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This statement about me and my high school years is something I would like you to take into consideration. The basic facts that I have given in my application are only the facts that are written down and kept record of. They don't tell you who I am as a person, nor do they tell you if I would be good for your school. Hopefully in this personal statement of mine, I would like to not accuse, but to explain why some of the reasons why you should consider me a student that is right for your school. I would first like to start off out saying that your school is at the top of my list, as well as many others. I have learned many great things in high school such as, how to deal with pressure when it counts the most, how to work as a member of a team to achieve the same goal, how to deal with gain as well as loss, and many more great tools needed in life to succeed. Yet there are many more ideas and theories to be learned in college that I would like to experience, most of all, at your university. I think J.F. Kennedy said it the best, "ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what can you do for your country". I think I have the same principle, when I ask you it's not what your university can do for me, but what can I do to for your university. My high school career had it ups and downs, my grade point average is lower than I would like it to be, but again I'm every active and do many extra circular activities. I am involved in football, basketball, track, FFA, FBLA, DECA, and a member...
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added: 11/03/2011
Why is it that when a gay is exposed in the military, the country halts and pays full attention to the fact that a "queer" might be fighting for this great nation? And why is it that an entire state can be shocked by the community who's football team's star quarterback is a "fag?" Will it matter then if the soldier leads this country into battle as an integral part of the army? And will it matter then if that quarterback leads the team to the state championship? Most likely, it won't. On top of the negativity that exists about gays/lesbians in the media one of the biggest concerns homosexuals have is lack of representation (in the media.) There have been numerous gay rights marches, speakers, and not so pleasant beatings and brutal killings that somehow don't make it to the news scene. In fact, in 1995, 13% of 7,947 bias-motivated crimes reported to the FBI were committed out of sexual-orientation bias. (Hate Crime Statistics, 5.) While there are some, typically, there are no reports of these happenings in newspapers or television shows. However, there are a tremendous amount of half hour shows on what celebrities wore to the Grammy's and who can survive on secluded island-eating bugs for six weeks. Where are our countries values? The gay and lesbian community in this country has fought over countless incidents of negative feelings and prejudices in their role in the military and on high school teams. In the past 30 years they have strived to gain political, social, and religious respect, though the fight is still far from over. Some feel gays have made incredible strides, while others feel there has been little to no improvement from the 1960-70's. (Israel, 21.) Not only should the gay and lesbian community receive coverage in the news, the attention given...
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added: 11/20/2011
Giving your self to service is life's true fulfillment. There is no better feeling than helping the less fortunate. I myself have had hands on experience with community service and it has changed me in miraculous ways. Last summer I started volunteering at Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital. Eager to help I went in with my eyes closed and learned lessons I thought I would never learn. At the beginning of my journey I saw this hospital like any other one, one that is designed to cure the ill. But this hospital is in a league all its own; putting smiles on the patients faces regardless of how sick they really are. This is a place in which sick children can be themselves regardless of prejudice and stereotyping. The world is a cruel place and these poor innocence beings just need a place to forget their worries and Joe DiMaggio is a place to let loose. Many of my tasks at the hospital where hands on. Reading, playing, arts and crafts, or just simply offering moral support is a volunteer's top priority. Just after a couple of weeks at the hospital, I became a regular. Patients were beginning to ask about me and were inquiring when I would come and play. The feeling of being helpful encouraged me and I began spending more and more time at the hospital. I would visit patients on my days off and became quite close to many of them through the weeks. On an ordinary day at the hospital, I met a boy around my age named Steven. Steven was very shy and kept to himself and for some reason he decided to confide in me. We became great friends and I saw him every time I went to the hospital. One day he decided to come clean...
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added: 07/03/2011
Life is full of challenges and obstacles. No one can get by them without trying their best to get over those obstacles which deter one from succeeding in life. A classic example of this fact is the life of a normal schoolboy. It cannot be denied that school is a way of life, an essential for the improvement of one's education. It allows one to prepare for the future, for reaping all the benefits which life has to offer or, as some people say, "to wake up and smell the roses". I too faced a number of challenges, especially in high school. I was never good at studies. It was always hard for me to cope up with the rest of the students. I always used to struggle to get a satisfactory grade, let alone getting the highest marks in class. This was not such a big problem at first, but things started to get worse. I was getting closer and closer to my final year of high school and still there was no improvement in me. My friends started to taunt me, as I always wanted to get admission in a good college and with these grades it would be impossible. I started to loose all the confidence I had in myself. There were only two places where I could go for getting assistance, either my family or my best friend. My mother always supported me no matter what the odds and my father believed that I could get through this and he made me realize that I was not alone.As my dad was really good at science and mathematics, I always had a great admiration for him. He had always been a great inspiration too.I considered him as my role model. So, I aspired to be like him. Moreover, I had read somewhere that friends are like family, the only difference being that they...
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added: 09/28/2011
The first time I was onstage, I had terrible stage fright. It was a high school production, and even though I didn't have a leading role, I had a pretty big part. I was in about 6 scenes, and had a decent amount of lines. Up until the night of the play, I had told myself that I wasn't going to be scared, that I didn't have stage fright. Opening night, it all changed. We stood backstage, in costume and makeup, and I dared to peak from the side of the stage out at the huge auditorium. It was packed. My heart almost leaped into my throat. I automatically forgot all my lines, all the blocking, and all the choreography. We went out into the hallway where my director had organized a prayer circle. As has I have experienced, prayer circles always end up in tears, which end up in the makeup people frantically running around reapplying mascara and foundation. The prayer circle was a huge source of inspiration for me. All the actors and tech crew gathered together to pray and give last minute speeches/encouragement. I happened to be standing next to my best friend. She was such a source of encouragement. Her hug got me through the show. It was all a blur, but it happened, and we all did great. I've learned that stage fright can be cured by trust, practice, and a hug from a friend....
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added: 08/13/2011
Title Sexual Perversity In Chicago Author David Mamet Character Joan S. Webber 1. How do you relate to the (a) plot, (b) mood, (c) the theme of the play? Describe and explain EACH. A) I relate to the plot of the play just as the other characters, I am trying to make my way through the sexual and emotional mind fields of the singles in Chicago. B) I relate to the mood of the play through my actions which play a small but vital role. C) 2. What is your super-objective? This is a statement about what you want to do in the play. My super objective is to understand the three things that confuse me the most, men, sex, and life in general. 3. How do you (as the actor) relate to the theme? Can you relate to what the playwright is saying? Why? 4. What are your opposition forces? What's in the way of what you want to achieve? Who is against you? I believe is against me (my opposing forces) 5. Indicate all of your relationships. With whom are you most heavily involved? Why? In the play I am only heavily involved with Debra Soloman who is both my best friend and roommate. 6. How are you physically and psychologically different from the other characters in the play? I am different from the other characters in the sense that I play the youngest women in the play who seems to know my way around physically but psychologically I find life confusing especially in the fields of men and sex. 7. When you enter, where have you been? When you exit, where are you going? When I enter I have just come back from where I was retrieving snacks from the lounge across the hall for the toddlers snack time. Upon leaving I am taking two toddlers to wash their hands and call their parents. 8. How...
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added: 10/08/2011
I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT.. . > > > > > > > > > > > >I live in a 2 x 2ft cinder block prison with no windows. My roommate > > > has > > > > > >sex while I'm in the room.... > > > > > > > > > > > >I am a college student...I have gained 15 pounds or more Since > > > > > >August...most of that is Bud Light, my best friend... > > > > > > > > > > > >I am a college student. I got more ass in the first two weeks of > > > school > > > > > >than in my entire life combined... now I get less then ever.... > > > > > > > > > > > >I do the "walk of shame"...leaving his/hers room at 7:00am in the > >same > > > > > >clothes I was in the night before... > > > > > > > > > > > >I am a college student...I drink Beast from a keg and Busch Light > >from > > > a > > > > > >can.... > > > > > > > > > > > >I will walk in the cold, dark and snow for beer...but refuse to go > >to > > > > > >class in the same weather... > > > > > > > > > > > >I am a college student...If I am female... I wear a pea coat, black > > > > > >bootleg pants and platform shoes...and have been molested by more > >than > > > > >one > > > > > >frat guy on the dance floor... > > > > > > > > > > > >I am a college student... I have a 2.1 GPA. I have Mono...but don't > > > > >sleep > > > > > >except during my classes.. > > > >...
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added: 11/15/2011
to do business it is not a easy thing COCA-COLA® No. 1 Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world. Created in Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola was first offered as a fountain beverage by mixing Coca-Cola syrup with carbonated water. Coca-Cola was registered as a trademark in 1887 and by 1895 Coca-Cola was being sold in every state and territory in the United States. In 1899, the company began franchised bottling operations in the United States. Today, you can find Coca-Cola in virtually every part of the world. The Coca-Cola Company has more than 300 beverages in its portfolio. Coca-Cola touches the lives of millions of people each and every day. From special occasions to exceptional moments in everyday life, Coca-Cola is there. The brand has become a special part of people's lives. Over the years, hundreds of people have sent us stories about how Coca-Cola has affected their lives. Whether it is a childhood memory, a reminder of family gatherings, or a recollection of good times with friends, Coca-Cola has impacted the lives of people all over the world. The following are just some of the stories people have told us about the special role Coca-Cola has played in their lives. To read the stories, click one of the links below or select a category from the menu on the left and click "go." If you would like to submit your own Coca-Cola story, select the link to the left and follow the instructions. We look forward to hearing about how Coca-Cola has played a part in your life. As I was growing up, my parents owned a "mom and pop" store. As one of my duties as a helpful employee, I would have to take all the empty bottles to a back room...
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added: 11/06/2011
Charting Your Comfort Zone Part I Assessing Your Core Curiosity. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate my curiosity an 8. I would rate myself an 8 because I am the one who will go out of his way to say for example find out what someone is talking about. I would say that I am the questioning type eager for information you might say, so I put myself on the higher end of the scale with an 8. Openness. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate my openness a 7. I rated myself a 7 which is on the higher end of the scale because I like to share with other people and I don't feel that I put up a barrier between myself and others. If someone asks me a question even if it is of personal nature I will tell him or her. The book refers to this as openness but I refer to it as having nothing to hide. Risk Tolerance. I rated myself on the low end of the scale in this category. I gave myself a 4, because I don't feel that I am a risk taker I don't like to do things that are going to put me in danger or harms way. I like to live a safe and sheltered life, I guess that is why I have had the same job for the last 10 years and I am only 26 years old. Energy. I gave myself an 8 on a scale from 1 to 10 for energy. I selected such a high number because I feel that I do have a lot of energy or vigor. I enjoy doing things and I don't like to just sit around and watch television (unless the Red Wings are playing). Part II Drawing...
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added: 01/11/2012
Marketing is basically the activities that a company performs in order to identify and address customer's needs. If this is done correctly, the result should equate to success and in turn increased profits. About eight months ago I decided to make the big leap from corporate America to a more entrepreneurial endeavor. I joined my partner, who happens to be my best friend of twenty years, to help him take his business to the next level. For my experience and knowledge that I have gained over the last fifteen years as a sales director in some of the largest distribution companies in the world, he gave me 10% of the company. We are Escada, Inc., a small computer distributor located in Miami, FL that focuses on the distribution of refurbished computer systems into Latin America and the Caribbean. We carry factory-refurbished systems from manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq, Gateway, Dell, eMachines, etc. The company is small with eight employees but we are growing quickly. Since our target market is the reseller channel in Latin America and the Caribbean, we focus our marketing activities to those resellers. It is the responsibility of the computer dealer to market their company to the end user. With our main product line being Hewlett Packard/Compaq, end user marketing is largely done by the manufacturer. Our main market is the Dominican Republic; it represents about 60-70% of our business. The Dominican Republic is a prime market for factory-refurbished systems. One of our challenges has been to expand into some of the larger more mature markets. Refurbished systems tend to sell better in economically challenged markets where the per capita income level is low. Yes, you might say that there certainly is no shortage of this situation in Latin America, but it has proven to be tough to introduce refurbished...
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added: 01/31/2012
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