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Dear Valued Members, We would like to thank you for another year of supporting our cause to protect the planet from the unnecessary destruction by thoughtless and apathetic companies all over the United States. Due to some of the events of the past year, we have been forced to change/create several new policies. They are as followed.  The use of foul language at any social protests is from now on prohibited.  The bi-yearly protests against large wailing ships with our tiny rafts are cancelled indefinitely.  Any protest chants with ridicules rhyming puns will be dealt with in an even harsher manner than before.  Yearly membership to our cause will be raised to only four easy installments of $399.95 (+ tax). An extra 50¢ each day you are late with a payment  The yearly Christmas party will now be held in warehouse C, on Government Blvd. down by the docks. (Due to budget cutbacks).  Human barricades to stop large construction equipment (such as Bulldozers, etc.) will no longer be one of our practices. (Paco will be missed.)  And finally, public defecation on the vehicles of company C.E.O.'s will be frowned upon and denied to the public and the press, though chuckled at behind closed doors. Please take note of the new policies, and be prepared for three to four hundred more implications in approaching weeks. Discussion Questions Ch. 10 Andy Evans 1. The control panel allows the user to change properties and settings on almost every thing on the computer, including Audio, mouse, security and power management properties. 2. Add and remove programs allows the user to get rid of unwanted programs, or install new ones. Security options allows the user to set passwords, and such. Printers and hardware allows the user to change the properties on printers and similar hardware. 3. A theme is a coordinated look for...
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added: 07/24/2011
During the American Revolution, a patriot was defined as "one who loves, supports and defends one country" (Webster's Dictionary) Most certainly these qualities were reserved exclusively for the male population of the time. In 1776, words such as androgynous, woman's activist did not exist. It is difficult to obtain and explain one simple definition of what a patriotic American was around 1776 and the Declaration of Independence. Therefore how can one person give a simple definition of a patriot during the American Revolution? Many people insist that the great political leaders of the time and the soldiers who actually fought in the Revolution exemplified a truly patriotic American. The opinions of today's society lean towards men such as Thomas Jefferson, General George Washington and John Adams among the most ardent patriots of the time period. However, there is an entire gender omitted when defining the term. Female colonists during the time of the American Revolution were also patriotic and tried to help the cause in any possible way. Some may say that these women followed the boycotts of the time and were patriotic in supporting the cause simply because they were married to men who were patriotic. However, this is a sever understatement. Clearly, some women were self-opinionated and possessed a true passion for freedom. Thus, these women could be considered patriots because of their own love for their country. A prime example of a true female patriot was Abigail Adams. She voiced her opinions on politics in private letters to her husband, John Adams, and at times, expressed her support publicly. She encouraged the women in her town to encourage the revolutionary cause by boycotting British goods and living simply in order to assist the politicians of the time. Since Abigail herself could not hold an office, she lived vicariously...
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added: 10/27/2011
The Devils Arithmetic, written by Jane Yolen, is a Contemporary Age novel. The main character of the book is a 12-year-old Jewish girl named Hanna. Who is really embarrassed by her family's heritage and traditions. The first literary device I am going to defend is the plot. The book first takes place during Passover. Hanna wonders why she is forced to spend every Jewish holiday with her relatives, listening to her family's history and remembering everything that happened to her grandparents in the death camps. On the night of Passover Hanna is chosen by her family to open the door for the spirit Elijah to come in. However, instead of seeing a long windowless hall with green dark numbers leading into other apartments, there was a greening field and a lowering sky. When Hannah turns around she finds herself in pre-World War II Poland. When Hanna finally finds another human she asks, "Please, what year is it? Please… '1942' replied a man." Hanna had traveled over 40 years back in time. The second literary device I am going to defend is the theme of the book. When Hanna is transported into a World War II Nazi death camp. She is graphically shown the horrors experiences by the Jews at that time without the benefit of historical perspective- thus gaining a stronger perspective of what her people have endured and the role of her faith in the scheme of things. She went through several forms of abuse, this was shown on page 96 of the novel, when Hanna was waiting in line for her head to be shaved. "They sat on the benches naked and cold for a long time while the barber worked on each in turn." Hanna attempts to escape the horror of what lies in front of her several times. She...
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added: 02/16/2012
Anthony Durham Instructor Howard 10th grade English g. May 6, 2002 Ronald Reagan, A Tax Advocate. Growing up in a small town Ronald knew the importance of the working class in our society even more so in the modern society of the 1980s. Fortieth United States president, former movie actor. Born February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois. A 1932 graduate of Eureka College (Illinois), Before he worked as a sportscaster for several radio stations in the Midwest. He had many odd jobs in his home town of Dixon as a life guard and a store worker where he first realized the importance of a good education and the purpose of workers in society, he was later discovered by a Hollywood agent, he was signed by Warner Bros., making his debut in Love is On the Air (1937). Reagan appeared in a total of 52 feature movies, his best roles being in Brother Rat (1938), Dark Victory (1939), and Kings Row (1941). During World War II, he made training films for the Air Force. He served as a spokesman for the General Electric Company from 1952 to 1962, hosting and occasionally acting on the television series, General Electric Theater. From 1962 to 1965 he served as the host of the television series Death Valley Days. As Reagan served his presidency, he stood firm in the belief that rough times where ahead and only tax cuts could pull the nation out of such economic strain by "Sparking a bonfire of nationalism and spark the faith the people have in their nation"-Ronald Reagan In 1981, at a ceremoney marking the 200th anaversery of the battle of with the british at Yorktown, The President stated "We have economic problems at home and we live in a troubled and violent world. But there is moral fiber running through our people that makes us strong enough to face the tests ahead."-Ronald Reagan Reagan posed a twenty five percent tax cut...
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added: 02/16/2012
The purpose of Paradise Lost by, John Milton, is to "justify the ways of God to men." Milton uses the Bible as evidence to support his claim and explain the natural understanding of life as it is seen by many people. He uses Satan and Adam and Eve's life journey to explain the ways of God. To begin Paradise Lost, Milton tells of Satan's banishment from Heaven. He and his brigade have plotted war against God and are now doomed to billow in the fiery pits of hell. Milton says that one will "dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire" if he defies God. This is exactly what happened to Satan when he defied God and anyone who defies Him will have to suffer this torture. Hell has "no light, but rather darkness served only to discover sights of woe." It is a "region of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes…but torture without end still urges." Hell is also described as a place of "lost happiness and lasting pain." Satan once lived in a place full of joy, happiness, and surrounded by pleasure but after his defiance of God he must live without the pleasure and live in the worst extremes. He is punished for his unfaithfulness just like those who forsake God will live. Satan and the devils build Pandemonium in hell as a place to come together and discuss the war against God. They plan to take over the world and get revenge against God for his punishment. Their plan will have major repercussions. Milton explains that anyone who tries to rise up and rebel against God will be punished as Satan and the devils were. God allowed Satan and the devils to make the choice that they wanted as stated in Book 1, "And...
pages: 4 (words: 975)
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added: 01/31/2012
Laurie Amons NU-200 Prof. Eliadi November 14, Role Research Paper The Fine Lines of Nurse Advocacy The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term advocate as " one who pleads the case of another" (1989). The legal view of advocacy encompasses the definition of advocacy as a consultation between client and lawyer before a court proceeding (Woodrow 1997). The International Council of Nursing (ICN) has included nurse advocacy in their code since the 1970s. In recent nursing literature " nurse advocacy" has become somewhat of a buzzword connected with the concepts of nurse autonomy, ethics, moral issues and the view of patients as health consumers. Although the nurse that advocates for their client has no real legal standing among the health professions, the importance of such advocacy arises often as a binding, if legally un-recognized, unsaid contract between the nurse and the client. Henderson's theory of nursing says that advocacy is "a separate identity, not included in the medical models of treatment" (Henderson, 1960). The question arises, Is Nurse based advocacy on the client's behalf more of a philosophical endeavor taken on by the nurse as an overpowering internal drive to protect the client? Or does the advocacy of the client's rights and wishes by nurses serve an ideal avenue for the lobbying of said rights in a legal and political venue? The arguments for both sides are persuasive, leaving that fine line uncrossed by either side. Advocacy for the client has evolved throughout the years in the medical community an endeavor taken on by the professional nurse. History shows us that the archaic reverence given to physicians is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Florence Nightingale first introduced the theory of patient advocacy in an indirect manner. Her belief that "the world was unsafe, requiring that the patient be protected from its environmental and social effects...
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added: 01/30/2012
‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about what matters’ (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) Ladies and Gentlemen, invited guests and friends, it gives me great pleasure to be addressing this gathering today. It is an honour to be chosen to speak about my role as a nurse and how the responsibilities make me eligible to advocate on my patients’ behalf, especially, when they feel helpless. Therefore, this auspicious event of the ‘Nurses’ pinning ceremony’ is no better opportunity for me to express my sentiments concerning ‘Patient advocacy’ in our roles as leaders and twenty-first century nursing professionals. As such, the question is asked of this audience, who is a leader? Who is an advocate? For these brief moments in which your attention is engaged by my presence, the desire is to attempt answers for these two pertinent questions. Precisely, they must have crossed your minds from time to time over the years. This nurses pinning ceremony is another occasion for such reflection. Laura Wisniewski speaking on all nurses are leaders asked a vital question too, do you consider yourself a leader? Someone has correctly said that people are born leaders; others have achieved the expertise to become leaders through training while others had it thrusted upon them through progression within their professional practice. In this subtly discourse with you today, could it be posited that leaders are advocates; advocates who are not afraid to stand out with integrity for the rights of patients’/ clients rights which allow social planners to see that denying the uninsured quality health care is unethical just as mercy killing through the administration of morphine in end of life stage illnesses A nurse’s responsibility is distinguishable. Training has equipped many of us with skills to show empathy towards our clients/ patients....
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added: 05/08/2012