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Poetry has been an outlet for storytelling and communication for centuries, from Virgil to Ted Hughes. War poetry began as a way of "reporters" to inform the public on how a battle was fought and how heroes of old won glorious victories. There was no emotion or opinion from the poets in the earliest poems; they were merely informative writings. The First World War spawned a new more sombre emotional form of war poetry. This new form of poetry went through a rapid evolution during the war and changed many people's common view of war. At the start of the war the poems were upbeat and propaganda driven. Near the end and after the war poems became emotionally charged tales of the travesty that is war. These new remorseful poems were backed up with visual aids that were never seen by the public in previous wars. The view and mentality of war had changed, as had the poetry. At the star of the war propaganda was spreading through many forms. Newspapers, posters, radiobroadcasts and even poetry. These early propaganda poems were getting young men to enlist though their ways of convincing young men differ greatly. In Harold Begbie's "Fall In" he constantly questions the reader. Each verse follows the same rhyming pattern. "How will you fare, sonny, how will you fare In a far off winter night, When you sit by the fire in an old man's chair And your neighbours talk of the fight? Will you sink away, as it were from a blow, Your old head shamed and bent? Or say – I was not with the first to go, But I went, thank God, I went?" Verse. ¾ Begbie questions the reader's obligation to his country. He shows how the general public who are pulling together for the war effort will look down upon you. In verse...
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Should we wear schools uniforms? School uniforms are to show that schools have disciplined and smart kids. It shows it's a respected and great school for kids to go. But others opinions are there is no real point to uniforms. They are a waste of money; you could be spending it on descent clothes that you would like to wear. Many people have different opinions on both positive and negative sides. This informative writing piece shows what school kids really think of school uniforms. The kid's opinions are stuck in between the positive and negative sides. One of the most popular reasons is that people think they are a good idea because they don't wear casual clothes. This greatly decreases bullying in the schools. Most kids would be wearing the trendy cloths that are "cool" but if a kid wears something completely opposite, the "cool" kids would have to give him a bad time about it. If uniforms are worn, this is completely preventable. It would reduce the cost of buying expensive casual clothes. Uniforms would be much more cheaper than casual clothes. Kids would want to get all the top brands that would cost a fortune for the parent, while uniforms are greatly cheaper and you only need a few shirts and pants for the whole year. Most of the time kids get bored of their clothes and want new ones, or the brand isn't cool anymore. That doesn't matter with school uniforms. They benefit the school, making the school look like a very great school for your kids to go to. They make the kids look smarter and well disciplined. A survey was conducted showing that 47% of kids at B.H.S say yes to they should wear school uniforms, they don't even really mind school uniforms. But 53% say that they don't...
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Have you ever had to write analytical essays? If so, then you probably know what it is. However, let us give you more detailed description. An analytical essay isn’t a regular essay one may write in the middle school; it is a special kind of essay that is written in order to help the reader gain a better understanding of a particular object. In other words, in the process of analytical essay writing you should answer the following questions: “What does the object look like?”, “What message does this object convey?”, “What are the component parts of this object?” and “What is my attitude towards this object?”. Proceeding from the characteristic features and requirements applicable to analytical essays, a lot of students find it difficult to write analytical essays. According to the statistics data only few of them will write analytical essays on their own and make profound research on the topic. The vast majority of students however will start to surf the Internet trying hard to find analytical essay samples or ready-made essays. Thus, teachers often have to read analytical essays that are full of stolen ideas taken from unreliable sources. If you need to write an analytical essay and want to avoid hackneyed phrases and doubtful arguments, we are ready to render professional analytical essay help. You just have to make several simple steps:
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Ask for analytical...
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Many students are using Internet nowadays to search for an essay writing assistance. They are looking for already written essays and online writing services. So what's the difference between them and can these instruments be used in a legitimate way for studying? When submitting written essays you always can get caught on plagiarism. Anyway, you didn't write that paper and it IS cheating. On the other hand, if you try using assistance of writing services, you can always control the sense, sources and style of the essay you ordered. Most of the online writing companies state in their terms of use that your paper will contain no plagiarism. So, if you have a non-plagiarized essay and you took part in the process of writing, you can't be considered a cheater....
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What is this civilized thing called writing? Modern linguists define writing as a system of human communication by means of conventional, agreed-upon signals that represent language. The signs must be capable of being sent and received, mutually understood, and they must correspond to spoken words. Each written means began with simple pictures and plain strokes or dots - adequate for recording objects and numbers. Of all the creation of man, writing is our most exquisite intellectual accomplishment. Contrary to a popular belief ,writing was invented not once but possibly as many as six separate times, in very distant places. Man approached writing by lengthy stages: the development of speech; the invention of pictures; the need to reinforce memory by storing information; the realization that pictures could be used for purpose; and finally, the difficult trial and error process of adapting pictures so that they represented the sounds of speech. The Origin of writing is seen through the development of civilizations over certain periods of historical times and places. Though writing developed not much more than 5000 years ago-----only yesterday in the long calendar of man's emergence------its roots, like those of so many other inventions, lie further back in the past. (Clairborne, p.11) Writing was invented in order to record business activities. Certain people needed to be able to keep track and records of various things. It was impossible to rely on a man's memory for every detail, a new method was needed to keep reliable records. As cities grew more complex, so did writing. Over 500 years of evolution the outward appearance and internal structure of writing changed. The social conditions that gave rise to writing are described as a phenomenon called the urban revolution. (Clairborne, p 20). Like speech, of which it is an extension, writing requires the capacity to make mental...
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Without knowing it, I am sure that everyone could name at least one ballet. For example, "Swan Lake" or the "Nutcracker". Ballet is a very expressive type of dance in which one can truly express his or her feelings, while telling a story. In this speech, I am going to tell you about the history of ballet, as well as some well known ballets and dancers. Ballet has been around since the 1400s. The first dance performance was in 1489. In 1581, the first ballet for which a complete score survived was called "Le Ballet Comique de la Reine (The Queen's Ballet Comedy), which took place at the courts of Catherine de' Medici. Ballet started to flourish in the 1600s in the courts of Louis XIV (14th), also known as the Sun King. Court ballets really flourished in 1643-1715. In Italy, ballet was first performed in the early 1600s, and in 1661, the first ballet school opened in France, started by Louis XIV. In this school, the only people that were allowed to dance were the men. Women started dancing in 1681. Ballets are very expressive ways to tell a story. The dancing is very graceful and very impressive to watch. There are five well known ballets: 1) "Swan Lake"-The first production was in Moscow on May 4, 1877 at the Bolshoi Theater, but unfortunately this was not a success. The revival was a hit and got the appreciation it deserved. It was performed on January 27, 1895 at the Maryinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. This was choreographed by Marius Petipa and Ivanov. This was a ballet that was in four acts and it was based on a German fairy tale. 2) "The Nutcracker"- This ballet was based on the book "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King", which was written by ETA...
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Henrik (Johan) Ibsen (1828-1906) was born at Skien, a small lumbering town of southern Norway. His father was a well-known general merchant in the community until 1836, when he suffered the horrible disgrace of going bankrupt.(Ibsen, 8) As a result, he sank into more debt and the family suffered. There was no redeeming the family misfortunes; as soon as he could, aged just 15, Henrik moved to Grimstad. It was there that he began to write. He supported himself meagerly as an apothecary's apprentice while studying nights for admission to the university. As he waited patiently he began to write plays. It was from this first writing that he began a career that would carry him through the nineteenth century and into today. Writers are often called names. Some of these names aren't so nice. To be called "the father" of something can only mean that you must have what it takes in your writing to define the very term that you are being associated with. Joan Gassner has decided that Henrik Ibsen is "the father of modern drama".(Gassner, 1) But is this title worthy? What is it about Ibsen's work that seems to fit so well into this mold? Also, why is Ibsen so closely tied to realism? These are questions that I hope to answer in the following text. So to begin, we must first define what is realism? From 1859 to 1900 most of the plays that were being produced were melodramas, spectacle plays, comic operas and vaudevilles. (Wilson, 273). The theatre was alive and well and was taking many different forms. And then something happened. Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859 and began to stir up the scientific community. Darwin believed that people were controlled by heredity and environment and that most of human behavior...
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COMPONENTS OF A RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT ABSTRACT Succinct summary Use keywords INTRODUCTION: what this is all about Background to the issue Rationale for this project, ie. Why do it? How the issue / question relates to existing theory and practice Broad parameters of the research project, eg. location, research approach & methods (refer to the notes handed out on Research Methods earlier in the semester) LITERATURE REVIEW: What is already known What body of research, literature and practice is relevant to this issue / question? How does each aspect of the issue / question relate to existing literature and practice? RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: How I have researched the issue? How was the research approached? eg. quantitative vs. qualitative Why? Explanation and justification for this approach What were the methods used? eg. interviews, survey, statistical analysis. Why? Explanation and justification of methods What are the limitations to this research in terms of the approach and methods? What were the various stages or phases of the research? What happened at each stage? Did any problems arise? Did they limit the findings? (this point may not relate to all topics – but keep it in mind for future research assignments) FINDINGS: What I found What was found about the issue / question from each stage of the research? Analyse fully and systematically Set out logically and comprehensively DISCUSSION: What it means What does each aspect of the findings mean? How can the findings be understood? How do they relate to other research / writings and to practice? CONCLUSION: What conclusions I draw What conclusions can be reached in relation to the issue / question? How does this fit with existing knowledge? What do the findings contribute to existing knowledge and theory? What are the implications for practice in the field? What are some suggestions for further research? REFERENCES: in the format prescribed by RMIT...
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Why it is important to you to be able to write good reports? Writing business documents is more than putting words on paper. It is a final stage in the complex process of communicating that begins with "thinking." It is very important to me to be able to write good reports because in my opinion academicians and business people view writing skills as very crucial. Writing skills can be the ticket to a better job and successful career. In a labor force full of ordinary writers, someone who writes well and knows how to write business reports is bound to stand out and succeed. I believe that creating written documents reveals my business skills and my personality. My writing tells the reader about my educational background, pride in my work, and business expertise. The emergence of the paperless office, e-mail, the Internet and web pages only increases the power of the written word. Any company with employees who can write clear and concise reports has a competitive edge over others who are still struggling to communicate. In this day of computers with spell and grammar check, it is so easy to let business writing skills lapse. However, by taking business writing classes each student should take advantage of learning how to write business reports so the reader can get as much of the information from reports as possible. In addition, writing reports helps to keep writing simple and current. Reports play a major role among written communications. In addition, reports are vital in today's business operations; therefore, knowing how to write reports for our executives is very crucial because in a business environment communication often needs to be done in writing. Does a person who conducts a one-person business need to know how to write a report for business purposes? A 10-person business? Fifty? One hundred? In...
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The Oceania society depicted in the 1984 George Orwell novel is simply driven by propaganda. It seems as though every citizen of the "Super State" country must interact with a daily intake of propaganda create by the government so that control is maintained. Even the "non-citizen" Prolitarian community, which is the ignorant majority, is lead into a life filled with propaganda that inflicts feelings such as fear and hatred so that they can be controlled in a mental manner. Every person in Oceania is continually reintroduced to propaganda on a day to day basis so that they adore what their government does and whole heartedly hate any person who is against their ideals. The book is about control. Controlling a majority keeps the minority in place. The government in the novel knows that its citizens can be kept at an appropriate level of control if a lie is constantly told. As you know everyone in Oceania is working for the benefit of Big Brother. The Party members and inner party members are lead to believe that they are laboring for the good of the country and for their comrades, but in reality they are only working to help Big Brother and the government obtain absolute power. The government makes sure that every level of knowledge in Oceania is obscured. The book written by Goldstein explains how a party member is preferred to be slightly incompetent. The government ensures that even the smallest details of history and literature is falsified to meet the ideals of Big Brother. Winston knew that things such as the "two minutes hate", the constant announcements of winning battles, and even how much supplies the country had are all tools to get the citizens to believe that the government is doing good rather than evil. A constant flow...
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