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I will be doing my final project on the subject of should Harry Potter books be ban from schools. That being school required reading lists and also the school libraries. I will be taking the stand of 'no', this series of books should in no way be ban from schools. I will be conducting field interviews via a camcorder. My subjects will be people from all walks off life: children, young adults, and adults. I will be going everywhere from the heart of these institutions where I can reach the students specifically to my immediate family where I will get a unique viewpoint from my sister and her daughter who is a Harry Potter fan. I am expecting and hoping to receive a wide array of opinions on this subject and other closely related Harry Potter subjects. My interviews, hopefully, will provide a solid means to my conclusion; however, if they do not, modifications might have to be made. Despite all of this, Harr Potter still prevailed and went on to kill all of the bad guys. Sure Harry Potter books are not as widely read by the younger generation as they should be, but in time they will be. There can only be on factor in which will decide something lik this, and that is time. Time is of the essence and only hermoine, harry, and will can help themselves out. Good luck to them on their journey through time and the rest of the harry Potter novels. so good luck to them. Temporary Bibliography 1. McCuen, Barbara. "Should Schools Ban Harry Potter for Promoting Witchcraft?" January 6, 2003. 2. Edleston Primary School. "Don't Ban Harry Potter." January 6, 2003....
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added: 01/11/2012
I was restless, desperately waiting for the school bell to strike so that I can return to my hostel and jump into the bed with my favourite Harry Potter book. Finally the bell gave its call at one o'clock and soon I was lost in the enchanting world of Harry Potter. Such is the magic of a Harry Potter book! J.K.Rowling, who is an American author, writes the series of Harry Potter books. There are a total of five beautifully written books in the series: o Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone o Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets o Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban o Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire o Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix A lot has been gone into the writing of each of the above books to keep the millions of Harry Potter fans all over the world on cloud nine. The novels unfold the life and adventures of a wizard called Harry Potter and his friends at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter lives with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and his nephew, Dudley at number four Privet Drive. His uncle told him that his parents died in a car crash but in reality his parents were killed by the most feared wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort but Harry survived Voldemort's attack and in return he got a scar on his forehead for which he became famous. One day Harry gets an invitation from Hogwarts asking him to seek admission in the school, but his uncle being a Muggle (non-magical person) strictly refuses to admit him into Hogwarts as he had a very medieval attitude towards magic. So in comes Hagrid, the gamekeeper of Hogwarts to rescue Harry from the boorish Muggles. From then on Harry's life takes a new form with...
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added: 07/21/2011
The Harry Potter phenomenon has taken the world by storm. The magical and mystery aspects of the serious has left many spell bounded but others outraged. The five book series has caused a protest among many Christian schools and religious organizations. The idea of making wizardry and witchcraft appealing to a young audience and promoting witchcraft as normal has sparked conflict between religious organizations and Scholastic, which publishes books for school markets. The five book series will not reach the library shelves of the Marantha Christian College in Doveton because of the school policy on fantasy. "The Potter books portray witchcraft as normal," says the principal. "It's a problem because as Christians we would say witchcraft and that kind of thing is not good, and yet Rowling portrays is as being good." (Christian school bans Potter books(July 2 2003)) But Scholastic said that it's Harry Potter series teaches children about right and wrong, "We're proud to publish the Harry Potter books," spokeswoman Judy Corman said. "We think they're about good and evil and we don't believe in censorship," (Judge orders Harry Potter back on Arkansas shelves (April 24 2003)) Censorship Issues have been a big thing in the past. This year is the 70th Anniversary of the Nazi book burning. The book-burning took place just months after the Nazis took power in 1933. The SA cordoned off the main courtyard of Berlin's Humboldt University, stacking high piles of books by Jewish, communist, or 'degenerate' authors, and then setting light to them. This is the approach that a Church in Pittsburgh is taking. The congregation of a church in suburban Pittsburgh gathered around a bonfire on the 24th of May to burn Harry Potter books, Disney videos, rock CDs and literature from other religions, purging their lives of things they felt stood between them and their faith. The...
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added: 12/12/2011
In the previous century there have been two major series of fantasy novels; "Lord of the Rings" and more recently "Harry Potter". The genre, fantasy, is very broad, but generally contains one main character, the protagonist, who is fighting for, or against something, often against evil. In both these novels the main protagonist is fighting against evil and endures a kind of adventure and personal growth. As in most fantasy novels, the main characters are in an ulterior world, which is comparable in many ways. I intend to investigate into some of the many comparable components of these two novels. Harry Potter lives in what the reader assumes is a kind of Earth. To begin with he lives on the outskirts of London, giving the book a very realistic setting. This all changes when Harry discovers he is a wizard and is to study at Hogwart's Academy of Wizarding. We see an entirely new world full of many different magical creatures including elves, dragons and giants. Harry boards at school for a vast majority of the novels, so the setting is generally at his school, which is an incredibly old castle. The writer, JK Rowling, has described the castle incredibly well, without using useless jargon. Unlike in the Lord of the Rings, in which the characters move into has many different settings as the novel develops, Rowling was able to slowly create an image of the school as the story unfolds. The setting in "The Lord of the Rings" requires much more depth in the description of setting as it is commonly unlike our real Earth. The writer, Tolkien, has incorporated a sense of reality into the settings, by giving his world a feel of an old Earth. This is similar to Harry Potter in the sense that the castle is hundreds...
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added: 11/17/2011
The character Harry potter, as portrayed in the book "Harry potter and the philosopher's stone" is a perfect example of the value of the quest in literature. As the novel progresses from beginning to end, it is evident to the reader that there is a significant change in Harry. In the beginning of the novel, he is a shy, reserved boy with many inhibitions who doest know where he fits in anywhere. By the end of the novel, Harry is more confident and feels a sense of great accomplishment. He can finally live up to the hero status that the magical world has believed of him since he was a baby. Through Harry's perilous quest for order, he found more than the philosophers stone itself. He found where he belongs, who his friends are, and a sense of courage and bravery that Harry never knew he had. The story of Harry potter is one of a young boy trying to find his place in life in present day Britain. What separates Harry potter from any other protagonist in this literary genre, is the fact that 11 year old Harry potter is a wizard. While the premise of the book is very fantastic, the reader can easily relate to Harry's everyday problems with family, friends and belonging, in a fantastic atmosphere. The story begins at the boring, ultra-ordinary, nothing-out-of-place, number 4 privet drive where an orphaned Harry lives in the cupboard under the stairs in the house owned by his horrible relatives. Harry does not fit in with his "ordinary" relatives, because mysterious things just happen around him, and he can't explain why. Harry's family consists of his rude, beefy, mustached Uncle Vernon, who loves making mean remarks about Harry. Aunt petunia, Harry's late mother's nosy sister, who has never failed to...
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added: 12/24/2011
Translated into over thirty languages and sold more than 114 million times world-wide, the four Harry Potter books still occupy the places 7, 11, 15 and 19 on the New York Times best-seller list. On its publication day, the fourth volume broke all past records, when a famous Londoner book shop sold over one hundred copies per hour. This essay will focus on Joanne K. Rowling's way of narration which seems to fascinate so many readers. First, this is done by considering some of the narrative elements, i.e. the frame story and the presentation of the characters. Then, three critical arguments shall be indicated and, finally the pattern of narration will be discussed, in order to explain the success of these books. One fascinating element of Rowling's work is the frame story, the world which the author created as scene for Harry's adventures. Its strong point is its plausibility which is based on a convincing relation to reality. Scene of action is Hogwarts, the hidden castle with its towers and secret chambers, its 142 moving stairs, and populated by fabulous creatures. The most important sport in the magic world is Quidditch, an exciting mixture of polo, basketball, and cricket. The daily routine at school is determined by a carefully devised and realistic system of rules and rituals. Hogwarts, although it is an imaginary world, is unmistakably close to reality , it is an image of reality which has been equipped with magic. To the reader, many things appear as in real life. It is this mixture of fairy-tale and real life, which makes it so convincing. The same relation to reality can also be seen in Rowling's gift to describe the characters, which is a further quality of the books. The characters are understandable and allow the reader to identify with. The...
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added: 08/11/2011
Spells are being cast, wizards and witches live all around us, schools are infested with ghosts, trolls, and three-headed dogs, and owls are behaving very strangely. That is only a sample of the world of Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone the movie was a great success! The film interpreted a well joined story line relating to the world wide success novel. Magical effects enhanced the film's enjoyment, this movie will surly be Number One this summer. This movie is enchanting and spectacular, one not to be missed. The movie tells a story about an evil dark wizard - Voldermort. After murdering Harry's Parents: James and Lilly Potter, he turns on Harry, still only a baby, and shoots him with a flash of green light. Although Harry mysteriously deflects it, and as a result, severely injures Voldermort. Harry was left with a distinctive lightning shaped scar on his forehead, reminding him forever, that terrible night. The story is set in a number of locations, giving the film superb scenery and in-depth scenes. The plot falls on, our hero: Harry Potter; a famous student attending a magical school called Hogwarts. And his faithful friends: Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly. Together they encounter many thrills and spills in the magical world, including the Wizard's game Quidditch. One moment that really caught my eye was the Quidditch match between Slytherin and Griffindor. The brooms really looked as if they were actually flying. Another simply spectacular moment was the fearful feeling when Prof. Qurill (a teacher at Hogwarts) unravelled his turban and reviled Lord Voldermort himself! G reat Special effects were shown throughout the entire film, making features look as real as ever! The Ogre looked great as well as Hagrid's baby dragon. The Movie is great for younger children, and some adults may enjoy it too, I...
pages: 2 (words: 330)
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added: 03/05/2012
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added: 10/30/2011
Why do so many people view Harry Potter as a recruiter of evil? I see it as a fuel, a fuel for the imagination. There is a less chance of being influenced to grab a broom and jump of your house than to do half of the stunts seen on modern TV (wrestling, WWF, WCW, ECW, all the cussing and sex etc....) Don't we all need some distractions from modern civilization? With all the fighting in Mid-East, America at War, and the list can go on. I find reading Harry Potter takes us to a world where, yes evil people and evil things occur. In the end victory and happiness finds a way to shine through. People tend to judge the fact that there is witchcraft in the books that is evil. As an example, here is a poll taken from the Sunday Oklahoma Newspaper: We asked 100 people who say Harry Potter is "of the devil" how many times they have read the Harry Potter Books: 12% at least once 1% At least twice 2% More than twice 84% Never As we can see an astonishing 84% percent of people whom believe Harry Potter is a recruiter of Witch Craft haven't even read the books. Quote J.K. Rowling (A&E Biography): "Never once has anyone come up to me and say 'Thank you I have dedicated my life to the forces of Wicccan's and witchcraft!'" Quote J.K. Rowling (A&E Biography): "Almost every spell written in the books, I made up my self. Mostly I took the old ways of saying what the spell is. (Expecto Patronus Expecto – Expect, Patronus-- Protection) As the bible says "Do not judge as you would like to be judge… " Meaning do not blindly judge. Read the books, and read the background of the books....
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added: 02/15/2012
Background Prior to the publication of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, J.K. Rowling hinted that the fourth Harry Potter book would have darker tones, images, and plots than previous books in the saga. She also suggested that the fourth book would be pivotal by providing more information about Harry's parents, circumstances concerning their murders, and their enemies. Rowling fulfilled her predictions by explaining aspects of the history of wizardry and the rules governing the wizard world, such as why technology is absent from Hogwarts, and by offering readers a glimpse into Lord Voldemort's macabre environment and point of view, which are crucial to balance the predominant goodness of the usual setting and viewpoint of the earlier Harry Potter books. Also, by introducing characters from two rival wizard schools—one French and one Eastern European— Rowling provides alternative opinions to the traditional magical culture exhibited at Hogwarts which readers have become familiar with in the first three books. Set in the years 1994 and 1995, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire begins and ends differently than its predecessors. Readers enter Riddle House (which is a tonier but similar dwelling as the Shrieking Shack because of its horrific inhabitants) instead of the Dursley home. This beginning symbolizes the transition in the series from Harry being in the forefront and Lord Voldemort being a shadowy figure that Harry infrequently encounters to Voldemort achieving more substance both physically and figuratively. His resurrrection poses an overwhelming menacing threat to Harry. The events in Riddle House reveal Voldemort's Machiavellian nature as he schemes with his heinous henchman Peter Pettigrew, a.k.a. Wormtail, and servile serpent Nagini to kill Harry and to attain power after ordering the murder of Bertha Jorkins and slaying Frank Bryce. Harry's brief stay with the Dursleys is innocuous as compared to previous summers, and the Weasleys' bumbling interactions with the ignorant Dursleys provide comic...
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added: 12/27/2011
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