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11 March 2003 Dear Ms Boe RE: HR Administrator I would like to confirm my interest in applying for the HR Administrator position currently advertised on the seek website 11-03-03. I have been an employee of the City of Moonee Valley for the past 6 months where I was required to undertake and manage different projects for the Environment Department. I have completed my Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources at Victorian University, where I undertook many exciting and challenging studies. This coupled with my training, and experience gained through work experience across a range of industries make me a worthy contender for this exciting role. I am a motivated and responsible individual seeking for a challenging career in Human Resources. My honesty and trustworthiness has been displayed through my ability to successfully manage both staff and company monies. I see myself as a hard worker who is always interested in further developing my skills. I believe my skills, academic abilities and experience would make me a valuable asset to your organisation. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity further. Yours Sincerely GENERAL SELECTION CRITERIA INFORMATION Human Resources Management As Second Assistant Manager at McDonalds, I was required to provide advice on many issues to some 90 staff. I have implemented a complete change of policy and procedure including staff morale in the transition from a Franchise store to a McDonalds owned store. I have undertaken Store Management responsibilities being sole shift manager on a day to day basis. Recruitment I have attended McDonalds Management courses specific in how to conduct selection interviews in line with good HR practice and legislative requirements. Training I have been involved in the process of creating a yearly staff training plan with ongoing training needs analysis depending on individual development requirements. These individual experiences included areas such as religion, cultural background, ages from 15...
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Conflict occurs in every company whenever there is a difference of opinion or a personality conflict exists between two people. When handled incorrectly, conflict everyone one in an organization from a subordinate to the executive director could be affected. Disagreements occur among employees for various reasons, such as differences of opinion, values, goals or work ethic. Managers in organizations must handle each situation differently. Based on the assigned readings, the workbook assignment, and my personal interactions with management and staff, I will discuss the conflict management styles used by managers within Arc Human Services, Inc (ARC). Currently, I work as a human resources generalist at ARC. Through my three years of employment with ARC, I have observed the different styles of conflict management. As part of the management team, I must be able to deal with conflict on a day-to-day basis. Conflict is inevitable within any organization. Upper management of ARC has different styles of conflict management that it utilizes amongst its staff. The Chief Financial Officer of ARC, Joe Scrip, utilizes avoidance as a conflict management style. When a disagreement occurs within the accounting department, he pretends the conflict does not exist. He hopes with time the disagreement will eventually go away. Avoidance is not a practical style of managing conflict. The underlying tension within the department never really goes away. The human resources director of ARC, Mary Bruno, utilizes the collaboration style of conflict management. As the director of human resources, Mary is able to listen to both sides of a disagreement and distinguish the best course of action that needs to be taken. She bases her decision upon what is best for the organization. Ultimately, Mary's goal is to solve the problem by raising all of the relevant issues and openly discussing the issues with the parties involved. The final...
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added: 08/12/2011
Part 1: R&D Investment for the Knowledge-Based Economy Scientific and technological knowledge and its wide dissemination play a vital role in the knowledge-based economy. It is widely agreed that research and development (R&D), along with the availability of a highly skilled workforce, the creation of an intense interplay between the stakeholders of national innovation systems, and the effective use of information and communication technologies, are the key conditions for successful innovation and the competitiveness of advanced economies. The capacity to create and apply knowledge has become more important in the production of goods and services. On the one hand, production is more research-intensive, drawing on the utilisation of research findings; on the other hand, it is technology-intensive, drawing on the exploitation of new technology, and on the command of the knowledge base of advanced and tailored services and complex production processes. This part of the document first examines the investments that various countries are making in R&D, and the main sectors making those investments. Secondly, some key figures on Community funding of research by means of the Framework Programmes are presented. Thirdly, since in most countries the business sector plays the most important role in terms of R&D spending, private investment will be examined in more detail. As venture capital (VC) investment ¨C from private as well as public sources ¨C becomes more and more important for the creation of new firms and employment, key data on VC investment will conclude this part. Key findings ¡ö Since the mid-1990s, the gap in R&D financing between the EU and the US has almost doubled in volume terms. The gap is mostly because the growth in R&D activities in the main EU economies has been low by comparison to that in the US, especially in France, the UK and Italy. ¡ö There are substantial differences between Europe and its main competitors in the structure of their R&D funding. In the EU, while governments account for a much larger share of R&D investment than in the US and Japan,...
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added: 12/17/2011
How mergers go wrong. The article "Merger Brief: First among equals" describes one of the biggest mergers in the American corporate history. In 1998 Citicorp, the world's most profitable company, merged with Travelers. Despite that differences in size of each company's success in operations and the fact that Citicorp was dominant in that merger, both executives, John Reed of Citicorp and Sandy Weill of Travelers, claimed that it was "merger of equals", becoming co-chairman and co-chief executive. For their merger strategy, they have adopted "Noah's Ark" approach to a top management, when every top-level position was made of two employees coming from both Citi and Travelers. Nevertheless, there has been some resistance from employees of involved companies; for example, some of Citicorp's staff wanted their services to continue under Citi's brand rather than switching to anything new. Furthermore, two ambitious executives, having their own points of view and own visions and strategies, got involved in scuffles, but their relationship worsened and led to misunderstanding and miscommunication in top-management. Consequently, they were forced to split their duties: Weill was taking over day-to-day operations and Reed taking charge of strategy. Further, disputes and tension between two executives led to Mr. Reed's retirement which he was forced into by the board. Sandy Weill then became a sole boss of that enterprise, and this fact had immediate impact on corporate structure. The new company was rapidly becoming "Weill's creature" which means that the most of the Citicorp's employees took off key positions in organization and became occupied by Travelers' employees. In spite of all the problems mentioned in the case that relate to HR, it indicates that company is being successful, sustaining growth, and increasing profits and stock price. Although the merger seems to be successful, based on financial indicators, I believe that in the long...
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The success and failure of an entity will depend on how effectively it utilizes its available resources. Managers must attempt to optimize the acquisition, allocation and development of the assets of the firm. Managers always equate assets to the physical and financial assets of the firm and often ignore the most important and the key element to the success of the organization – it's employees. In service related businesses tangible assets contribute far less to the value of the service than do the intangible assets. These intangible assets are represented by the accumulated and current knowledge of the entity's past and present employees. The abilities of all the employees of an organization at all the levels – management, supervisory and ordinary – to produce value from their knowledge and capabilities of their mind are known as HUMAN CAPITAL ASSETS. THE IMPORTANCE OF HUMAN CAPITAL ASSETS Value is created when intangible resources are deployed and degrades when they remain unused. Today knowledge or more colloquially, intelligence and brainpower have become the key determinant for the economic and business success. The key success factor of an individual business enterprise is no longer its sheer size or the number of tangible assets it controls - It is it's Human Capital. The importance of the human resources of a company can be illustrated in several ways. The market prices of corporate securities often reflect values substantially different from those indicated by the recorded values of the individual assets. Obviously, a number of intangible assets including human resources continue to remain unrecorded. Early evidence suggested that the replacement costs of human resources are quite substantial. In a survey, five hundred corporate presidents were asked about the cost of replacing their entire workforce. The estimates ranged from three to five times of the annual payroll of the company. If...
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added: 11/30/2011
It is often said that a business is only good as its staff – that without good staff the business is less likely to be successful. Human Resources Management is concerned with getting the best from staff and achieving an efficient and effective workforce – and concerned with ways of doing this. Human resources management covers the personal development and motivation of performance of individuals teams whole selection and department. It looks at how managers and supervisors can support staff to get the best out of them. It deals with day-to-day management issues as listed above. I have selected McDonald's as a large organisation to carry out my research to identify the factors that effect how McDonald's plans it's human resources on a short-term and a long-term basis, and how McDonald's operates it's recruitment and selection of staff procedures. McDonald's began in the USA in the USA in 1995 with one restaurant. McDonald's is now the largest and fastest growing Quick Service restaurant in the world. From New York to Newcastle the Golden Arches have become a universal symbol for McDonald's. McDonalds opened its first store in the UK on 1974 in Woolwich, London and by the year 2000, it started to operate over 1000 restaurants. The human resource management of McDonald's covers a variety of activities. The term 'human resource management' has largely replaced the old-fashioned word 'personnel', which was used in the past. Human resources management within McDonald's The key to human resources management is that it is seen as a strategic concern for McDonald's. Rather than being simply a specialised function (as a personnel management used to be), it is a concern for all managers. Managers across McDonald's are being given responsibilities for selecting, motivating, developing and evaluating employees. All managers are therefore taking on human resource responsibilities. Employees are the most important resources...
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added: 10/31/2011
Business Ethics in Human Resources Management Definition of Human Resources Management: " Human Resource Management involves all management decisions and actions that affect the relationship between the organization and employees- its human resources" described by Beer et al (1984). "Human Resource Management relates to the total set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that firms need to compete. It involves concerns for action in the management of people, including: selection, training and development, employee relations and compensation." given by Pettigrew and Whipp (1991). Bratton and Gold (1994) define HRM as: - "The part of the management process that specialises in the management of people in work organisations. HRM emphasises that employees are the primary resource for gaining sustainable competitive advantage, that human resource activities need to be integrated with the corporate strategy, and that human resource specialists help organisational controllers to meet both efficiency and equity objectives". Business Ethics: Business ethics is a specialised study that concentrates on how moral standards apply particularly to business policies, institutions and behaviour. Ethics in Human Resources Management A HR professional are responsible for adding values to the organizations they serve and contributing to the ethical success of those organisations. They also advocate the profession by engaging in activities that enhance its creditability and value. Ethical Leadership's core principle: -- HR professionals are expected to exhibit individual leadership as a role model for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct to set the standards and be an example for others. There are many ethical practices in Human Resource Management of which below are some important areas seen in daily routine. 1. The Treatment of Employees 2. The Nature of Work 3. Training and Development 4. Bullying/Harassment at Work 5. Fair/Just Rewards 6. Healths and Safety 7. Casual/Temporary contracts 8. Whistle Blowing at Work. The number of above topics is discussed in a brief description and they are affected in Organisations. 1. Training And Development Training makes a vital...
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added: 12/09/2011
This paper will seek to evaluate the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in the private sector. We shall look at various attempts to define the concept and examine the evolution of HRM over the years, from its early welfare orientated days, where the approach was traditionally one of control, moving on to what is now seen as a more strategic role in organisations. (Jarrar & Zairi 2002, p266). We shall identify the aims and objectives of private sector organisations and examine the role HRM plays in helping to achieve these goals. We shall also consider the various models of HR and look at people practices within the sector from an employee's point of view. When the phrase Human Resource Management (HRM) is mentioned, it is difficult to imagine that just over ten years ago it was rarely used (at least outside the USA). However, despite the fact that hardly a week goes by without another book or journal being published on the subject, it still remains highly controversial. Many writers have put forward definitions of HRM, but it still means many things to many people. It is therefore difficult to evaluate the importance of HRM. Keenoy (1999) compares HRM with a hologram: "As with a hologram, HRM changes its appearance as we move around its image. Each shift of stance reveals another facet, a darker depth, a different contour. As a fluid entity of apparently multiple identities and forms, it is not surprising that every time we look at it, it is slightly different. This is why, conceptually, HRMism appears to be a moving target, and why, empirically, it has no fixed (fixable) forms." Although it can be argued that HRM has become the dominant approach to people management, it has to be remembered that it has not 'come out of nowhere'. Greater attention began...
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added: 09/23/2011
It can be said that the term 'human resources management' became popular in the UK at the latter half of the eighties and at the beginning of the nineties. It has been applied to a diverse range of management strategies and has sometimes been used simply as a more modern term for personnel, employee or industrial relations. It's importance lies in its association with a strategic, integrated and highly distinctive managerial approach to the management of the people. The distinctiveness lies in labour being seen as an asset and resource and not as a cost. The strategy is to try to develop this resource to it's maximum so that emphasis is on the individual employee and on his/her motivation, training and development. Human Resources Management is defined as proactive rather than reactive, system-wide rather than fragmentary, treats labour as social capital rather than as a variable cost, is goal-oriented rather than relationship oriented, and ultimately is based on commitment rather than compliance. The key themes upon which Human Resources Management is based include Human Relations psychology, Strategic Management theory, and the doctrines of quality and flexibility. The relative emphasis that is accorded to each of these themes can give rise to different 'variants' of Human Resources Management. In particular, it is possible to identify two extreme positions. These are Instrumental and Humanistic. Instrumental approaches draw upon the rational-outcome model of strategic management to view Human Resources Management as something which is driven by and derived directly from corporate, divisional or business level strategy, and geared almost exclusively to enhancing competitive advantage. Humanistic approaches, on the other hand, utilise 'process' theory to emphasise the reciprocal nature of the relationship between strategic management and Human Resources Management and the latter's role in ensuring that competitive advantage is achieved through people but not necessarily at their...
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added: 09/05/2011 good site Welcome to E-Recruitment International International Recruitment is now online…. E-recruitment specialises in the areas of: • Business Management and Consultants including Frontline Management • Accounting - Financial and Taxation • ICT - Internet, E-Business, E-Security, Developers, Programmers and Cadetships. • We will also provide Sales, Marketing, and Office Support people when required. E-Recruitment International is a part of the AtoZed group of companies. We are setting up this recruitment arm of our business in response to demand from our clients; and to assist prospective clients with their recruitment needs. It is the perfect complement to our accounting, business consultancy, and taxation businesses; our Australian School of Business Technology (ASBT); and our migration consultancy - Dey & Associates. ASBT is registered and VETAB and CRICOS accredited for qualifications for over 30 disciplines. Through it, our graduates will be qualified and work ready in the areas of accounting and business management. We are looking to grow more into the IT sector. This college also focuses on the teaching of English, so any of our foreign born students and graduates will have the essential communication skills for the Australian workplace. Dey and Associates is a qualified migration consultancy, which assists employers and candidates with sponsorship; and those looking to migrate under the skilled migration policy. E-recruitment has a very strong candidate base, and a strong network of clients. Our policy is to source people through our website and from our own clients - and their diverse contacts--both here and overseas. If we are unable to locate a suitable candidate for you in this way, then we will advertise. Our pricing policy is more realistic than most of our competitors. We believe that we can provide an effective recruitment service at a lower cost than what you are usually charged. "Matching Dreams and Needs". In business we all have dreams. Usually also a vision....
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