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Thesis statement: Although many the 20th-century English modern poets announce their breaking with the 19th-century English Romanticism, there still remain Romantic traditions in some of the modern poets, such as Ted Hughes. In this essay, I discussed Romantic tradition in his ¡°Hawk Roosting¡± and compared it with Shelley¡¯s ¡°To a Sky-lark¡±, who is one of the 19th-century Romantic poets. I. Introduction of Ted Hughes II. Analysis of Ted Hughes¡¯s ¡°Hawk Roosting¡± A. The Poem as a Whole B. Discussing it in Three Aspects 1. Manners of the Hawk; 2. Relations between the Hawk and the Nature around it; 3. Change of the Nature since the Appearance of the Hawk. C. Evaluation of its Structure, rhythm, language, etc. D. Relationship between the Hawk and the Poet III. Analysis of Shelley¡¯s ¡°To a Sky-lark¡± A. Analysis of the Image of the Sky-lark B. Contrast between the Sky-lark and Human Suffering C. Relationship between the Sky-lark and the Poet IV. Comparison of the Two Poems A. Similarities of the two spirits praise in the two poems B. Similarities of the two birds¡¯ relationship between the two Poets Among the modern British poets, Ted Hughes (1930- ) is regarded as one of the best British poets and along with Philip Larkin as representative of the English poetry since the Second World War. The publishing of his of two volumes of poetry, Hawk in the Rain(1957) and Lupercal (1960) has established his reputation as a prominent poet of nature and animal in the 1960s. In 1956, he married Sylvia Plath, an American poet, and their living together proved a fruitful period of both of their poetry creation. Hughes is a poet writing in the romantic tradition. The introduction of Ted Hughes in Contemporary Literary Criticism noted that he is a poet of ¡°nature in the raw, of primitivism, pessimism, and natural destruction¡± (¡°HUGHES, Ted, 1930-¡±, 1974, p. 197). In his poetry, Hughes is preoccupied...
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added: 11/21/2011
Indre Kunigelyte September 20, 2003 Critical Commentary on "Crow" by A. MacLean and "Hawk Roosting" by T. Hughes The first of the two poems – "Crow" by A. MacLean has six stanzas of unusual three lines each. "Hawk Roosting" by T.Hughes also has the same number of stanzas, however they consist of four lines of about the same length. The first poem has an odd rhyme structure – ABA. The lines are generally of the same length. Short sentences, in which it is written, help to emphasise the content. "Crow" is a descriptive poem in which the bird crow is described. It starts with the repetition "Crow, crow, crow" introducing the subject and the image of the very first day of the Earth, in which the bird is already flying around, suggesting that it had been there before anything else. The second and the third stanzas describe the physical appearance of the crow. The fourth and the fifth talk more about its mental characteristics. In the last stanza we are told about only one kill of the bird. The voice of the poem is a third person, which is describing the bird with a certain tone. The tone is admiration and awe since the bird is regarded as a very strong animal. Descriptions like "Knocks limpets off rocks", "Cracks lobster claws" show this narrator's attitude towards the subject. Such language used in the poem is powerful because it powerfully creates an image of the crow to the reader. It is not complicated, but the adjectives and verbs used are very carefully picked to give the right impression. For example, "Roars with laughter" gives a stronger impression – it is more than just a simple laughter of the crow. One of the main figures of speech used in the poem is personification, for example, "can tell a...
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added: 01/26/2012
Response Journal # 1 – Chapter 1 -How does the author capture your interest at the beginning of the book?- There are a number of things mentioned in the beginning of "Incident at Hawk's Hill" that sparked my interest and that I could relate to. First off the main character, a small boy named Ben aged 6, was in a barn imitating a mouse as he slowly followed it in the hay stacks. There was no reason in him doing so; it was just out of pure pleasure. This introduction of Ben's character excited me because I myself have had a personal interest in wild animals for all of my life. The remarkable thing about Ben following the mouse was that the mouse wasn't running, it was taking it's time going from seed to seed on the ground, as if not acknowledging Ben's game of "follow the leader". As well as the setting was in the late 1800's, a small farm and a medium-sized family of 5 people. This setting was comforting and inviting as it always suggested the picture of a farm house and barn at dusk with the sun peaking through the hills and trees and a big loving family home after a hard day's work. I also like a book where there is some evil or peril and excitement in it, and for this book that meant the character "George Burton". He was a tall, bulky fur trader and his dog mimicked George's portrayal for it was a huge grayish yellow hound that was fierce looking. When the Ben Macdonald's family met their new neighbor George, they all had doubts about him especially when he vigorously picked up Ben and shook him about as if to greet him. This sense of violence among George foreshadowed him being an evil...
pages: 2 (words: 318)
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added: 01/20/2012
In your own words, explain your motivation to seek a career in MEDICINE. Discuss your philosophy of the medical profession and indicate your goals relevant to the profession. (Limited to 62 lines of text only) Feel free to delete or add stuff! Please return AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! The doctor performed the Babinski's sign among other lower limb neurological examination techniques to show the extent of the paralysis. I went up to the patient, took her hand in mine and looked deep into her eyes in an effort to gain some insight of her affliction; while attempting to reassure her that everything would be alright. The fear in her eyes was memorably vivid as both she and I came to terms with the vulnerability of the frail human body. As a hospital volunteer, escorting patients, my interactions with many had revealed the therapeutic and comforting effects of an encouraging smile and a friendly conversation. I consider patients analgous to refugees who must be treated benevolently and gravely, without condescension. In order for a physician to help a patient cope with an illness, it is vital to consider the patient's emotional requisite while standing solitary on the narrow ledge of physical torment. The sutured skin is all of his operation that the patient will see. It is the surgeon's inscription left upon his body for the rest of his life. For the patient, it is the emblazonry,of his suffering, a reminder of his mortality. I fortunately, have not yet experienced much to consiously habituate me to the painful evidence of one's mortality. Therefore, especially in stressful situations, I appreciate the reassuring confidence and warmth, conveyed through a physician's bedside manner; that can gradually transform a patient's imminent fears into strength and hope. Lying still in her green gown that matched the bedding...
pages: 4 (words: 1030)
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added: 09/30/2011
There was once a king, a great and mighty warrior named Genghis Khan. When he led his armies out to war, he conquered many lands, so many that his empire sprawled from eastern Europe to the Sea of Japan. One day, the king rode out into the woods to hunt. With him went his favorite hawk. The hawk would fly about in the air, circling. When the hawk's sharp eyes spotted some prey from the air, the bird would immediately scoop down for the attack. It was a warm day, and by afternoon the king was hot and thirst. He started searching for a spring of water he had once seen in the woods. Finally he spotted a trickle of water dripping down the side of a rock, and he knew the spring must be above. The water fell from the rock slowly, drop by drop. It was not much, but it was water, and the king was very thirsty. So the mighty Khan took out a small silver cup and held it under the dripping water. Ever so slowly, the cup began to fill. The king could hardly wait to feel the cool liquid wet his dry lips and tongue and throat. So, even before the little cup was quite full, Khan pulled it out from under the trickle of water and lifted it toward his lips. Suddenly, something swooped through the air and knocked the cup from the king's hand, spilling the precious water on the ground. Startled, Genghis Khan looked up to see his pet hawk, flying from tree to tree and looking rather proud of himself. The king glared at the hawk, picked up the cup and began again to slowly fill the cup. This time, he let the cup fill only halfway before he lifted it to his mouth. The...
pages: 3 (words: 753)
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added: 10/13/2011
If I could trade places with anyone for one day whom would I choose? I would choose Tony Hawk for two reasons. I admire his ability to skate and his character. Tony Hawk is a great skateboarder. He was born in San Diego, California. He later moved to Sierra Mesa, California, where he first learned to skate from his big brother. At age 10 Tony received his first sponsorship and at age 14 went pro. From there he slowly became the world's best skater His best known tricks include the half cab to blunt slide, switch 540's, and the 900. Tony is most famous for the latter, being the first person to land it. Tony Hawk has become a character model. Tony had to overcome adversity growing up. He was hyperactive, with a very high IQ. When he would lose a game he would explode. Skateboarding was his outlet where he could push himself instead of everyone around him. It was not easy for him to make it to the top of the skating game. The other skaters would tease him and make fun of his style. He persevered because he was determined to be accepted by the skating legends of that time. He won several competitions with hard work. Other skaters imitated him and started to try to learn his tricks. Tony Hawk is the best skater in the world and a good sportsman. These are characteristics that I admire and hope to attain one day. Thank you and good night. by bob dole...
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added: 12/31/2011