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Model Marketing Plan Executive Summary & Table of Contents: Due to the fact that in the Macadamia Nut processing industry there is a high demand for the end product, and that there is much competition among processors to gain supply side customers (producers), marketing efforts need to be focused of the attraction of suppliers apposed to end users customers. Green Farms' objectives are to increase their supply base by 20% in the next financial year, as well as increase output capacity by 20 %. Other goals include the improvement of relations with demand side customers, re: retail outlets & wholesalers. Table of Contents: Current Marketing Situation : Page 1 - 4 Opportunity & Threat Analysis : Page 4 - 6 Financial Objectives : Page 6 Marketing Objectives : Page 6 Marketing Strategy : Page 7 Action Programs : Page 8 Controls : Page 8 Current Marketing Situation: Market Situation: Currently South Africa is producing 12.7% of the total global Macadamia Nut production, and Green Farms' production accounts for approximately 20% of this figure. Last year foreign market growth amounted to 86.67% indicating the market is still in the growth phase. Local markets are more saturated, and only experienced a growth rate of 15%. Further growth in both local and foreign markets is expected in the forthcoming years. SA's largest market base is in Europe and the USA, of which SA produces 34.5% of the total consumption in these areas. Foreign markets are also accessible in Asia and Australia, where SA's market share amounts to roughly 6% of the market. Strong domestic competition is faced in Australia though. Supply side clients are generally private farmers, between the ages of 25 and 60. Qualities demanded by them include: best prices, quality service, quick payment, technical backup, integrity, good information flow, and credit facilities. Demand side clients are comprised of large retail wholesalers in both foreign and...
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The Vegetarian. 1. Introduction. The Vegetarian is a restaurant that offers a type of food ovo - I suckle vegetarian, that it is food prepared on the basis of vegetables, cereals, lacteal and eggs, excluding the meats The company was founded eighteen years ago by a local only one in the street Yí 1334, and since then he(she) has accompanied the trend of eaten frivolous(lewd) and healthy, and has offered quality and flavor in the type of nourishment that offers. Nowadays The Vegetarian possesses eight places. The vegetarian diets are increasingly frequent in the times that run, already be to contribute(pay) with the care of some pathology, to anticipate(prepare) diseases, for aesthetics or for philosophical, spiritual reasons, etc. In Uruguay, according to an investigation realized in 1999 by a group of nutricionistas as a whole with The Vegetarian, it thinks that seven per cent (7 %) of the population who resides in Montevideo In practically all the gastronomic places, from the big chains of supermarkets, up to the most unknown bar of any neighborhood, there exists some food that is vegetarian. The gastronomic autochthonous customs are being modified, up to the same grills they acquire so modern " salad bar " for possible vegetarian clients. Though many gastronomic offers exist on the market, The Vegetarian offers the vegetarian, nourishing, varied and only option on having referred to the healthy, low food in fats and in cholesterol and in turn tasty and elaborated. 2. Description of the business. It is a gastronomic service where it is possible to be going to eat, to take food or to ask for food to domicile, with a great variety of preparations without meats and extremely elaborated. Another important difference that has opposite to other gastronomic offers, they are the deep controls of hygiene that do him to diary to all the vegetables, fruits,...
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Introduction To evaluate and analyse a "professionally made" marketing plan requires the evaluator, to very critically and closely point out the strengths of the plan, yet also point out parts of the plan that are irrelevant or are in need of improvement (weaknesses). Of course, as this is a professionally written marketing plan, the positive aspects of the plan will vastly out-number the negative aspects. In analysing this specific marketing plan we must also establish whether each of the elements of the plan are addressed adequately, and, if needed, offer suggestions for improvement to the plan. The Marketing Plan for "T B S" is quite extensive, with many different sections. Essential Elements of any Marketing Plan There are certain aspects/elements that are integral to the success of a marketing plan that need to be addressed in great detail. These elements include: · Situation Analysis · Market Analysis (External and Internal) · SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) · Establishing Market Objectives · Identifying and Satisfying Target Market · Developing Marketing Strategies · Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Promotion and Place) · Developing Financial Forecasts "T B S" addresses all of these elements in their marketing plan. Now we must analyse to what extent each specific area has been addressed. Situation Analysis "The Situation Analysis looks at the market in terms of size and growth, needs of the target market and trends in buyer behaviour. The performance of products is examined and major competitors are identified and analysed." The situation analysis for "T B S" addresses, in great detail, the area in which the retailer is situated. It mentions the growth in population of the area, and the locality of the "T B S" to large cities where consumers will be targeted. It also addresses some of the businesses competitors but does not go into much detail at all. The situation analysis therefore is not fully covered,...
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MARKETING ASSIGNMENT 1 Q1. Explain what is meant by the marketing concept and illustrate your answer by using an example of a market led organisation. A. The marketing concept is about matching a company's capabilities, with the wants and needs of the customer. The marketing concept is used by organisations in an attempt to satisfy this need. Marketing facilitates an exchange which satisfies the relationship between seller and buyer. Money, Credit, Donations Goods and Services A need is a basic requirement that has to be satisfied. Examples of basic needs are food and drink. One good example of an organisation that takes advantage of one of these basic needs is Coca Cola. Coca Cola use peoples' thirst as a way of selling their products. One way that Coca Cola were led by market demand was that people became increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of sugary products and they are deemed to be unhealthy and fattening, Coca Cola addressed the situation with the launch of Diet Coke. Q2. Compare and contrast the selling and marketing philosophies – using company examples of your choice. The main comparison between marketing and selling is the exchange relationship. The marketing philosophy aims at fulfilling consumers' needs and meeting organizational objectives. The selling philosophy emphasizes aggressive selling techniques. By using a selling philosophy it is believed that consumers will not buy enough of a product if left alone to do so, therefore the organisation will undertake an aggressive selling and promotion effort in order to coax the consumer into making a purchase. An example of companies that uses this approach would be those who supply double glazing. Very often they use 'cold calling' as a method of selling. Definition of 'cold calling' is calling a customer without prior appointment. Starting Focus Means Ends Point By using a marketing philosophy the provider believes the key to achieving success...
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ALPHA AUDIO Executive Summary ALPHA Audio, a leading global electronics manufacturer, is going to produce the innovative and exciting car audio compact disk recorder and receiver. This product will be capable of recording music off the radio and engraving it onto a compact disk for later listening enjoyment. When the consumer hears a song on the radio that they like, they will press the red, clearly labeled RECORD button on the receiver. For efficiency, a 40-second anti-skip chip has been added, allowing the car driver to record the song in its entirety. This ensures safer driving, reducing the chance of hastily taking eyes off the road to search for a button. Recording songs off the radio is attractive to people of all ages, as there are several different radio stations of listening choice. This product is anticipated to supercede the past innovations of SONY in sales, which was the first company to produce a compact disc, as well as a vehicular compact disk player. Company and Industry Description ALPHA Audio is one of the largest companies in the audio and video equipment industry, holding 26% of the market share, having a strong foothold on a relatively large industry. Like all technology industries the audio industry is constantly growing. Last years revenues of the industry were nearly 200 billion dollars. Competitors ALPHA Audio is the leader in their industry concentrating on all most all aspects of its market, from high to low end equipment and still backing it up with ALPHA name and quality. However they are not alone in this industry. In this industry there are about thirty other companies, and even with all these companies ALPHA holds the highest market capitalization by 180 billion US dollars. Some of the larger companies are Matsushita Electric, NEC, and Sharp. They hold approximately 25, 6, and 8 percent respectively of...
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Marketing Plan: Marketing Strategy: STOG is a company that is bent on providing top equipment to aid the people who risk their lives in trying to help others. The company main goal is to save lives as well as facilitating work for our customers. Our marketing strategy is to provide an efficient and user friendly tracking systems. The product will be highly advanced by keeping up with today technologies that are available and further improved by constant research to improve the system. By providing an efficient and safe tracking system our company will establish a strong regional distributor network by laying a foundation for national distribution. Comprehensive Plan: The overall marketing plan for STOG products is based on the following objectives: 1. To establish a financially strong, regional based GPS Company by providing the initial capital funding for the Company through private investor contributions. 2. Work with the city and state of New York to establish a service agreement to be the main provider of the tracking systems to be use by the law enforcement department. 3. To create an exclusive system tracking network of services that will help in the share of the profit that will provide the necessary funds to help the company grow faster. 4. Produce the latest and highly efficient tracking systems to meet the demand for providing a better tracking device that is used by the FDNY, NYPD and other departments. 5. Capture the attention of other potential customer that the company could expand to such as automotive industry as well as military. Distribution: STOG is setting up a contract with the city and state of New York to provide GPS services. STOG is providing a service for the law enforcement agencies in New York City and New York State. The main goal of STOG is to provide top of the line tracking systems that will...
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How Harley-Davidson's Marketing strategy has Overcome Fierce Competition from Foreign Companies As many enthusiasts may describe it, the pride of owning a Harley-Davidson is the pride of owning an 'American Icon'. Harley-Davidson's (HD) positioning strategy can best be defined by its mission statement: "We fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling- by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles, and branded products and services in selected market segments." Now in its 100th year, however, the ideal of owning an 'American Icon' has slowly dwindled out of the public's mind, due mostly to the competition from Japanese manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha. HD's strength's of its powerful brand image, maintaining good customer relationships, strong financial position, and superiority of technology and design are hindered by its weaknesses related to product capacity and unfulfilled demand for their products2. Strategic Direction and Marketing Objectives HD has chosen the strategic direction of targeting a younger market that is technologically conscious in order to increase its share in the performance cruiser market space. With the introduction of the new V-Rod motorcycle, HD is in a position of attaining a sizeable share in the performance cruiser marketplace. To target the younger market with the new product line, the company has adopted the following marketing objectives: to expand its current market (market expansion), diversify its product line (product diversification), and modify its marketing mix to target a younger demographic. During the 1970's, HD was facing a decline in market share due to increased competition with Japanese companies. By phasing out weak models, becoming more selective, and limiting sales and promotions, HD was able to carve out a niche in the marketplace which it enjoys today3. Now again faced with a period of decline, HD is relying on its newly adopted marketing objectives. First, HD needs...
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I. Executive Summary – Mountain Mudd is an exclusive purveyor of coffee in South Dakota. With a franchise location located at Ellsworth Air Force Base in the Base Exchange parking lot. We serve a wide variety of coffee and frozen coffee beverages. Mountain Mudd has been in operation since December 2001. Its average sales are $300-$400 per day. This marketing plan covers how to increase and maintain a constant sales rate of $400 per day. Mountain Mudd currently operates Monday-Saturday 6am-5pm. Plans include, increasing hours of operation to serve customers that visit the Education Center until 11pm Monday-Thursday. Mountain Mudd does not entertain any comparable competition within 10 miles. We plan to have all equipment in good standing operation and employ a part-time handyman to service any malfunctioning equipment to serve all of our customers needs. We do not plan on increasing prices, as current prices are in-line with the market. We currently have three employees and plan to hire one more to cover evening shifts. All supplies will be stocked on a weekly basis, as compared to the bi-weekly basis currently. We plan to utilize the services of UPS to replenish low stock on a weekly basis as compared to the monthly stock we receive now. We will not turn any customer away because we are out of a certain supply. The only major modifications being made to our current marketing plan is how stock and supplies are replenished. Minor modifications are being made to operating hours and training procedures. II. Environmental Analysis a. The marketing environment 1. Competitive Forces-Our major competitor is AAFES Shoppette. They offer more services at one site than Mountain Mudd. They do not offer quality coffee at their site, rather convenience coffee from a drip pot. Their strengths include; longer operating hours, lower prices, and more products...
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Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Situation Analysis 1 2.1 Market Summary 1 2.1.1¡@Market Demographics 1 2.1.2¡@Market Supply 3 2.1.3¡@Market Demand 4 2.2 Product Analysis 5 2.2.1¡@Situation and Locality 5 2.2.2¡@Description 7 2.2.3¡@The Site 7 2.2.4¡@The Development Scheme 7 2.2.5¡@Accommodation 7 2.3 Product Offering 9 2.4 Competitive Analysis 9 2.5 Environmental Analysis 10 2.5.1¡@Economic Analysis 10 2.5.2¡@Legal Analysis 10 2.5.3¡@Political Analysis 11 2.5.4¡@Social Analysis 12 2.5.5¡@Technology Analysis 12 2.6 SWOT Analysis 13 2.6.1¡@Strengths 13 2.6.2¡@Weaknesses 14 2.6.3¡@Opportunities 14 2.6.4¡@Threats 14 3. Marketing Strategy 15 3.1 Marketing Objectives 15 3.2 Financial Objectives 15 3.3 Target Markets 15 3.3.1¡@Demographic 15 3.3.2¡@Behavior 15 3.3.3¡@Psychographics 16 3.4 Positioning 16 3.5 Strategies 16 3.6 Marketing Mix 18 3.6.1 Product 18 3.6.2 Pricing 19 3.6.3 Placing 19 3.6.4 Promotion 19 4. Financials 20 4.1 Break-even Analysis 20 4.2 Revenue Forecast 20 4.3 Cost Forecast 23 4.4 Project Overview 24 5. Controls 24 5.1 Implementation 24 5.2 Marketing Organization 26 6. Appendix 27 6.1 External View of the Building 27 6.2 Elevation Plan of the Building 28 6.3 Weekly Sales and Receivable Summary 29 7. References 35 1. Executive Summary Due to the completion of two highly successful property projects in Beijing, namely Investment Plaza in Finance Street and Palace Apartment in Chaoyang District, Chun Sing Group Company Limited commences its development of International E-Trade Tower ¡]¥_¨Ê¸U¨¹¬ì¶T¤j·H¡^in Yabao Road of Chaoyang District. The market research indicates a specific and growing need in the area of commercial and office units in the area. In view of the unique market situation in this region, the office units of have been well received by the market, even though the building is scheduled to be completed by end of 2002. As at the end of 15th November 2001, about 60% of the office units have been pre-sold to the local traders and state-owned import/export companies with official pre-sale contract signed and prepayment paid. The marketing objective is to increase awareness and image, actively support steady sales and profitability through effective implementation of the strategy. 2. Situation Analysis 2.1 Market Summary We possess good information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of out...
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Table of Contents: I. Executive Summary a. Business Description b. Mission/Vision Statement c. Product/Service d. Core Competencies e. Marketing Mix f. Projected Sales & Earnings II. Products/Services a. Description b. Branding Ideas III. Market Research & Analysis a. Target Market b. Competition: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats c. Channels of Distribution d. Promotions Executive Summary Max and Elaine Appel founded Orange Glo International in 1992. As a father and consultant to environmental and medical organizations, Max recognized the importance of maintaining a healthy environment both inside and outside the home. Today, we remain a family-run business, developing powerful cleaners that are healthy, safe for the environment, effective and economical to use. Since our first demonstration of Orange Glo at the Colorado State Fair, millions of millions of people throughout the US, and in places as far as Tokyo and Paris have tried, used and told their friends and neighbors about our products. Mission Statement/Vision Statement At Orange Glo International, our mission is to delight people with magnificent new ways to clean that are innovative and healthy. We actively seek input from consumers and customers about our products and services. Each of our products reflect(s) input from people like you. We hope your experience with Orange Glo International is wonderful. Our Mission is to supply safe products for the maintenance of longer healthier lives and to help keep and preserve our earth as a toxic free environment for plants, wildlife, and man. We offer, and will seek to find, products for safe cleaning of homes, offices, businesses, and vehicles. Further, our mission is to offer distributorship financial opportunities through distribution of these products. Our mission is to constantly be a growing, profitable company that is respected for its reputation of treating its customers and associates with the highest level of honesty and integrity. Our focus is to provide our customers and associates with the level of satisfaction with regard to our products and services that always surpasses there expectations. Products/Services We developed our first product, Orange Glo Wood Cleaner and Polish, in the family...
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