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The famous quote, "Home is where the heart is" implies that all of us have a special place that we call home, a special place that we can go and relax. That place that I call home is Jarabacoa in Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa is my special place because it is high in the mountain. It has clear air, and relaxing scenes. Jarabacoa is located in one of the highest mountains in Dominican Republic. Since I was little, when I fell from the second floor in my house, I loved heights, and Jarabacoa gave me that high sensation that I always dream of. I like the mountains of Jarabacoa because when I am high on top of the mountain, I feel free with all the energy to be happy, sad, and crazy at the same time that is a unique sensation. Another good points of heights is how you feel the pressure every time you go up higher, and higher. Besides the great height that Jarabacoa is located, it is one of the places with the clearest air in Dominican Republic. I feel like does coffee commercials every morning that I wake up, and take a full breath of that fresh air on my body. Also in the city I need to have air conditioning, to breath clean air, paying more money for electricity and repairs for the equipment. One of the best things is that I can sleep without snoring, because the clean air in my lungs, and my wife is always happy not hearing me snore. In addition to a clean air, Jarabacoa has the most relaxing scenarios in Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa remind me , every time I go and sit out on the porch and feel like all my credit cards, car payments, and problems went away just looking and...
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This may sound somewhat clichéd, but I truly feel that my most special and memorable place is my home. I've only ever had two homes my entire life, both located in sizzling hot Miami, Florida. One I have very few memories of, and the other is the small, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house that I've been living in for most of my 15-year life. My home has always been my "safe haven," a conduit to the neighborhood I would find friends in, a shelter I could always return to when the world wasn't treating me right, and a place where I would create many fond and not-so-fond memories. I remember I was about 4-years-old when I first moved into my new home, a little person in a strange environment. I soon learned to adjust to my new surroundings, and with the help of my older brother, I quickly made many friends. One of them, who lived on the street perpendicular to ours, had a young oak that was perfect for building a treehouse, so with help from us and kids in the neighborhood, we built a two-story treehouse that we spent many a day talking, joking, and eating Little Caesar's breadsticks. It felt like we were in our own little world, secluded from the stress of everyday life. When we weren't hanging out in the treehouse, we would play games like Manhunt or football in the streets and yards of each other's houses, and every night, my brother and I would return home where our twin bunkbeds awaited and get rested for another day. As the years went on, I entered school, and I remember faking sick for the first few days just because I was too scared to go to a place where I didn't know anyone. I cried the whole first week....
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Many parents are deciding to homeschool their children because of the decline in quality of the public school system, the questionable morals of many citizens, and the freedom to control their son or daughter's curriculum. In the past years the public school systems integrity has gone down considerately. Government funding for public school has been cut. This has led to an increase in students; however, a decrease in teachers. Schools are forced to terminate educators because lack of money. Therefore, fewer students are getting valuable one on one time stolen from them. Numerous pupils need this kind of attention to learn properly. Recently, more parents are realizing this, and decide to homeschool their children. Yet, this is not the only factor they consider when making their ultimate decision. Another aspect they contemplate is the morals of the teachers, administrators, and classmates of their children. All considerate parents want their children to grow up to be honorable people in society, and many know this cannot happen unless their children are taught right from wrong. Most teachers do not think this is a SOL, so they do not enforce it like they would the memorization of the multiplication tables. On the other hand, if a parent were the head of the classroom they would instill values into their children while teaching. Are morals they only things that parents get to teach differently then at a public school? No! When a parent makes the decision to homeschool they are given the opportunity to teach their children the curriculum that best fits their children. Not only does the parents get to choose what subject and the difficulty level of the material, but also gets the privilege of teaching it to their children at any time that is convenient. The parent now may try varying techniques for teaching...
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The Generations of Aboriginal people who were stolen from their families between 1910 and 1970 make up a group of people who are not only rejected from white society as being inferior and socially unacceptable, but who are also shunned by their indigenous kinsmen for much the same reasons. The article "A passage jome", by Elizabeth Scott of 'Alive' magazine, describes the struggle of one such person, Donna Meehan. Meehan was a "stolen child". As a young child, she was taken away from her Aboriginal family to be raised by white parents. She talks about coming to terms with the painful separation, reuniting with her family and finding God. As a member of the stolen generation, the article portrays Meehan as part of the significant grey area of indigenous Australians who found no quarter with Aboriginal or white Australians. "She'd often wonder: Why did they let me go? Was there something wrong with me?" The common sentiment at the time was to "keep Australia white … Kids at school would tease her and tell her to wash out the black with Ajax". The recurring focus of the article is Meehan's turning to God. It aims to show that unlike other indigenous Australians belonging to the stolen generations, Meehan has chosen to deal with her struggle in a unique way. The title "A Passage Home" suggests not only the rediscovering of her indigenous origins, but also the rekindling of her spiritual centre through her faith in the Lord, "I used to think that God couldn't use me because I was broken. But that's where his strength really is." The reuniting of Meehan with her birth mother, Beatrice Welsh "marked another new beginning for Donna". The last sentence of that paragraph linking back to the title, describing Meehan as the last of Welsh's offspring to...
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TOPIC: The stories in "Going Home" are painful because there is only despair and no chance of real happiness". Discuss. I agree that in "Going Home" the stories are painful because they are full of despair. Because the aborigines are not treated with respect or equality and do not get the same opportunities that white people get. But I think there is still a chance of happiness for the Nyoongahs. Throughout "Going Home", the white people treat the aboriginals with disrespect. I agree that the stories in "Going Home" are painful because the aboriginals are treated like dirt and have racist comments thrown at them as if they are considered lesser human beings. The stories also show painful ways that the aboriginals are treated. In "Going Home", Billy Woodward and Darcy go to the pub to buy some alcohol to celebrate Billy's 18th birthday, and the barmen takes as long as possible to serve them and then the barmen is racist towards them, "You can piss off, too, before I call the cops. They'll cool you down, you smart black bastard". As soon as Billy comes back home he is not welcomed by his mother, which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and hurts Billy. As soon as Billy comes back home the police automatically falsely accuse him of committing crimes he did commit, and is called racist names, "I want to know, black prick. I want to know everything about you". In "The Boxer", the police arrested Clayton's dad, claiming that Jack had committed crimes, which he had not actually committed, because he was an aboriginal and they had no respect for him. Which shows that aboriginals are disadvantaged because of their skin colour and don't get a fair chance. Also Clayton's dad is sentenced to jail because the judge could not be bothered...
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Alexander, while walking in Toronto, reminisces the constant stream of people outside the Renco mining boarding grounds. He tells how the security guard rejects the constant groups of people trying to gain entry to the grounds. All kinds of lame excuses (p137) are used by the outsiders, though nothing renders the guard to let them in. One day he and his brother outside the camping ground relieving themselves of their work duties are drawn to a familiar Gaelic tune. They come upon a stranger named James MacDonald. Because he is MacDonald, and part of the clan', Calum smuggles his so called 'cousin' into the compound and offers him food. After eating he continues to play his fiddle. The music is soothing and the clan plays their instruments to accompany him, surprisingly the French Canadians join in. Despite the French Canadians and the clan's tensions with each other, the two group's differently cultured rhythms and tempo provide a friendly unifying experience. The supervisor of mines calls a stop to the music and demands that the stranger leaves the grounds, though Calum arranges his newfound relative to work in the mines with the rest of the clan. However due to James' build and strength he retires and leaves the compound. A thank you gift left for Calum and Alexander for their hospitality. Analysis: The theme of 'looking after your own blood' is again reinforced in a manner of accepting a strange that had the same surname as the rest of clan. However there is a twist, James is not actually Scottish but Indian. Nonetheless blood ties ignore the difference in race. Calum giving money to him for James' work shift, which he can barely manage, further emphasize the helping nature of Calum. The music and songs the French Canadians and the clan plays are also significant and...
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Johnson was part of the "Youth Quake" of the 1960s and the New York scene of Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. She began her foray into retail selling by the end of the decade. In 1972 Johnson won the coveted Coty Award along with fellow designer Halston. By 1978 she and a partner had started the Betsey Johnson label. Today there are more than 29 Betsey Johnson stores around the world. In recent years Johnson also launched a successful luxury collection of clothing Featured Fashion Designers: Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson was born in Connecticut in 1942 and spent her childhood years in dance classes with dreams of becoming a professional dancer. This love of costumes and theatrics at an early age has contributed an enormous influence to the style and colors Betsey is drawn to and uses in her clothing lines. In 1964 Betsey won Mademoiselle magazine's "Guest Editor Contest" and was introduced into the world of fashion. Only one year later she became the top designer at the popular clothing boutique Paraphernalia. During the 1960's Betsey was part of the Warhol scene, an influence that is also reflected in her dramatic and innovative clothing line. In 1969 Betsey opened her first boutique, named 'Betsey Bunki Nini' to great success, and as a result was offered a job working for Alvin Dunskin in San Francisco. In the 1970's Betsey had creative control over the Alley Cat label and in 1972 she was awarded the prestigious Coty award and became the youngest designer ever to receive the honor. In 1978 Betsey started her signature Betsey Johnson label with the first store in Soho. It was such an enormous and immediate success that there are now more than 41 stores worldwide across Europe and Asia. Today Betsey is well known among celebrities and the public for...
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The Socialization of Children: Home Schooling Over Public Schooling Every parent who makes a decision to home school can be assured that they are going to hear the dreaded "S" word. "What about socialization?" Often that's the extent of the question without any major elaboration. It seems to me that there are 3 basic implications in the question: Socialization is necessary. Socialization is good. And finally, to be properly socialized, children must spend large amounts of time with their peers. This paper will go into detail to consider the question of whether home schooling or public schooling provides the most "positive" socialization for children, and the least "negative" socialization. This is the primary concern of those who question the soundness of home schooling. Before dealing with these assumptions however, let's first consider one important question: "What is socialization?" I looked it up in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary… Socialize- 1. To place under group or government control; especially, to regulate according to socialist principles. 2. To convert from an antisocial to a social attitude; make friendly, cooperative, or sociable. 3. To convert or adapt to the needs of a social group. 4. To take part in social activities. (1995) The dictionary gives us clear and rigid definitions of 'socializing' yet because of that rigid-ness, it loses some ability to be practically applied to our changing society. Socialization can and has been interpreted in many ways. Educators, sociologists, psychologists, and other social scientists have offered various interpretations of what socialization is. Chafetz describes socialization as "the process by which an individual becomes a creature of society." "The process whereby the individual is converted into the person" is the view taken by Hargreaves & Colley. Zigler & Child define socialization as "the whole process by which an individual develops through transaction with other people, his specific patterns of socially relevant behavior...
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