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GOOD WILL HUNTING MOVIE ANALYSIS Scene 1 – When Will beats up the guy in the schoolyard Will remembers a kid from High School who beat him up. So he walks up to him and gets revenge by beating him up. • Episodic or Flashbulb memory – He remembers getting beaten up • He resorts to violence as he was punished that way Scene 2 – Will argues with the college student in the bar Will recites a passage from his history book complete with the quote and page number. • An example of amazing memory retention through visual codes. • In his generic memory Scene 3 – Will goes to a psychologist who tries to hypnotize him The psychologist attempts to hypnotize Will and tries to treat him while he's in an altered state of consciousness. It doesn't work as hypnosis only works for the people who believe it and Will obviously does not believe it. Scene 4 – Sean McGuire punishes Will when he mentions his deceased wife Sean McGuire punishes Will for what he says. After this Will decides not to mention it again, scared of the consequences. • Punishment. Operant Conditioning. Scene 5 – McGuire gives Will the silent treatment McGuire learns after the first session that him starting the conversation will not get a good reply from Will. So he decides to wait for Will to start a conversation. • Observational learning Scene 6 – McGuire remembers two episodic memories McGuire remembers two memories of the baseball game/when he first met his wife and how she farts in her sleep • Flashbulb memory • Episodic memory Scene 7 – Will hangs around Skylar more as it makes him feel good Will learns that hanging around Skylar gives him more satisfaction and generally a good feeling. He decides to hang around with Skylar more as he wants to feel good. In turn this is decreasing the bad behavior...
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added: 02/16/2012