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c o n t e n t s v Group Profile v Goals and Objectives 3 v Group Locations 4 v Group Structure 5 v Company History 6 v Chairman's Statement 8 v Corporate Governance 10 v Auditor's Report 15 v Annual Financial Statements 16 v Operating Costs 24 v Financial Highlights 25 v Ratio Analysis 26 v Efficiency 27 v Risk Analysis 28 OBJECTIVES Our medium term business objectives are to secure as much of the Taxi market from which we can expand the South African operation into other related segments. GOALS Apple commuters will aspire to achieve the following key targets over the next three years: · Increase our installed base and secure our market position · Improve our service offering and implement systems and controls to measure our performance · Improve on our profitability · Implement a Key Account Management structure · Improve staff training on all levels in line with BEE and labour law requirements. GROUP LOCATIONS Below is a map of the areas represented by Apple commuters. The red indicates currently supported areas whereas the black indicates potential expansion points. « Head offices u Regional offices u Potential expansion areas COMPANY HISTORY Executive Chairwoman of Apple Commuters Kathy A always dreamed of working on computers. In the early 1970's – she enrolled for a computer course at LamDin in Johannesburg with a view to making that dream a reality. Kathy then lived in the sprawling township of Alexandra and transportation to and from Johannesburg CBD was having an adverse impact on her studies. Little did she realise that this frustration would change her career path and her life forever. "I was shocked at the quality of public transportation in Johannesburg. I spent four hours a day commuting to and from the city. It was ridiculous – something had to be done about it!" From humble beginnings Apple Commuters has evolved into one of South Africa's most well known and well-respected group of transport companies. It boasts...
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Marks and Spencer's are in dyer need of re- organisation due to the heavy competition they are facing from existing and new high street retailers. The Board of Directors are getting anxious in the UK Market and need to change themselves to remain competitive. My role is to act as one of the Board of Directors and at the end of this assignment I have to produce a detailed business report. I will be given 6 tasks to do including research on Marks and Spencer's. Research- To collect as much info as you can by means of primary and secondary research on M&S Task 1- Explain the classification of M&S Task 2- Identify and explain the objectives of M&S Task 3- Identify and explain the management styles and culture of M&S. Analyse how the organisation structure and management style affects its performance and helps to meet its objectives. Task 4- Describe the use of I.C.T for internal and external communications and how it affects M&S performance. Task 5- Explain the production process and quality assurance by M&S and how it adds value to the products and services. Task 6- Evaluate and alternative approach to quality control or quality assurance. Explain the likely effects it would have on M&S functions and its ability. All of these objectives cover a wide range of issues, which M&S face during their trading period. Traditional objectives like survival and growth are already established however they still require to be sustained and remain an underlined principle of all other objectives. If not then M&S will lose their market position and there shares and that will put them in a vulnerable position. This could result in: . Potential takeovers in the long run and short run by competitors. This has happened in the past when the leading US supermarket WALMART took over Asda. Recently there had been rumors...
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Business studies Final report Re; Ronald smith & co Key business functions: the firm offers accounting and Taxation services together with finacial planning. The firm Ronald smith and co needs to generate approximately $750 a day to cover the expenses like electricity, wages, loans and other business effecting costs. One of the most important is Internet connection without this the business cannot lodge tax returns, Business activity statement (bas). You need to keep up the payments or your Internet is cut off until you pay it off. It's has an affect on the technology you use because if the technology is not up to standard it can slow your business down. In the year of 1997, which to some people that was not along time ago, they only had a modem of 36 k which is very slow in today's standards. My firm's way of generating money is through providing accounting srevises and preparing tax returns, while you pay 10% extra on everything for GST reasons, my firm finds things that you didn't need to pay the extra for so all of those that you did not need to pay the extra for builds up and you have a refund. Because the government tries to get the most from the public's payments, chartered accountants just find ways to penetrate through the laws affecting taxpayers. Establishing the business: Establishing a business from scratch is very difficult but all businesses started somewhere whether it be second hand or new. Buying a business has it's ups and downs. Buying a business Avantage : Include the fact that you can have a very good chance at what ever business you are buying. You don't have to start from scratch your all ready in a well establish business, no long after hours work trying to sort out the loans or the new...
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General Electric: Reg Jones and Jack Welch Introduction Wall Street Journal proclaimed Reg Jones as a "management legend". Jones was well known for the creation of sectors that managed the strategic business units exclusively designed to support strategic planning activities, key characteristic on GE's management process. Jones entered to the CEO position with a challenging, decentralized organization (190 departments) changed at the time from 190 departments to 43 SBU, nevertheless, the new structure was still shaky. He successfully managed through the change and as a result, Jones was very pleased with the accomplishments and continued pushing the strategic planning approach. By 1980's, Jones vision was to positioned the company to a sustained earnings growth faster that the growth of the US economy at the time. This is when he started preparing the road for his successor, at the time one of his Sector Business head, Jack Welch. As described by the Wall Street Journal, GE "replaced a legend with a live wire". Full of ideas, energy and extremely aggressive he took over the CEO position with the idea of making GE #1 Or #2 in any arena where they were competing, as well structure and diversified company. Every business needed to be evaluated under the following criteria: Fix, sell or close. On the other hand Welch believed in a lean and agile organization, eliminating all those positions that were not adding direct value to the processes in placed. Jack Welch was also very radical in chipping away bureaucracy eliminating the sector organization previously established by Jones, serious reductions of personnel took place. Contributions REG JONES CONTRIBUTIONS JACK WELCH CONTRIBUTIONS He made the SBU structure and planning processes inherited to work At first he created two additional sectors: Technical Systems, Services and Materials He hired strategic planners during the transition period Introduce a new planning approach oriented...
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Business Report Executive Summary This business report intends to discuss Qantas's prime functions. It will also outline Qantas' sales and marketing strategies, and the issues which it will and has been facing during the past year. This report is based on information from the Qantas' 2002 annual report to it's stakeholders. Prime Functions Founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, Qantas Airways is now Australia's #1 airline and a leader in domestic and international flights to and from the country. Qantas flies to about 142 destinations,67 within Australia and 75 in other countries. It employs over 33,000 people worldwide. Other Qantas operations include catering and tourism. Qantas continues to play a vital role in supporting cultural, sporting and community organisations across Australia. The company also has well established programs for indigenous Australian employees and communities. Every day of the year, Qantas helps people who are disadvantaged, chronically ill or in need of urgent assistance. Qantas' supports many major community organisations. Mission Australia, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Starlight Children's Foundation of Australia are just some examples. Qantas is also committed to promoting processes and work practices that minimise the environmental impact of its operations. Qantas Airlines Limited has built a reputation for excellence in safety, operational reliability, engineering & maintenance, and customer service. International Operations Qantas operates approximately 540 International flights a week to and from Australia. It offers services to 68 destinations in 31 countries across the Asia Pacific region, Europe, North America, South America, and South Africa. During the year Qantas upgraded many of its international aircraft and lounges. A highlight was the $300 million project to install a new in flight entertainment system on the Qantas fleet of Boeing 747-400s. This was to feature larger screens in First and Business Class, individual seatback video screens in Economy Class, and in seat telephones in all classes....
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Any business venture should be calculated before it is actually put into play. The series of tests that preclude this are called "screens" These screens help businesses discover whether or not their service or product will succeed in a particular country or region. For our tourism business, we have researched the areas of basic need potential, economic indicators, political and legal forces, sociocultural forces, competitive forces, and modes of entry. Using our findings as screens, they will help us decide if our company would have a chance in the region around South Africa. INITIAL SCREENING Basic Need Potential South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa according to MBendi website. It consists of a well-developed infrastructure and handles the majority of trade for the entire Southern African region. Additionally according to MBendi, recent changes in South Africa are creating a ripple affect of peace and democracy across the region (MBendi Information for Africa, Introduction). Various sources have been developed to assist investors in developing business within South Africa. Two such associations are MBendi and Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA) promotion agency. Unemployment is high in South Africa. New jobs would be appreciated and help improve the economy of the region. There is a National Labour and Economic Development agency that monitors wages, disputes and works towards fairness and industrial relations. In addition, trade unions are on the rise to further work toward fair wages and treatment, is a positive for moving in by not getting involved in sweatshop type employment practices (South Africa Info, Trade, p. 1). This can be a positive for moving in by not getting involved in sweatshop type employment practices.{sentence repeated} "The government's macroeconomic strategy for Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) is based on promoting the free market and financial and fiscal discipline and aims at economic growth, job creation...
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Titan Software May 15, 2003 Scott Graves Jesal Mehta Sarpay Oner Tony Yan Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Strategy Target Market 3 Product 4 Price 5 Place 5 Promotion 5 SWOT Analysis 6 III. Technical Specifications and Requirements Server 7 Client 9 Development Tools 9 IV. Website Design Needs Analysis 10 Technical Design Considerations 11 V. Company Organization Management Structure 12 Organizational Structure 13 VI. Conclusion 14 VII. Supplemental Material PowerPoint Presentation Slides 15 Project Timeline 16 Website flow diagram 17 Database Schema (ER diagram) 18 Titan Software Organizational Chart 19 Bug Testing Procedures 20 I. Introduction Titan Software was created in the spring of 2003 with the goal of providing effective and affordable Application Service Provider (ASP) services to small and midsize businesses (SMB). The products of Titan Software are designed to be effective to a wide range of companies in various industries by streamlining the business processes that are similar within each industry. This streamlining allows SMB's to take advantage of ASP services that were previously only affordable to larger corporations. Our business report consists of four main areas: Strategy, Technical Specifications and Requirements, Website Design, and Company Organization. At the end of the report is also a compilation of all supplemental material for the business. II. Strategy Target Market Titan Software's target market is the largely untapped SMB segment that has been ignored in favor of the more lucrative Fortune 1000 companies. The SMB market includes 10 million companies, accounts for 98 percent of U.S. businesses, represents 50 percent of the U.S. Gross National Product, and spends $45 billion annually on IT. Currently only 42 percent of the medium-sized businesses utilize a wide area network. Spending will increase if more attractive pricing for Internet and information technology (such as ASP services) can be offered to SMBs and because of this, we have recognized the SMB market as the prime market for hosted applications. Enterprise customers have largely deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and communication/collaborative applications yet they do...
pages: 10 (words: 2567)
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added: 10/30/2011
Why it is important to you to be able to write good reports? Writing business documents is more than putting words on paper. It is a final stage in the complex process of communicating that begins with "thinking." It is very important to me to be able to write good reports because in my opinion academicians and business people view writing skills as very crucial. Writing skills can be the ticket to a better job and successful career. In a labor force full of ordinary writers, someone who writes well and knows how to write business reports is bound to stand out and succeed. I believe that creating written documents reveals my business skills and my personality. My writing tells the reader about my educational background, pride in my work, and business expertise. The emergence of the paperless office, e-mail, the Internet and web pages only increases the power of the written word. Any company with employees who can write clear and concise reports has a competitive edge over others who are still struggling to communicate. In this day of computers with spell and grammar check, it is so easy to let business writing skills lapse. However, by taking business writing classes each student should take advantage of learning how to write business reports so the reader can get as much of the information from reports as possible. In addition, writing reports helps to keep writing simple and current. Reports play a major role among written communications. In addition, reports are vital in today's business operations; therefore, knowing how to write reports for our executives is very crucial because in a business environment communication often needs to be done in writing. Does a person who conducts a one-person business need to know how to write a report for business purposes? A 10-person business? Fifty? One hundred? In...
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If you know two of more languages fluently, then you are qualified for a job as a translator or interpreter. A translator mainly consists of translating the written words of one language to another as opposed to an interpreter who translates the spoken word. Translators translate many different publications, including articles, fictional materials, screenplays, business reports, and websites. The translation field is set to double to a $20 billion industry by 2004. Two main causes of this are the Internet and globalization of business. English is the international language of business; so many translators have jobs as translating other languages to English. The Internet has also provided many translators freelance jobs, instead of having to work for an agency. To become a translator, it is a must to have learned fluently at least two languages. It is also very helpful if you have an expertise in subjects, such as engineering or medicine, because every subject has its own language. It is important to translate the specific field you have an expertise in, because you develop a sense of style. There are also certain colleges who offer degrees in translation. About 80 percent of translators to this date are freelancers, mainly because it offers more freedom with your schedule, and also because you can work at home with virtually no cost to get started. The main problem posed in this business is that you must go out and solicit businesses. The translation needs are very high right now, so this field is especially promising for those who are knowledgeable in foreign languages. The main point of this article was to demonstrate the many advantages of becoming a translator, the specified qualifications, and the few downsides to becoming a translator....
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Life in the 1920s was very different from many other eras throughout the history of the United States. Crime was prevalent all over the country, and people were learning how to hide their crimes successfully. Many mafia gangsters were in the newspapers almost daily. In addition, betting scandals were occurring in sports. The Black Sox Scandal took place because wrongdoings started to become somewhat contagious. The main gangster of this era was Al Capone; his crimes centered mostly on Prohibition. These gangsters, Prohibition, and the Black Sox Scandal have affected the culture by placing a stereotype on Italians, changing the alcohol industry and its ways, and providing preliminary delinquency for future criminals to try to surpass. A famous scandal arose from within Major League Baseball immediately after the 1919 World Series. The Chicago White Sox, a dominant team during the long duration of the regular season, battled the Cincinnati Reds. The White Sox were heavily favored to win this series and become the champion. However, a terrible part of the culture intervened with America's pastime. Eight players became involved with the throwing of the World Series. These players were "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, Claude Williams, Buck Weaver, Arnold Gandil, Fred McMullin, Charles Risberg, and Oscar Felsch. Arnold Gandil was supposedly the leader of this act. A few weeks before the series, Gandil approached Sullivan, a betting man, about the fix, telling him that for one hundred thousand dollars, he and several of his teammates would make sure the White Sox would lose. Many people who have analyzed the series believe that it was Comiskey, the owner of the team, who was mainly to blame for the Black Sox Scandal, which it was later nicknamed. If Comiskey had paid his players a decent salary and treated them with even a small...
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