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In the past years, scientists and engineers have put their minds together to produce the most impressive inventions ever. The work of these individuals affects everyone daily whether it is through communication, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment. However, one of the biggest sectors that use technology for its use is business. With the creation of the Internet, many companies began to put their business on the web hoping for customers. The competition for scarce resources inevitably breeds conflict. Advances in technology give the average person a disadvantage, or a barrier to entry, over bigger companies. Things have changed over the years. In the past, businesses were protected from competition. By having merit, confidence that one will provide a needed service, and a decent product, one expected to gain a profit. Failure of a business was seen purely as poor judgement. However, technology, among other factors, has changed that. Now, competence alone will not aid in finding success. Technology has advanced including the birth of the Internet and e-business. Presently, certain businesses with many resources are able to use the advantage of the Internet to convert to online business. This makes it almost impossible for weaker companies to compete with stronger ones due to the fact that stronger companies are well-resourced and well-funded. Many invest a lot of money to reduce the amount of work to make things easier for themselves so that everything may be done electronically. The web is used to attract to more customers and it has a bigger impact on customer relationships. This is because customers want instant communication. It also adds convenience and benefits, making it fast and easy to shop and compare prices. This is what technology provides. However, there are a huge number of smaller marketplaces that have to use home-developed software to provide their service. Technology...
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added: 01/22/2012
Have you ever taped music off your favorite radio station? That's the old way you would do if you can't afford the albums. Today people are doing a similar thing, downloading music from the Internet. Downloading music off the Internet is such a convenient way to get your music. It is such a great opportunity for those who are willing to takes their chances, and chances are, they would not get sued by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America). I, as a peer who does share and download files off the Internet, believe that file-sharing should be legal even if it seems that the majority is of those against it. File-sharing is a technology that is just a step ahead and industries as of the RIAA should start to deal with it. File-sharers use softwares called P2P (Peer to Peer) networks. These networks (programs) are free to download from the Internet and you don't need to sign up or join in to use it. Popular networks are Kazaa, WinMX , Limewire, Morpheus, Grokster and many more. Peers would then set up these P2P programs to share whatever files they want to share. Most would start out with nothing. They would have a good chance to find the kind of music they are interested in. Not only peers can download music, they could download pictures, movies, softwares and any other kind of computer files. When peers download, they don't all download from one place. Millions of peers around the world are connected and they download files off each other's computer. Peers who choose not to share their files may have their rights taken to download from other people who share. It makes sense because if peers aren't sharing, there would be no downloads. For peers, it gets better and better the...
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added: 11/12/2011
Recently China has developed an artificial womb that Chinese scientist have successfully tested, and they hope to one day put on the market. I feel this is a huge step in the right direction. Who knows maybe one day infertal women maybe be able to concieve and give birth to a live, and healthy child. To be able to raise a family is probably one of the biggest dreams of all humanity. To be able to come home from a hard days work and feel the comfort of a childs arms around, and know that that child is you own. To be able to love and be loved in return. All this is part of that future dream many have. I, myself do not currently have the dream of one day having a family. I just want to go to school and pass,and attend a good college with i good biology field. Regardless of what my future plans are, many women lead unfulfilling lives because they are childless. The big question is what makes them that way, and what other choices do they have. Adoption and seragent mothers are really there only choice. One can be happy and lead a perfectly normal love. The love you recieve from a child whether it be adopted or your chiold you still recieve the same unconditional love. What many people don't realize is that there are so many parentless children out there, and either there just not aware of it or they feel "it is not the same as there own child"...
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added: 11/17/2011
When most children are young, they learn the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Little girls are intrigued by her beauty and innocence and of how her prince charming comes to rescue her and take her off to live happily ever after. The Brothers Grimm version of Snow White is more gruesome and bold than the Disney version. It begins with Snow White's mother pricking her finger on a needle and dropping blood on the snow. She wished for a child as "white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as the wood in the window frame" (Bell). It has Snow White's mother dying giving birth to her and has the king remarry a beautiful woman. This woman turned out to be proud and haughty and could not bear for anyone to be fairer than she (Bell). She would look into her magic mirror and ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of us all?" and the mirror would always answer, "Queen, thou art the fairest of us all" (Bell). One day the queen asked her mirror the same question and it answered her with, "Queen, thou art the fairest in this hall but Snow White's fairer than us all" (Bell). Well the queen just couldn't take that and sent a huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her, and for proof, the queen wanted her lung and liver as proof that she was dead. Well the huntsman couldn't kill Snow White. He found her too beautiful and told her to run away and never return. She ran through the forest and all the creatures that she passed did not hurt her. She came upon a small one room house and went inside to rest (Bell). There was seven of everything. All the belongings in the...
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added: 01/06/2012
In a rapidly changing world, the purpose and function of the elements of drama are changing. Drama is a reflection of society based upon the human context of roles, relationships and situations. Every form of dramatic activity contains certain elements that are crucial to all drama. These elements are the building blocks of each drama and gives it its own shape and form. Drama allows us to explore the way human beings think, feel and communicate, learning to understand others and ourselves much more fully. Traditional drama such as play texts and improvisation are not the only forms of fictional contexts. The elements of drama are present and alive in many aspects of society. However, developments within society have greatly impacted the nature of drama and have resulted in a transference of the elements of drama. This essay will examine the purpose and function of drama outside of traditional theatre. Children live in a world of fantasy, a world of endless possibilities. All children have the ability to pretend they are someone else, or pretend they are in a completely different place. This is a crucial part of their development as it is their way of understanding the world. Childs play is by no means new, but has never been formally recognised as drama. These games contain several fundamental elements of drama and are actually a basic form of rehearsed improvisation. When playing these games, children enter into a fictional context made up of roles, relationships and situations. The children adopt roles and begin to form and block a performance. Often, a child will stop the action and change elements of the game he or she is not satisfied with; in doing this the child is actually manipulating the elements of drama. The purpose of drama is to increase our understanding...
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added: 01/09/2012
Photographs are a lot like art because when you take a picture it can take on a totally different meaning. I may interpret a photo or a piece of art differently then someone else. There is a picture that I have seen when Bill Clinton was President. The President is walking his dog and holding hands with his daughter and wife. I would interpret that the President is trying to be like the rest of the world in that he is a family man who likes animals. In the picture you can not see their faces so you can only conclude that they are having a nice walk. The picture is the way the photographer wanted that scene captured. That is how an artist is because they paint their view on something or the way they see it. In all reality we know that Bill Clinton was an adulteress and so the picture is not so much real to me. It is hard to believe that this is a true setting. I do not see him as a family man at all after having the affair. The World Trade center bombings were another tragic event in my time. We have seen plenty of pictures on this event. We have seen pictures of people at ground zero where their faces are covered with dust and every one looks the same. There are no black and white people. The picture symbolizes what America should be like. In art we see the same thing used. Artist uses things to symbolize what they think should be real. There is this art picture by Werner Horvath that has President Bush real big with lots of colors, mostly red, around him. In the bottom left corner is the World Trade Centers just as the plane was going into one of...
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added: 01/28/2012
Here is Stedelijk conservator Kees Herman Aben's description of what the Amsterdam museum must contend with each time it wants to exhibit the Mario Merz igloo Dal Miele Alle Ceneri (From Honey to Ashes, 1984) that is in its permanent collection: Dal Miele Alle Ceneri comes unassembled with a tubular aluminium frame and supporting iron bars, forty-seven tablets or panels of beeswax on gauze, six steel sheets, two fir-cones covered in wax, machine parts and the head of an antelope.... It takes at least two people a full working day to put up the igloo. There are fifteen pages of instructions, complete with drawings and photos. Similar instructions were translated into a form to create Jonathon Dady's Construction Drawings 02: 2003 by Sarah Thomas, a giant ephemeral drawing erected in scaffolding outside the Art Gallery Of South Australia. As the range of forms and materials used by artists has expanded, so have the demands on the individuals and institutions that collect contemporary art. The prevalence of installation art today, which may run the gamut from modest wall arrangements to colossal environments like those of Jason Rhoades, is particularly telling. Depending on their level of complexity, such works may come with detailed instruction sheets and documentation, and may require art handlers or studio assistants to be dispatched to aid in installation. The work may also be accompanied by something like an extended warranty or service contract, with both gallery and artist involved not only in the initial configuration of the work in a specific space but also in the repair or replacement of elements if they break down or decay. The frequently unstable materials found in many of today's sculptures and installations have required artists, collectors and museum conservators to consider questions surrounding the longevity of these art works. In some cases, artists may specify...
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added: 01/24/2012
Nowadays, advertising plays a major role in everyday life. Companies are constantly searching for new ways to attract potential customers and to distance themselves from traditional and outdated marketing methods. One very effective form of advertising which is widely used is "shock advertising". It is usually used to highlight a problem and by exposing this problem in a stark and shocking manner so as to leave an imprint on the viewer. Good examples of these types of ads are the Oxfam ads showing extremely poorly and sick children starving in third world countries and the hard-hitting ads for the NSPCC in which abused children speak directly to the viewer, exposing the treatment they receive at the hands of their tormentors. Another very popular form of advertising is comical advertising. Various companies opt for the funny and sometimes outrageous approach when selling their product. They hope that by making him laugh, they will leave their mark with the viewer and the next time he visits the supermarket, their product will stick out by simple association to the ad. A few examples of this type of advert are the ones for various lagers such as "Stella Artois" and "Fosters". The only problem with funny advertising is that not everyone has the same sense of humour and so each advert will only attract certain people. With the advances in technology over the years, new forms of advertising and also new platforms for advertising are appearing. The most notable of these platforms is, of course, the internet. Internet sites have become a marketing haven for companies wishing to sell a product and one can seldom visit a website without stumbling upon and ad for something or another. From simple banners at the top of a webpage to hugely annoying "pop-up ads", the possibilities are endless. The main...
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added: 01/15/2012
Timeline and Background: Bavarian Aircraft Works was founded in 1916. The company was created through a merger of an aircraft maker and a manufacturer of aircraft engine, which initially produced airplane motors. Bavarian Aircraft Works merged with Rapp Motor Works in 1917, which then became Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). In 1922, BMW started producing small engines for motorcycles. One year later, BMW launched its first motorcycle. In 1928, BMW presented its first automobile. Not long after that, in the 1930s, BMW established its reputation as a maker of high-quality motor vehicles. Although BMW was successful, it encountered many financial hurdles. BMW became profitable in 1959, which was the same year that the Quandt family invested $1 million. In 1966, BMW's automobile market segment consisted of a combination of high-performance engineering and comfort of the European luxury sedan. In 1975, BMW introduced the successful 7-Series. Over 15 years later, in 1991, BMW began working on the engineering prototypes for the redesigned 7-Seris that was to be launched for the 1994 model year. The traditional strategy of following Mercedes' lead in pricing and styling, was slightly changed to stress and become the leader in technology, while maintaining its classy, sporty style. BMW invested significantly in Research and Development. Not many other car manufacturers could compete with BMW's high-level of performance, handling, and safety. BMW was known for the finest in performance and reliability. BMW's headquarters were in Munich, Germany. Over 70 percent of BMW's suppliers were also located in Germany. Many operations, such as assembly plants, regional distribution centers, dealers, and other divisions, were located in different countries, including, but not limited to: Africa, Austria, Japan, and the United States. Also, over 70 percent of BMW's sales came from Europe. A large portion of BMW's remaining sales came from the United States and Japan. BMW was...
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added: 02/14/2012
The people in society have become selfish, ignorant,greedy, and egotistical. People running businesses have forgotten what loyalty means, and have centered their minds only on making profits. If the head of an office gives a bad example or shows that they do not care for their businesses, their employees will not show any dedication or enthusiasm for making the business suceed. Businesspeople think only about one thing, money, and that brings a dowfull in their business, causing more problems for their employees. A businessman always has to remember his codes of moral and ethics, especially when he is responsable of what he sells to his community and the rights of his employees. One of the problems that occurs in many businesses is when younger workers replace older ones who still work there. the younger workers could work faster, and are more familiarized with the new advance in technology. The owner of a business has to keep in mind that the senior employees have worked with him for many years, and that they have been loyal to the business. As an owner of a supermarket, it is my responsibility to make decisions concerning the rights and benefits of my employees, and what I sells to the community I serve. Mr Mills is one of my older employees. He has been working with me for many years as a produce manager. He has show loyalty for the business and has helped to make the business grow. Now one of my new and younger employees is complainning that Mr. Mills doesn't work as fast as he should work and that Perez-2 he is getting paid more. Since Mr. mills has been working with me for many years, as a business person I have to see how my employees work and recognize the quality of work they produce. Mr. Mills has been a hard working man all the years he has been with me. He has won...
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added: 01/15/2012
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