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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helps people figure out the type of learning style and personality they prefer to work with and learn from most. For myself, it reported to me that my type was ENTJ. E on the indicator refers to extravert which is how people obtain their energy. N stands for intuitive which is referring to how you rather look for possibilities than to work with solid facts. T which stands for thinking and it is the method of thinking using facts versus personal values. J is the letter representing judging. This suggests the type of life style you live and the work habits we use day to day. Using the Myers-Briggs Indicator can tell a person where he/she is strong in some learning style areas and weak in other areas in their day to day interaction with other people. Extravert means something different on the indicator than a person not socializing. It means how people get their energy, whether it is from other people or from an internal source. The report said that I get my energy from other people. While in college I, myself being an extravert and getting my energy from others can be helpful sometimes and other times not so helpful when trying to get an assignment done. It is helpful because it reveals I like to talk and be social able but I also like to party too much. Extraverts seem to have a hard time concentrating on homework and find that college assignments can be a difficult task to complete. Being an extravert means I do not have a hard time talking to people but I do not always have the easiest time completing tasks and assignments. Intuitive is the second term the Myers-Briggs Indicator discovered. N is the letter that symbolizes intuitive on the report....
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added: 10/31/2011
I love college. I really do, I’m not kidding. I think learning from other people is the most amazing thing. I love the environment and the satisfaction of getting a good grade after I’ve spent a lot of time studying and preparing. I love everything from failing test to knowledge breakthroughs (you know those moments where you get a wave of clarity?). But I didn’t always feel this passionate about school. There was actually a point in my life that I actually despised school and thought it was only formed as a penalty. We all as humans have to crawl before we walk. It takes going through academic experiences before college to realize it’s importance in personal and professional growth. I started school when I was 4 because my birthday falls in October, and as far as I can remember I really hated school. It was wonderful to be home all day playing, watching TV and then one day, out of no where my mom wakes me up and leaves me at a big building that I have never seen before with a bunch of kids that want me to share my toys. I thought that was terrible. How could anyone want to share their toys? Despite my problem with sharing in general I made it ok through elementary. Junior High School was sort of the same. I made good enough grades to get me through High School but never put any real effort and I never understood the point of it. Then I entered college. At first I was a bit apprehensive; so far I hadn’t held a good opinion about school so I thought, “This is really going to be hard”. My first two of weeks were terrible. I had a hard time adjusting. The work I was being...
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added: 03/16/2011
Deciding A Major Selecting a major has been the most difficult challenge I have faced while at Junior College; not studying for classes, playing tennis for the Irvine Valley College team, nor making friends on campus. It is difficult to comprehend that selecting a major means I will have to concentrate on that field of study with strong commitment and passion, with little hope of ever changing that major. It seems that once I determine an occupation of interest, another opportunity seizes my attention, and once again, I am in a state of confusion. While maturing the last two years, I have learned that a major should associate your love, talents, and desire for success in that subject. I plan to discuss my initial interest of human development, my desire to pursue criminal justice, and how sociology has become my determined major. As stated in my application, my first job was tending to kids in an after-school day care environment held at Turtle Rock Community Park, which led to my interest in teaching. After attending the same day care when I was a child and volunteering at the community park, I received this initial job at the age of fifteen with high hopes. I have worked there for nearly five years since. It seemed that as each year progressed, I realized my love for working with kids had increased as well. I liked having the responsibility of watching the kids and interacting with them. I thought I was made for teaching because I loved working with children, but realized my love was to improve their lives, to supply them with a role model when their parents aren't around or not involved enough. My excitement comes from helping others by learning more about each person, whether child or adult. So I realized teaching...
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Between sun yellow walls adorned with pictures of friends and plaques of past glories and beneath a wooden shelf aging with chipped paint and slanting volumes of classics, a desk occupies space. Once neatly organized, this desk has been transformed into a collage of brightly colored college catalogues. Piles of pamphlets, booklets, and brochures cover the surface of the desktop and overlay the floor. When I close my eyes, this is the picture that scans through my brain as I reflect back on the college application process that took place in my room last fall. After sorting through the various academic paraphernalia, sending out applications, and making a final decision, I have embarked on a new journey in which this essay marks the first part. Like any seasoned traveler, I have departed from home with a destination in mind. Upon arriving at college, I determined that I would spend my four years in a definite pursuit of new experiences and new ideas. By joining clubs, playing sports, contributing to intellectual discussions, and listening to lectures, I feel that I can collect a wide variety of assets. First, through involvement, I will be able to learn more about myself. Through interacting with others and exchanging ideas, I will be able to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, I will have the knowledge to formulate informed opinions on certain matters and hopefully acquire the confidence to share my thoughts. The second reason for my desire to become involved is in order to contribute to the college community. By being involved in various activities, I will be able to see the college from many perspectives. If I have any concerns about the way the college is working or if I have any ideas for new projects or clubs, I will therefore have both...
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1. Introduction The process of change is often seen as a necessary evil within most organisations. Unfortunately more employees naturally resist change than those that actively seek and embrace it. It is for this reason that when a planned change is scheduled to occur, that a thorough project management process is utilised. This should include: - documentation of a decision to begin the project - a charter which outlines the requirements and limitations of the project - identification of key stakeholders and team/members roles - a project plan that outlines the required deliverable¡¦s and how they will be prepares - documentation of the decision-making process - methods of evaluation and project close-out report All of these aspects combine to assist keep the project as smooth as possible as well as ensure that all customer requirements are met. This includes monitoring the three key areas of change ¡V time, quality and cost ¡V and ensuring they are kept at the required levels. With this in mind, ABC College of TAFE has charged us with the task of developing a project layout that includes all of the above as well as documentation of all aspects of the intended project. 2. Project Charter The purpose of the project charter is to convey the purpose and requirements of the project to the project team ¡V it will outline what the customer requires, and what is expected of them to achieve this. 2.1. Project Scope The project scope will describe the objectives, deliverable¡¦s and the customers of the project. It is important that all team members understand the project scope and what it is the project hopes to achieve because it is crucial that the end product meets the customers requirements. 2.1.1. Objectives „h Choose an appropriate HRIS for the College „h Develop a project plan for implementation of that system „h Keep within the customer¡¦s budget „h Increase employee¡¦s acceptance of the...
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added: 01/27/2012
All forms of stealing are unethical, but the one that is most atrocious is plagiarism. Buying papers is the worst offense in college. It can hurt your permanent record. Plagiarism should be irradicated for 3 reasons. First, students should be aware that plagiarism has a negative effect on the grade in the class. Many colleges require that students accused of plagiarism not only face judicial board, but also face the vice president for academic affairs. The judicial board sanction can cause a student to earn not only a failing grade on the assignment, but also a failing grade in the class. what an embarrassment to tell your peers that you've been failed out of a class for a bone-head decision like cheating. Second, plagairism can affect a student's permanent record. Many students must, as part of their hearing and punishment, face the vice-president for acacdemic affairs. in these cases, it is not unusual for the VPAA to send a note to the college registrar to be attached to the student's file. In this way, the student is foreveer branded a cheat. Lastly, plagiarism hurts the others at the college by helping to shape a culture of cheating. The school then gets a reputation for being unethical. When students and their families are visiting the college campuys, questions of integrity usually arise from over zealous parents. Students doing admisison tours then must dance around the issue, and this side-stepping becomes quite obvious to the family and any one else in ear-shot. Most students, and definitely their parents, want to go to an ethical school with ethical students. In conclusion, plagiarism is a huge problem on college campuses, and only students can affect change. Stop cheating. Turn in your friends, and make the college an ethical environment where students work to earn their own grades. If...
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added: 11/01/2011
The novel opens with a Prologue describing the depressed state of the narrator, who remains nameless throughout the novel. He is an invisible man, he proclaims, and has taken to living unknown underground, sucking electricity from the state of New York into his many light bulbs that he has hung in his lair. The novel is to be the story of how he came to be in this position. As a young boy, the narrator overhears the last words of his dying grandfather, whose message lingers with him through high school. He is struck with this idea when he is asked to give his college oration to the town's most honored white men. At the fancy ballroom where he attends the occasion, he is ushered into the battle royal with the other boys hired for the evening's entertainment. First however the boys are brought into the room where a naked woman dances. The boys are next blindfolded and pitted against each other in a boxing ring. After several fights, only the narrator and the largest boy, Tatlock, remain and they are told they must fight each other for a prize. The next stage requires the boys to grab for gold coins on a rug which turns out to be electrified. The narrator is finally allowed to give his oration and is awarded a scholarship to a renowned black college. At college, he is first faced with the disillusionment which will overcome him by the end. The memory is painful as he relates the day he was given the honor of driving an old white trustee, Mr. Norton, around the campus. The drive goes smoothly for a while although Mr. Norton's questions surprise the narrator. Norton sees every student at the college as part of his fate. He also welcomes a chance to...
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added: 02/11/2012
During the early nineteen hundreds, lived a young woman named Carrie Pollitzer. Her life in America was much different compared to present day. Women did not have much freedom to be independent and their accomplishments were based primarily on gender. A woman would go to college to meet a husband, stay at home with the children, and would have a hard time living a high standard of life if not marrying. Economically, businesses were run by the white man. Men owned the land and often had poor white women and African Americans working the farms. Industrially, the factories were owned by men and many women that were unwed would work in the factories. Politically, the white man ran the national and state government. They were the only American citizens who were allowed to vote. My study of the southern women has shown, culturally, there were many different ways of living and prospering in the south. One is the poor African American communities, in which the people did not have anything. Another was the rich white plantation owning families who only associated themselves with other rich upper class plantation owners. This was a time when the civil war was over and the African Americans were not slaves anymore, so new problems were arising for the South since there was no longer free labor. Many women wrote letters to communicate with their friends and family. Now that I have set a basis of the time period and have explained women did not have many rights, I will look into Carrie Pollitzer's life and her struggles as well as accomplishments being a woman in the early nineteen hundreds. A time when feminism in America was as alien as space travel is in the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. For example, 1913 was...
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The Matrixculation: A Study of the UP-MBA Enrollment Process Executive SummarY Introduction: NEO, a 20-something computer programmer who is currently dissatisfied with his boring, unchallenging, and grossly underpaid job situation, applies for an MBA degree at the U.P. College of Business Administration He passes the exams with flying colors; Neo is now qualified to enroll in one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the country. After the first tri-sem enrollment which goes without a hitch,he decided to study the enrollment process in detail for the next tri-semester. He was going to try to identify and document any areas for improvement, to be submitted to the powers-that-be for consideration and possible implementation. Problem Identification: ! What can be done to FURTHER IMPROVE the enrollment process (with regards to time, convenience and possible future expansion?) ! What is the ideal situation that will maximize student satisfaction without breaking the budget of the college? Analytical Framework ! We shall attempt to analyze the existing enrollment process-its strengths, advantages, weaknesses, and other pertinent facts- with regards to the time and effort required for every step. ! We shall be taking the perspective of an enrolling student (Neo) that shall use data gathered from first-hand empirical exposure to the whole process. ! Tools such as Flow Diagrams, SWOT analysis, Comparative Analysis Tables, etc. shall be used to visualize and organize the data to be gathered. ! Aside from the empirical data, we shall be attempting to gather data from other schools offering the same program, and perform a comparative analysis to determine any areas for improvement. Observations/Recommendations: 1: Re-evaluate the conveniences of the enrollment process, the need for a "one-stop-shop". 2: Consider AUTOMATION of the Registration Process. Implementing Steps ! Re-evaluate the structure of classes whether larger classes for electives can be held. ! Plan and come up with a preliminary project costing for a computerized enrollment system. ! Evaluate the possibility of...
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added: 10/08/2011
Educational/Teaching Philosophy Counseling programs should be both comprehensive and sequential; providing a variety of offerings at appropriate times during the calendar year. With respect to college counseling, it is critical to help students and families organize and plan the college search to insure each have information in a timely manner to help sort through the many opportunities available. It is critical to include the entire family in this process. Varying independent school environments provide different opportunities to accomplish this goal. My goal for families is to help them start this process early in their education. The college counseling process should include exercises that help families learn about themselves. This self-knowledge becomes the basis for sound decisions making in the college search and selection process. Independent schools that offer a K-12 environment, provide opportunities to start even earlier. Programs that help families understand the need for financial planning can be held for parents at varying times in the student's educational experience. Counseling is intended to provide the student and the family assistance, support, information, in a meaningful growth experience. It should be organized and planned in a way that helps the student and the family to grow, giving special attention to individual assessment, potential, motivation, and achievement. The overall admissions counseling program is an integral part of the total educational process, linking with classroom instruction, faculty advising, service areas such as financial aid, career planning and placement, and other programs supportive of learning. Many areas in education interest me and are truly gratifying. Much of my experience has been within the area of college admissions and financial aid. Establishing and creating strategies that have helped our organization reach strategic goals; planning and building a more competitive, selective admissions program during the past 5 years have been challenging and have provided a great sense of...
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