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1. Introduction This report begins with an introduction of collaborative supply chain systems and narrows down to procurement process to further discuss the information and systems required in the collaborative e-procurement. A cost-benefit analysis is done based on a published hypothetical company case study. On top of that, wide research is done before the report is able to identify the key success factors in the collaborative e-procurement. 2. Findings 2.1 Collaborative Supply Chain Supply chain (SC) collaboration is defined as any kind of joint, coordinated effort between two parties to achieve a common goal (McLauren, 2002). This incorporated intracompany and intercompany collaboration spans all core functions of manufacturing organizations (Rayport and Jaworski, 2002, p. 400). SC encompasses numerous processes and activities along the entire supply chain such as product design, procurement, order fulfilment, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. To summarize, collaborative supply chain is a strong and close relationship that involves more than one organization, in which every participant in the relationship highly commits into the joint activities in the supply chain to create values and benefits for all participants. The main underlying concept is the sharing of information, knowledge, risk, and profits among all participants along the whole supply chain (Foggin and Golicic, 2000). The success of a collaborative SC depends on how well information can be shared among the participants. The characteristics of collaboration can be classified into three categories. They are buy-side collaboration, sell-side collaboration and collaboration with competitors. Table 1 further explains them. Buy-side collaboration Sell-side collaboration Collaboration with competitors Joint effort between the company and the upstream participants in the supply chain, such as n-tier suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics companies. Collaboration effort between the company and other parties that involve in downstream supply chain, such as distributors, retailers, value-added resellers and customers. Collaboration among competing companies is realized through the concept of consortia marketplace. Table...
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Sense of Communityin Web Environment Master's thesis April 2001 Abstract The study of social phenomena in the World Wide Web has been rather fragmentary, and there is no coherent, reseach-based theory about sense of community in Web environment. Sense of community means part of one's self-concept that has to do with perceiving oneself belonging to, and feeling affinity to a certain social grouping. The present study aimed to find evidence for sense of community in Web environment, and specifically find out what the most critical psychological factors of sense of community would be. Based on known characteristics of real life communities and sense of community, and few occational studies of Web-communities, it was hypothesized that the following factors would be the most critical ones and that they could be grouped as prerequisites, facilitators and consequences of sense of community: awareness and social presence (prerequisites), criteria for membership and borders, common purpose, social interaction and reciprocity, norms and conformity, common history (facilitators), trust and accountability (consequences). In addition to critical factors, the present study aimed to find out if this kind of grouping would be valid. Furthermore, the effect of Web-community members' background variables to sense of community was of interest. In order to answer the questions, an online-questionnaire was created and tested. It included propositions that reflect factors that precede, facilitate and follow the sense of community in Web environment. A factor analysis was calculated to find out the critical factors and analyses of variance were calculated to see if the grouping to prerequisites, facilitators and consequences was right and how the background variables would affect the sense of community in Web environment. The results indicated that the psychological structure of sense of community in Web environment could not be presented with critical variables grouped as prerequisites, facilitators and consequences. Most factors did facilitate the sense...
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U.S. military: Saddam documents lead to arrests Deposed Iraqi leader not cooperating, sources say Monday, December 15, 2003 Posted: 9:09 AM EST (1409 GMT) An image released by the U.S. Army shows Saddam after he was captured. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Tools -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ON CNN TV Watch CNN's ongoing live coverage of news of the capture of Saddam Hussein, now on-air. VIDEO Saddam to U.S. troops: 'I want to negotiate.' PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U.S. officials begin interrogating Saddam. PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two deadly car bombings in Baghdad. PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saddam's capture evokes joy, rage in Iraqis. PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- President stops short of calling capture a turning point for military mission. PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tracking down bin Laden a more difficult task. PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside Saddam's 'spider hole' PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General describes the capture PLAY VIDEO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- International reaction PLAY VIDEO RELATED Timeline: The end of the hunt Audio Slide Show: Capture of Saddam Inside the daring raid On the Scene: Satinder Bindra: 'Game over' Special Report: Coalition fatalities -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Behind the Scenes: Something big was happening • On The Scene: Iraqis must be top priority • On the Scene: Europe reacts • CNN Access: How Saddam should be treated • Car bombs kill at least 6 • Bush: Saddam will face justice • Iraq debates Saddam's fate SPECIAL REPORT • How Saddam was captured • Saddam's brutal regime • Blair: Shadow removed • Mideast leaders welcome news • Gallery: Saddam's capture • Map: Site of capture • Interactive: Most-wanted Iraqis • QUICKVOTE Will the capture of Saddam Hussein help bring stability to Iraq? Yes No VIEW RESULTS YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Military Saddam Hussein Iraq or Create your own Manage alerts | What is this? BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. military officials said Monday they had arrested several resistance leaders in Baghdad based on documents found when Saddam Hussein was captured. Officials said that some of the documents detailed a meeting of resistence cell leaders -- and included the...
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Pat Roxborough Almost two years ago in 2001, Cecil Archibald Baugh called the Edna Manley Art School inKingston Jamaica. And years from now, if the story is told properly, that call will be remembered as one of the most important that the 92 year-old internationally- acclaimed master potter made to the institution which he co-founded in the 1950's. For Baugh will make arrangements to handover his prized book collection which includes the works of Bernard Howell Leach, the British ceramist with whom he studied in 1948 while on a British Council Scholarship in the United Kingdom; Sojhi Hamada, the celebrated Japanese potter and George Wingfield Digby. "I can think of no other reliable place with which to leave these books," he told Sunday last week. There are lots of others of course- Baugh went worldwide in his quest for excellence - however Leach, Hamada and Digby (all deceased) stand out in the potter's memory, which when teased delivers a number of historic gems worthy of celebration. Point an enquiring finger at a photograph of Baugh standing erect in a fabulous blue business suit - the only black among a group of equally distinguished-looking men. You'll instantly be rewarded with a brilliant smile and a lot of interesting information. "That's me, the only black man present at the launch of the Leach Legacy at the Tate Gallery, St Ives," he'll say. Located in SouthWest England, the Tate St Ives which manages the work of artist Barbara Hepworth was opened in 1993.It boast an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art including works by Baugh's idols Leach and Hamada. It's a great source of pride to him - Leach is to pottery and ceramics, what Bob Marley is to Reggae Music - and the perfect launching pad for the story of his growth from a humble "Yabba Man" to the master artist who, among other achievements, was commissioned to make a bowl for Queen Elizabeth 11 by the government in 1953. Born on November 22, 1908,...
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where as the basic thinker is only as good as the mold that made him the extraordinary thinker is a superhuman idealistic machine that is in need if a serious reconsideration on the part of the rest of humanity. although the freedom fighters arrived one by one as the appointed time arrived. no one risked traveling with any other rebel, each wore a disguise each came prepared with an excuse for his business down in the suboid tunnel. bobo arrived down in the tunnels with margo to start a little hanky panky to have little suboids of their own see spot run run jim run put it in margo. of all the things ive lost imiss my mind the most of all the things ive lost i miss my minfd the most.can the dog run as fast as the fox im not sure about that cant i run faster than the dog?? for a final sum up of all the things ive just said here a are you listening no the cow needs to be milked so i gotta go eat shit and die you nazi sons of bitches in eed my essay real fast so i will type this really fast and get it over with mech mech the the the the the the the the the th row row jump this damn thidnfg we are betryaed cried one of the rebels the animals have come to eat us alive this is not cool said the other can i have some of your chicken sad the frog it looks good...
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INTRODUCTION The way we live tells us who we are, so our homes are dead giveaways. We Filipinos are known around the world for our unconditional caring for our elders. This thesis, "REINVENTING EARLY FILIPINO TRADITIONAL HOUSES INTO A CONTEMPORARY FILIPINO RESIDENCE", is a tribute to our forefathers to somehow show them that their heritage is still alive and as well appreciated. And what better way to show them appreciation than to relive their work in the past and incorporate it in the future. What people in other countries call vernacular architecture we call folk architecture here, but mostly we identify the rural bahay kubo as a "native" house. The bahay kubo is by far the Filipino majority's prime idea of a traditional Filipino house. Vernacular architecture goes beyond the bahay kubo. From its origins as a rural bamboo and nipa house, it evolved into the urban bahay na bato (house of stone) during the Spanish colonial era. From there, certain features evolved into the houses built in the early part of the 20th century during the American regime. On the other hand, the early inhabitants of the Philippines were of many different peoples and of these peoples spawned the rich cultural diversity that we have now. Some ethnic communities scattered across the country, even to this day, still live governed by their ancestor's culture. Unblemished, these people's culture stands strong that even through the test of time, they still live in their ethnic traditional homes. These traditional houses are the architectural heritage left to us by our early Filipino ancestors. However, in this day and age, these traditional houses have become an anachronism. The more fortunate of their residents have, over time and generations, built new houses of cement roofed with galvanized iron roofing. It matters little that the new house is...
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A Day to Remember I awoke the morning of September eleventh like any other day. Comfortably lying in my bed, warm and snug. I was dreaming and at total peace, oblivious to the world around me. Suddenly, I sprang up to the blaring sound of my pulsating alarm clock. The sun was up and shining into my bedroom window. I got up, looked around, and observed the horizon with a disgruntled look on my face; admiring its beauty. I did not know it that chilly morning, but September eleventh would change my life forever. It changed my perception about fear, my awareness about world issues, and my view on the preciousness of life. As I was getting ready for school, I felt a fearful of the new year ahead of me. I felt disinclined to go to school that day, knowing that I had a plenty of difficult classes to take. I reluctantly trudged to my first class in the brisk fall air. Within seconds of taking my seat, someone asked me if I had heard about the plane that crash accident in New York. Five minutes later my teacher began informing the class about what was really going on, she turned on the television. As I was watching the second plane crash into the World Trade Center, I knew it was no accident. I was so shocked that I forgot all about being tired, and glued my eyes to the television with full intensity. I immediately began to fear the worst; I imagined planes falling out of the sky everywhere all across America. I feared that maybe our city would be targeted next. But most of all, I feared the beginning of a new world war. My fears were confirmed when I heard reports of other planes falling out of the...
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jjfdksjlsjEmail: We require that you submit one of your own papers. This helps grow and add new papers! All data submitted becomes the property of and you give up all legal rights to it! We only accept original papers, do not submit copyrighted material! Azra Samardzic Eng 310 Mr.Scholz Love, war and surviving Not all people react in the same way when they are hurt either physically or emotionally. Some break down easily, finding no reason to live or to be happy. Some are stronger then others and will take what ever happened to them as a part of their life. The three stories from Tim O'Brien's book "Sweethearts of the Song Tra Bong","Stockings" and "The Things They Carried" give us an imaginary situation of three men in the war being in love and dumped by their girlfriends at the same time whereas one of them is finding it very hard and painful. Henry Dobbins in "Stocking" is described as a big and peaceful soldier who was showing his love towards his girl by wearing her stockings around his neck. He is fighting far away from home, thinking of somebody who he loves, believing that his girlfriends stocking around his neck will bring him luck "The pantyhose, he said, had the properties of a good-luck charm." (O'Brien 117). The stockings for him maybe were not bringing any luck – maybe it was just a pure love towards his girlfriend and her smell that he was just simply too embarrassed to say it to other guys. The soldiers were making jokes about it anyway "There were some jokes, of course, but we came to appreciate the mystery of it all." (O'Brien 118). When Henry had to live through a very bad day – a day when his girlfriend had dumped him he wasn't angry or crying, he just...
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Throughout "Master Harold" … and the Boys, Athol Fugard describes many emotions that take place between the characters, to which different reactions are noted. An emotion is a subjective response, usually accompanied by a physiological change, which is interpreted in a particular way by the individual and often leads to a change in behavior (Psychology 314). The emotions are not just expressed vocally, but they are also expressed in stage directions. The primary emotions in the play are love, happiness, and anger. In each, the reactions can be seen as good and bad. Love is an emotion that is expressed in many different ways throughout the play. One way that love is expressed is through Sam's love for dancing. He has been dancing since Hally was a young child and now he teaches all his dances to Willie. Another kind of love that is expressed in this play is the love for another human being. Hally expresses his love for his father when he says, "I love him, Sam"(58). Also, Sam's love for Hally is unbelievable: he loves Hally like a son, because Sam helps him with his schoolwork, plays checkers with him, and also made a kite for him. In this play love is an emotion that is amazing and the characters show the benefits in their reaction to it. Happiness can be beneficial as well. The characters in this play do not display much happiness during the play. However, the characters have memories that do bring some happiness back in their lives. Sam finds happiness when he is dancing around the tearoom, teaching Willie. Also Sam says, "It's a harmless pleasure, Hally. It doesn't hurt anybody"(39). Other than Sam's joy for dancing, Hally, Willie, and Sam shows great joy and happiness thinking and speaking about the days they spent together...
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"Master Harold......and the Boys", is a play based on a boy coming of age. Harold begins the play acting like a boy and through out the play matures, until he is considered a man. In the beginning, Harold acts still as a child until the middle of the play. In the middle of the play, Harold has matured but not fully as of yet. Not until the end of the play has Harold finally matured to the man he truly is to be. In the beginning of the play Harold acts as if he is still a child. When Harold walks in to the restaurant, he sits down and begins to talk with Sam. Sam tells Harold that his father is coming, but Harold shows no concern of this. Harold says that his father is not well, and there is no way he can be coming home. By complaining, Harold shows that he is still a child and has no remorse for his father. By do this Harold is not come to age as of yet in the play. In the middle of the play Harold still acts as if he is a child, but has matured slightly. Harold had been talking with Sam and Willie about the past, and what they have done together. On the phone Harold shows respect towards his father, even though he truly does not mean it, by doing this Harold shows maturity. In the beginning of the play Harold showed no maturity while talking to his mother on the phone, now he has shown some respect even though he does not mean it. It is not until the end of the play that Harold shows he is truly an adult. Finally, in the end of the play Harold has matured from a child to an adult. In...
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