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An individual has quite a few rights when in court. One right is that everyone is entitled to a lawyer and a fair trial as seen in "Gideon's Trumpet" when Gideon gets convicted of robbing money from the pool house he soon goes to trial after that. At first, he cannot afford to pay for a lawyer so he defends himself. A person in court can also choose to defend themselves in court if they feel that they do not need a lawyer to defend them. Another right an individual has while in court is to be appointed to a local lawyer that can represent them in court. If you cannot afford a lawyer and also do not want to represent yourself then you can represent yourself. In court, the responsibility of an individual is to behave properly and not to yell or scream at the judge. If someone is brought up to the witness stand, then their responsibility is to tell the truth and not lie. Showing up to court especially if you're the judge,part of the jury, or the defendant /complaintif is definately the responsibility of those individuals. Not fulfilling responsibilities in court can affect whether or not a person is able to be proven innocent. If an individual does not fulfill his or her responsibility even if it wasn't intentional then there's a good chance that they can be penalized to being guilty even if they weren't guilty. For example, if a lawyer dosen't have evidence at court then they messed up pretty bad in their responsibility to defend their client in court because most likely they will not win the case without evidence. In this case the lawyer would probably be fired since there was no point for him/her if they were going to mess up so badly. The...
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In the American legal system you are said to be innocent until proven guilty. In Barry Winstons "Stranger Than True" he states, "what about a situation in which all evidence seems to point to a persons guilt." Barry Winston may have found it harder to believe his client was innocent when the evidence pointed in the other direction. In the American legal system the accused are guilty until proven innocent. The first reason why Barry Winston believed his client was guilty is because he was drunk. Winston's client blew a fourteen on the Breathalyzer tests. The kid had three beers before he and his sister decided to leave a party. The kid was being charged with manslaughter and a DUI because he wrecked his sisters car, and killed her in the process. Winston notices that the kid never said who the driver was. Another reason why Barry Winston believes his client is guilty is he was too drunk to remember what happened. After leaving the party the next thing Winston's client remember is waking up in the hospital. Winston's client was too drunk too remember anything until be wakes up in the hospital with bandages and casts all over him. The kid doesn't even remember if he was driving or not. According to doctors the kid has post-retrograde amnesia. Winston was beginning to lose faith in his clients innocents however he states "of course I believe him, but I'm worried about finding a judge who'll believe him." Winston has trouble finding a witness who knows the whole story. Trooper Johnson can only go by what he investigated at the scene. Holloway pulled the bodies out of the car, however he still refuses to talk to Winston. The final reason why Barry Winston's believes his client is guilty is the car was speeding. The...
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The pushing forces behind the revolution were the ideas, leaders and movements. Without the three of these things working in unison the possibility of achieving revolution would be near impossible. Each of the three work to back up the others, without the support of the others, they would not work anywhere near as effectively. The first to be derived and the most important of the three were the ideas. Without them the other two would not have been possible. Liberty was the most prominent idea of Revolution, the concept of capturing their own emancipation from the British was the most appealing theory of the time. The concept of liberty was not the original belief however. Over the time, ideas were altered and born to fit with the current events. Another outstanding idea was that of "no taxation without representation" first said by Patrick Henry at the House of Burgess 1765, this notion spread threw the colonies and was often used to demote the British of their right to tax. Equally important were the leaders and movements. However without some kind of leadership the movements would not have been able to run smoothly. Without the leaders of the resolution there would be no control, chaos would reign and results would be difficult to obtain. Two perfect examples of leadership through the revolution were George Washington and Samuel Adams. One a dignified statesman, the other a radical propagandist each man inspired American colonists and helped lead them to the freedom they so greatly desired. Washington led the Continental army, and was in turn elected the First American President; Samuel Adams was the co-founder and leader of the Sons of Liberty, Americans most famous extremist group. This links directly to the movements of the Revolution, the movements were what gave the patriots the colonial backing and...
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1. Explain the importance of Liberty, Equality and property in the American Culture………… 2. Analyze and discuss the comprehensive function of the "Electoral College". Give reasons why the " Electoral College " should continue to be the deciding factor in the U.S. Presidential elections, or should it be discontinued. 3. Discuss the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Explain the nature of the problems of gender based discrimination in the workplace, and the importance of Title VII. 4. Discuss the "Rights of the accused versus the rights of society . 5. Discuss the competing theories of how the US Democracy works, for example, elitism-pluralism and hyper pluralism. To explain the importance of Liberty to the American culture, the word liberty should be at first defined. One definition is the quality or state of being free, the power to do as one pleases, freedom from physical restraint, freedom from arbitrary or despotic control, the positive enjoyment of various social, political or economic rights and privileges, and the power of choice. Another definition of liberty is a right or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant or a privilege or permission to go freely within specified limits. Americans do not take this ideal lightly. Every aspect of life is measured against the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Liberty has clearly shaped the Bill of Rights, without which, the Constitution would not have been ratified. Thus it is safe to say that liberty has been of paramount to Americans since the birth of the nation. Americans had just gained their freedom from England and were interested as a collective to keep that privilege. That interest has never waned, and Americans have sought to have that right above others used as a foundation for everything. Americans will defend their right to liberty with a...
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The debate over entering the War of 1812, the American System, and the admission of Missouri showed sectional conflicts in the American community. Describe the conflict and consider to what extent, if any, they could have been prevented. In every society, people develop varying opinions about their nation's politics, economy, and social aspects. During the nineteen century, sectionalism, which is the tension and arguments between two or more areas, such as the northerners and southerner, split America because of debates over various events. The nation was greatly split by the debate over entering the War of 1812, the American System, and the admission of Missouri. In the War of 1812, there was conflict between Democratic-Republicans and Federalists. Merchants and businessmen supported the American System, while westerners opposed it. Finally, the classic "north versus south" was the sectional conflict during the admission of Missouri. Over time, many people have pondered whether these conflicts may have been prevented, and if so, to what degree or extent. One major conflict for the newly independent America was whether or not to enter the War of 1812. As America was extremely young (it had just gotten independence from Britain) their main policy was to remain neutral. However, the British irked the Americans immensely by seizing American merchant ships and forcing the American sailors to serve the British navy. This policy became known as impressment. Officially, America declared war against Britain over the issues of impressment and also because of British support of Native American groups, such as Tecumseh's Red Stick Confederacy. Many people were, therefore, in support of this war. The people who were in favor of the war were militaristic, patriotic Democratic-Republicans called War Hawks. They were mostly from the agrarian South and West, and most rose to power in Congress. Many men, such as Felix...
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History raves about the heroics of men in the Revolutionary War, but few instances are mentioned of women. Yet during every step of the passage to Freedom, women were there. They helped in ways as courageous as fighting beside men on the battlefield like Deborah Samson, being the ultimate Patriot, doing things like spying, to marching Tories (people who remained loyal the English King) to the gallows like Nancy Morgan Hart, and even saving her master from the Redcoats as slave Mammy Kate did. Deborah Samson Gannett was one of the bravest and most interesting women of the American Revolution. She was five foot eight inches, which is almost a foot taller than the average woman of her day, and taller than the average man. Hard farm work from when she was younger broadened her shoulders and toughened her muscles. She was not a beauty (all the woman that fought or helped in the American Revolution were described as ugly). The same as the typical farm girl in her day, Deborah had no official schooling, but instead was taught by two farm boys. Deborah was a fine Patriot and did not fear anything. One day those qualities took the best of her when in early 1782, she dressed up in men's clothing and signed up to be in the army with the name "Timothy Thayer of Carver." She must have changed her mind overnight because she didn't report for duty the next day. Someone in the tavern recognized her and a rumor erupted. The Baptist Church that she belonged to, interrogated her on these accusations and she would not admit to the 'scandalous behavior'. The town and church began to shun Deborah and she moved in with her distant cousin Reverend Noah Alden. Noah's house was near to a tavern where militiamen often...
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The Constitution was written that said that all men were created equal. However, many American women wanted to have the rights and freedoms as men did. But women were totally dependent on men for everything. When the revolution began many women began to help support the cause of the revolution. In doing so woman began to found the first large-scale woman's association in American history. That showed sprit and support for their loved ones in the fight for freedom. Some women were disapproving of this act, although many women worked hard in collecting money because the hard currency was sacra in America. They printed articles in the newspaper for support of the revolution and went from house to house collecting money along with any contributions that could be given. The action was a success however many woman had to work hard and not work on common things as most woman would have in that time period, such as hair, clothes, and elaborate vain work. Many were obligated to give in the efforts of the war and had to sell and give things to make up for the coast of the war. So many were impressed with the efforts along with George Washington, however, he had a different view on the money should be spent while the ladies wanted the clothe their family. After seeing what the use of clothes would do for the men he later gave in to the plan to have the men clothed. This was a huge step in history for woman's rights it showed the patriotism of America women along with a great contubiton....
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Imagine for a moment, everyone in the world eats the same food, prepared in the exact same way. Boring, isn't it? But now let me ask you this—do people tend to think that the food in their own culture is good while other cultures are not so good? Well, here in America, that answer would be no. America, known for its diverse population, is advancing towards mainstreaming numerous amounts of ethnic dishes through acceptance and consumption. Research taken from the College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences from the University of Illinois indicates that 70 to 80 percent of consumers "are familiar with…Chinese, German, French, Greek, Cajun/Creole, Japanese, Indian, Caribbean and Spanish cuisines" and that the reason for its popularity is because of the diverse immigration into the U.S. As ethnic groups grow larger, so is the change in American cuisine. As a result, various consumers are enthusiastically in quest of spicy foods, playing a vital role in giving recognition to other ethnic foods. That brings me to today's topic: The various Pakistani foods that have become popular in some regions of the US, the influence of Islam in its cuisine, and the countless types of herbs and spices used. The cuisine of Pakistan is a mixture of Arab, Turkish, Persian and Indian influences. Roti (bread), chawal (rice), sabzi (vegetables) and gosht (meat) are the four main components of a Pakistani meal. Naan is the most popular form of bread and is eaten at almost any meal. Besides these basic foods, ceremonial occasions such as weddings have inspired a number of lavish dishes. A traditional dish at marriage feasts, for example, is chicken curry with either pilau or baryani. Ras gulla, made from cream of rice and milk, is an equally traditional wedding dessert. It is served in clay saucers topped...
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In the article "The Economy Needs More Big Government – Now" it is in the opinion of the author that the US Government step up and be more aggressive in their stance in stabilizing the economy and beefing up our health system. I agree with the article in the sense that before when the economy was stronger, the country basically ran itself. Now that the country has been crippled, I feel that the government should step up and act like a parent coming to rescue her injured child. The government has the means to revitalize the economy and to be the strong force that pushes along the recovery effort. By slashing interest rates and encouraging investors and restoring consumer confidence the economy can turn around. However, this is a bandaid that can only be applied by the US government. If ever before, now is the time that the economy does in fact need "more big government." In "Economic Trends" the first article discussed the weakening value of the US dollar across the globe. The downtrend on the value of the dollar will in turn weaken the overall global economy by dragging down consumption and investment overseas and potentially damage financial systems in other countries which rely on the US dollar as "safe" currency. Big exporters such as Japan and Germany will potentially find it hard to sell to American businesses and consumers since the falling dollar inevitably means higher prices for imports. Also, with the economy being so strong in the 1990s, many foreign companies issued debt in dollars. If the dollar falls, those bonds would all become much less valuable to the investors holding them and in turn much more of a problem for the global financial system. A second article featured in "Economic Trends" concerned increased domestic natural gas production....
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Civil courts in England and Wales Most cases dealing with claims for less than about £25000 start in the local County Court of which there are 250. Cases are heard by a legally qualified judge. An appeal can be taken from the District Judge to the Circuit Judge. County Court decisions are not binding in other County Court cases but are generally followed unless there is good reason not to. Cases involving larger sums of money or more important legal points are raised in the High Court. The High Court sits in London and in a few regional centres. It is split into Divisions. For example, the Family Division deals with divorce and child welfare matters and also the administration of wills; the Chancery Division considers complex matters such as disputes about wills, settlements and trusts, bankruptcy, land law, intellectual property and corporate laws; and the Queen's Bench Division deals with the remaining business including disputes about contracts, torts or land. The Queen's Bench Division has some specialist sub-Divisions, including a Commercial Court which deals with large and complex business disputes. You can appeal a County Court or High Court decision to the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal on law only. From the Court of Appeal, there can be an appeal to the House of Lords on fact or law but usually if it involves matters of legal importance. It is also possible to bring an appeal from the High Court to the House of Lords but this is rare. Up to Court of Appeal level, a judge must follow the decisions of all the higher courts above it but need not follow the views of other judges in the same court or a lower court. The Court of Appeal is normally bound by its own previous decisions and those of the...
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