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When most children are young, they learn the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Little girls are intrigued by her beauty and innocence and of how her prince charming comes to rescue her and take her off to live happily ever after. The Brothers Grimm version of Snow White is more gruesome and bold than the Disney version. It begins with Snow White's mother pricking her finger on a needle and dropping blood on the snow. She wished for a child as "white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood in the window frame" (Bell). It has Snow White's mother dying giving birth to her and has the king remarry a beautiful woman. This woman turned out to be proud and haughty and could not bear for anyone to be fairer than she (Bell). She would look into her magic mirror and ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of us all?" and the mirror would always answer, "Queen, thou art the fairest of us all" (Bell). One day the queen asked her mirror the same question and it answered her with, "Queen, thou art the fairest in this hall but Snow White's fairer than us all" (Bell). Well the queen just couldn't take that and sent a huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her, and for proof, the queen wanted her lung and liver as proof that she was dead. Well the huntsman couldn't kill Snow White. He found her too beautiful and told her to run away and never return. She ran through the forest and all the creatures that she passed did not hurt her. She came upon a small one room house and went inside to rest (Bell). There was seven of everything. All the belongings in the...
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"The Grimm Brothers Cinderella," Ever After, a Cinderella Story: In Ever After, a Cinderella Story there are several differences and a few similarities to "The Brothers Grimm Cinderella." Some of these differences include the gender role in Cinderella's character; roll of those who aid her. One similarity is the fate of the villains. The Brothers Grimm faithfully gathered tales from German and Scandinavian languages, mythologies, and literature, but how accurate is of the story of the Cinder girl? As we begin with Ever After, we find the Grande Dame, her majesty, calls for the company of the Brothers Grimm. She begins by letting them know that there are a few bits and pieces that left out of their version of the Cinder girl. She pulls out a glass slipper, indicating her record of the story will be right, and begins with the phrase the Grimm's use, "Once upon a time, there lived a young girl, who loved her father very much." With a movie, in contrast to a short story, there is more opportunity for character development. There is also time to explore the gender role of a woman and what is expected of her. In the first scene, little Danielle, (Cinderella) is getting ready to meet her new stepmother and sister. A boy who mocks her about looking like a girl taunts her at the window. She quickly states she can still whip him, indicating a tomboyish little girl who isn't afraid of a boy. As Danielle grows to womanhood we see she becomes a very intelligent and independent woman. One way this is shown is by her educating the prince on the principle of servants, ultimately freeing some slaves that were sold by the king. The other women in this scene are impressed, and just the same the prince is...
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Changing the scale of observation can change your perception of a place in many different ways: For example in Strasbourg France, this town is very united, and warfare has changed its nationality 5 times over the years. Another example is space exploration. Russia and the United States have united in space on more than one occasion. This unity has shown that there can be peace between the 2 of us. Another example of this lies near the Nile delta in Egypt. 95% of the people live near the delta. In the 1800's each person had roughly 1 acre of land, today each person has only 1/8 of that acre. This is largely in part because buildings now cover much of this land and there is a much greater population. All in all the perception of a place depends on many things: environment, economy, and religion. With these comes a greater understanding of geography and what effects it.Relative location is concerned with a feature as it relates to other features. Strasbourg's relative location has affected its industrialization in positive and negative ways. It has affected it's positively by the close location of it to the sea. This close location has giving it an unquestioned developmental advantage. They have constructed an intricate and efficient web of roads, railways, and canals to maximize its locational advantage. Water is everywhere in Strasbourg and the Rhine River is a huge source. Water plays a dual role in Strasbourg: assisting communication by canal transport routes as well as providing a natural defense. Strasbourg's relative location can also negatively affect it. The climate in Strasbourg is not advantageous. The semi-continental climate favors the extremes; it is either very hot or very cold. These very different extremes make it very difficult to cultivate crops. But seeing that the soil...
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What Devices and Techniques Does Willy Russell Employ in "Blood Brother"? How Successful Are They In Communicating The Themes & Ideas Of The Play? To start a play each dramatist has to make a number of decisions. They have to decide what they want the viewers to think of the play, whether it should be believable or just to convey a theme and for the audience to sit in judgment of the play. In this play Russell decided to make the audience sit in judgement, and they were sitting in judgement of why the twins died, and he did so by using a series of techniques and devices to make sure there was a barrier, to make us concentrate on how the play explores the inequalities of the class system. Blood Brothers was a creative experiment, where two brothers are split at birth and placed into different classes and see how it affected their lives. This does indeed sound like a Greek myth, but there are no Greek myths about twins secretly parted at birth, and that die on the 'self-same day' after learning the truth about their background. This shows us that the underlying themes in this play are of superstition and class. Most of the techniques and devices used in Blood Brothers have been used before. Aristotle was a Greek playwright born in 384 BCE. He believed that every play should follow a series of unties, such as it should follow real time, Blood Brothers does not fit into this category as the storyline spreads over a period of 35 yrs. He also believed that a lot of the play should remain in the same place but blood brothers does not follow this rule either as the mid way through the play the storyline shifts to the country. The third...
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Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to apply for the job of director in the new production of "Blood Brothers" in the Old Vic Theatre. I feel that I would be perfect for this position because I have already directed several Willy Russell plays, including Stags and Hens and Educating Rita. I have also directed other plays to do with the issue of class. I hope you choose me to direct this play, as I understand the story quite clearly. "Blood Brothers" is quite a simple play about two brothers separated at birth from a poor family. Edward is forced to go to middle-class family, whereas Mickey stays in the poor working-class family. When they meet, a few years later, they become best of friends, not knowing about their relation. Edward then grows up to be a smart and successful young man who goes to university whereas Mickey doesn't grow up very successful and spends time in prison. The two brothers live apart a few years later. Edward becomes a councillor, becoming a success like expected, but Mickey becomes and labour worker and becomes quite unstable. Russell does this to emphasize the difference between two similar children of different class. Mickey goes insane and sets out to kill Edward because he thinks that Edward has taken the only thing in his life that is important, his wife Linda. Mickey ends up shooting Edward and the police shoot Mickey. Mickey and Edward are extremely different people. Edward uses Standard English and speaks well mannered and polite. On the other hand, Mickey uses a Liverpudlian "scouser" dialect and doesn't use Standard English. We can see this when the two meet. Mickey says "Cos me mam says." And Edward says, " Well, my mummy doesn't allow me to play down here actually". They say simple things in a...
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added: 02/11/2012
Children in most families have quite a few similarities and differences.Whether it be music, or movies, food, or friends each has what they like. Siblings can also have a lot in common though, especially those who are close in age. My two brothers Clifford and Christopher are pretty much exactly like this. They are both 31 and 30 years old respectively. Their similarities in some aspects are uncanny, but their differences can be at totally different ends of the spectrum. Their similarities start with entertainment. they are both very eclectic in their choices of music. If you play a cd they've burned you're liable to hear everything from country to punk rock. If you compared their cd albums you would see the same artists names quite a few times. This is also true about movies. one will buy a movie and let the other one barrow it and less than a week later you'll see the same movie on his shelf. The similarities don't stop there though they follow them into the workplace and into the home. They both work in similar fields in the comparison that both are manual labor. Cliff is an electrician and Chris lays floors and carpet. Coincidentally they both live and work in the same town also. That town is Raymore Missouri. In automobiles their style is also very close, they both drive Dodge Ram pickup trucks. The similarities that mean the most to me though,and they might not even know they have this in common, is that they both love to give me advice about everything. Their advice would pry have to go into my difference paragraphs. They are both always heartfelt and genuinely caring in the advice they give me. My life has been made a lot easier with some of the advice they have given me. Now there are many differences between the two of them. Physically Clifford is tall about 6"2' and...
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The Duchess of Malfi is a revenge tragedy written in 1614. Both Webster's masterpieces 'The White Devil and 'The Duchess of Malfi' are based on stories of Italian women who fail to conform to society's perceptions. The play deals with corruption, attitudes towards women and revenge. The Duchess is portrayed to the reader as a stereotypical widow of a patriarchal society. At the time women were seen as weak and frail and so it suggests that the brothers were responsible for the Duchesses downfall however Webster portrays the Duchess as strong and wilful yet also a tragic victim of psychopathic cruelty. Therefore it suggests that both critics are right depending on how they perceive the play. In my opinion I believe that the brothers are mainly responsible for her the Duchesses downfall, nonetheless the Duchess does also play a part; as a result it is a combination of both. The marriage of the Duchess and Antonio make the Duchess seem very naive and childlike. The secret marriage is not seen as something of sexual desire and lust but for companionship 'tis not a figure cut in alabaster to kneel at my husbands tomb' Even at this point the Duchess comes across as strong, and longing for love and affection. Yet this secret marriage brings about the downfall of the Duchess, therefore it seems that Richard David is right in saying that the downfall of the Duchess is entirely her fault. The childlike innocence seen in the Duchess can also be seen when the Duchess says to Antonio 'time will easily scatter the tempest' this naivety shows that the Duchess believes that her brothers will give in. Webster therefore gives the audience an ultimatum whether we are meant to pity the Duchess or admire her. This is shown through Cariola her servant 'whether...
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Michelle Black Black ENG OA1 Ms. MacDonald 20 May 2003 Every Girls Dream: An Anaylsis of The Tale of Cinderella Through Time and Culture Remember back to sitting in a large circle in kidergarten. The game is Telephone; the game starts with the first person whispering a phrase in to the next person's ear and that person repeats the phrase into the next, and so on and so forth. When it come to the last person the line stops and they say the sentence aloud and it usually ends up being much different then that of the what the first person said. The more people in the cicle the more distorted your phrase becomes. This is the best metaphor to use when describing what happens to fairy tales as they cross through cultures and generations: although the character, plot, or moral (s) stays the same the detail of the story changes to suit the current society. Fairy tales as we know them today are much different then they used to be, originally fairy tales were meant for adult audiences and were not intended for children's ears for they contained gruesome acts, and sexual conduct. It was not until the Victorian era that fairy tales became stories meant for children. Also it wasn't until the Victorian era that the fairy tales were told by men, prior to this era, fairy tales were told and written by educated women, the Victorian era brought about middle class men writing fairy tales, and even still many of them admitted to collecting or being inspired by women for their tales. This is when most of the drastic "cleaning up" of the stories took place, and this process of sweetening up has continued in to the present. One of the world's most famous fairy tales of all time is Cinderella a...
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Many efforts of the 1790's were group efforts; from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison rallying support against the Federalists, to Abigail Adams helping her husband with his Presidential duties. There was also the remembrance of a partnership between Jefferson and Adams, from when they were best friends working for their nation's independence. This partnership was unable to continue when the friends wound up on the opposite sides of a widening chasm of political differences, as Jefferson came to head the Republicans and Adams was identified with their adversary, the Federalists. Adams and his wife were probably the greatest collaborators, as they safely led the "ship" of America though troubled waters of political turmoil to a safe port. Adams fought through tough opposition from both parties and against other nations to prevent war with France. France at the time was much more powerful than the fledgling nation in military strength. Adams was elected as a Federalist, but believed that the President must act interdependently of a party, for the good of the public. At this time, the Federalist party was destroying itself, and the Republican's merely watched. Abigail in this time was his only support, as Adams acted indepentantly of his cabinet most of the time. The other important collaboration here was that between Jefferson and Adams. They had gained their fame or infamy as a team, but now had differences viewed as irreconcilable. They still wrote cordially as friends, but could not enjoy the same friendship as before. Jefferson now had Madison as his political lackey, and made use of him to politically maneuver....
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Bishop Milton Wright and Susan Catharine Wright had four sons, Reuchlin, Lorin, Wilbur, and Orville, and one daughter Katharine. Little did Susan Wright know that she had given birth to one of the world's most famous inventive partnerships. Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867, near Millville, Indiana. Orville was born 4 years later on August 19, 1871, in the families newly built home at 7 Hawthorn Street in Dayton, Ohio. A minister in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Milton Wright moved his family to Dayton so he could edit the church newspaper published there. The Wrights stayed in Dayton until 1878, when Milton was elected bishop and moved the family to Iowa. In 1885, they returned to the house at 7 Hawthorn Street. As the boys grew older, their parents encouraged them to pursue intellectual interests. They had two libraries in their house; books on theology were kept in the bishop's study, while the downstairs library had a large and diverse collection. This kept them always reading and learning while they were not at school. Although their dad was a firm disciplinarian, both parents were loving and kept the family a close one. Every once and awhile, Milton would bring them various souvenirs and trinkets he found during his travels for the church. One such trinket, a toy helicopter-like top, sparked the boys' interest in flying. Wilbur's skating accident and his mother's illness and subsequent death kept him from attending college. Orville was on the other hand, was an average student, known for his mischievous behavior. He quit school before his senior year to start a printing business with his brother. The first time Wilbur and Orville referred to themselves, as "The Wright Brothers" was when they started their own printing firm at the ages of 22 and 18....
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