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The narrative writing prompts that I have completed were composed for practice to improve my writing. First, I had to write on the topics that I was given. Then, by completing the prompts, I received scores to find out where my problem areas were. Now I am going to analyze these areas and find methods I can use to improve my skills in them. Subsequently, I am enhancing my writing. I have chosen to analyze three weak areas of my writing and give techniques that I can use to improve my writing. On each prompt, there were five categories that I was scored in: focus, content, organization, style, and conventions. Each of these areas is an essential part of writing. They enable the essay to be read easily, and they help the reader to better understand the concept of the writing. The three main categories I found that I needed to improve in were content, style, and organization. I determined these weak areas by adding my scores together in each category from each of the five essays, and the sections with the lowest scores were the ones that I chose to evaluate. The first area I need to improve is content. Content is the presence of ideas developed through facts, examples, anecdotes, details, opinions, statistics, reasons, and explanations. Content is an imperative part of writing, and I need to improve my proficiency in this category. After reviewing each of the five narrative essays, I realized that if I did not enjoy or had problems writing about the topic of the prompt I lacked sufficient content. I found this to be true because the writings that I received all of the possible points for content were essays that I enjoyed writing. Adding all of my scores together for this category, I received...
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added: 10/23/2011
This is srikanth Yada, from Virginia, USA. I want to subscribe to this essay website. I want to Please accept me for this website. hello, can you subscribe me?? hello, i am requesting subscription. That is all I want. Nothing else. I do not understand why are you asking for an essay to register for free of this website. All I asked was to get into this informative organization. I hope that you guys will let me into this web organization so that I get access to your valuable information. What else I need to do? I think this is enough. What do you say? I think you should go with your instincts. I guess you know what I mean. well what do you say about the content of my essay? Subject Test Practice Books – Each practice book contains a full-length test and answer key, test-taking strategies, and information to help you understand the score you earned. The appropriate practice book is sent to individuals who register for a Subject Test, or download now. Analytical Writing Section A single score is reported for the analytical writing section. Each essay receives a score from 2 trained readers using 6-point holistic scale. In holistic scoring, readers are trained to assign scores on the basis of the overall quality of a response to the assigned task. If the 2 assigned scores differ by more than 1 point on the scale, the discrepancy is adjudicated by a third, very experienced, reader. Otherwise, the scores from the 2 readings of an essay are averaged. The final scores on the 2 essays are then averaged and rounded up to the nearest half-point interval (e.g., 3.0, 3.5). The primary emphasis in scoring the analytical writing section is on your critical thinking and analytical writing skills rather than on grammar and...
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added: 06/22/2011
I am writing this in order to get an essay. This does not actually make sense.I am writing this in order to get an essay. My essay does make sense. What is the point of your information. My essay does not contain too much repetition.This does not actually make sense.I am writing this in order to get an essay. My essay does make sense.If you tell me I have too much facts you are wrong. Read search engines before starting.I am trying my bestto complete this essay while making sense but I guess it is not working. This is a strain on me.All I want is too get an essay. Now that I am actually getting somewhere I am happy. This one is for all the people out there. I am not making any sense right now, but such is life. This is a stupid I dea. For all the world needs now is the arts.We require that you submit one of your own papers. All data submitted becomes the property of and you give up all legal rights to it! We only accept original papers, do not submit copyrighted material! Eternal Father bless our Land. I think every anthem should begin like that. What do you think? This is your favourite person. If you want to know more about me the authoer, oh yeah right, you don't.I am sorry for putting this junk on your website but I really need an essay and in order to get one I have to write one. The greatest error is the worst eating habit. I am you greatest writer. You can contact us at home. Just tap into your creative mind.I am now ending....
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added: 06/25/2011
I am just going to blab on now, wait a second! Over the many years that have past, plays have been produced based on the events and the emotions that occur to people everyday. A theme that often affects the majority of people is the concept of tragedy, be it in love, luck or life. In the case of love, it is usually related back to people confronted by the challenge to find true love. This, however, does not always take place. The ages – from classical to Shakespeare's era and finally to modern theatre – reflect these themes of tragedy in love from what occurs to people, the attitudes the public have and the ideas about the human condition during the time a play was produced. The theme of tragedy is seen as one that treats human suffering. It is an imitation of a situation that is serious, of importance and affects everyone. Despite the general division of tragedies into classical (dealing with noble characters) and modern (dealing with ordinary people), there has been a constant, but less well known, genre of tragedy that has dramatised the current events of the time. (180) The word tragedy came from the Greek word "goat song" and initially meant 'a serious play'. Polished up by Greek playwrights and later by the philosopher Aristotle, it was seen as the most sophisticated dramatic topics for plays to be set. In classical theatre, tragedy took part in the plays that were performed. An extract from the play Medea, tells the audience of a sorceress who believes she is betrayed by her husband whom she is love with. As a result of her judgement, she murders her children and carries away the corpses to bury them herself as a way of teaching her husband the wrongs. This play has...
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added: 01/12/2012
Why I chose this topic As used as it is, students still find it difficult to understand most of the uses of the –ing form. I do not believe there is any other member of all parts of speech that has such a wide range of functions and as much influence on our daily talks and writings as the –ing form. It is interesting to note that, standing alone, the gerund can function as noun, as verbs in non-finite noun clauses, as the complement of to be, as object of a preposition. Moreover, the difficulty that the –ing form posses regarding its translation into Spanish is also a matter to be considered. These are the reasons why I decided to focus my essay on this topic. To begin with, the gerund is a noun in the form of the present participle of a verb (that is ending in –ing) which not only may be qualified by adjectives and adverbs but also it can be used with an article and can have a plural form, while the participles either function as verbal adjectives or operate as verbs in non-finite clauses. In my opinion, the most commonly known function of the –ing form from the student viewpoint is that used in continuous tenses. Sentences including this form are intended to express simultaneity between the action and the time of speaking or between two or more actions which have not yet been finished, -as in the case of the Present Continuous and the Past Continuous- or which have just stopped -as in the case of the Present Perfect Continuous. However, being able to determine when to use the –ing form is not that simple. To begin with, there are several verbs that are followed by –ing, such as: enjoy, mind, suggest, stop, delay, imagine, consider, admit, miss,...
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added: 01/29/2012
With any essay that I write, my main objective is to paint a picture with words. There are three basic guidelines that I follow in order to paint this picture. By writing down my ideas, putting my ideas together on a word processor and then going back to revise is how I compose an essay or any other written work. I feel that these guidelines are essential to a well developed essay. When I'm given a writing assignment, one of the first things that I do is focus on the subject or topic of the essay. If it's a subject that I am knowledgeable of, I would add my own input and incorporate it into my writing. And if it's not a subject that I am familiar with, I would do some type of research on the subject. One of the most important processes of my written work is the gathering of detailed ideas. When I am forming ideas about my subject for an essay, the first thing that I usually do is concentrate on what I want to write. What do I want to say to my audience? What is the purpose of my writing? I have learned that by knowing the purpose of your writing keeps you focused on it. Once I have found the answers to these questions, I try to stay focused. I gather details for my subject that will help support and develop it. I try to utilize sensory details, specific examples, facts and statistics, or incidents or anecdotes - if they are needed. The next thing that I do is figure out how do I want to say it. I'll start by writing out a few sentences about my subject and then I determine which one represents my idea most effectively. Once I have found...
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added: 10/08/2011
In Shakespeare's plays, there are many important scenes. In "Hamlet" one of the most important is Act III scene ii. This could be because it is a "key" scene in the fact that in unlocks a path for which the rest of the play will follow course. Or that it is a "key" scene because of its content, like the fact that it contains a play-within-a-play ect. In my essay, I will discuss both of the point stated. The main point of this scene is to see whether the Ghost seen in Act I Scene ii is telling the truth, or, if he is just an evil spirit, taking the form of Hamlet. In this scene hamlet uses the play as a device with which to see if Claudius is guilty of murdering his father if not. He has the players act a scene like the ghosts account of how he was murdered. He and Horatio observe Claudius's reaction to the play and see if he reacts to it. We can tell that Hamlet thinks that he will react because he says: "…I have heard that guilty creatures sitting at a play have by the very cunning of the scene been struck to the sole, that presently they have proclaimed their maletacions" but there are also many differences between the "play-within-the-play" and what hamlet is told by the Ghost. Hamlet cannot have the actors play out the exactly what was said, because or else Claudius will know that Hamlet knows that he murdered his own brother, and that Hamlet wants to kill him. One of the differences is that the prisoner, Lucianus, is not actually the kings brother, nut his nephew. The prisoner also "woos the Queen with gifts"; this does not happen in the play. The Queen also seems harsh to the idea of marring again,...
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added: 01/18/2012
Conflict Creates change In almost every case, conflict, whether internal, between two individuals or an individual and minority group, causes change. The change, or changes are able to occur whether the conflict in question is resolved or not. Either option will still result in a different outcome, causing a change, in those who are involved, current situation. Conflict can create changes in people such as, how they think, what they value and want, and, how they view their world. The changes are not always positive changes, as people's differentiating views sometimes cause conflicting situation that are unable to be resolved. As well as in everyday life, there are a variety of texts that demonstrate change as a result of conflict. Some of these texts include films, such as Chocolat ( Lasse Hallstrom 2000 ), Theatrical plays like Romeo and Juliet ( William Shakespeare ), and many song lyrics, Down with the Sickness ( Disturbed 2000 ). Although the texts have a base story line involving conflict, the change created is also strongly portrayed through visual and written techniques that allow emphasis on the actual change. These techniques could include simply color or lighting, music, camera angles and shots, and oral techniques, whether actually the written words or how the words are expressed. The film Chocolat directed by Lasses Hallstrom in 2000, is an appropriate text for demonstrating ideas about conflict, including change, whilst expressing these ideas through the use of techniques upon the base storyline. Chocolat is a film about a mother – daughter pair, who travel with the north wind to the town of Lansquenet, bringing with them their alternate lifestyle and views, very much to the dislike of the townspeople. Vianne and Anouk, the traveling pair, over time cause change in the town, although the concept of change arriving, is established...
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added: 11/05/2011
In Webster's Online Dictionary, the word hero is described as "a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities, one that shows great courage." A modern day hero would be represented through the soldiers who are fighting in the Middle East for America. Those men and women are putting their lives in danger to benefit millions of other people. That is a heroic act that should not go unnoticed. In Maya Angelou's autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, she describes many people whom she felt depicted the word "hero" in all of its glory. I chose to write my essay on three of these main characters in her life: her older brother Bailey Johnson, her mother's boyfriend, Mr. Freeman, and the central character Maya, or Marguerite Johnson. Mr. Freeman is a counter-example of a hero, and the only example that deals with false heroism. Maya never had a father figure in her life, and Mr. Freeman was the only man who ever made her feel wanted. Maya showed her weakness for Mr. Freeman in saying " he held me so softly that I wished he wouldn't ever let me go. I felt so at home. From the way he was holding me I knew he'd never let me go or let anything bad ever happen to me. This was probably my real father and we had found each other at last. (Pg. 73.)" Mr. Freeman gave her a sense of worth, and even though his intentions were cruel and immoral, Maya finally had found what she was longing for. Maya loved Mr. Freeman, but feared him even more. When Mr. Freeman raped Maya when she was eight-years-old, he made sure she would be able to keep the secret from the rest of her family, including her brother Bailey. "If you...
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added: 01/15/2012
The goal of my essay is to discuss the effects of the New Deal on the American people. It will show how the revolutionary program proposed by FDR helped improve the lives of citizens. It will also show the effects of the New Deal on immigrants, minorities, and women. Also, it shows how it ended the Depression by improving the economy and some of the controversies surrounding the program. Blacks were having an extremely hard time in America because they were not getting decent or any jobs at all. "Many northern businesses refused to hire blacks; two thirds of Manhattan's hotels had no African American employees." (Student Resource Center) "There was a high rate of unemployment, the lack of stable jobs, and low wages made it impossible for black husbands to support their families."(STUDENT RESOURCE) "Even if a black was qualified for a top job, the boss would give the job to someone who was white yet unqualified for the work." They were suffering because of racism, unemployment, and a degrading society. Blacks also had to struggle with racism as well as a poor economy. Along with being in poverty and living in over crowded areas, blacks also had to deal with racist who felt that they did not deserve to be equal to whites. One example was by the Federal Housing Administration, who segregated housing for the poor and refused to make loans to blacks buying homes in white neighborhoods. The black codes meant that they could not vote, did not have equality in the job market, and could not use the same facilities as whites. The New Deal had a positive effect on African Americans because the federal government helped blacks for the first time. Many blacks were put on relief and were given financial aid to help them combat the...
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added: 06/16/2011
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