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History has shown that developing countries face many obstacles, one of which is disease. Diseases have had devastating effects on civilizations. The Roman Empire, Great Britain, China, and The United States all have had historical plagues that have killed thousands. The diseases that were so devastating to our past civilizations can now be seen in new civilizations, but in other forms. In the world today, nations like the United States and Great Britain have developed to a level where disease can be fought and prevented. Unfortunately, other nations have yet to develop to such a level. Even with treatment from other nations many nations still cannot afford the treatment needed. But, as millions die in South Africa each year, who is socially responsible or more importantly, who is going to pay for it? The South African government appears to be the reason for much of their problems. The South African government has failed at any attempt to stop their epidemic and has resisted their need for help. Since the South African government has neglected its own people outside measures appear to be needed. This has left the social responsibility to the world. The costs and efforts of this battle are tremendous and will take years along with billions of dollars to fight. In order to take on such a battle nations will need to unite and fight as one. Organizations like the United Nations and World Health Organization have already started this battle. With the support from pharmaceutical companies and their nations, the battle can be won. In doing so, the needs of all the groups must be considered. No burden should be left on the shoulders of any single entity. Pharmaceutical companies appear to be willing to cut the costs of their drugs to a rate that is not beneficial for them,...
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The most common Internet activity is e-mail. E-mail in its present form will never put the U.S. Post Office out of business, because of its lack of emotion. E-mail is widely used. It is as a way of keeping track of friends one would not normally relate to on a regular basis. This can be viewed as a largely positive phenomenon. Keeping in touch via e-mail is like having a pen pal without the deliberate act of sitting down to write a letter, licking envelopes, finding stamps, and going to the post office. Aside from its convenience, e-mail is a somewhat impersonal way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives. Businesses use e-mail as a quick and easy way of keeping in contact with clients on a regular basis. It is less obtrusive than phone calls or voice mail. Follow-up or "after-thought" e-mail is less of an intrusion to customers than a second phone-call or voice message. Business thrives on push-button database contacts for marketing sales and finance. E-mail can also be an excellent form of inter-office communication, an alternative to memo writing. It is the detached nature of e-mail that makes it less professional than a personal letter or "business lunch." Online greeting cards are less personal than tangible forms of birthday greetings and Christmas cards. Electronic cards are acceptable but are not a replacement for close relatives' and friends' birthday card greetings. Compared to the satisfaction one gains in receiving a birthday card in the mail or handed a congratulation letter for a job well done, e-mail is better reserved for more simple types of greetings. While it does have benefits, e-mail cannot replace closer human contacts. A very popular form of online communication that many people find entertaining is chatting. Chat rooms are a way of talking to strangers from...
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The purpose of this paper is to develop an e-Operations plan for Prehistoric Computers. As we have mentioned on previous papers, technology, when used effectively, can provide any given organization the necessary tools to succeed in today’s competitive business world. In this paper we will going to be focusing on two specific technologies that I’m certain will help Prehistoric Computers achieve its primary goal: increase its sales by 200%. The two technologies are:
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
There are many vendors that provide these kinds of solutions, but our objective in this paper isn’t to select a specific one, rather to explain how these technologies can help Prehistoric Computers became a leader in the e-market of selling refurbished laptop computers. As the new e-Operations Manager, I’m convinced of the benefits these technologies will bring to our company.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the basis of any organization, and Prehistoric Computers is no exception to that rule. So as management, should be able to answer questions such as the followings, how can we improve customer satisfaction? What are customers looking for? Who are Prehistoric Computer’s customers? How does our customers view Prehistoric Computers? These are just a sample of questions that a technology such as CRM can help us answer. It can not only answer these questions, but can answer them in an intelligent and practical way. Knowing the preferences of our customers will position Prehistoric Computers above the competition. But we have to be very clear that this doesn’t mean that the technology will provide Prehistoric Computers a magic formula to boost its sales. There is going to be a lot of work no matter which CRM software vendor we choose. For example, we need to have very clear which kind of information we need and for what purpose. Too little...
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Introduced in 1996, Extensible Markup Language (XML) was initially intended to function in the place of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) as the standard format used to define online document structure (Obasanjo, 2003). These intentions are proving inevitable as business organizations begin to realize the real potential found in the family of XML technologies. Potential in terms of improvement in information management practices measured by a company’s reduction in time and overhead. One such organization that has actually realized these benefits in several facets of their operations is Freightliner, a division of Daimler Chrysler who designs, manufactures, and sells specialized commercial vehicles and will be detailed later (Kotok, 2003). XML has proven to be more than simply an advanced version of HTML. It is helping to create a common language for intra and inter-organizational business processes (Obasanjo, 2003). Several aspects unique to XML set it apart from its parent Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and sibling HTML. These are the same aspects spurring a community of software developers, enterprise leaders, and standards commissions to focus on this budding technology as the lingua franca of document exchange (Geyer, 2003). The meta-language not only defines webpage format but also is actually able to provide descriptions of tabular, structured, and semi-structured data. Network protocols, relational databases, program configuration files, web pages, technical drawings and business documents are all examples of these common data forms found in everyday business operations (Obasanjo, 2003). Like HTML, XML incorporates tags that bracket words and attributes. XML, however, uses these tags to define the data leaving the task of interpretation up to the application employing the data. This undefined vocabulary feature allows extensibility in that industry specific terminology is no longer a programming hurdle as in the past (Bos, 1999). XML applications can easily be tailored to plug in and bridge...
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VCE Accounting Unit 1 Starting a small business By Wendy Zhou 1. Define a small business. A small business is a usually owned by one or two owner, these owner manage and controls the business. The business usually consists of 20 or less employees. 2. What is the difference between a sole trader and a partnership? What are two advantages and two disadvantages of a sole trader and a partnership? Sole trader is a business owned by the one owner whereas a partnership is where two or more owners own the business and the share is spread among the owners. The advantages of a partnership includes a greater amount of money being used while can help them to increase the quality of services and goods. The flexibility of having one owner and therefore it gives the other owners the chance to take time off, so that he or she won't have to worry about his or her business as there are other owner helping to look after the business, also the workload is spread. Some disadvantages included unlimited liabilities, which can cause company failure. Many disagreements concerning the running of the business. The advantages of sole trader included the ability to make your own decisions and therefore giving you all the control and decision-making. This also limits the liabilities. Disadvantages includes the huge amount of responsibilities which the owner holds this enable the owner to have too much flexibility. 3. Expert PC Repairs Pty Ltd is a local small business that repairs computers. What do the letters Pty Ltd tell you about the business? What are two advantages and two disadvantages of starting your small business as a company? The letter Pty Ltd stands for Proprietary Limited, this means that the business is a private company. Starting a small business have many advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages included having full...
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Something that provides goods and services to others while at the same time seeks a profit is considered a business. The United States has what is considered to be one of the highest standards of living in the world. This standard of living is created by the wealth that is generated from the businesses found here. Wealth is created by the use of certain resources known as the factors of production. These factors consist of land, labor, capital, entrepuneurship. Knowledge is said to be one of these factors that will soon be very important, especially with the advancement of technology in future years. International and global business is becoming extremely important. The United States is the largest importer and exporter in the world. A nation's relationship of exports to imports is considered balance of trades. Companies must also be socially and ethically conscious in order to be more favorable. Companies have put in place corporate values for each employee. There are two formal corporate ethics codes in place. The Compliance based ethics codes, which is the prevention of unlawful behavior by penalizing those that do not obey the rules. The second is integrity-based ethics, which is a shared accountability for each employee. It is great to own your own business but with that comes great responsibility. The structure of American business consists of three major forms. The first of these forms is a sole proprietorship in which a business is owned and managed by one individual. The next is a corporation, which is a business that is separate from the owners. The last form is a partnership. In a partnership there are two or more people who agree to be co-owners of the business. With everything there are pros and cons to owning your own business. The feeling of success when you have...
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I have examined the Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets for the two-year period of 2003 to 2004. The following report will evaluate the firm's profitability, financial stability and aspects of management efficiency as measured by various financial ratios. Comparisons will be made where possible, both within the organisation and with the current industry averages. Recommendations will also be suggested for the areas in need of concern. FINANCIAL STABILITY The current ratio measures the business's financial health, indicating if the business would be able to meet its current obligations by measuring if there are enough assets to cover the liabilities. For 2003 and 2004, the business's current ratio was 1.21:1, 0.99:1 respectively, both times above the industry average. However, although the current ratios for the two years were above the industry average, the common rule of thumb is 2:1. For 2004, the ratio was below 1:1, and can therefore the current assets of the business would not be sufficient enough to pay current liabilities. This situation seems to have been brought about by the use of short-term funds to purchase a long-term asset – the land and buildings. Such a practise is not desirable and could result in long-term problems for Mr Lee. The equity ratio measures the percentage of funds provided by owner. For 2003, the funds provided from internal sources (the owner, i.e., Mr Robert Lee) were 43.44%. This figure indicates that Mr Lee was 4.62% above the industry average. The other funds must be debt funds that come from outside sources (liabilities). During 2004, the equity ratio dropped to 40%, 1% below the industry average. It is a good time to borrow due to low interest rates and tax-deductible interest. EARNING CAPACITY The gross profit ratio measures the profit per dollar of sales. In the year 2003, Robert Lee Enterprises produced...
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The people in society have become selfish, ignorant,greedy, and egotistical. People running businesses have forgotten what loyalty means, and have centered their minds only on making profits. If the head of an office gives a bad example or shows that they do not care for their businesses, their employees will not show any dedication or enthusiasm for making the business suceed. Businesspeople think only about one thing, money, and that brings a dowfull in their business, causing more problems for their employees. A businessman always has to remember his codes of moral and ethics, especially when he is responsable of what he sells to his community and the rights of his employees. One of the problems that occurs in many businesses is when younger workers replace older ones who still work there. the younger workers could work faster, and are more familiarized with the new advance in technology. The owner of a business has to keep in mind that the senior employees have worked with him for many years, and that they have been loyal to the business. As an owner of a supermarket, it is my responsibility to make decisions concerning the rights and benefits of my employees, and what I sells to the community I serve. Mr Mills is one of my older employees. He has been working with me for many years as a produce manager. He has show loyalty for the business and has helped to make the business grow. Now one of my new and younger employees is complainning that Mr. Mills doesn't work as fast as he should work and that Perez-2 he is getting paid more. Since Mr. mills has been working with me for many years, as a business person I have to see how my employees work and recognize the quality of work they produce. Mr. Mills has been a hard working man all the years he has been with me. He has won...
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