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Marketing Essay. Take two advertisements for similar products from any magazines of your choice. Write a report on them that includes: (i) A description of the advertisements and how you feel about them. (ii) A description of what you think the advertisement is trying to achieve. (iii) A conclusion and discussion that incorporates what you perceive to be the difference between the ads and how effective you think they are. The two products that I chose to do my report on are Heineken and Carlsberg; both are lagers that compete in the same market. I found the Heineken advertisement in the UCD Student Union Fresher's guide from the Year 2001 and the Carlsberg ad was taken from GQ magazine. The Heineken ad features a police line up of various types of bottle openers. This familiar scene is probably most famous for the film The Usual Suspects, a hit movie staring Kevin Spacey. There are five bottle openers in the line up, which has the typical height markings behind the 'suspects' to add to the authenticity of the scene. Each bottle opener is unique and each one would fit right in, in any bar or at any party. To the left of the last bottle opener is the reflection of a Heineken bottle, which is obviously in the one-way-mirror-room picking out the 'culprit' from the line up. Below the picture, which takes up the majority of the ad, is the Heineken slogan "The last word in beer" and an opened Heineken bottle cap. The Carlsberg ad I took from GQ magazine, a monthly 'lad' mag. It was one of four Carlsberg ads in the magazine, all of which are from the same advertising campaign. Carlsberg play on their slogan "Probably the best lager in the world". They do this by having Carlsberg delivery vehicles pictured around the world...
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MARKETING ASSIGNMENT 1 Q1. Explain what is meant by the marketing concept and illustrate your answer by using an example of a market led organisation. A. The marketing concept is about matching a company's capabilities, with the wants and needs of the customer. The marketing concept is used by organisations in an attempt to satisfy this need. Marketing facilitates an exchange which satisfies the relationship between seller and buyer. Money, Credit, Donations Goods and Services A need is a basic requirement that has to be satisfied. Examples of basic needs are food and drink. One good example of an organisation that takes advantage of one of these basic needs is Coca Cola. Coca Cola use peoples' thirst as a way of selling their products. One way that Coca Cola were led by market demand was that people became increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of sugary products and they are deemed to be unhealthy and fattening, Coca Cola addressed the situation with the launch of Diet Coke. Q2. Compare and contrast the selling and marketing philosophies – using company examples of your choice. The main comparison between marketing and selling is the exchange relationship. The marketing philosophy aims at fulfilling consumers' needs and meeting organizational objectives. The selling philosophy emphasizes aggressive selling techniques. By using a selling philosophy it is believed that consumers will not buy enough of a product if left alone to do so, therefore the organisation will undertake an aggressive selling and promotion effort in order to coax the consumer into making a purchase. An example of companies that uses this approach would be those who supply double glazing. Very often they use 'cold calling' as a method of selling. Definition of 'cold calling' is calling a customer without prior appointment. Starting Focus Means Ends Point By using a marketing philosophy the provider believes the key to achieving success...
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The dyadic relationship of a buyer and a seller, bonding can be described as a dynamic process that is progressive over time (Dwyer et al., 1987; Ganesan, 1994; Levitt, 1983). The bonding process begins with the very basic force of the need for a seller to find a buyer for their product, and the desire for a buyer to purchase a product that will satisfy their needs. As time goes on, this relationship then advances toward interdependency between the buyer and the seller, which will finally lead to a situation between the two where there is total commitment on the part of both parties. Termination costs now restrict or almost prohibit an easy dissolution of the bond. At this advanced stage in the relationship, the bonds are so solidified that they are almost impossible to break (Heide and Weiss, 1995). At the lowest or most rudimentary level, bonding begins as a result of the fulfillment of a basic business need on the part of both parties involved, and then grows as a social relationship develops between the vendor and the customer. One has a product/service to sell and the other has need of purchasing a product/service. Whether or not a bond will develop between the two parties, depends on such factors as the fit between the vendor's product/service and the seller's needs, the price of the vendor's product/service (Berry, 1995), the expertise of the vendor at providing a quality product/service and quality follow-up service (Sheth, 1994), and the ability of the seller organization to make and keep realistic promises to the customer (Bitner, 1995). The influence of some of these factors mentioned above was reflected in the study done in the mainframe computer market referred to previously. When asked what factors were important to their satisfaction with their mainframe vendor, a majority...
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Introduction The advent of modern information and telecommunication technologies has made a lot of the traditional mammoth task easier to apprehend, for example, the management of a huge database within a company. Certainly within the past decade, technologies have in a way enabled new management disciplines to materialise. These include customer relationship marketing (CRM); knowledge management (KM); information management (IM) and supply chain management (SCM). In the global environment that companies today operate, it is essential to develop a competitive advantage in all spheres of business processes whether is dealing with product sourcing or service marketing. Today¡¯s customers are fortunate lots where they are faced with multiple choices to choose from whether it is the purchase of cars, financial services and consumable items. It is therefore important to understand the needs of the customers in formulating any marketing plans. For example, the Egg financial services group undertook a study to gauge what the customers want before embarking on its financial services operation. The number of customers attracted doubled of its expectation within the first month of business. There is a distinct difference between the marketing espoused by Egg and the more traditional marketing that emphasize on Pricing, Product, Place and Promotion (4P). So what is the nature of marketing pursued by Egg and other likeminded companies? It is called Customer Relationship Marketing or CRM in short. It is defined as a process of creating, maintaining, and enhancing strong, value-laden relationships with customers and other stakeholders. (1) It involves developing a loyalty from the customer that evolves frequency, regularity and intensity. The distinct difference with traditional marketing is that conventional marketing has no ambition to climb the loyalty ladder. It is also well anchored on the strategy of Pricing, Product, Place and Promotion or commonly known as the 4P, less emphasise on retaining custom. Transaction...
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Assignment 2 ARH 102/F/101/3 Marcia Snyman Student no: 0497-4085 Theme: Art marketing structures and strategies Introduction: Craft in context: 'Craft objects have universal attraction that crosses cultural and geographic borders and transcends time'. (Susan Shells chop/Wendy Goldblatt/Doreen Hemp 2002) The global interest in the traditions of other nations is supported by the worldwide desire to travel, as well as by programmes and articles in the media. The form, the volume and the integrity of the material introduce a connection to the roots of a living culture and bring a sense of the permanence of the creative spirit of mankind into the living space. Craft can be defined as useful and aesthetically pleasing objects created mainly by hand asking specific materials and developed skills. (Susan Shellschop/Wendy Goldblatt/ Doreen Hemp 2002) The subject of my discussion/field research is Kim Sacks's gallery/retail outlet in Rosebank Johannesburg where she sells and displays a large range of crafts with the foundation of her interest being the development of ceremanic's in South Africa. Background: Kim Sacks was established in 1986 in Yeoville. Here she founded a pottery school and gallery to develop an appreciation of what ceramics were about. Much of her experience comes from travels through Europe and her studies at the Royal Danish School of Art in Copenhagen. In 1998 she moved the gallery to Rosebank to be closer to the developing market. The gallery is positioned close to the Hyatt and Westcliff hotels, which attract many tourists, and 13000 local cars pass by the gallery daily. The ceramics school still operates from Yeoville. The Gallery: The gallery is a fusion of architectural styles taken from her travels all over the world and combined into a statement on Africa. The entrance to the gallery is enormously high, with pots on the windowsills above the entrance and the walls covered with the latest finds, displayed in layers of...
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Examine the problems encountered by arts marketers and suggest was in which organisations might rise to meet particular challenges. Knowing the customers, what they want, then they will come. Module based material Summary/evaluation of any problem/issue Examples of the application of the theoretical material When I visited the National Museum in London for the first time, I was surprised at the huge array of art works which it has, and the multi-cultural atmosphere. The problem was simple, I didn¡¦t know where to start, and some of them are so new that I couldn¡¦t understand well at all. When I have a discussion with one of my friends, we found a guide of foreign tourists, who explains the history of the work, and why it is still valuable today. It was really helpful, and added to our enjoyment of the museum. Sometimes art work on its own can be enjoyed by an individual, however sometimes we need an expert opinion giving background to the piece. ƒÜ What is an arts organisation? The character of arts field; it is not producing products, it is not like a commercial enterprise, it keeps heritages for the future, it give a chance to learn, where we are from, where we are, will show what we¡¦ve done to our descendents. Basically, arts organisation is usually defined as a non-profit organisation. It used be true, however, it is not enough to rely on governments, arts council, patrons, or donation. It is increasing the number of artists, and people are more likely to spend their time on relaxing, something giving pleasure, they don¡¦t mind to spend their money, time on non-material products. But what they are looking for, where they are going. The numbers visiting arts field, such as museums, galleries, theatres, performing arts exhibitions, are going down. More people are going out for entertaining...
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Johnson was part of the "Youth Quake" of the 1960s and the New York scene of Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. She began her foray into retail selling by the end of the decade. In 1972 Johnson won the coveted Coty Award along with fellow designer Halston. By 1978 she and a partner had started the Betsey Johnson label. Today there are more than 29 Betsey Johnson stores around the world. In recent years Johnson also launched a successful luxury collection of clothing Featured Fashion Designers: Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson was born in Connecticut in 1942 and spent her childhood years in dance classes with dreams of becoming a professional dancer. This love of costumes and theatrics at an early age has contributed an enormous influence to the style and colors Betsey is drawn to and uses in her clothing lines. In 1964 Betsey won Mademoiselle magazine's "Guest Editor Contest" and was introduced into the world of fashion. Only one year later she became the top designer at the popular clothing boutique Paraphernalia. During the 1960's Betsey was part of the Warhol scene, an influence that is also reflected in her dramatic and innovative clothing line. In 1969 Betsey opened her first boutique, named 'Betsey Bunki Nini' to great success, and as a result was offered a job working for Alvin Dunskin in San Francisco. In the 1970's Betsey had creative control over the Alley Cat label and in 1972 she was awarded the prestigious Coty award and became the youngest designer ever to receive the honor. In 1978 Betsey started her signature Betsey Johnson label with the first store in Soho. It was such an enormous and immediate success that there are now more than 41 stores worldwide across Europe and Asia. Today Betsey is well known among celebrities and the public for...
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Introduction The M1 Youth Connection is an annual event held by The Necessary Stage (TNS). This event is a theatre festival held for, as the name implies, the youth. The festival does not only include theatrical productions but also art exhibitions, concerts. It is an established event that has been on-going for five years. It is also Singapore's only annual festival of theatre and other arts for young people. Backed by its main sponsor MobileOne (M1), the youth connection attempts to fulfil its aims. Aims of the festival: a. To expose young people to high quality, relevant and meaningful contemporary drama productions for young people b. To involve young people in art-making c. To provide opportunities for young people to develop their artistic and aesthetic selves d. To address issues and concerns relating to young people, and to enable the wider community to access young people's concerns Marketing the festival is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of bringing the event to the public. I shall now go into examining the marketing approach that has been taken by the M1 Youth Connection. Product Strategy Each festival comprises of an international act, a local act and a collaboration of local and international students as well as professionals. Some of their past productions in the festival include Singapore's first-ever play on a bus, Is This Our Stop? (1999), a play at Zouk disco, Zero (1998) by Frantic Assembly (UK), a play and party combined into one, Sex Education Party (2001), interactive theatre in Dreaming Up a Prince (2002), and 8 Addictions (2002), a series of cutting-edge performances at The Heeren Shops. In 2003, there will also be a collaborative installation art exhibition and performance: Fires Within Fires between young people from CHIJ Katong Convent and young people from Scotland. I feel that the product is very attractive and well catered to their target...
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