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Although "A Rose For Emily" and "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" are two different stories that have two different outcomes and have two totally different authors, they still have many similarities along with some differences, as you can tell already. For instance the comparison about how both stories deal with crazy people or how one story has numerous deaths while the other has none. Hopefully this paper will explain to you the similarities and differences in these two well written yet sometimes boring stories. There are many similarities in this story such as the attitude of the characters. Both the stories deal with crazy main characters. Miss Emily and Mr. Shiftlet both have a form of disability. "She was sick for a long time." That is what the narrator says in "A Rose for Emily". This means that after her father died, Emily kind of mind and was suffering from depression. The in "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" Mr. Shiflet only has one arm. He is going through some physiological problems since he feels the need to run a scam on an old lady and destroy her daughter's heart. Another similarity between the two is that both main characters never love, but give the reader the feeling that they do. For instance, in "A Rose For Emily", Emily has the knowledge that Homer is a homosexual but she still continues to see him. "He liked men, and it was known that he drank with the younger men in the Elks Club - that he was not a marrying man." The town knew and Emily was informed but she still decided to be with him. I think not for love but for sex. And in "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" Mr. Shiflet surely...
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added: 03/16/2011
;;;lk; i879 An education is very important to ones successes in life. Why someone wouldn't want to accept this gift still baffles some of the greatest minds. As know, for every action, there is a reaction. Unfortunately, the effects of being a high school dropout are extremely melancholy. Dropouts don't get the good job therefore, they aren't paid the top salaries they desire, and they are looked down upon by others because there intelligence level to be an educated being has not been met. Dropping out of school leaves one limited in the possibilities for the future. You would be a thirty-year-old adult with the intelligence of an eighth grader or even worse. The majority of people that will associate with you are those who either have dropped out of school with you or are just not capable of understanding the concepts of an education. These are the people that you will be able to be free around and the ones you can call your true friends. Your might try to mingle with those whose intelligence levels are higher than yours are but this would never work unless you both are pretending to be one another's friend. The conversations you would carry wouldn't be as long; you both wouldn't be able to go to the same places because either you wouldn't enjoy it or you couldn't afford it, unlike your other low-minded friends. You might get feed up with living paycheck to paycheck and decide to achieve a better paying job. The truth is, no high company is going to hire some one without an education that hasn't even accomplished a high school education. You would be a waste of there time because they are looking for improved things to help run their business. As you can see, a drop out will...
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added: 01/01/2012
In the military, everything revolves around discipline. The military is incredibly different from our everyday lives because you are told what to do, how to do it, how to eat, drink, and even act. When in the military you are trained to defend your country from foreign invaders. During World WarII the army or the military wanted to conduct a test to see if black or colored people could fly a military plane. The military had tests being conducted on all blacks that wanted to fly in the United States Air Force. Hannibal is a young colored man and he has always had dreams of flying. After passing the tests Hannibal was accepted into a military base called Tuskegee and on the way there he started making a few friends. During his training and his entire military career Hannibal had always been confronting more challenges or you could event think of them as tests to see if he was able to handle the humiliation. For example when the new trainees had to give up their train seats on their way to Tuskegee for prisoners or war Hannibal could not believe that these people running the station were giving the best seats to their enemies while the people that fight for them or taken to the back of the train. After confronting numerous more obstacles Hannibal had realized that he and his friends struggles to succeed and go forward were all a game to those in the higher position. Now the government and the military in Ender's game were seeking the next Augustus Caesar or Napoleon for them because they needed to defend the human race, which was being threatened by an alien race. Ender was a young prodigy who was considered a genius in the eyes of the government. At the age...
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added: 01/11/2012
Known as one of the most renowned writers of all time, Shakespeare told the universal truth. Emotions are not something that changes over any amount of time. Some emotions like love, hate, revenge, and envy, are key players in most of Shakespeare's plays. Romeo & Juliet was such a successful play that many other movies have imitated the plot such as the very successful "West Side Story". Even though 400 years has past and the world has changed drastically, the emotions and feelings in the play Romeo and Juliet have withstood the test of time. Shakespeare's play and the two movies modeled after it(Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story) have many similarities and many differences, but one thing remains constant, the emotions each character will display. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a everlasting play that concentrates on many different emotions. West Side Story is essentially the same play as Romeo and Juliet and was revived in 1961. Like Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria are of opposite arch enemy "families", they fall in love which is forbidden. Maria is Puerto Rican and Tony is Irish. In West Side Story they couldn't possibly get married but they do have a scorching love affair that they try to keep secret. The hate between the two groups (sharks and jets) was modernized as racism and not as many of the main characters die in West Side Story as they do in Romeo and Juliet. One of the major differences in the movies is that Maria doesn't kill herself like Juliet, she is left alone. Another major difference between the movies is that Romeo kills Paris who was going to marry Juliet then he kills himself when he thinks that Juliet is dead. In West Side Story, Tony is killed by Chino (the equivalent of...
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added: 11/11/2011
Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield are two of America's most well-known fictional characters. Both The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Catcher in the Rye have been classics for ages due to their intriguing main characters. Although their situations are on completely different ends of the spectrum (not to mention time periods), these two characters are surprisingly alike in categories of self-image, language, and attitude toward society. Mark Twain and J.D. Salinger both used self-image as an important part of their novels. Huck sees himself as adventurous. "They all asked me questions, and I told them how pap and me and all the family was living on a little farm down at the bottom of Arkansaw, and my sister Mary Ann run off and got married and never was heard of no more, and Bill went to hunt them and he warn't heard of no more, and Tom and Mort died, and then there warn't nobody but just me and pap left, and he was just trimmed down to nothing, on account of his troubles; so when he died I took what there was left, because the farm didn't belong to us, and started up the river, deck passage, and fell overboard; and that was how I come to be here. (Twain 101)" He knows he can rely on his creativity to generate a believable story, as he did with the Grangerfords and many others. Huck knows that he isn't very important, but also realizes that he is better than crooks such as the king and the duke. Holden knows that he has a lot to learn about life. Holden sees his roommates at Pencey lower than he sees himself, but doesn't hold himself highly. In conclusion, Huck and Holden know they are not the most brilliant people in the world,...
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added: 02/02/2012
Life is very difficult for the first generation of immigration in America. There are many reasons responsible to this situation, both from society and from individuals. I think one of the major reasons is our poor English. I have been in United States more than ten years and I have a nice job, working for a biotech company as a senior scientist and the Research Manager. But my English is still very poor, because almost all the scientists in my company are Chinese. The major language we speak at work is Chinese, and we only speak Chinese at home. I was a medical doctor, a professor and the Chairman of Molecular Biology Department of a medical school in China. Therefore, I have little problem in my scientific research work, but I do have many problems because of my poor English. My professional English is only good enough to read reference papers and to give presentations of my work, but not good enough to write manuscripts for publications. In order to be accepted for publication, I have to ask my boss and secretaries who are native English speakers to help with my English, otherwise, the reviewers would comment the manuscript is written in poor English. Furthermore, as the Research Manager, I have to present our research work to investors and to discuss with scientists from other companies, which require me to speak perfect English. Although I always try my best to prepare myself, sometimes I still have difficulties to communicate clearly with them and I have to ask my boss¡¯s help. All of those have affected the efficacy of my professional work. My poor English not only have limited my work, but also affect the quality of my life. Sometimes I was invited to parties. People at the parties were nice, kind and...
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added: 02/15/2012
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet interpreted by Zeffirelli are two versions of a classic tale of two young lovers. In reading Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and viewing Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet one becomes aware of many differences between them. Although the basic storyline remains the same, the differences are obvious. These differences can be found in the setting, characters and their speeches, and the culmination of the story. These differences between the versions produce two entirely different interpretations of the story. Zeffirelli changed the story by changing important scene by use of omitting characters or switching the order of the events. For example in Act V, when the Prince gave his final speech, Friar Laurence was supposed to be present to give his own confession, but was left out by Zeffirelli's version. This left the explanation of why the lover's were truly dead for the watchers to question. Shakespeare had Montague raise a statue in Juliet's honor, signifying the end of their feud. Zeffirelli, on the other hand, chose only to show the two lords together making for a weaker end. The omission of characters from important scene was not the only change noted between the two. Zeffirelli also took poetic license in the creation of Romeo and Juliet. He gave his lines to characters when in Shakespeare they were spoken by another. This was shown during the party scene, Act I, scene V when Lord Capulet was to rebuke Tybalt and call him".......saucy boy........." The line was instead given to Lady Capulet. This exchange of lines between the characters does not always help in the understanding of the story. The use of adding lines to characters created different personalities and gave the characters greater insight than in Shakespeare's version. It added in helping understand...
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added: 10/25/2011
The brief but complex stories of "Araby" by James Joyce and, "A&P by John Updike focuses on character traits rather than on plot to reveal the ironies that inherent self deception. The theme for both Sammy from "A&P" and the narrator from "Araby" is the transition from childhood to adulthood, a process that everyone experiences in one's own way and time. The transformation that both characters make from children to adults includes unrealistic expectations of women, focusing upon one girl in particular which he places all his unreciprocated affection, and the rejection they suffer is far too great for them to bear. Sammy is working as a cashier at A&P when he spots her, the girl who he labels "Queenie". She is leading a parade around the store with her two fiends following. The three of them are in nothing more than a bathing suit. Sammy longs to be like her and to be with her. "She kept her eyes moving across the racks, and stopped, and turned slow it made my stomach rub the inside of my apron...."(126). Sammy is quite taken with "Queenie" he desires her to pay attention to him. Sammy is absolutely thrilled when the three girls approach his check out line. At this time the manager of the A&P enters the picture and tells the girls that bathing suits are not proper attire for a supermarket. Then Sammy embarks upon the ultimate form of play that, although immature, is sometimes used by adults to make an impression on others. He ultimately sacrifices his job, saying, "I quit"(129). His motivation for quitting is the hope that "Queenie" would stop and thank him, her unsuspected hero. Sammy's gesture does not have the results for which he hopes. Upon exiting the A&P, he realizes that the girls are gone, and he...
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added: 12/06/2011
The first American woman to become a licensed pilot was Harriet Quimby. Quimby received her pilot license in August of 1911 from a school in Hempstead, New York. In April of 1912, Quimby left on a flight with hopes to set a record and get recognition. Although, at the time of her flight, was the sinking of the Titanic, so people did not want to celebrate with her. Also, a man had already made the same flight, so the papers did not want the story. Three months later, Quimby died at an airshow near Boston. Never getting the recognition she wanted and deserved. Like Quimby, Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson were also female pilots. However, they were better known than Quimby. Earhart and Johnson have similarities in their backgrounds, both have many accomplishments and their deaths were tragedies. Earhart and Johnson both have similarities in their backgrounds. Earhart, for example, was born on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas. Six years later, on July 1, 1903 in Hull Yorkshire, Johnson was born. Even though one is from America and the other from Britain, they were both born in July. Earhart went to Columbia University for pre-med, while Johnson went to Sheffield University to earn a BA. Although seeking different careers, both wanted to further their education. Never having the chance to meet or even speak to each other, these two women, both gave up their field of study to become pilots. Both of these women have many accomplishments. Earhart received her pilot license in 1921 and purchased her first aircraft. In 1922, she set the unofficial women's flying altitude record of 14,000 feet. Then in 1928, Earhart was recognized as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean as a passenger. However, in 1932 she was the first woman, and second...
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added: 07/22/2011
Things don't always happen the way we would like them to. If everyday went exactly the way you planned it, life would simply be boring. Unexpected bumps in the road keep life interesting, and it keeps people on their toes. In the Secret Life of the Bees, the author puts a spin on the novel by keeping it suspenseful and unpredictable. Keeping a reader interested and dumbfounded on the outcome of events is what makes a fine novel. I always have questions about the plot of a narrative. One question that comes to mind is, how a specific chain of events would be different, if one or more actions taken or event that took place were changed? Given the power to do so, the first thing in the novel that I would change would be the relationship between Zach and Lily. They were two characters of the novel that obviously cared for each other. The difference in their skin color set up a boundary that no one dared to cross; interracial relationships. I believe that no one should be split apart from a person they have feelings for, regardless the circumstances. The bitter and harsh society that Lily lived in would have learned a thing or two from the loving relationship she would have with Zach. People would see that a mix of races could actually exist. They would realize that life is much easier when different people intermingle, instead of tear away from each other. Lily would have been much happier if she had someone like Zach along her side to help her through out the novel as she matured. Another alternative I would have liked to see would have been a better father-daughter relationship between T. ray and Lily. T. Ray was nothing like a father figure to Lily, she...
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added: 10/20/2011
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