message can have detrimental effects on society. Most clothing companies advertising campaigns use super skinny models in their ads. These ads are stereotypical of today’s superficial society. More and more emphasis is being placed on appearance. The advertisers use these models because the clothes look good on them, which then make their clothes look appealing and help them to sell. If an overweight person were to model the same clothes they probably wouldn’t look as good to the reader. This is because society has become obsessed with thinness; which in part is due to these thin models are being held as the standard for beauty. These ads are everywhere; in fact it’s hard to find a magazine that doesn’t contain these ads. The real challenge would be to try to find...
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I Love Rock and Roll The early 1950s in America was a time for conservative teenagers. They would come home early from dates, wear their hair slicked to the side and dress in clothing so that their bodies were not exposed to the public. Until the year of 1956. This is the year when all of America changed. Rock and Roll was first introduced, and soon worshiped. Teen idol, Elvis Presley, changed the lives and attitudes of every American teenager. From fashion to morals, every teenager in America was effected by this new form of entertainment, Rock and Roll. Girls began to dress less and guys wore tight jeans with leather jackets. Rock and Roll changed a generation. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would travel back to the 50s. This decade appeals to me most because of the fashion, music and unblemished movie stars. Fashion is the essence of it all. Clothing styles was the beginning of the transition in the 50s. From the height of formality evidenced in the 40s, to an ever-increasing informality in styles that were present by the late 50s. Girls pounced around in mid-knee poodle skirts with motifs on them. They would accompany their skirts with tight fitting blouses tucked into the waist; and to top it off girls would wear saddle shoes. Summer clothing consisted of strapless or halter bathing suit tops, one piece suits and plastic shoes. The boys on the other hand, would wear plain white t-shirts, with jeans and either a leather jacket or sport cardigan and converse. The fashion of the 50s reminds me of the characters in Grease. I think it would be so much fun to wake up and dress in a poodle skirt to school. To go back in time and date a...
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added: 01/11/2012
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