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29 October 2003 How to Do a 270 Backside Board Slide on a Snowboard As an advanced snowboarder I would like to a teach one particular trick that is very cool. I have been snowboarding for about 6 years. So with that said I obviously enjoy the sport. My friends and I go approximately 60-80 times per year. It is also a sport that the whole family can enjoy. It just comes very natural for me. I also have a lot of friends who enjoy it also. I might not be able to do all the tricks in the book but I can sure do some and I like to teach you how. First off you will need to obtain the proper equipment. This includes: a snowboard, boots, bindings, coat, pants, gloves, goggles, hat, warm undergarments. The things should keep you efficiently warm. Make sure to have enough clothes to stay warm because you can always take stuff off but if you don't have anything to put on your gonna freeze. After you obtain all of your gear, you will need to find a local mountain to practice on When you get to the Park you will need to find a nice simple rail to do this on. When you find one, you will need to get comfortable and confident doing some rail tricks. One that you will need to learn how to master is the 50/50 grind. The other is a simple front side board slide. Lastly you will need to get confident in doing a frontside 90 to frontside board slide on the rail. You will go down approach the rail from the right, hop and do a 90 frontside onto the rail. Get this down pat or your trick could be disastrous. Then when your going in for another pass the next...
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added: 01/22/2012
Everything you want to know about doing business in China China, with a population of more than one billion people, is a country full of marketing potential. With so many possible consumers, it would seem like any product could reach its target audience. However, with a country so rich in history and culture, there are many factors to be considered by marketers. Some of the most important and influential elements (the monetary policy, currency system, market agreements, and environmental factors of the country) must be further examined. Monetary Policy: A brief history of China's financial system is necessary at this point. In 1949, the Chinese Communist Party (which had been established about thirty years beforehand) overthrew the Kuomintang government and subsequently seized control of the economic and financial markets in China. The first major change made by the CCE, and was a unification of financial and economics affairs. Until 1950, these two sectors were handled individually. For financial purposes, the Chinese central government created two plans. The first of these was a state physical plan, which consisted of the expenditures and budgets of all government departments, state-owned enterprises, cooperatives, and communes. The second was a credit plan, which contained specific blueprints as to how the implementation of certain projects in the physical plan would take place. The People's Bank of China effectively served as a liaison in matters of the credit plan. The Bank distributed funds to economic sectors based on information revealed by the credit plan, and acted as a symbolic auditor to ensure that the budgets matched the amount of funds spent during that time period. The People's Bank also had the responsibility of ensuring that unspent cash was deposited in a state bank, and maintained supervisory status over most financial matters. Although the specific procedures regarding the physical and credit...
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added: 12/22/2011
Last spring semester, I wrote a sixteen-page research paper. My teacher, Mrs. Darlene, had given us a few topics to choose from and allowed us two months to finish it. The topic I had chosen was about hair color because I am in a cosmetology program. I was nervous and scared when I heard her say that we had to do the research paper and turn it in on 11 May because I had never done a research before. After she told us about the research paper, I went home and thought about it every day. A week later, when school started, I decided to do my project in a group with my friend; we were allowed to do so. Unfortunately, that girlfriend didn't know English very well and had never taken any English classes, so she begged me to help and do it all for her. If there are two people in a group, each person has to do eight pages. Every day I went on the internet and to library to look for the information about hair coloring, but I couldn't find much information. I stared to get mad at myself and complained to my friend that she should help me. I was very disappointed in myself because I thought I could handle it. I decided to give up, and didn't care to think about it. When there was one week left to turn the research papers in, my partner suddenly mentioned it. it was that she reminded me; otherwise, I would have forgotten. I rushed and tried my best to seek the information, but still couldn't find any. I was worried about how to get started. I knew I couldn't be lazy anymore; I said to myself, "Lan, you have to finish it soon; otherwise you will get a...
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added: 02/19/2012
Things in todays society make life more difficult for some. The way you dress, the way you talk, even the way you eat. People can be dismissed for the smallest most trival of things. Some people would argue that we have changed over time, but have we really? No we have not. In the Midevial times people were discriminated agianst just as they are today. You could not look at important people or even dare dream of having a conversation with them. You could even say it was worse back then. If you were born a peasant that was most likely what you would always be and all your future generations too. Though in todays society we can change a lot of things, careers, homes, and even your looks. However we are still driven by this superficial society that drives us to do unthinkable things, unmoral things. We enlarge our breasts, we get face lifts, tummy tucks, butt implants. Why not accept the way you look and love it. You can not accept what society deems your fate example your a pregant teen you will always be a fast food worker or you may be a drug user trying to get clean and all of society deems you a lost cause. You can go to school and make a better life you can clean up. Do not waste away life trying to improve what society wants you to be. Improve your inner self. Accept Yourself as God would. The people you strive to please should be yourself and God. Accept Yourself!...
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added: 03/16/2011
I must have been about 10 or 11 years old when my mother got the news she was going to be a FIRST TIME GRANDMOTHER. My brother, Robert and his girlfriend, Kristen, had just found out they were expecting a baby. Big Deal, I thought. What was all the commotion about, just a baby, all they do is whine, and cry, need to be fed, need to be changed, and constantly looked after. My mother went through all the normal grandmother stages, going absolutely crazy buying everything in sight that had to do with babies. My father however, took a little bit longer to kick into the whole "grandpa groove", but as soon as it kicked in my father took my (then 15 yr. old) sister, Marlena to J.C. Penny's , handed her his credit card, and said "Here you go, whatever you think the baby needs, you buy it". Needless to say Kayla was completely spoiled, as any first grandchild would be. I just sat back in amazement and thought, "All this "hubbub" over a baby?" Well the months passed and my brother and his girlfriend ended up moving in with my mom, my step dad and me. I couldn't believe how big Kristen had gotten. I didn't know babies got that big. As she got further and further along in her pregnancy, I kind of stayed away. I didn't want anything to do with that whole baby mess. Well the day came when little Miss Kayla Lee DiGregorio was born. I wasn't there. None of our family was, but, of course my brother got it all on tape for us. When I got home from school my mom sat me down to watch my niece's birth. At this young age only one word sprung into my mind. ADOPTION!!!!! I...
pages: 4 (words: 910)
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added: 03/16/2011
I think Charles Darnay is the stronger personality. First of all Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton are two different people and appear in different places within the story. They are alike because they both have a significant meaning to the plot of the story. Also, although they come from different places in Europe, they are alike in many ways. They both had something to do with the prisoner that was being convicted for a crime that he was innocent for. They are both male but that doesn't have anything to do with the story. They are different because they come from different places within Europe. They never meet each other in this story. They both have something to do with different people except for one, which was the prisoner that was going to be executed for a crime that he claimed he did not commit. In my opinion the stronger personality of the two would be Charles Darnay because he has appeared in the book more often than Sydney Carton has. Charles Darnay, in the story, has had more speaking in the story with other people regarding issues that may or may not be involved with another person within the story. I also think that Charles Darnay is the stronger personality because he is good at playing the character of himself, he has the right mood and the right feelings to be putting off to the readers of this story. He has the right emotions to be giving to the other people in the story, and he was right in thinking about the prisoner and how he had suffered....
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added: 01/24/2012
Many people state that they have some sort of psychic/ paranormal ability to see upcoming events. In my essay, I will attempt to differentiate fact from fiction. The story I found is one told by a woman named Kelly Senger and it goes as followed. "When I was two years old in March 1976, my nine-year-old brother Bobby died of a stroke due to complications from a congenital heart defect. Several years later when I was five, my mother put me to bed one evening at the usual time. Some time had lapsed and a vision of a lady with a blue and white veil appeared on the ceiling above me. She told me that she was Jesus' mother Mary and she brought my brother back from heaven to talk to me. Immediately, he appeared in the ceiling and floated down to where I lay. He took my hand and told me that he had come to show me what heaven was like so that I could tell mom and she would be comforted. I felt myself being pulled through the dark room to the ceiling and into a bright mist. I saw many people in this place including grandparents who died before I was born. He showed me things that are mentioned in the bible about heaven, such as a great palace with jewels inlaid right into the walls, the streets of transparent gold, and the beings of light (I believe they were archangels) surrounding God. Just as the bible says we were made into his image, he appeared as a person but not quite the same. The features of his face were softened by the blazing light that surrounded him. When God spoke to me, he told me that I would go home soon, and to remember to tell my mother...
pages: 4 (words: 948)
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added: 06/22/2011
I am sure everyone remembers what happened in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999. Did the Columbine High school, school shooting in Colorado that day have anything to do with violence in the media? The question of, does violence in the media have any effect on the way society does things today, has been pondered over a lot since the Colorado school shooting. I believe that violence among young people today may have something to do with what they see on T.V and on video games, but I think it has much more to do with how parents are raising there children today. How did the parents of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Columbine shooters not know what there son's were up to, were they paying any attention to there kids? If parents are gone all the time and kids are left home alone, they are going to look to the media for the guidance that there parents should be giving them. I agree with the article Life Imitates Video, by John Leo, in saying that video game playing is "a harmless activity among children who know the difference between fantasy and reality. But the games are often played by unstable youngsters unsure about the difference." I think if video game producers did not make the killing games as realistic, it may cut down the problem at hand. The article states that "More realistic touches in video games help blur the boundary between fantasy and reality – guns carefully modeled on real ones, accurate looking wounds, screams, and sound effects, even the recoil of a heavy rifle. Some newer games seem intent on erasing children's empathy, and concern for others." I agree with that statement, when children see people get shot, and get to shoot people themselves, on these...
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added: 02/18/2012
"There are no shortcuts to moral insight. Nature is not intrinsically anything that can offer comfort or solace in human terms -- if only because our species is such an insignificant latecomer in a world not constructed for us. So much the better the answers to moral dilemmas are not lying out there, waiting to be discovered they reside, like the kingdom of God, within us -- the most difficult and inaccessible spot for discovery or consensus." The above text touches on several points, each of which merit considerable discussion. However, it is difficult to precisely comment on what the author is saying, because this paragraph appears to be a concluding remark after already presenting his ideas regarding morality, man's place in the world, and the challenge that each of us face regarding truth and how we deal with it individually. What is "moral insight"? How do we define this term? One of the first problems with defining this term has to do with the question of authority. By what standard do we establish our moral "high ground"? Obviously, we cannot rely on the ever-changing opinions of men, or even those of a select group. It is possible to allow a group to represent, interpret, and defend a standard of moral law as we do in United States with the Supreme Court? However, I don't want to get bogged down with some kind of legal definition -- and much less do I want to bring the Supreme Court into this discussion, because as of late I feel they are neither "supreme", nor do they represent the highest standards of moral insight. As a layman, I would like to generically define the term, moral insight as "a keen understanding of the real differences between right and wrong". I would also add that such an...
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added: 02/08/2012
Critical Analysis Of "Soldier's Home": Before, During, And After Many of the titles of Ernest Hemingway's stories are ironic, and can be read on a number of levels; Soldier's Home is no exception. Our first impression, having read the title only, is that this story will be about a old soldier living out the remainder of his life in an institution where veterans go to die. We soon find out that the story has nothing to do with the elderly, or institutions; rather, it tells the story of a young man, Harold Krebs, only recently returned from World War I, who has moved back into his parents' house while he figures out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. And yet our first impression lingers, and with good reason; despite the fact that his parents' comfortable, middle-class lifestyle used to feel like home to Harold Krebs, it no longer does. Harold is not home; he has no home at all. This is actually not an uncommon scenario among young people (such as college students) returning into the womb of their childhood again. But with Harold, the situation is more dramatic because he has not only lived on his own, but has dealt with -- and been traumatized by -- life-and-death situations his parents could not possibly understand. Hemingway does not divulge why Krebs was the last person in his home town to return home from the war; according to the Kansas City Star, Hemingway himself "left Kansas City in the spring of 1918 and did not return for 10 years, [becoming] 'the first of 132 former Star employees to be wounded in World War I,' according to a Star article at the time of his death" (Kansas City Star, hem6.htm). Wherever he was in the intervening time,...
pages: 6 (words: 1484)
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added: 07/24/2011
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