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For my term paper, I researched on Cyber Terrorism. I believe that Cyber Terrorism is a big problem in our society and may even be a worldwide problem for all humanity today. I want to do my term paper on Cyber Terrorism because I had some personal experience with this sort of terrorism. About a two years ago, I encountered a Hacker on America Online. I opened an unknown message in my mailbox that was titled “Free Nude Teens”. Then about a couple weeks later, we received all sorts of bills that had to be paid. My father received bills for many different things such as electronics, clothes, and other items that had been purchased under our account on the Internet. My father was so pissed off because he thought that my brothers or I had purchased all those items. So we called the Company and found that our computer had been hacked into. And the so called hacker purchased items on our account number. And we found that the hacker gained entry by a message that I had opened . So we ended up paying only a thousand dollars out of almost six-thousand dollars worth of goods purchased on America Online. I want to do my research paper on Cyber Terrorism because I want to stress to people that this is a big problem and will become worse in the future since everything is being done in Cyber Space these days. In this research paper, I will prove that hackers gain power and publicity with crimes they commit through cyber space. And it is easy for even amateur hackers to gain information and money from powerful organization without any detection or suspicion. Hacking is also a costly and destructive force for people in Cyber Space. Cyber Terrorism is such a...
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added: 06/21/2011
The career that I choose to research was Computer Engineer. One of the reasons why I choose to research this occupation is because I am very interested in the field of computer science and because someday I hope to work in the field. I also choose this particular occupation because it receives a relatively high salary compared with other occupations in the field, and salary is an important issue for me. I also love using computers, I use my computer almost every day. When one of my family members computer breaks or when our home network is not working, I'm usually the first person to try and fix the problem. Also, many people have told me that computer engineering is growing fast and there will be many good opportunities to come. "I was told in college that computer programming is the fastest-growing carreers there is; that is true, but its not hiring a lot of new people" (Mitchle) In today's competitive economy having a technical advantage over others can be the difference between success and failure. This is where computer engineering come in. Computer engineers design, troubleshoot, and develop programs and computer systems for many different applications. Many engineers are being hired today by companies to build and maintain their networks and computers. Enginners are also in high demand, especially to develop solutions for faster and better computers to aid in business, accounting, telecommunications, and almost any job where you would use a computer. In order to be a good computer engineer you must show that you are fairly competent in certain social skills, complex problem solving skills, and technical skills. The social skills you must have for this occupation are coordination, and you must work well with other people. The technical skills needed are technology design, testing, troubleshooting, and judgment and...
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added: 12/03/2011
Looking back in history the one thing that caught my eye was the great depression. I wanted to learn more and get a better understanding of exacting what was the great depression. Even though I have learned about it in other history classes. I never really understood of what happen or what cause the depression and that is why I choice to do my research paper on this particular topic. After doing this research paper it help me to understand what was the real cause of the great depression for example I learn one cause was the crash of the stock market. I also learn that many people were unemployed due to the depression and how many businesses went under. The great depression and the things I learn from it is relate to the topics of this course is by jobs and unemployment. Due to the budgets cuts in work forces a lot of people are unemployed and if it keeps continuing I believe there just might be another great depression. When I was doing my research paper the Internet was my best source to get my information because there are so many sites you can go to and each sites provides you with enough information that you need about any topic. The way I choice the site I wanted information for my paper was the one who provided me with the most information about my topic. I believe my information I have got is reliable and the way I know is because what I have learn before about the topic in other classes matches with my sources on the internet and with all the sources I have use they will be primary. The Great Depression was the worst time in history for everyone. It was the worst financial slump ever in...
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added: 11/17/2011
MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONISTS Medical transcriptionists perform technical clerical work in transcribing medical cases. They transcribe clinical reports, test results, and other information from voice dictation. They work in many hospitals and other facilities and some work right out of their own home. I believe this is a very good career to get into for many reasons. Medical transcriptionists are not just typists or secretaries; their skills are not as simple as theirs. A medical transcriptions is a medical language specialist who interprets and transcribes medical records from tapes in order to compile written documentation of medical information on individual patient cases. They use a transcribing machine with headset and foot pedal, listen to recording by physicians and other HealthCare professionals dictating a variety of medical reports. They have a good command of English grammar and know thousands of words of highly technical medical vocabulary. They are good listeners and they need to be able to understand many different foreign accents. They are very skilled workers being that they need to know so much. I choose this career because it looked interesting to me and I enjoy typing and learning medical abbreviations. I learned of this career at the Career Expo this year. I was interested immediately. It seemed to be a fun, easy, moderately good paying job, so I decided to do my research paper on medical transcriptionists so I can learn more about the profession I would like to get into. Since medical transcriptionists deal with a lot of grammar and medical terminology, they are many educational requirements. You must have a high school diploma or something equivalent to it. Some helpful high school courses include English, biology, anatomy and some type of typing class. It is also preferred that you graduate from an accredited school for medical records terminology. There are many different colleges and business schools that have courses in Medical Transcription. Some include Carnage College, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, Fox Valley Technical...
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added: 12/14/2011
house party 2 and how it pertains to supervision in the hospitality industry I chose the movie House Party Two to do my paper. I realize that this isn't exactly what you would do for a paper on supervision, but there is a scene in which it seemed perfect. In this movie the plot was basically about a boy named Kid. Kid ends up getting a chance to go to college. His Church gives him the money for tuition and somehow it gets in the hands of his best friend named Play. Everything goes downhill from there. Play end up giving the check to a con artist for a record deal. Kid is the forced to get a job and work in the faculty dinning hall. The bogus part is kid still is technically not a student at the school yet. This movie relates to our supervision class in many ways. One, Kid gets experience working in a running kitchen. Two, the head chef who runs things offers points of motivation and also uses the Carrot and Stick method. Three, Kid gets promoted by working his way up through the job. Finally, it showed me that you have to be careful who you hire because Kid was not exactly a trustworthy employee. The first way this movie applies to our class is the kitchen itself. I have learned that to work in a kitchen is not an easy job. In the kitchen Kid worked in there where many activities were going on. For instance there were line cooks who were performing many duties. Each person in the kitchen was helping one another out. You could also tell there was a lot of organization. The produce was another thing I noticed. Now that as not very organized. There were potatoes all over. The produce was...
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added: 10/19/2011
The teen brain consists of four main components that contribute to development. The first component is the corpus callosum, which is a nerve table that joins both sides of the brain. Although it is not completely stated what it is responsible for it is believed that it controls intelligence, consciousness, and self-awareness. This links to the teen brain model because it doesn't mature till your mid 20's which would explain why teens do so called "Dumb" things, because their brains are not fully developed. The second main component is the frontal lobe, which is located in the upper front part of the brain. The frontal lobe is responsible for self-control, judgment, organization, and regulation. The frontal lobe changes and undergoes a series of pruning. The first growth finishes at age five and then at about the age of 10 the brain begins to grow again. Which explains why most teens do not think things threw because this part of the brain is not fully developed. Another component is the changing in the Parietal lobes. The parietal lobe put together information and is in charge of senses like tactile or touch and sight, and makes it comprehensible. What happens to the parietal lobes is the long nerve fibers or white matter that is coated in fatty substance called myelin, allows the nerves to carry information faster and more efficiently when the process is finished. This process is developing until late teens early 20's. Which means the teen brain does not send or receive information as fast or effective. The final result of the parietal lobes is that they can't organize or incorporate the different signs that they receive. They do not adapt because the brain cannot react to it. Like the parietal lobe the temporal lobes are not developed during the...
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added: 09/11/2011
Physical abuse is one of the biggest problems in America Today. Many different people abuse children because of a lot of different reasons. There are many different types of physical abuse, which will be discussed later. The cause of abuse is different in most all cases. Education can be the most effective way to prevent abuse. If parents took a class before they had children on how to deal with pressure and frustration the number of children being abused will drop dramatically. If abuse is caught early and stops, the effect on the child won't be as much as if it happens for a long period of time. The warning signs of abuse are important to know so you can report to the authorities if a child you know is being abused. There are also many ways to help families that abuse occurs in like family therapy or hotlines which people can call when they are having trouble. I choose to do my paper on physical abuse to educate people and to help prevent it from happening. Some types of physical abuse are really visible and some are hard to point out. Some physical indicators are a high incidence of frequent injuries like when a child is always bruised or has broken bones frequently. Bite marks, unusual bruises, lacerations, and burns are more indicators that a child is being abused. Severe swelling of the face and extremities should be reported to Human Services and the police so they can investigate and find out what really happened. If a child has fractures in unusual places that is a good sign that abuse is going on. A rare form of physical abuse is Munchausen syndrome by proxy; it is where a caretaker seeks attention by making the child sick or appears to...
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added: 10/30/2011
Life is very difficult for the first generation of immigration in America. There are many reasons responsible to this situation, both from society and from individuals. I think one of the major reasons is our poor English. I have been in United States more than ten years and I have a nice job, working for a biotech company as a senior scientist and the Research Manager. But my English is still very poor, because almost all the scientists in my company are Chinese. The major language we speak at work is Chinese, and we only speak Chinese at home. I was a medical doctor, a professor and the Chairman of Molecular Biology Department of a medical school in China. Therefore, I have little problem in my scientific research work, but I do have many problems because of my poor English. My professional English is only good enough to read reference papers and to give presentations of my work, but not good enough to write manuscripts for publications. In order to be accepted for publication, I have to ask my boss and secretaries who are native English speakers to help with my English, otherwise, the reviewers would comment the manuscript is written in poor English. Furthermore, as the Research Manager, I have to present our research work to investors and to discuss with scientists from other companies, which require me to speak perfect English. Although I always try my best to prepare myself, sometimes I still have difficulties to communicate clearly with them and I have to ask my boss¡¯s help. All of those have affected the efficacy of my professional work. My poor English not only have limited my work, but also affect the quality of my life. Sometimes I was invited to parties. People at the parties were nice, kind and...
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added: 02/15/2012
I intend to investigate the problem with female managers not having equal amount of positions, respect and earnings that male managers receive at the same rank. I believe that this is an important phenomenon to study because females have moved forward in the workplace and have even earned a high position in companies. This number of women managers is also growing, "In 1970, only 33.9% of American managers were women; by 1980, this figure had grown t0 40.6% (Cetron, Lucken, McFadden, & Weir, 1987)",(Brett, Reilly, & Stroh, 1992, p. 251). However, the few women that achieve a managerial position, receive less money the their male CO-workers, "Given that equally productive females receive a lower wage than do males, the result of choosing to practice discrimination against females is that costs are higher than need be and profits are lower than need be (Jones, & Walsh, 1991, p. 847)." My research will focus on the problem that females are not seen as equals in the work place, and that they are discriminated against in pay(economics), "Gender differences in salaries reflect women's lower status: For every dollar earned by a male manger, a female manager earns only 66 cents (Powell, 1993)",(Riger, Stokes, & Sullivan, 1995, p. 534), numbers that are employed and respect from fellow workers and the public "People have described men as more like good managers than women, and good managers as higher in stereotypical masculine traits than stereotypical feminine traits (Powell, 1988, p. 148)", (Fremgen, Martinez, & Zeff, 1994, p. 761)". The few women that achieve a managerial position, receive less money and respect than their male CO- workers in the same rank. I think that this research question is an important phenomenon to be studied because, women have come such a far way from the traditional role of the homemaker, secretaries and operators to being in managerial positions and that they are just as capable as a men in...
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added: 11/19/2011
A primary concern for Psychology research is depression. Depression affects a great deal of our population and many aspects of an individual's mental health and well-being. In my research of books, articles, and Internet pages on depression, I chose to base my paper mainly on a 1994 article of a study of depression, entitled Depression, Working Models of Others, and Relationship Functioning, by Katherine B. Carnelley, Paula R. Pietromonaco, and Kenneth Jaffe. This study focuses on the idea that the type of care received in childhood, positive or negative, has a great effect on relationship functioning later in adulthood. But there are two links between child-rearing and relationship functioning: attachment style and depression. Both derive from the type of care received in childhood and affect relationship functioning, and both exert a reciprocal influence on each other in adulthood. The researchers of this study wanted to examine all the correlation's between type of care, attachment style, depression, and relationship functioning. They proposed a three part hypothesis: 1. A less positive childhood would result in an insecure attachment style and depression, 2. Depressives would exhibit a preoccupied or fearful style of attachment, and 3. attachment style would affect relationship functioning more than depression. The research was conducted in two independent studies. The first study sampled 204 college women. Women were studied based on the very plausible assumptions that women are more susceptible to depression than men and relationships carry more significance with women than men. The women were screened using the Beck Depression Inventory, a popular method of testing consisting of 21 multiple choice questions to be administered by a clinician. The questions range in scope from feelings of sadness to loss of libido. From these results, a sample of 163 was taken: 73 whose scores indicated mild depression. From this point...
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added: 09/19/2011
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