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IKON Office Solutions is one of the world's leading providers of products and services that help businesses communicate. IKON provides customers with total business solutions for every office, production and outsourcing need, including copiers and printers, color solutions, distributed printing, facilities management, imaging and legal document solutions, as well as network design and consulting and e-business development. I am a Major Account Executive for IKON Office Solutions. With these credentials acquired in 22 years of existence, their management organization is obviously doing something correct. A manager's role is to lead his/her organization to a clearly stated objective. In doing so he/she must muster all his resources in a concise and organized attempt at achieving those goals. To do this a manager must lead, plan, organize, and control the organization's employees. 20th Century French mine owner Henri Fayol first coined the term "Four Functions of Management" to define a functional organization design, focused on essential skill sets (Fayol, Five Functions of Management). Since then, they have been overlaid by concepts like processes, projects, programs, teams, and systems, and by emerging specialties like Marketing and Human Resources. In addition, the amount of competitors and threats has also increased, and therefore these four functions have assumed even greater importance in the ongoing survival and success of any organization, including IKON Office Solutions. However, they are still at the core of much management thinking. Management is creative problem solving. This creative problem solving is accomplished through these four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The intended result is the use of an organization's resources in a way that accomplishes its mission and objectives Planning is "deciding in advance what to do, how to do this particular task, when to do it, and who is to do it."(Dixon 1993,) At IKON Office Solutions, planning is...
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Contents DOCUMENT OVERVIEW 3 INTRODUCTION 3 PART A SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS AND ANALYSIS 3 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 3 PERSONNEL 4 EQUIPMENT 4 SPACE LAYOUT 4 PROCEDURES 4 ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM AND PROCEDURES 5 EASY TO OPERATE 5 COST EFFECTIVE 5 MANUAL, COMPUTERISED OR BOTH 5 QUALITY CONTROL 5 FINANCE 5 PART B - PLAN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM 6 THE OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 6 SYSTEM PURCHASE PRICE & SUPPLIER 9 SYSTEM RUNNING COSTS 10 AMOUNT OF PERSONNEL NEEDED TO RUN AND USE SYSTEM. 10 MINIMISATION OF DOWN TIME (AFTER PURCHASE SERVICE) 10 STAFF TRAINING NEEDS ERROR! BOOKMARK NOT DEFINED. PART C – IMPLEMENTING THE OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM 10 WORK FLOW 10 FORMS 11 EQUIPMENT USE 11 PERSONNEL USE 11 SYSTEM COST 11 PART D – MONITOR THE OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM. 11 MONITOR THE SYSTEM FOR CORRECT USAGE 11 DEAL WITH CONTINGENCIES TO ENSURE THE MINIMAL EFFECT ON USERS OF THE SYSTEM 12 MODIFY THE SYSTEM TO MEET CHANGING NEEDS IN A TIMELY WAY 12 CLEARLY DEFINED MODIFICATIONS AND TO NOTIFY THE USERS OF THE SYSTEM ABOUT THE MODIFICATIONS 12 FLOOR PLAN OF THE SOUTHERN DISTRICTS BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION OFFICE 13 BIBLIOGRAPHY 14 DOCUMENT OVERVIEW This document will report on the Administration Office System of the Southern Districts Basketball Association. The purpose is to outline the planning and establishment of the office system by studying it, analysing it, and developing a plan to improve it. Recommendations will be made on monitoring and modifying the new system, along with ways of training staff in the operation of the system within the organisation. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this report is to examine the Southern Districts Basketball Association (SDBA) current Administration Office System and its procedures. The SDBA is located in Carina. It is a 4-court basketball stadium, and is located at the Clem Jones Centre. It currently has 1700 members. An analysis will be conducted, and a need or gap in the system is to be identified in looking for a way to improve the current system. A plan will be developed...
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I. Introduction (1 page) The paper is aiming at proving the importance of work motivation in the success of the organization. Work motivation is strongly related to human relations, organizational culture, and organizational behavior. The paper will involve the following issues: a. Main elements of Organizational Behavior b. Main models of Organizational Behavior c. Main Focus of this paper: Workers' Motivation and the role of motivation in improving Organizational Behavior d. Case Study from Albanian Public Sector II. Main Elements of Organizational Behavior (5 pages) Ø Historical Background of Organizational Behavior The industrial Revolution that started with the development of steam power and the creation of large factories in the late Eighteenth century lead to great changes in production of textiles and other products. The factories that evolved created big challenges to organization and management that had not been confronted before. In order to manage these factories and later entities like railroads and in the same time to manage a large flow of material and people it was necessary to establish some methods for dealing with the new issues. o Scientific Management (Taylorism) o Bureaucratic Structure (Weber's model) The German sociologist max Weber identified the core elements of the new kind of organization that he called bureaucracy. Some of the basic elements of the bureaucratic structure as defined by Weber are: - formal rules and behavior bounded by rules - uniformity of operations continuity despite changes in personnel - o o Human Relations (McGregor, Maslow, Barnard,) McGregor's ideas (1960) about managerial behavior had a profound effect on management thinking and practice o Schools of Historical Though by Decade Ø Social Systems, Culture and Organizational Learning o Organizations as Social Systems o Definition of Organization Culture Ø Organization Development o Schwandt's Theory of Organizational Learning Ø Quality of Work Life o Job design, Job satisfaction, Individual growth III. Main Models of Organizational Behavior There are four major models that organizations operate out of: · Autocratic – The basis of this...
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Public Office, Private Lives Where's the Line? John F. Kennedy's attitude towards marital fidelity was well known to the media but was never disclosed to the public. Even after ample public disclosure in the years following his assassination, the image of John F. Kennedy remains relatively untarnished. Thirty-five years later however, Bill Clinton's pale imitation of John Kennedy's personal lifestyle brought him impeachment by congress and almost cost him the presidency. It appears that the difference in the media's treatment of the two situations can be explained, in part, by the eagerness of the media to treat nothing as being sacred or private, whether or not it really constitutes serious news. Can one argue that one response was more appropriate than the other? Further, should politicians be answerable for the events in their private lives? As a general rule, politicians should be answerable for those activities in their private lives that have a material bearing on their ability to discharge their responsibilities in office. Some examples may help to explain and further support this argument. In the cases of Kennedy and Clinton, did their marital infidelity really affect their abilities to carry out the responsibilities of the presidency? And does it appear that public support and confidence in these public figures diminished with the availability of this information? It appears not. Indeed, in Kennedy's case, the public was unaware of his indiscretions and he enjoyed great public support and still, to this day, with the awareness he is viewed as a public hero. Therefore, there is no purpose served other than damaging and invading a person's privacy. A very current example of worthy media attention was the drunk driving incident involving the premier of British Columbia. All the extenuating circumstances related to the offense raised serious questions about his fitness for the premiership. Arguably,...
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There has been a vision about an idea called the "paperless office" since the 1980s on how it would impact the business world. The main idea of the paperless office is to conduct business transactions without sorting memos, reports, or anything that is printed on paper. Many considered the potential advantages of having personal computers in every house in the future. People are fascinated by the power of computers and by the new opportunities they provide. People started to think of how computers will affect the future. A paperless society was the most obvious vision. First, people were tired of papers overloading their offices, and secondly they became more conscious about the environment aspects. The future looked so bright back then. No more paper clutter plus no more trees being cut just for the paper. Everything, including books, will be stored on disks and other electronic media. There are Web-based business forms that are completed and stored entirely online. More importantly, the data contained in the forms, including signatures, can be processed in databases to create detailed online financial reports. E-mail is without a doubt, the Internet's most popular application. In my opinion, it is among the first services users get hooked to when they log on to the Internet. For the past few years, people have started E-mailing everything from letters to greeting cards to making the world a smaller place. As the use of E-mail started, should not the amount of mail being sent through the postal system decline? The relationship between the two is more complicated than many people realize. For example, America Online (AOL), a provider of Internet access to at least 28 million subscribers around the world, facilitates billions of e-mail exchanges. Yet, the company is also the fastest-growing user of direct mail in the United...
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THE IMPACT OF COMPUTERS Computer technology not only has solved problems but also has created some, including a certain amount of culture shock as individuals attempt to deal with the new technology. A major role of computer science has been to alleviate such problems, mainly by making computer systems cheaper, faster, more reliable, easier to use. Computers are forever present in the workplace. Word processors-computer software packages that simplify the creational and modification of documents-have largely replaced the typewriter. Electronic mail has made it easy to send messages worldwide via computer communication networks. Office automation has become the term for linking workstations, printers, database system, and other tools by means of a local-area network. An eventual goal of office automation has been termed the "paperless office." Although such changes ultimately make office work much more efficient, they have not been without cost in terms of purchasing and frequently upgrading the necessary hardware and software and of training workers to use the new technology. Computer integrated manufacturing is a relatively new technology arising from the application of many computer science sub disciplines to support the manufacturing enterprise. The technology of CIM emphasizes that all aspects of manufacturing should be not only computerized as much as possible but also linked together via a computer communication network into an integrated whole. In short, CIM has the potential to enable manufacturers to build cheaper, higher-quality products and thus improve their competitiveness. Making a telephone call no longer should conjure up visions of operators connecting cables by hand or even of electrical signals causing relays to click into place and effect connections during dialing. The telephone system now is just a multilevel computer network with software switches in the network nodes to route calls get through much more quickly and reliably than they did in...
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Ethics and Human Resources Ethics commonly refer to the rules or principles that define right and wrong conduct. In the United States, many believe we are currently suffering from an ethics crisis (Reder 85). Behaviors that were once thought unacceptable --lying, cheating, misrepresenting, and covering up mistakes -- have become in many people's eyes acceptable or necessary practices. Managers profit from illegal use of insider stock information, and members of Congress write hundreds of bad checks. Even college students seem to have become caught up in the wave where studies show significant increases in cheating on tests (Braybrooke 27). Concern over this perceived decline in ethical standards is being addressed by organizations, while companies rely on their Human Resource (HR) department to build an ethical culture. Why is ethics important to Human Resources? When employees in organizations make decisions to act unethically, they affect not only the company itself, but also its shareholders, employees and customers. Employees make a myriad of choices every day in businesses -- if unethical, they can damage a company's productivity, profits and reputation. Unethical decisions can come in many forms: the employee who conducts personal business on company time to the line worker who fails to report a product flaw just to meet a deadline, and even more serious, the manager who profits from illegal use of insider stock information. All these incidents lack ethics. In most companies today, the competitive advantage rests on the shoulders of its employees. These employees must be trusted to "do the right thing", especially when no one is looking. It is up to HR to train, educate and communicate with employees on what is considered to be right and wrong in the workplace. After all, ethics is one topic that begins and ends with people. The standards of behavior from HR...
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The current system that we have been working with is Undergraduate Business Advising. After doing some research we have found that there are a number of different problems with the current system. The main problem we have discovered is inconsistent information. One of the proposed solutions is an Undergraduate Business Advising website. The website will provide a way for advisors to communicate information to students more clearly and efficiently. It will also, in the same way, provide a way for students to access the information much quicker and easier. In addition, it will allow students to schedule appointments online. By offering this feature, we hope to increase the number of appointments and in turn decrease the number of walk-ins. Our goal is to decrease the amount of inconsistent information that students are receiving. Absolute Consulting was hired by the Undergraduate Business Advising Office to develop a web page to help enhance the advising process. We were approached by Monica Farrell to update the current process by integrating user-friendly tools on the web. Our role in the project was to gather information from students and faculty to determine what requirements are necessary for the web page. We have accomplished this through extensive interviewing, research, and questionnaires. Our team is comprised of six students from Dr. Sauter's analysis class. Each member has strengths in different areas of the project, thus increasing our proficiency. The team has an excellent set of checks and balances to ensure that no one part is overshadowed by another. One of our main concerns was keeping within the scope of the project. We had to pay careful attention as to not get outside of our parameters. Through much discussion with Monica Farrell, we determined what would and would not be appropriate for the project. Monica, our contact, took our ideas to...
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When you have a question about a Microsoft Office program, you can ask the Office Assistant. For example, to get Help about how to create a table, type How do I create a table in the Assistant. If the correct topic doesn't appear in the Assistant balloon, click None of the above, look for more help on the Web at the bottom of the list of topics. You will get suggestions on how to phrase a question to the Office Assistant or how to narrow your search by using keywords. If you still can't find the information you want, you can send feedback to improve future versions of Help and be automatically connected to the Microsoft Office Update Web site to search for help there. The Assistant automatically provides Help topics and tips on tasks you perform as you work - before you even ask a question. For example, when you write a letter, the Assistant automatically displays topics to help you create and format a letter. The Assistant also displays tips on how to use the features in the Office programs more effectively. Click the light bulb next to the Assistant to see a tip. You can also select a different Assistant and set it to operate so that it meshes with the way you work. For example, if you prefer using the keyboard to using the mouse, you can have the Assistant display tips on shortcut keys. Because the Assistant is shared by all Office programs, any options you change will affect the Assistant in your other Office programs. Return to top Getting Help from the Help menu Just click Microsoft Word Help on the Help menu. If the Assistant is turned on, it appears. If the Assistant is turned off, the Help window appears. To type a...
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By Susan Antilla Published by Bloomberg, 2002 In the early 1980s, a growing number of women began to enter the securities industry. Unfortunately, they found a very hostile working environment. One of the biggest securities firms, Smith Barney, had a network of retail brokerage companies through Shearson/American Express. Pam Martens worked in its very successful Garden City, Long Island branch. The branch manager, Nick Cuneo, created a fun atmosphere for the men in the office, who turned the office basement into the party-filled "boom-boom room." Male brokers continually subjected women to verbal harassment and inappropriate touching. Women struggled to be hired, and then found that the men in charge of their careers practiced all sorts of sexual harassment and intimidation, from jokes to displays of sexual intimidation, physical contact, and threats of rape. This book discusses how sexual harassment shaped life inside Wall Street firms and how one whistle-blowing woman courageously fought back. About the author: Susan Antilla, a Bloomberg News columnist, once worked at the New York Times where she launched a weekly investing column and an complaint investigation column called "Between Main & Wall." She was the bureau chief of the Money section of USA Today and financial bureau chief for the Baltimore Sun. She was a finalist twice for a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. By the time Pam Martens first joined the Garden City office, it had already developed a culture as a party center for hard-driving, competitive brokers. The branch was located in an attractive upscale New York City suburb, but women in the office were treated with no respect by male co-workers who routinely called them vulgar names. The men even discussed their sexual exploits in front of their few female colleagues. The year 1982 brought about the greatest bull market in American history. The Garden...
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